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NCIS Season 15 Episode 15 Review: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Welcome back from the Olympic hiatus! The world can rest safely knowing that Gabriel Hicks is back in jail where he belongs after NCIS Season 15 Episode 15. This one... well. If you were hoping for a climactic showdown, then you've come to the wrong episode. To put it plainly, Gabriel Hicks was no Ari Haswari. On the other hand, Hicks isn't dead like Ari, either. Perhaps the single most frustrating aspect of "Keep Your Enemies Closer" rested in the plot's requirement that nominally intelligent characters behave ridiculously stupid at key moments. Like McGee opening the apartment door the way he did. Even if it were a well-meaning neighbor and not a violent serial killer outside, McGee has a violent killer inside his apartment! Number two on the annoyance list is probably the seeming non-existence of any other law enforcement officers other than our heroes. Half of what Hicks attempted in this episode wouldn't have worked if Gibbs had, say, asked for additional manpower from Vance, or coordinated for the same from D.C. Metro. After all, this was a very dangerous serial killer they were dealing with, and Vance himself didn't trust Hicks as far as he could throw him. Fornell: How the hell does he know I’m in here? Sloane: He can probably hear you grinding your teeth. Permalink: He can probably hear you grinding your teeth. Added: February 28, 2018 For all the build-up for Gabriel Hicks as a diabolical and highly-intelligent foe for Team Gibbs + Fornell, "Keep Your Enemies Closer" featured one glaring screw-up after another on his part, starting with the death of his lawyer. This isn't actually a problem with the character. As pretty much anyone who watches Criminal Minds can tell you, even the smartest serial killer can be subject to devolution and breakdown. Hicks had finally achieved his goal of freedom, even humiliating the man who was responsible for his imprisonment, only for his scheme to start unraveling almost immediately. Curiously, it was his own arrogance that did him in right off the bat (pun intended). Hicks could have simply laid low, moved away, or anything other than walk around with a sandwich board reading "I'M A PSYCHO SERIAL KILLER." Instead, he taunted Gibbs and Sloane by showing off his switch hitting skills, giving them their first piece of evidence beyond a mere gut feeling that Fornell had been right all along. And then Hicks murdered his unfortunate former lawyer, despite the fact that she -- owing obedience to lawyer-client privilege -- couldn't reveal what she'd discovered anyway. The icing on the cake was Hicks going after Fornell. And then, instead of just killing Fornell, Hicks kidnaped him and threw him in the trunk. Let me reiterate: all this does not make Hicks a badly-written character. On the contrary, he was skilled enough at his "craft" to get away with it for years before being caught by Fornell. Hicks just wasn't as smar..

Bull Season 2 Episode 15 Review: Witness for the Prosecution

There was no mirror jury, no biometric readings, and no voir dire, yet Bull Season 2 Episode 15 still turned out to be one of my favorite installments of the entire series thus far. That was partly due to the incredibly entertaining push and pull between Dr. Jason Bull and crime boss Hazel Diaz played by the talented Roma Maffia. Jason Bull is at his best when he is using his psychiatric talents to size up the competition, and in this case, that meant figuring out if Hazel Diaz was truly mentally ill or had been faking it for decades. It turned out that Hazel put on a damn good show. But as good as Bull was at seeing through Hazel's act, it was ADA Gabrielle Ramsden who was smart enough to not only call Hazel's bluff but bring in the right person to prove it. ADA Gabrielle Ramsden: Will you testify to all of that at the competency hearing? Bull: Will I get to buy you eggs? ADA Gabrielle Ramsden: Not this morning, no. Bull: Well then I guess I'll have to testify so that I can see you again. ADA Gabrielle Ramsden: I guess you will. Bull: Are we sharing a police car home? ADA Gabrielle Ramsden: There's one out there for you. I'm uptown. I'm taking the subway. Bull: Hmm. You're tough. ADA Gabrielle Ramsden: You're persistent. Bull: Oh, I haven't even taken my persistence out of the box yet. Permalink: Oh, I haven't even taken my persistence out of the box yet. Added: February 27, 2018 Not only was Gabrielle smart, good at her job, and willing to take a chance by pulling a preeminent psychiatrist out of bed at two o'clock in the morning, she also shared some really fun chemistry with Jason Bull. Of course, that had me wondering if Bull's long-distance relationship with Diana Lindsay is a thing of the past. Related: Bull Season 2 Episode 14 Review: Keep Your Friends Close We haven't seen Diana since the start of Bull Season 2, and Jason certainly didn't hesitate when it came to hitting on Gabrielle which made me think that either his romance with Diana is over or it isn't exclusive. Either way, I do wish the show would clear that up because I find it to be a distraction. As for Gabrielle, played by the captivating Afton Williamson, I'd love to see her return either to work with, spar with, or date Jason Bull any time. Back to Hazel... Although Bull could see through her mishmash of psychiatric symptoms, he was right to worry that the jury would simply see her as crazy, and her family history of mental health issues would only add to the appearance of legitimacy. But as was pointed out in this Bull quote, that still didn't mean she wasn't faking all of it: It's true, it's 13 times more likely if a parent is schizophrenic that you could be too, but it's 100 times more likely if you are a criminal and someone makes you aware of those statistics that you will find a way to use them to your advantage. Bull Per..

Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Ruthless

I'm not ready to say goodbye to Ruthie just yet! Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 16 may have been the farewell for easily one of the best characters ever introduced on the show, but hopefully, it won't be the last that we ever see of her. She has to come back to visit Riggs, right? Right?! It was a fun-filled and occasionally emotional hour. In other words, it was a solid hour of Lethal Weapon that struck all the right chords. In a season that has been uneven, that's an accomplishment. You know who was fun throughout this hour? Roger. I like it when Roger can get in on some of the action, humor, and fun without being regaled to the "straight man" to Riggs' chaotic shtick. Related: Get Britbox via Amazon Channels for the biggest streaming collection of TV from BBC & ITV...ever. It's too bad that Trish doesn't enjoy Roger this way. Though the car lady who was hitting on him definitely did. I liked seeing the flirty side to Roger. It was harmless, but I enjoyed how confident he was during that scene. Bystander: Hey, aren't you going to give me your number? Roger: My number, baby? It's 911. Permalink: My number, baby? It's 911. Added: February 27, 2018 The Murtaugh marriage is usually one of the best marriages on television. They love and support one another, and they balance one another out, and most of the time they're #MarriageGoals. Unfortunately, they had a bumpy go of it on Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 15, and that spilled over into this hour and may become a full-on arc that could be equal parts amusing and frustrating depending on how it plays out. Am I the only one disappointed in Trish throughout all of this? She's protective of her husband, and that's completely acceptable and expected, but why is Roger obligated to walk to the beat of her drum and meet her expectations just to appease her? View Slideshow: 18 Catchy Tunes that Dominated TV in 2017!! Both of them are stubborn individuals, and they both have valid points in this ongoing dispute that they're in, but I'm not fond of Trish's "My way or the highway" attitude to every little thing. Does she expect Roger to be in a plastic bubble? He's a cop, for one, and a grown man with interests that may include dangerous hobbies. When she deliberately ran over his motorcycle, it was appalling and not the least bit funny. She doesn't have to like or agree with his choice to ride a motorcycle, but there is nothing she can do about it. Related: Get Cinemax via Amazon Channels for Hit Movies & Series that Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat! She's supposed to be an equal partner in their relationship. She's not his mother or his keeper. It's funny that it took Rianna to point out just how childish she and Roger were being. Trish was so obstinate in her "rightness" that she couldn't see how immature she was coming across. Riggs: When I talked to..

This Is Us Season 2 Episode 16 Review: Vegas, Baby

Vegas, baby! After a series of intense, heart-breaking episodes, This Is Us Season 2 Episode 16 owed us something a little less grim. And what's better than Vegas? Nothing. We deserved Beth drinking from the bottle even if it felt a little out of character. This just goes to show you that we still have so much backstory to explore outside of the core five! Who was Beth in college or before she met Randall? I need to know more about wildin' Beth! For now, we're content with Beth being all heart. Deja returned at the end of This Is Us Season 2 Episode 15, and we found out it's because she needed cash to keep the heat on in the apartment. Her requests put the Pearsons in a tight predicament because obviously, Shauna isn't capable of taking care of her daughter, yet the Pearsons can't do anything about it. Related: This Is Us Season 2 Episode 15 Review: The Car Randall couldn't simply send her Deja off without any money, but he wasn't comfortable not checking in on her fully, either. And even weeks later in Vegas for Kate and Toby's bachelorette/bachelor weekend, Randall couldn't shake his gut feeling that something wasn't right with their foster daughter. Randall: You know we're pity invites, right? Nobody wants their brother or sister in law watching them go wild in Vegas. Beth: Hey, I'm totally down with a pity invite, okay? I deserve a pity invite. I have two children, work a full-time job, and manage a tenement because you saw a mural and imagined a cat. Hey, I deserve this. Permalink: Hey, I'm totally down with a pity invite, okay? I deserve a pity invite. I have two children,... Added: February 27, 2018 Beth, on the other hand, was ready to live it up for just one weekend and asked him to keep it Deja-free. She even suggested they take ecstasy — she was a woman on a mission to let loose. Honestly, Randall seeing Beth on-stage with the Magic Mike strippers may have been my favorite scene. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are stressful as hell, especially when you don't have a tight group of friends and are planning everything yourself. Thankfully, Kate now has Madison, her saving grace and a much-needed comedic relief for the show. Madison calls Toby "Toblerone" and "Toby Bryant" and even designed witty Moby Dick party favor T-Shirts. Hilarious. But aside from Madison, Kate doesn't really have anyone in her corner. There are a few ladies from the support group, and Beth, with whom she surprisingly doesn't have much of a relationship. There has never been much of a focus on Kate's friends, so I never realized that she's spent most of her time hanging out with her brothers and being intimidated by powerful women which explains her strained relationship with her mother. Kate: You found me. Randall: Wasn't very hard. Only person still drinking Cosmos in 2018. Kate: Carrie Bradshaw — that girl is timeless and..

