December 19, 2018

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Siren Premiere Review: The Lure of Bristol Cove

Siren is what television has been missing, and it only continues to get more promising. This show has the potential to be your next big TV obsession, if only for all your mysterious mermaid needs with a mix of murder. On Siren Season 1 Episode 1 and Siren Season 1 Episode 2, mermaids are introduced when some fishermen capture one and another wanders onto Bristol Cove. With Ryn appearing in the small town, suddenly the mermaid tales that Bristol Cove is known for are more real for the people with whom she becomes involved. The show had a strong start partially because of their attention to mythology and the ability to translate that effortlessly for the audience. Siren has a carefully crafted backstory, and there is always a risk that too much new information ends up confusing us more. This time around though it was small details that painted a bigger picture. The most prominent examples are the powers that Ryn and her sister seem to possess. Specifically, the way that they can harm humans and how their ability to use songs makes people willing to do whatever they want. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! It would be great to see this continue within the story because the tone of Siren becomes much darker, and that's when it works best. Siren will continue to have a fascinating voice if it allows things to go in dark directions from time to time. Ryn, especially, comes off like a ticking time bomb, a great trait that works to keep us on our toes because it isn't easy to guess what she is about to do next. What if there is a new predator out there? One that we haven't seen before. Ben Permalink: What if there is a new predator out there? One that we haven't seen before. Added: March 29, 2018 Meanwhile, Ben gives off the impression that he is the golden boy of Bristol Cove. It is a little harder to process how I feel about him yet, but a guy who is trying to do the right thing is usually a good person to have around. His relationships with the people around him, though, shine. Ben and Maddie are a couple right now, but it can't be only me expecting big complications between them. It is refreshing to see a relationship that is healthy and trusting. Maddie and Ben struggle to find their footing when Ryn first appears, but there aren't any fights rooted in miscommunication or lack of trust. For the first time in a long time, it is lovely to watch Ben simply show Maddie proof that mermaids exist and see her coming on board right away because of that. How do you subtly ask about a mermaid? Maddie Permalink: How do you subtly ask about a mermaid? Added: March 29, 2018 Usually, this is where the long, drawn-out story would go with Ben running off to help Ryn and Maddie getting jealous because she doesn't know or believe all the details. There isn't a love triangle being created where it usu..

Gotham Season 4 Episode 16 Review: One of My Three Soups

After four seasons of getting the short end of the stick, Barbara finally got a piece of the Gotham pie worthy of her greatness. Ra's al Ghul gave her the most incredible gift she could ever hope for on Gotham Season 4 Episode 16. Babs is the new head of the League of Shadows, and to make it even sweeter, she's got a group of badass women ready to kick everyone's ass for her. Long live Barbara Kean!! It's a bummer there are no pictures to share of Barbara basking in her glory, but Gotham didn't post any on its press site so we'll have to make do with Jim, who himself had a true moment of greatness which we'll delve into a bit later. First, let's bask in the glory of Babs. She was having glowing hand issues and headaches and didn't know what was happening. Related: Gotham Season 4 Episode 4 Review: The Demon's Head Lucky for her, she has Tabitha by her side who kicked her in the ass a little which pushed Barbara to find out what she needed to know to get the ball moving so she could take her rightful place as the Demon's Head. Tabitha isn't too sure about what's happening and doesn't necessarily trust this new group of badass women, and who can blame her? She's either going to have to fall in line, or she's going to find herself on the outside looking in again. View Slideshow: Gotham: 17 Times Barbara Kean Knocked Us Out With Her Style All I can say is please, please, please let Tabitha just go with the flow on this. The women of Gotham don't need to be fighting each other -- unless it's to bring down that bitch Sofia if she wakes up from her coma. But maybe she's too trivial for Babs' new gig, and she'll just let Lee take care of her. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! What I hope doesn't happen is a showdown between Lee and Barbara. In the past, I've said I liked the idea of those two ladies taking each other on, but I like the way things are now. Lee and Barbara each have their own badass crowns to wear. Please, let them be, Gotham, please. You're weak. You're all so damn weak. That's it. That is why Ra's chose me because he knew I would see how pitiful you all are. Afraid of change. Afraid to take orders from a woman. Well, listen up. I am the Demon's Head so you sons of bitches better start bowing down right now or it is about to get ugly up in here. Babs Permalink: You're weak. You're all so damn weak. That's it. That is why Ra's chose me because he knew I... Added: March 29, 2018 One thing that crossed my mind during Barbara's flashback was how does Alfred fit into all this. If Barbara has repercussions from being brought to life by juice from the Lazarus Pit, does this mean that something is going to happen to Alfred at some point too? The guy didn't j..

