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Timeless Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

There's hope on the horizon that the soap-opera aspect of the Lifeboat crew might soon be ending. It was clear that being a saint was starting to wear on Lucy on Timeless Season 2 Episode 7. Oh, yeah. The team also saved women's right to vote among all the melodrama. Let's talk about the pairings first, then move onto the historical case of the week. First off, Wyatt has no idea with whom he wants to be. He pined for an idealized version of Jessica for a season and a half. But now that they're back together, I think he's beginning to remember how things were between them. But Wyatt seems to want to have a work wife, Lucy, as well. Jessica doesn't strike me as the type to get the full implication of "Hey, we saved the 19th Amendment." After all, she didn't even understand what a historian does (write lengthy tomes to secure tenure). Related: Timeless Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The King of the Delta Blues Lucy has tried to keep a stiff upper lip, although her increased drinking suggests that hasn't been easy. Keep calm, and carry a vodka bottle. I suspect, as Lucy said, that she and Flynn are just drinking buddies. He spent all last season attempting to resurrect his wife and kids, so I don't think he's looking for anything serious right now. Still, it's obvious that he has a soft spot for the Lucy he's been reading about in her journal. The question is whether this Lucy is that Lucy. Ain't time paradoxes wonderful? This has certainly ratcheted up the tension among the crew. Now that the Lifeboat is a four-seater, Flynn is likely to be on every mission. So Lucy growing closer to Flynn gives Wyatt another reason to hate Flynn, as if he needed that. And Lucy expects them to behave like adults when they're on dangerous missions. Go figure. But now, thanks to that one bit of data Connor was able to uncover; maybe this problem is short-term. Related: Watch Timeless Online: Season 2 Episode 6 Is there some innocent reason that Jessica's photo was among the Rittenhouse data? Or is it something more sinister, such as Jessica being a sleeper agent? I don't think that's the case, because if Rittenhouse knew where the bunker is, why haven't they blown it up already? I'm hoping Jessica is harmless, but she's not adding a lot to the team. There's not much call for Lifeboat libations. Jiya and Rufus still had their problems. The high-strung Rufus was bound to spin out of control when Jiya told him about her premonition of his death. The problem wasn't that Rufus was going to die sometime, in the Old West. The issue was he mistook knowing where he was going to die for being invincible, a crucial distinction, as Flynn pointed out. Rufus wasn't suddenly invulnerable. So wading into a line of billy club-wielding cops was a pretty dumb thing to do for such a smart guy. Rufus and Flynn made for an odd couple...

The Royals Season 4 Episode 8 Review: In The Dead Vast and Middle of the Night

Before a royal wedding, there's a royal bachelorette and bachelor party. But on The Royals Season 4 Episode 8, neither event went as planned. Despite her objections, Eleanor and Queen Helena threw Willow a "hen party" complete with massages, champagne, and a chocolate fountain. Sounds relaxing, right? That is until Willow's masseuse turned out to be Cassandra who laced Willow's essential oils with LSD. Is that even possible? Cassandra is the type of girl that you run far away from the moment you meet her. Her motives aren't in the right place; she's vile, manipulative and desperate for the crown. And she seriously thought that drugging Willow the day before she had to face the Committee would put a wrench in her ability to become Queen. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! For starters, Cassandra's palace privileges should be revoked immediately. In fact, King Robert should probably overhaul the whole security team because they keep letting imposters into the palace. Jasper's father, Jasper's ex-girlfriend, and now, Cassandra. Cassandra may be bright, but she underestimated Willow and how resourceful and resolute she is. Thankfully, Willow has Eleanor in her corner who knew exactly what it was like to be on such a bad trip. She took care of her, guided her and gave her some sound advice on becoming a royal. Willow: What happened? Eleanor: Ugh, well, someone drugged you. And then you lit yourself on fire. And then you pretended to be a ghost. And then you knocked yourself unconscious. Willow: That’s exactly how I feel. Permalink: That’s exactly how I feel. Added: April 29, 2018 Without Eleanor, I don't think Willow would have had the courage or strength to face the Committee. Since there are so many Willow skeptics, the writers tried to make her more likable, and they succeeded greatly! Some of the best moments of The Royals Season 4 came from Willow being high out of her mind! She thought she was a ghost, she touched the Queen's boobs, she watched as Eleanor turned into the Wicked Witch of the West; I've never laughed this much during an episode of The Royals -- great job Genevieve Gaunt! Of course, she also attacked Queen Helena and almost drowned her in a chocolate fountain after she hallucinated and thought it was Cassandra. On a brighter note, at least the gooey stuff that Helena got covered in wasn't blood like I first imagined. Willow: I nearly drowned her, the Queen of England. I nearly suffocated her in a vat of chocolatey goodness. Eleanor: There are worse ways to go. Permalink: There are worse ways to go. Added: April 29, 2018 I'm still unsure when it comes to Willow's loyalty. Following her speech to the Committee, I truly believed she was in it for love. But when she finally saw her fiancee after a night from hell, she couldn't care ..