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 15 Review: World’s Worst Domino

It's the game-changing episode we've been waiting on! On Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Season 1 Episode 15, Yvette's declining condition reached an all-time high leaving us with that doozy of an ending. Will Amy and Reese finally find out about Yvette? Perhaps that's one of the many things we can expect from the finale! Once again, Kevin's kindness project of the week fell to Amy. While it burned a bit every time Becky openly admitted that she much preferred Amy's help, this has been a great way to get Amy into the fold and utilize her better throughout the series. Amy has continuously grown since the premiere, and the show and her character is all the better for it. Nerdy Amy is fun, and it has been a thrill watching all the ways she can display her nerdiness and flesh out as a character. Gosh, I love Amy so much now. Yes, it's true that Kevin being the one to help guide others is the main purpose of the series, and that's when the show is at its best. However, I like the fact that he has done such a remarkable job that he has influenced the people around him. I always sensed that you were holding back a part of yourself, but now, you seem so open. Kristin Permalink: I always sensed that you were holding back a part of yourself, but now, you seem so open. Added: February 27, 2018 It's how Kristin described it, his kindness towards one person can have ripple effects. He inspires the people around him to do good, too. It carries on and on. So, in a way, he has inspired his twin and has a role in her newfound ability to branch out and help others and often geek out in the process. Prior to his arrival, Amy was a widow in mourning and a recluse. As much as she was concerned about Reese isolating herself, she had done a bit of that too. Now, Amy has rediscovered what it's like to immerse herself in the small community. She has found her inner Kevin. It's nice that Amy was never a direct project for Kevin, but he still managed to indirectly help her anyway, much like how he helped Reese. So while Becky didn't need Kevin to the degree that he's accustomed to helping people, he still played a significant role in her process. Kevin felt guilty because he was behind the senior prank that likely had Becky facing some scrutiny, but Kristin reminded him that Becky was never a good security guard. What Becky was good at as well as passionate about was coming up with creative new ideas. She had an idea for everything. She was like a walking late-night infomercial. P'Sgetti was... weird, but Becky's passion and excitement were infectious. She had everyone involved in a matter of no time even though it wasn't their cup of tea, excluding Tyler of course. You know, if I saw this on a commercial at midnight, I might drunk buy it. Amy Permalink: You know, if I saw this on a commercial at midnight, I might drunk buy it. Added: February 2..