Westworld Season 2 Trailer: The Robot Uprising Continues

If you were watching an HBO or Cinemax channel last night, you might have noticed an exciting announcement from HBO: The official trailer for Westworld Season 2 was about to be released to the masses. And while I was a little bit miffed when Barry was interrupted for the announcement, I was immediately happy. Westworld Season 1 aired back in 2016, and like many other fans, I have been counting down the days to get more episodes of this gem of a series. Thankfully, HBO held their promise and released the trailer early on Thursday, and it is filled with a whole lot of dramatic moments. Dolores is ready to continue to be part of the robot uprising, and that will put her and the others in some unusual situations during Westworld Season 2. If the trailer is anything to go by, the world will be expanding in a big way, and that means some new characters will appear to be part of all the insanity. Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” serves as music in the background throughout the lengthy trailer, and it's a version of the hit track you will likely have never heard before. Have a look at all of the wild moments in the trailer below, and hit the comments with your take on it all. Westworld returns Sunday, April 22 only on HBO!

Suits Promo: Jessica Demands HOW Much Money?!

Jessica Pearson wants her money! The former boss of Pearson Specter Litt returns on Suits Season 7 Episode 12, and if Harvey thought she was going to disappear into the night after the scathing press release about her, he is very wrong. Jessica wants $2 million and is not at liberty to discuss the finer details of it with Harvey. If you watch Suits online, you will know that Jessica left the decision about who to blame in the press release up to Harvey. But it seems like Jessica expected Harvey to change his mind at the last second instead of throwing her under the bus in a very public way. In any case, the $2 million will likely be set-up for the upcoming Gina Torres-fronted spin-off of Suits. It was recently confirmed the series had landed a series order. Could this be for her to start her own firm to take on Chicago politics, or could something more sinister be at play? We'll need to tune in to find out when this episode airs Wednesday, April 4 at 9/8c on USA Network. Have a look at the full teaser below and join us in the comments with your thoughts on it.

TV Ratings Report: Empire Return Tops Night, Life Sentence Goes Lower

Empire (6.1 million/2.0 rating) returned to Fox last night, and the episode featured the resolution of what happened to Lucious. After that, Star (4.7 million/1.5 rating) built two-tenths vs. its fall finale. NBC: A special of The Voice (6.9 million/1.3 rating) hit a season low, while an Andrew Lloyd Webber (3.3 million/0.6 rating) tribute pulled in weak ratings. The CW: Riverdale (1 million/0.3 rating) slipped to a season-low while Life Sentence (0.4 million/0.1 rating) slipped to a new series low. ABC: The debut of Alex, Inc (4.6 million/1.1 rating) was on par with how Speechless performed in the slot. The Goldbergs (5.4 million/1.4 rating) and Designated Survivor (3.8 million/0.7 rating) were in line with recent ratings. CBS: Criminal Minds (6.5 million/1.1 rating) gained two-tenths while SEAL Team (6.5 million/1.0 rating) and Survivor (8.1 million/1.7 rating) were stable. View Slideshow: This Is Us Season 2B Report Card: Saddest Moment, Best Fight, and More!

Carissa’s Corner: Roseanne, Flyover States and the Nostalgia Factor

Up front, you need to know talking politics isn't my thing. They're going to make a bit of an appearance in this Carissa's Corner, though, just by the nature of the topic. Bear with me! It came to no surprise to TV Fanatics that the Roseanne revival premiere soared in the ratings. Everything relating to it has been indicating the revival was highly anticipated. The question I have is why Hollywood seems to be so stunned at the ratings' success. During the 2016 election process, if there was one thing that became clear, it was that a large part of the United States felt under-represented. Despite the candidate or his political views, people were grasping for representation they felt they didn't have in public office. Can the same be said for the terrific ratings Roseanne received on Tuesday? That will depend on the ratings for the remainder of the season. A good indicator for Roseanne, though, is the ratings for Roseanne Season 10 Episode 2 went up. Who was making calls to friends and family telling them to join in so they could be part of the fun? Regardless, 18.1 million viewers tuned in for a 5.1 ratings share. That's not bad, and better than the "series finale" back in 1997. Related: TV Ratings Report: Roseanne Returns Huge It was the premiere that held the more questionable (e.g., Trump-related) content, so if that was deemed worthy of watching, then it must have all been a go. Keep in mind, though, that the Conners of 1998-1997 wouldn't have voted for Trump. The show debuted during the Reagan Administration when the US was doing reasonably well. Middle America probably didn't feel all that well-represented at that time, either, but for entirely different reasons. Someone always feels left out in the cold. The trend in Hollywood in the recent past has been to embrace a liberal agenda and to make anyone who doesn't embrace it feel embarrassed and unworthy. Worried about the T-word in relation to Roseanne, many were bracing for the worst. Sometimes, you have to have faith. On the season premiere of Roseanne, her character and Dan found themselves smack dab in the middle of a liberal battle when their grandson decided he had a flair for colorful clothing. It was only one topic that effectively straddled the fence and proved the new incarnation of Roseanne won't be taking sides but will be showing the US and the world what it's like to be a typical American with differing views trying to understand the changes as they occur, protect the people they love while remaining true to their values. Related: Modern Family Season 9 Episode 17 Review: Royal Visit After the 2016 election, there were utterances from the networks that they might have to dig deeper to reach an audience to whom they weren't particularly paying proper attention. From what I can tell, that meant an immediate call to arms for military based programming. None of it was especially thrilling,..