The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Paso Robles

Megan and Shaun played with fire on The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 8, but what they uncovered was a whopper of a secret! It seemed that Kyle figured out what Megan was up to when he confronted her after she came home, but it could have just been another dream. Still, Megan going behind Kyle's back is going to raise lots of questions and put her in even more danger. Kyle probably won't do anything to Megan, but Terence will have a fit when he finds out. He might even already know. Zach was pushed into a corner and had no choice but to give up the goods on what he and Megan were doing. Related: Get Cinemax via Prime Video Channels for Hit Movies & Series that Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat! If Kyle didn't get the truth from Zach, then Isaac would have pumped him up with the truth serum. Terence might have had Isaac do it anyway just to see what else Zach was hiding. If that's the case, then Shaun and his other two friends might also be in danger. I don't know how anyone could think it's normal to kidnap someone and put them in a cell against their will to question people. Out of all of them who have been held captive by IHM that way, has no one ever reported them to the police? If you want to take IHM down, doesn't that seem like the logical first step? It's true that the "facility" is in an unknown location, but there has to be a record of it somewhere. Just think what Detective Natalie would do if she knew about that secret facility. I don't think another night with Kyle West would be enough to keep her quiet. I have no doubt she's going to come across another of IHM's secrets and might decide to do the right thing -- even if it means losing her badge in the process. The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 5 Review: You Are Not Alone Zach was incredibly stupid for calling Megan while Kyle was around. Why couldn't he just wait until she got home to find out what happened with Julie Woolth? They both took too many risks with their chattering. Did they think Kyle wouldn't question why they had so much to talk about? They talked everywhere and were bound to get caught. Now, other people's lives are in danger. Terence won't be happy when he learns that Shaun was part of Megan's little investigative adventure. He's either going to fire Shaun or brainwash her. Who knows what magic tricks are up Isaac's sleeve, but the guy is scary. Julie and Aaron are also in danger now that Megan interrupted their lives. Megan just turned all sorts of lives upside down. Does she even realize what she's done? I don't get why all these people are keeping quiet about what IHM did to them. Aaron talked about how he's a prisoner in his own house, but isn't that his fault? Instead of letting Terence pay him off after what happened with Kyle, he could have told the truth. But it could be that Aaron was already sucked into t..

Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Good Out Here

Someone, please wake me from this nightmare! Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 was chock full of twists, turns -- and at times, confusion -- as we followed Madison's frustrating encounters with the Vultures in the past while dealing with Morgan, Althea and John's story in the present. The beginning of the episode started out with optimism and hope. But by the end of the hour, we were left with anything but that. I've always favored Fear the Walking Dead over its parent show in recent seasons due to this series' significantly smaller group of characters. Part of The Walking Dead's issues over the past few seasons stem from its over-bloated cast. When there are far too many characters -- especially when confined to a relatively short 16 episode season -- it’s very easy for the focus and writing to take a hit. Where the writing quality on The Walking Dead has stumbled a bit over the past couple of seasons due to the reasons mentioned above, Fear the Walking Dead has seen a dramatic improvement in this department. Not only in the quality, but in the overall consistency of its tone. There's no question that The Walking Dead is the more popular of the two, but Fear the Walking Dead obviously has more passion put into it, and the result between the two is very apparent. Another issue lies in The Walking Dead following too closely to its source material, and that doesn't always translate well from the page to the small screen. Whereas Fear the Walking Dead is its own entity and is allowed significantly more freedom to create its own world. We're only three episodes into Fear the Walking Dead Season 4, and while I love the overall direction thus far, I'm still adjusting to the dual timelines. If you've seen even one episode of Once Upon A Time, you're well aware of that series' heavy reliance on flashbacks in its storytelling. So, there's no surprise that former writers of OUAT, Andrew Chamblis and Ian Golfberg, introduced that same mechanism to Fear the Walking Dead. It's a new approach to the series, and while I'm all for trying new things, this episode jumped back and forth a bit too frequently, that the pacing felt disrupted at times. It didn't take away from its overall enjoyment, but I could have done without a good two to three flashbacks. Old habits die hard, I suppose. Related: AMC launches ad-free streaming service Do you know how many times I've been zip tied? Althea Permalink: Do you know how many times I've been zip tied? Added: April 26, 2018 It's only been one episode since the Vultures were introduced, but they're already leaving their mark as the douchiest group of people we've come across on this series to date. It was a big decision for Nick to finally leave the confines of The Diamond and go on a run with Madison. Nick obviously had something to prove and felt responsible for the turnip fail..

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 10 Review: The Mettle of Man

All good things come to an end. It's just unfortunate that Ash vs Evil Dead came to an end quicker than we expected. If there is a silver lining to be found, it's that Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Episode 10 was a marvelous send-off for our beloved chainsaw-wielding, boomstick-firing, Deadite-slaying hero, and provided an epic and satisfying conclusion to this insanely fun and crazy series. Bruce Campbell recently made it publicly known that he is officially hanging up his chainsaw and is done with the character that bolstered him to stardom. I'd like to think that if Campbell was offered the right payday, he'd consider returning to the role. But even if that never happens, I'm thankful that STARZ gave Raimi and Campbell the chance to revisit the franchise and provide us with three glorious seasons. Fortunately, the writers intended for this episode to act as both a Season and Series finale, just in case the show didn't see a renewal for a fourth season. If our pal, Ash, was going out, he deserved to go out big. And "The Mettle of Man" didn't disappoint, leaving the series off on a very high note. Enough! I don't know much about this "Evil Dead" crap, and I know even less about why it chose you, but it did. You're the Savior of humanity, so get on your damn feet and own up to who you are. In the short time that I have known you, I have seen things that I'd never thought existed, seen you do things that I never thought possible. You taught me to trust you, you taught me to believe in you, and I do. So please don't let me down now. Brandy Permalink: Enough! I don't know much about this Evil Dead Crap, and I know even less about why it chose... Added: April 26, 2018 Related: Get Starz via Prime Video Channels for Captivating Original Series & Hit Movies! Ash vs Evil Dead really pulled out all the stops in this final installment, including some epic Deadite kills, a battle with a 60 foot Kandarian demon and gore galore! And while the finale was emotional on many levels, it did enough to pay homage to both fans and the trilogy that started it all. Brandy's encouraging words to Ash was incredibly touching -- a moment seldom seen on this series. It might have come across more emotional than intended as a viewer being this was the series’ swan song, but it was incredibly effective. It was enough to get her father right back on the horse and kick some serious demon ass the only way Ash can. Even if it was without his trust chainsaw, thanks to that dastardly Ruby! The gang strapping Kelly to a hand truck in order to transport her lifeless body around was hysterical, and it was neat that Pablo realized The Evil saw him as one their own. Given Pablo's Brujo power, he wasn't affected by jumping straight into the rift. I wish we could have visited The Deadlands again and actually seen Pablo rescue Kelly, but given that this was the finale and with everything..

