December 19, 2018

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Modern Family Season 9 Episode 15 Review: Written In The Stars

On Modern Family Season 9 Episode 15, it's Valentine's Day. While Phil tries to help Jay spice up his night with some role play, Mitch and Cam help get Luke stood up. Meanwhile, Haley is on a date with Alex's professor and crush. Valentine's Day episodes on Modern Family usually center around Claire and Phil and their alter egos, Julianna and Clive Bixby. Last Valentine's Day, when the episode aired, I'm pretty sure I let out a loud groan. That must have sent a ripple through the writer's studio, though, because Phil referred to Clive only once. Whew! Phil and Claire's '80s garb with their Trans Am was a refreshing change and I'm glad this episode focused elsewhere. Hayley had a date with Alex's professor and Alex, Hayley and Luke were talking about Valentine's Day in the kitchen. Alex is putting Hayley down, as usual, when Hayley fights back. All's I know is that you're being a real Capricorn right now. The sun revolves around the Earth and not you. Hayley Permalink: All's I know is that you're being a real Capricorn right now. The sun revolves around the... Added: February 28, 2018 Ha! Classic Hayley. I love that the writers don't continue to dumb her character down like some shows do after they've been on the air a while. She's grown, but she's still Hayley! At the local hotel bar this time, it was Jay and Gloria who were role-playing. Poor Jay can't get out of the closet talk, but Phil (and Clive) gave him a confidence boost and Jay gets right back in there. I bet Phil was thrilled Jay took his advice since that doesn't happen often, if ever. Why does Jay have such a problem with Phil? It's been what, 20 some years now? He's good enough for your daughter, Jay. He's Phil! View Slideshow: 17 of Modern Family's Most Memorable Guest Stars Then we have poor Joe getting yelled at by Claire. Granted, he was going a little overboard trying to get her alone to be her valentine, but he's just a little boy. How about his snazzy duds and his slicked back hair? Love it. You're a bad valentine! Joe Permalink: You're a bad valentine! Added: February 28, 2018 Claire could've handled that so much better. Like Phil! He's so good with kids. Isn't he? At the restaurant, Mitch and Cam were being unusually selfish not wanting their day to be ruined by Luke. They're his uncles and should be looking out for him. Right? Geez. Anyway, they're trying to carry on a 'romantic' evening, but it's not going well with Mitch falling short of Cam's expectations. Cam should know this by now. He's the romantic flowery one, not Mitch, although he tries. The molten chocolate cake looks slutty and delicious. Would it kill you to say that about me? Cam Permalink: The molten chocolate cake looks slutty and delicious. Would it kill you to say that about me? Added: F..

Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 15 Review: Sisterhood

What happens when strong women set out to claim back their power? You get a really badass episode of Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 15. Burgess and Upton took control of the narrative, while subtly supporting the #MeToo movement in a way that resonated with every woman, and hopefully, every decent man. Intelligence got wind of an Initiation Day led by Pena, a local street gangster who became "crazier" in prison. The initiation portion? Raping and killing a 17-year-old girl, and leaving behind her body in an abandoned house. I've seen some pretty gruesome images, but the sight of this poor girl will forever haunt my dreams. How many women, of various ages, have to become victims? Time's up! Halstead: That's one hell of an initiation. Upton: What kind of animal does something like this? Antonio: What kind of animal makes someone do something like this? Permalink: What kind of animal makes someone do something like this? Added: February 28, 2018 Burgess is especially triggered by this case because of her sister, who was drugged and raped on Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 19. The series hasn't really mentioned the case until now, but considering her sister is still dealing with therapy while the rapist received a light one-year sentence, it needed to be revisited. Can you feel the rage burning within you too? Burgess was so proud of herself for taking charge of the case, as she should be. Women haven't really had their moment in Intelligence. Until this season, it was strictly the Lindsay show, but now, Burgess and Upton are leading the movement. As I was watched the episode, I found myself rooting for Q. I asked my fiancee if it was bad that I wanted to cheer her on, but then Burgess reassured me that many women probably feel a ting of satisfaction knowing that for once, a rapist got dealt with properly. Halstead: Hmm.. okay, that's one way to take care of rapists. Ruzek: You gotta be kidding me. They cut 'em off. Permalink: You gotta be kidding me. They cut 'em off. Added: February 28, 2018 I obviously don't condone murder, but Burgess was right — Q wasn't killing choir boys, he was getting rid of monsters. And one less monster on the street, who thinks he has the right to a woman's body, isn't something to lose sleep over. Was it brutal? Beyond. But no more brutal than rape. Halstead and Ruzek's had the best expressions when they waltzed into the house only to find the suspects with their genitalia chopped off. You reap what you sow. Q was a cold-blooded killer. She was castrating men and protecting future victims until she could finally get her power back for being raped at the age of 14. When she mentioned she was a victim herself, I kind of figured her rapist was Pena, the man enabling all these guys in the first place. If you want to own a neighborhood or a territory, you have to break its soul first. Pena Permalink: If you want to ..