The Terror: 7 Things to Know About The Season Premiere

Cold, dark and being isolated may not be most people's idea of a good time, but when you're an explorer and part of the Royal Navy on a quest to find the Northwest Passage, it just might be the most exciting thing you'll ever do in your life. On The Terror Season 1 Episode 1 and The Terror Season 1 Episode 2, we are introduced to the crew of the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror tasked with taking on this extraordinary voyage that ultimately turns into a horrific disaster. What is The Terror about and why should you watch? Read on! 1. Horror and History All Rolled Into One The Terror is based on a 2007 novel by Dan Simmons which is inspired by a true story. It follows a Royal Navy expedition to find the Northwest Passage. While the expedition is real and the characters are based on real people, most of the plot is fictionalized. Related: The Crown: Outlander's Tobias Menzies Cast as New Prince Philip The idea of being isolated in the Arctic surrounded ice is enough to send anyone screaming especially when starvation and illness hangs ominously over everyone's head on the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror. Throw in a supernatural monster that stalks the men, and it's the perfect recipe for a nightmare of epic proportions. 2, Captain Francis Crozier will quickly become your favorite ... Even though we know all the men on the Erebus and Terror will die in the end, there's always hope that one of them will survive. If I could choose only one, I'd probably pick Francis (Jared Harris). He's experienced enough to know the dangers of sailing through the Arctic and doesn't try to cover it up with fake optimism like Sir John (Ciarán Hinds) who is nothing but arrogant. Related: Animal Kingdom Season 3 Sneak Peek: The Wolves Will Come Others, like Captain James Fitzjames (Tobias Menzies), find Francis utterly depressing. I find him utterly fascinating. He reminds me in a way of Quint from Jaws. After a challenge from Fitzjames during dinner, Francis tells him, "There be no melodramas here. Only live men or dead men," in sort of the same way Quint warned Mayor Vaughn about the horror the great white shark was about to bring to Amity Island. Quint knew what he was talking about and so does Francis. 3. ... And so will Dr. Goodsir Dr. Goodsir is kind, compassionate and cares about his patients, but he also knows there's something funky happening in their isolated corner of the world. He comes to this realization after David Young dies suddenly in a fit of hysterics. What I like about Goodsir is that he's not afraid to do what's right despite the coldness of those around him, particularly Dr. Stanley. I didn't like how Stanley just stood there, not offering a hand when Goodsir performed the autopsy on Young. (And let's not even delve into the graphic nature of the autopsy.) Related: Rise Season 1 Episode 3 Review: What Flowers My Bloom What was even wors..

Watch Krypton Online: Season 1 Episode 2

Did Seg find a way to move on from everything that happened? That was his plan on Krypton Season 1 Episode 2 when a personal tragedy paved the way for some reflection on the past, and a look at the future. Watch Krypton Season 1 Episode 2 Online With a new threat rising in Krypton, everyone had to come to an agreement about what was the best course of action to save everyone. But there were some major drawbacks to a plan of action. Use the video above to watch Krypton online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 13 Hot Comic Shows We're Anticipating in 2018!! Get caught up on this brand new superhero drama right now.

Watch Survivor Online: Season 36 Episode 5

Which alliance was brought to its knees by a shocking tribe swap? That was revealed on Survivor Season 36 Episode 5 when the action kicked into high gear as one player took it all a little too seriously. Watch Survivor Season 36 Episode 5 Online Meanwhile, another tribal council meant that one player was sent packing, but not before one of the most emotional councils yet. Also, a new perk was unleashed on the game, but who was the recipient of it? Use the video above to watch Survivor online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: Survivor: Meet the Season 36 Cast! Get caught up on all the latest action right now.

Watch Designated Survivor Online: Season 2 Episode 15

Did President Kirkman manage to bring peace between East and West Hanchu? That was his plan on Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 15 as tensions escalated, and everyone realized it was only a matter of time before on struck the other. Watch Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 15 Online Meanwhile, Seth and Emily tried to figure out whether carving out a relationship with their busy schedules was going to work out for them. What did they decide to do about their feelings? Use the video above to watch Designated Survivor online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: Designated Survivor Photos from "Grief" Get up to speed with all the latest twists right now.
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