December 19, 2018

Once Upon a Time: Who’s Returning?!

With the news that Once Upon a Time Season 7 will serve as the magical drama's conclusion, many fans have wondered which beloved characters will return.

Thankfully, ABC released a video early on Friday which confirmed who will be returning to the magical world one last time.

We've rounded up the nine returnees below for you.

Are these the characters you want to return?

Hit the comments below.

Remember you can watch Once Upon a Time online right here via TV Fanatic.

Once Upon a Time continues Fridays!

1. Robin

Robin (Sean Maguire) may have had a terrible time of it, but he will return before the ABC series comes to a close. Could Regina get her happy ending?

2. Cruella

Recruiting cruella once upon a time s4e13 Victoria Smurfit will return for one last time as the villainous Cruella de Vil. Will she got some long-awaited revenge on the characters?

3. Ariel

Will this help once upon a time s6e15 JoAnna Garcia-Swisher will appear one final time as Ariel. Will she show up in Hyperion Heights or Storybrooke?

4. Peter Pan

Pan has a thought Robbie Kay will return one last time as Peter Pan. We can only imagine the things he has in store for Rumple.

5. Grumpy

Always grumpy once upon a time season 6 episode 4 Lee Arenberg will appear as Grumpy one last time before Once Upon a Time comes to a dramatic conclusion in May.

6. Mother Superior

Funeral for the blue fairy Mother Superior may look dead in the above picture, but we have been assured by ABC that Keegan Tracy will stage a comeback. View Slideshow

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