The Magicians Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Six Short Stories About Magic

On The Magicians Season 3 Episode 8, the writers dabble in something stranger than fiction, scrambling (or unscrambling) the storylines and fates of several characters. While past episodes have felt more character focused, "Six Short Stories About Magic" was definitely plot driven, which took some of the magic out of it for me. That's not to say it wasn't good. In fact, the episode playing with its structure was one of the coolest things its done all season. It was, of course, a very meta writing decision, but as we know, that's part of this show's distinct identity, so it definitely worked for me. The episode begins with Penny visiting the Underworld, where we learn that Benedict is in fact dead. He's also very upset that Penny doesn't seem to be there for him. I assumed he was hiding the key based on his reaction, which, by the way, was not a cool move. But Penny coming back to thank Benedict for caring about his death was sickeningly sweet, as was Penny's shaking and moving to get Benedict in The Library. Related: The Magicians Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Poached Eggs A result of Benedict's lie was that Penny ran into his old boss Silvia who seemed eager to help until she literally backstabbed him. The show did a pretty good job of making us believe Silvia was entirely on Penny's side, in my opinion. I certainly believed it more than Benedict's fib. What she did with Penny though feels a bit bigger than her ultimate betrayal. First, we met the person who actually writes each of our books, and they look exactly like Alice. I know they said they weren't her, but I'm not entirely sure I believe that. If it is her though, the question remains: how did she get there. Perhaps she's a version of one of the Alice's from another one of the many beast timelines? And until we saw her, I had completely forgotten about how The Library's "people books" could reveal what was happening to the characters. Or I guess it didn't really cross my mind as an issue because, as Penny pointed out, there are six billion people in the world. I appreciated the show acknowledging the convenience of Penny being the lone story currently written, even if I don't entirely trust the science or magic on it. Do these books get written based on perceived universal importance or is it just random? How many books was this Alice look-a-like writing when she was spelled for her to prioritize the Brakebills kids? Related: The Magicians Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Do You Like Teeth? For as much as I love the Brakebills crew and understand they are currently busy saving the world, aren't there somewhat other really important people and things to be writing about? In any case, this discovery sets up how the rest of the episode unfolds—as a series of short stories. It felt very Stranger Than Fiction, and I really enjoyed that (though I'm a sucker for meta and w..

The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 14 Review: Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III

How ironic that a master of misdirection met another master of misdirection? Red didn't make it clear what he wanted Sinclair to do for him on The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 14, but it could be he's getting ready for a future disappearing act. Or maybe he's going to use Sinclair to help him bring down Garvey. Either way, Red has Sinclair sitting nicely in his back pocket for whenever he decides to pull him out. Garvey deserves every kind of torture available. I'm still bitter about what he did to Tom, and I'm guessing that Liz is going to have a field day with him when she finally finds him. I can't imagine she's going to let the Task Force near the guy, and maybe that's what Red is planning on? Maybe Red is going to use Sinclair to create an alibi for Liz. He'll do anything to protect her, and he knows that she's not going to follow the rules when she finally gets her hands on the evil little guy. I still don't get what kind of crazy Garvey is involved with and why. And what exactly is he doing with the bones? It still seems goofy to me that the entire time Liz was in a coma Garvey didn't make any headway on finding Red, and Red did nothing to find Garvey. Did I miss something? Are they working together? It's frustrating that we haven't revisited the bones. Does Red even care about them anymore? We don't know why Garvey is keeping them, and we don't know whose bones they are. I like the idea of Singleton working with Liz and the Task Force, but I'm not necessarily sure I trust him. Liz was too quick to bring him to headquarters and divulge all the information. It just doesn't seem like something the Task Force would do. They barely know this guy, but now this guy knows everything about them working with Red. It makes no sense. And that's part of the problem with The Blacklist minus Tom. He added a cohesion that is not there anymore. The storylines are haphazard and full of holes. I don't feel an urgency to anything. Not even Liz's pursuit of Tom's killers. It's not that the Blacklisters aren't interesting. For the most part, they have been. Sinclair was a good one. The idea of someone creating a double of another person so they have an alibi while they commit a crime is mind-blowing. It's not hard to imagine something like that taking place in the real world. I loved Red's interaction with Sinclair. He really has become softer since he lost everything. It's almost like he's taken on Liz's persona while she's taking on his. A type of role reversal. Their interactions are always great and the highlight of every hour. Even though things have gotten darker since Tom died, there is still a lightness to their interactions. Red meeting with Liz's psychotherapist in the car instead of her office was hilarious. I don't understand what the big deal was especially..

Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Grief

Grief is a difficult thing, but there is no rule book on how to juggle grieving while running a nation. On Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 11, Tom was attempting (and mostly failing) at it. It left some of his close friends in dangerous, life-threatening positions and most of his staff and colleagues frustrated. I have to give it to the show, this storyline may have been a bit of a curveball for the writers, but they're wholly invested in it. It may be the most promising arc in the sophomore season. It has been a full ten weeks since Alex's death. Imagine my surprise when it was revealed that it truly was an accident. Alex was t-boned by an irresponsible and reckless driver who was driving while texting. How mundane. For a show that's meant to be a political thriller, I was fully anticipating her death to be part of a new conspiracy. On one hand, it goes to show that no one, not even the First Lady is exempt from freak accidents. She, nor anyone with her esteem, is impervious from dying like the average citizen. It's still ludicrous that with all the precautions taken with someone as important as the First Lady, that some random guy can surpass Secret Service escorts and hit her specific car head-on. Are we just supposed to suspend belief for the sake of the plot? That's one of those loose danglings that had Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 10 messy. We found out via Tom petulantly snapping off during his therapy session and a few flashbacks what it was like at key moments after Alex's death. Tom had a difficult time relaying the news to his children. His moment with Penny was particularly gut-wrenching because she's so young. She's far too young to have lost a mom, especially in this devastating fashion while the entire world looks on. Kirkman: Mommy was in a terrible accident, and sometimes accidents are so bad that the people who are in them can't come home. Penny: Mommy's not coming home? Kirkman: No, sweetie. She's in heaven now. Permalink: No, sweetie. She's in heaven now. Added: February 28, 2018 Leo was difficult because he reacted with anger. He could barely make it through a hug with Tom before he was mentioning that his mother hated their new life in the White House. He displayed some resentment towards his father. I can see an angry, rebellious young man in the public eye lashing out a mile away. The funeral was a somber occasion, but Tom's therapist pointed out that Tom doesn't have closure. Alex doesn't have a tombstone. There wasn't a memorial. He has a nation watching him, so he can't allow himself to truly grieve. It came out in spurts. Tom listening to his final message from Alex over and over again was particularly melancholic. Then, of course, there was the whispering of his staff around him. In the ten weeks since Alex died, not very much had been done at the White House. The lit..

Channel Zero Butcher’s Block Review: Alice in Slaughterland

What does it all mean? In whose minds are we tinkering while watching? None of that is clear by the time we come out of Channel Zero Season 3 Episode 4, an hour that begins with what seems like the very real recollection of Alice dealing with Zoe's past as she first fell victim to Father Time. But as the installment progressed, the similarities between what was happening "upstairs" and in what I supposed was the real word with Louise and Luke left me stumped. Other than my certainty this is more than a mere horror story, I have no idea which way is up. While "Alice in Slaughterland" was jam-packed with activity, I'm no closer to understanding how it all ties together. There has to be some significance in the choices Alice made along the way, the things she experienced in the field, the riddles she heard and why she ultimately decided to stay with the Peach family when Zoe was so desperately trying to persuade her otherwise. Related: Channel Zero Butcher's Block Review: All You Ghost Mice The most obvious answer is her madness was quickly catching up with her even if she wasn't as close to her 26th birthday as her mother and sister were at the time their schizophrenia hit. Seeing her little head lurking about was one thing, but what it had grown into, a tall, flat creature with a bulbous paper mache head, was downright frightening. Do people who suffer from the disease give their diagnosis a personification like that? If the diagnosis alone wasn't enough to scare the pants off of you, whatever creature took light as a result surely would. To suffer from something that's so closely connected to your imagination (as I assume schizophrenia would be considered) has to be the very worst. Related: Channel Zero: Butcher's Block Review: Father Time It's like living in a waking nightmare from which you can never wake. The flashbacks to Zoe at the beginning of her disease worrying about the harmless neighbor and unable to recognize her sister were heartbreaking for everyone involved, even the police officers called to the scene. Now, though, Zoe is at peace with herself. I can only guess she went with the Peach family to keep Alice safe or because she was under a spell of some kind or because she is dead. I cannot think of any other theory that fits given her current actions. If she was with the Peaches because she wanted to partake of their lifestyle, she would be willingly eating their bountiful food supply. Perhaps she doesn't know that it's garden variety and not taken from the bodies of unwilling human donors. I have to admit, they have given new meaning to the term "finger food." If that's how they've been surviving all the time they've been gone, it's not a bad living. The meat looks divine, and the crops appear to be plentiful. Granted, they kill and eat those who cross them, but whether or not that is something they choose to do or th..
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