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Watch Arrow Online: Season 6 Episode 16

Why were the League of Assassins after Thea? That was revealed on Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 when Nyssa Al Ghul made a return to Star City with shocking details about what they were planning for her. Watch Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 Online Meanwhile, a mystery box that Malcolm left behind became the topic of conversation and both factions went to war to find it first. Also, Oliver realized that his life was changing for good, and Nyssa stepped in to give him a pep talk. Use the video above to watch Arrow online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: DC TV Photos: Iris Suits Up, Roy Returns to Star City & So Much More! Get caught up with all the latest action on this CW drama.

Watch The Big Bang Theory Online: Season 11 Episode 18

How did Penny feel about meeting Bill Gates? That was revealed on The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 18 when the character was given the opportunity to host the Microsoft genius at her work. Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 18 Online But this created a conundrum for the others: Did they get to meet to meet Bill before it was too late? Also, Sheldon worried that he was the victim of an April Fools prank when something crazy happened. Use the video above to watch The Big Bang Theory online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: CBS Cheat Sheet: What Will Be Renewed? Get caught up with all the latest twists right now.

Watch Supernatural Online: Season 13 Episode 16

Did Sam and Dean manage to crack their first animated case? That was the big question on Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16 when the brothers were transported to the animated world of Scooby Doo and join forces with the characters. Watch Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16 Online With a deadly killer on the loose, it emerged that someone close to the Scooby gang knew more than they first told the team. Who helped the brothers get out of the animated world? Use the video above to watch Supernatural online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: Supernatural Photos from "Scoobynatural" Get caught up with all the latest drama for the characters.

Watch Mom Online: Season 5 Episode 15

Did Jill find a therapeutic way to battle her demons? That was revealed on Mom Season 5 Episode 15 when Christy and Jill hopped through hoops to help change things up for her. Watch Mom Season 5 Episode 15 Online Meanwhile, Christy was forced to make a decision about her future with Patrick, her boyfriend, when he admitted that he did not care about Jill's battle. Did she kick him to the curb or did she stick it out with him? Use the video above to watch Mom online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: CBS Cheat Sheet: What Will Be Renewed? Get caught up as the characters try to come to terms with some big changes.

Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16 Review: The One That Matters Most

Is it the end of an era? Casey's some what erratic attempts to step up to the plate as a leader on Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 16 not withstanding, Boden's promotion could herald a new era at Fire House 51. But before any of that happens, we have to worry about getting Otis back on his feet. Guys, I'm actually worried about Otis. On a scale of one to ten, with one being "of course he'll be fine" and ten being "actor has signed a contract elsewhere," I'd say I'm at about a six. If we weren't past the midway point of the season, I'd be feeling a lot better about Otis' recovery and return to driving Truck 81. But there's only seven episodes left. His ownership stake in Molly's does make him harder to get rid in terms of storytelling, so there's that. But maybe Lily's desire to move to Hawaii will now include him and they'll fly off into the sunset. The thing is, you know, firefighters, they--they don't like to admit when they need help. It's just not in Otis' DNA. But, you know, maybe...we gotta push through all that. And...just be there for him. You know, no matter what. Herrmann Permalink: The thing is, you know, firefighters, they--they don't like to admit when they need help.... Added: March 30, 2018 That's a better ending than Jose Vargas got at least. Did anybody else totally blank on who they were talking about? I definitely had to IMDB that character, and then do a wiki search. The Alabama joke would have been funnier if Mo Gallini had had a project set there recently. Or, you know, if anybody remembered the guy. Related: 27 Celebrities You Probably Forgot Were On Grey's Anatomy We've seen (memorable) characters sidelined for medical reasons before, but Peter Mills found a way to stick around when he was taken off of Squad 3, so maybe Otis will just find a new place in the firehouse. That could turn out to be an exciting possibility for all of us. With Boden's possible promotion, the show could be expanding outside of 51 and into different areas of the CFD. The producers have played with that before, sending Gabby to Arson Investigators when she was pregnant. While breaking up the gang makes the stories a little more difficult to manage, it can also add a lot of dimension. I don't really want to have to sit through endless meetings with Boden and the brass, but having him as a Deputy District Chief could let us explore some of the politics of the CFD; battles for funding with the city council, hunting down corrupt officers, and the like. Exploring Boden's feelings about his promotion is the first time this season that it's felt like the show has lived up to Derek Haas' promise of "looking at families more." Gabby and Matt's relationship is such a staple of the show that the tension they experienced didn't register as part of that theme, and all the other instance..