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 15 Review: The Last Mile

Might this be the end of Isler? We got to learn more about the FBI agent who will never leave on NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 15. There's much more to him than his terrible taste in subordinates -- first Gregorio, then the Russian sleeper agent. But the writers have accomplished the impossible. They've managed to humanize not only Gregorio but also Isler. The best thing about this episode is that it had a "Freaky Friday" feel to it. Pride was the responsible one, while Isler was flying by the seat of his pants, and badly. Hard to believe this was the know-it-all who came on the scene on NCIS: New Orleans Season 3, looking down at the locals and their undisciplined ways. First Gregorio crossed over to the reckless side, to the point that she's often freelancing more than Pride. Then Isler has increasingly followed that path. Related: NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 Episode 14 Review: A New Dawn Maybe it's just New Orleans. With so many cultures all jammed together, maybe there is no one right way to do things. So Isler returned for the fourth or fifth time this season (it's hard to remember), and this time he was on a personal mission -- to stop a seemingly unrelated series of opioid thefts. Stop me if this sounds familiar: Isler is on a mission, because of how a friend ruined his life by becoming addicted to painkillers. Now Isler is making up his off-the-books investigation as he goes along, with a heavy dose of trial and error. Just like Pride, right? Hs first attempt to insert himself into the robbery gang failed miserably, following gunfire and a car chase that ended up in a construction zone. So naturally, he called Pride, his main contact in the city, from jail. Before long, he's convinced Pride of his sincerity, and gift-wrapped the investigation for him, since Isler had neither the personnel or the local knowledge to run such a sting. Related: Get True Crime Files by ID via Amazon Channels for Over 1,000 Real-life Mystery & Suspense Shows! Fortunately, Bellanger's fancy car got smashed up in that chase, so that it was relatively simple to find him at a local body shop. And points to LaSalle for this season's most creative capture: dropping a car on the felon's arm. He won't be shooting with that arm anytime soon. Bellanger wasn't the sharpest note in the arrangement. Before long, Pride and Isler had tricked him into spilling what little bit he knew about the operation. He even agreed to give introductions for Isler and Percy. I loved the Mutt and Jeff pairing of Isler and Percy. All those old ATF identifies of hers certainly come in handy. Isler even managed to summon his inner badass to get them past Cranston's weak initiation. If nothing else, this episode proved that law enforcement is too reliant on electronics. Everyone was lost because of Cranston's signal jammer. "Oh, no! Our camera, earbuds and phones don't work! Wha..

Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder

Now that's how you execute a BIG reveal! There were many revelations on Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 6, but the biggest of which came at the end of the hour, and it found Anissa in a no holds barred fight with Black Lightning. It was the type of scene you would expect closer to the season finale, but we are not even halfway through Black Lightning Season 1 yet. Given that Anissa was heading over to the lab, it was obvious she was going to cross paths with her father. The fight, however, came out of the left field, and that was all down to the darn duct tape over Lynn's mouth. Anissa disposing of the bad guys before they got to steal the files was so freaking satisfying. The sheer look of horror on Lynn's face when she realized that her daughter was out fighting crime like her father was priceless. It was a mere few moments earlier that Lynn was giving Jefferson her blessing to hit the streets. Related: Black Lightning Round Table: Is Jefferson Strong Enough? Now that her daughter is in the mix, she's going to struggle to get on board with it. Maybe she will be more inclined to send Jefferson out on the streets of Freeland now. Tobias: What the hell happened to you? Joey: I just fought Black Lightning. One more minute and he would have been dead. Something’s wrong with his head. Tobias: So, why didn’t you finish him? Joey: I tried, I was holding my own. He trashed my gun. I tipped our guy at the department. Tobias: There was a time you could depend on white boys to be professional. Nowadays, white boys are just as lazy and predictable as your brothers. Permalink: There was a time you could depend on white boys to be professional. Nowadays, white boys are... Added: February 27, 2018 The final scene was the show's most powerful yet. Jefferson legit fought his daughter while they were both suited up. That's not something that he's going to get over anytime soon. What shocked me was that Anissa had the upper hand for much of the fight. I was cackling at the thought of her beating her old man. Jefferson has had powers for much longer, so it would have been fun for Anissa to be stronger than him. Despite her parents knowing the truth, Anissa is going to continue to butt heads with them. Jefferson has learned over the years that he needs to pick his fights, and Anissa has yet to grasp that. She's tired of the injustice towards people of color, and that's why she destroyed the statue in the aftermath of the girl dying. There's only so much one person can take before lashing out. It's perfectly natural. With that said, Jefferson almost went too far and let revenge turn him into a cold-blooded killer. Despite what Lynn and Gambi said, they will never know the true extent of what Jefferson went through. Related: The CW Expands Programming to Six Nights Thanks to the flashbacks, we got to see Jefferson's father being murdered by Tobias, and boy, it was..