Scandal Season 7 Episode 15 Review: The Noise

Wait, were we supposed to be surprised that Jake would jump ship to work with Cyrus? On Scandal Season 7 Episode 15, Cyrus wheeled and dealed to get Jake on his side, before having Lonnie serve Mellie with a subpoena because she was being framed for having Charlie hack Air Force Two. If you watch Scandal online, you will already know that Cyrus has been the worst over the years. The moment that man gets a sniff of power, he will go to any lengths to get some more. On the surface, turning to Jake may seem like a good idea, but there's no way the series is going to end without these men taking a shot at each other. A friendship may be mutually beneficial for now, but there's no way their extensive history can just be brushed under the rug. If Cyrus gets into the oval full-time, he's going to have a plan to have Jake killed or sent away for a very long time. Related: Scandal Star Plots TV Return! I actually could care less about Jake after him turning against Mellie. He's proven time and time again that he's no loyal, and yet everyone seems to give him another chance. That's not to say Olivia hasn't been doing the same thing over the years. But at least she seems to be remorseful for her actions. All of her scenes with Quinn were emotional because you could tell she wanted things to go back to the way they were. That's a lofty thing to ask when you consider the fact that Olivia didn't seem to give a damn whether Quinn was dead or alive a few episodes before. You people are like door-to-door salesmen. No matter how many times you knock, I don't want any. Mellie Permalink: You people are like door-to-door salesmen. No matter how many times you knock, I don't want... Added: March 30, 2018 I liked the moral dilemma for Olivia as she realized what was really going on, and that she didn't want Charlie signing the confession. Any way you look at it, it would have looked bad having Charlie confess to something he didn't commit. Cyrus always has a different card to play, so it was typical of him to pull the rug from under Quinn in the final few moments of the episode. The bad thing about all of this is that it could pave the way for Olivia to let the darkness inside her come back to the forefront. She's battled it for years, and that's why she's always seemed like a character who vies for power. Mellie probably wishes she believed Olivia from the get-go now because her fate inside the White House is uncertain ... unless, of course, Olivia resorts to murder. Even if Olivia agrees to be command again, she's going to want to send Cyrus away as opposed to killing him. Olivia is trying to be a better person, and all of that will come crashing down around her if she kills. Related: Scandal Review: Army of One It all seems a little bizarre to have Mellie being associated with Olivia so soon after ousting her. If the media gets wind ..

Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 Review: The Thanatos Guild

The moment that has been predicted for almost two years now came to fruition in the latest chapter of Arrow. Arrow Season 6 Episode 16 officially bid farewell to one of the show's original cast members as Thea Queen took off into the sunset, so to speak. Despite that this has been in the cards for quite some time, what an ending huh? It struck a chord big time even though we knew that Willa Holland was being set up to leave Arrow Season 6. Let's get through this Thanatos Guild situation. I didn't care much for it other than that it allowed Thea to suit up again and kick some ass with her fellow heroes. Related: Krypton Season 1 Episode 2 Review: The Secrets Of The Fortress! Nothing against Athena or her group, but Thanatos was only a plot device. We weren't supposed to invest in that group because this is the first and last time we'll ever see them. Oh and that part about there being three Lazarus Pits in the Arrowverse? That's pretty dope as long as they don't use it to bring back Malcolm. Nothing against John Barrowman, but I feel Malcolm has served his purpose and should stay dead. I'm cool with them bringing Barrowman as a doppelganger though! It was also a blast to have Katrina Law back on Arrow after her faith was up in the air. Although let's be real, we knew they would never kill her off! If there was one thing that I was let down with was how they used Roy. When they announced he was coming back, I was expecting him to have some form of an arc. But at the same time, I'm OK with Roy being there to help assist Thea's new journey. We had a lot of fun with him when he was on the show so I can't complain too much. Related: Get Comic-Con HQ via Amazon Channels to Stream Original Programming, Past Comic-Con Panels & More! I will praise the costume department though for giving an epic comic nod to Roy! Did you notice that red cap he was wearing throughout "The Thanatos Guild"? Well, in the comics, Arsenal does sport a red cap regularly as part of his costume. If you need some examples, pick up any of the New 52 comics where he began to wear them. Don't ask why he chooses to do that, I guess he is making a fashion statement? Although in his defense, he surprisingly pulls it off quite nicely. I don't know why Roy choose to do that here, but as a comic book fan, I can't complain! I did wish though that he and Thea had both been in their costumes together for one scene. But I guess us Roy/Thea shippers will have to fantasize about that. I'm not sure when we'll see Colton Haynes back on Arrow, but I suspect that it won't be for a long time. Moving on to Thea, did we enjoy her final adventure? I will admit that I'm not too thrilled that her big offscreen mission will be related to something her father began. Related: Get CBS All Access via Amazon Channels for Hit Shows, Exclusive Originals & Live TV! But at the sam..

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 17 Review: One Day Like This

This was a quiet, introspective hour of Grey's Anatomy that people will either love or hate. There is this ambivalent quality to Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 17 that makes it difficult to rate and critique, to be honest. It'll be interesting to see how others respond to it. There were so many deep, special moments, but there were also moments that felt too slow. This installment slowed things down drastically, took us away from most of the plots, and narrowed in on three main characters. There was a lazy feel to it, and I don't mean in the sense that the writing was lazy, but rather it felt like watching an artistic Indie film. Even some of the camera angles were artful. Related: Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 17 Review: When Will Someone Help April? For example, everything with Owen and Teddy in Germany was beautifully shot. The two of them hugged up by the window with the snow falling was incredible. The lighting, placement of their bodies, and the angles they were shot from were all visually appealing. The shot from outside with the snow falling was stunning. The scenes with Meredith and Nick talking about their dreams and envisioning their other lives -- those were beautifully done. It felt like we were eavesdropping on them while they were wrapped up in their own world. The way the camera panned and crept around objects, the lightness of Meredith's laugh -- her every move and sound coquettish, it set a specific mood. Meredith and Mars' scenes were captivating mainly because of those special touches and the nuance captured. OK, let's talk about Meredith and her mystery man. First off, Scott Speedman was an absolute delight. I could not get enough of him. He was mesmerizing in his every scene. That's not limited to his good looks either; he seriously owned every scene. Nick: I just got way too personal on the first date. Meredith: Excuse me? Nick: Joking! Permalink: I just got way too personal on the first date Added: March 29, 2018 He and Ellen Pompeo have great chemistry. They have better chemistry in this one installment than she had with her previous paramour in his entire tenure. That's not meant as a slight against Nathan's character or Henderson, but the chemistry was stronger here. Meredith and Nick's chemistry simmered. It was seductive and alluring. You couldn't take your eyes away from the two of them during their scenes, and when their conversation took dull turns (and yes, parts of their conversation were dull), you still tuned in. Related: Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Meredith Meets a Handsome New Doctor It felt like we the viewers were imposing on a private moment. It's that feeling you get when you're reading a great novel. It had that effect, fully and completely. Nick was so damn charming. He was also sweet and a bit self-deprecating. He was so open and vulnerable, and we damn near got his ..

Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Contain the Flame

On Station 19 Season 1 Episode 3, Andy is still in charge as captain and makes the wrong call. Meanwhile, when it's Jack's turn to be captain, he shines and makes smart choices that come from experience. I can already see three episodes in that Andy's cockiness is going to land her in trouble and possibly risk the safety of her team. She needs not only to lead but listen. She's too stubborn and too focused on proving herself and not focused enough on the task at hand. It's going to backfire big time. As she is right now, she can't lead. The backfire is coming, and someone will get hurt because of it. Soon. I am still shipping Andy with Ryan. I like Jack, even more now that I've seen him lead, but not him and Andy together. She and Ryan have history, and you can't duplicate that kind of history with anybody else. Andy knows it, Ryan knows it, and we all know. The captain knows it too, which is why he's giving Ryan such a hard time. You're good, Herrera. You're still green. Montgomery Permalink: You're good, Herrera. You're still green. Added: March 29, 2018 Like I said before, there are going to be all kinds of twists and turns before they get there, but Andy and Ryan will end up together. Cop and firefighter. Station 19 Premiere Review: Meet The Crew Montgomery is right that Andy is too green for the captain position. They're trying to steer the viewers in the direction that she's not going to get captain with all the comments being made by the chief and Montgomery, but they're making it way too easy. They're trying to lead us by the nose to believe all the odds are against her, and she won't make it, just to flip it around and give it to her. Not so fast though! My opinion? She won't get promoted. She's not ready. Jack is, and that's going to hit her hard. She might even quit over it for a little bit, but she'll be back. My favorite firefighter, by far, is Dean. He's great comic relief, but he's more than that. He's funny, but he's sweet and smart and just comfy. I'm not a kindergarten teacher. Do better! Chief Frankel Permalink: I'm not a kindergarten teacher. Do better! Added: March 29, 2018 He's one of those guys you can rely on and say anything to because he makes you feel at ease. I love him. Related: Get Great Selection of New & Classic Movies with the Lifetime Movie Club via Amazon Channels! Montgomery is still playing a small role. He's a quiet guy, and I'm curious what role he's going to play in the long run. We don't know much about him yet except that he likes to observe, and he's been around for a long while. He's the wise one. I previously said Andy and Maya's relationship was like Mer and Christina's on Grey's. I may be revising that. They do have those moments, and they appear to be best friends, but there ar..

Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16 Review: Scoobynatural

Can every episode of Supernatural begin with Dean wrestling a giant plush dinosaur? On Supernatural Season 13 Episode 16, the show took on a more cartoonish feel when they crossed over with Scooby-Doo, and the rest of the Scooby gang. It's interesting to see, after being on for 13 seasons, the show can still find a way to keep things fresh. I know a lot of people were really on the fence regarding the crossover with Scooby-Doo, but somehow it all worked on perfectly. When you really look at the big picture, Scooby-Doo can truly be compared to Supernatural with the ghost stories, and supernatural themes they deal with; though the ghosts on Scooby-Doo are ALWAYS revealed to be someone in a mask as Sam stated. They did put a little twist in the entire premise by really murdering one of the characters in the storyline. I honestly would have been incredibly disappointed if they stuck with the entire theme of Scooby-Doo, and didn't include some pieces of Supernatural. The best thing to come out of this entire episode was Dean's excitment. He made some pretty great points about Scooby-Doo being a rather big part of his life. Constantly going from hotel room to hotel room he had nothing else to keep him occupied except for TV. Related: Supernatural Quotes Who else was cracking up over Dean continuously trying to get with Daphne? It was hilarious when he showed how incredibly jealous he was when it came to Fred, and even insulting the ascot Fred wore. You do have to give Dean credit – at least he tried to live out his dream of getting Daphne. I did appreciate the way they kept Sam being the level-headed one, and the one who was actually thinking the whole getting sucked in a TV thing through. Sam knew taking anything from the pawn shop was a risky idea, but he quickly knew the TV was possessed. It was wonderful hearing him trying to figure out why the Scooby gang just walks away from dead bodies. Who else was thrilled to see Castiel join the Scooby party? I was pleased he was part of this insane episode because I have seriously missed the guy so much. Having him paired up with Shaggy, and Scooby, was a genius idea. Related: Supernatural Photos from "Scoobynatural" Of course the greatest moment came when Sam, and Dean, told the Scooby gang the truth about ghosts, werewolves, etc... I never knew I'd see the day when Daphne would be talking about Heaven, and Hell, being really while Fred was slamming his head up against a tree. Who knew cartoon character would freak out so badly? It was rather inventive to actually tell these cartoon characters everything they know to be true is not, and have them respond to the entire revelation in an incredibly human way; though some things were a little exaggerated. Who else was surprised by the big reveal of who the ghost was? I honestly was not expecting it to turn out to be a child who was being used by the owner of the property. It was incredibly heartbreaking..
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