The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Subject 9

While Barry Allen may be out of prison, that doesn't mean that the fight is over. The Thinker is taking the game up to the next level as another bus-meta is located. But The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 ends up showing us both sides taking a loss in one way or another. While everything was going down, where the heck was Joe?! It always feels bizarre when Joe isn't on the screen with the team or seen at the station. In fact, how often do we have an episode where Joe isn't even in it? I did not expect Barry to have problems going back to the force after he got out of prison. I was 100% convinced that things would be back to status-quo because that is what The Flash does sometimes after big arcs. But I'm pretty happy that I was wrong because there should be stakes for him after getting out of prison. Even though he was proven innocent, that doesn't mean everyone easily adapt. I loved that Captain Singh brought up that in Central City, anything is possible. There should be people questioning the sudden "resurrection" of Clifford, and I'm happy Singh brought that up. Although to be fair, we know that the DC shows have a tendency of not showing our heroes at their daytime jobs. But I'm sure by the end of the season, Barry will be allowed back on the force. That was partially why the Cecile/Harry plot felt a little awkward. Not only because of Harry's lack of social skills but because Cecile is going through everything and not turning to Joe with it. Related: The Flash: Iris West Suits Up! I know The Fiddler is from the comics, but it does feel like The Flash took their own spin with her here. What is it with these DC shows having a lot of metas with Black Canary-like powers? They should have called her the Music Canary or something along those lines! I don't mind it as I'm a big Canary fan, but it is funny though how regular this is becoming. I will say though that Izzy was one of the better bus-Metas that we have seen so far. Something that The Flash Season 4 has done a solid job with is showing us that not all metahumans are bad. In past seasons, the majority of metas have been portrayed as villainous. But this season we are getting to see citizens with powers who don't want to use them for bad things. Relatd: The CW Expands Programming to Sunday Nights Even though many of the bus-metas have been toasted at this point, I do appreciate that some of them never intended to be fully evil. Some of them, like Izzy and Becky, were simply victims. Ralph sure got attached to Izzy pretty quickly, didn't he? I get that we only have 42 minutes, so there is only so much they can show and tell us. But even I felt that it was odd how fast he got close to her in a matter of days, if not one-two days. But I guess it is their way of showing Ralph's progression as a hero and how he cares for people in a better way. I will take that as opposed to Ralph making inappro..

The Fosters Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Giving Up the Ghost

Some members of the Fosters clan and those close to them had to face a few hard truths. Callie and Mariana had to face their post-graduate prospects, but on The Fosters Season 5 Episode 16, Logan, Tess, and Stef had to face demons that were a bit more life-altering. It's time to break down "Giving Up the Ghost." Jude was back to being featured prominently when he and Callie took Donald and Natalie up on their offer for a nice home-cooked meal. Neither of them anticipated that it would be so awkward, or prove to be difficult and have such an impact on Jude. Donald was the character who sort of faded off into oblivion for a while, so it was bittersweet having him back on the periphery of Jude's life. As expected, it brought up some uncomfortable and mixed feelings, but for the most part, Jude and Callie handled everything maturely. Jude was excited about spending time with his father and his father's new girlfriend. They had fallen out of touch because Donald was off somewhere licking his wounds. It turned out though, that while Jude could forgive his lack of communication when chalked up to having a difficult time. Jude: So where's your dad? Natalie: Um, Caleb's father and I divorced when he was very little. Caleb: He's not really into being a dad. Jude: Yeah, yeah, it sucks when that happens. Permalink: Yeah, yeah, it sucks when that happens. Added: February 26, 2018 It was harder to swallow when he learned that in the year or so since Donald stopped reaching out, he had formed his own family. Natalie has a son Caleb, and snippets of their daily lives include Donald showing up at all of Caleb's many sports games, driving him around, and going on a family trip to Hawaii. There are two things happening there. One of them being the fact that, for Jude, Caleb is the replacement son. Donald failed at being a father for Jude, but he could somehow muster up the strength to be the father to Caleb that he wasn't to Jude. Related: The Fosters Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Mother's Day That's a bitter pill to swallow. In essence, Jude had to be Donald's mistake so that he could learn his lesson and improve for someone else (Caleb). The question of "Why couldn't you be that person for me?" had to have crossed Jude's mind often during that dinner table scene. The other issue is Donald did not tell Caleb or Natalie that Jude is gay. Add to the mix Caleb, the all-American athletic type, and it understandably rankled Jude, who likely grappled with the masculine stereotype aspect of it all. Then, the icing on the cake was that he had to overhear via Callie's conversation with Donald that she could be going away to college and it all came crashing down. Jude and Callie's dynamic is one of the best on the show and has been since the very beginning. They have been through so much together. It's sweet and endearing that a normal milestone, such as Callie going ..

Watch The Alienist Online: Season 1 Episode 6

Did the team's latest plan to catch the killer pan out? That was addressed on The Alienist Season 1 Episode 6 as the team realized there was a big clue putting the team closer than ever to the truth. Watch The Alienist Season 1 Episode 6 Online Meanwhile, Moore checked in on a friend, and it made him think there was more to him than meets the eye. Also, Roosevelt attended an event with the city's elite, and it paved the way for the mother of all arguments. Use the video above to watch The Alienist online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: CBS Cheat Sheet: What Will Be Renewed? Get caught up on all the action right now!
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