Westworld Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Reunion

Arnold played favorites. That much was clear after watching Westworld Season 2 Episode 2 even if a lot more was muddier than ever. I'm surprised it never even dawned on me the "modern" photos we saw of Dolores before the season started would be from the past. When the name of Jonathan Tucker's character was announced, I expected him to be human and called in as a result of the uprising. Needless to say, I suck at this game. There were some humdingers laid out when it comes to clues about the purpose of Westworld, though. I don't think for a second it's as easy as gathering information on people for marketing purposes. Sure, that was the initial sales pitch William used to his father-in-law, but now that we know he's been judged and found wanting to the point his life is, essentially, over and the park is his only respite, it sounds like his eventual plan for the "things" he came to abhor came back to bite him in the ass. Related: Jonathan Tucker Says Goodbye to Kingdom and Hello to Westworld If all goes well, that will only continue. Ford has surprises for him planted like little bombs all over the park and finding them may not be fun for Bill, but it's fun for the rest of us. Allowing him a sliver of hope by not corrupting Lawrence, his go-to relationship in the park, was a smooth move on the part of Ford and the Westworld showrunners. On Ford's part, giving hope and then pulling out the rug from under him is more entertaining. From a viewer's perspective, we need Bill communicating with someone, and Lawrence is perfect since we were already used to their behavior together. Lawrence: He was dead, or at least the better part of it. Bill: Well, dead isn't what it used to be, Lawrence. Permalink: Well, dead isn't what it used to be, Lawrence. Added: April 29, 2018 Bill's reactions would be entirely different if he didn't have a sparring companion on the road or someone to bounce ideas off of as he hit roadblocks like those in Pariah. Who didn't enjoy the guest-starring spot from Giancarlo Esposito? The town was so damn dark I had to adjust the light in my room because I thought I was seeing things. Two actors of their caliber carrying out a little play prepared by Ford made it all the more compelling. I wonder if Esposito will return when Wyatt (as I'm calling Dolores in that specific timeline) and her army crashes through town. Having an engineer at her side works wonders. His first order of business was to show Teddy what he's been missing. I didn't think he would have to see his past on an iPad, but it worked. It has to be difficult for Wyatt knowing as much as she does and deciding who should be brought into the loop. Related: Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Journey Into Night What she knows can be beautiful and horrid and everything in between. Angela's life was shaped by Ford and Arnold because of Arnold's belie..

Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Sorry Baby

Frank is a lot more than a dick swab. The look of disgust on Eve's face as the swab got up to give Bill's eulogy on Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 4 was well-suited for the occasion, especially given what they learn about the man later. Frank has been canoodling with the Russians for a very, very long time. Of course, he is the bad guy at the center of everything because he's a namby-pamby baby without the balls to do anything but accept money from the real villains in the picture. He couldn't possibly capture any, nor would he ever have the guts to get down and dirty with the best of them. That's why he was being chased by the best on both sides of the spectrum in what I HOPE were the last minutes of his life. It was brilliant how everyone ended up in Bletchem at the same time considering the ambiguous beginning. Eve was, rightfully, maudlin at what had happened. To make matters worse, the lies about how Bill died were taunting her. They didn't make things easy at home, either, as she made quite a big deal on Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 3 telling Niko the job was harmless. View Slideshow: 18 Powerful TV Moments of 2017 The way Eve spat out at Niko that she sometimes believed his great love for her was all he had in life was painful. Those moments in life are the ones you can't take back, and no apology will ever erase because when you're in that kind of pain, you tend to be the most truthful. All Eve can hope is that Niko's love for her is stronger than her disdain for it. Her love for the job, at the moment, at least, beats out anything she feels for Niko, and he knows it. Related: Stream your favorite British shows anytime, anywhere, commercial free with Acorn via Prime Video Channels! While Eve was contemplating killing Villanelle, Villanelle was contemplating taking out anyone who would consider taking her off of her job, too. The women mirror each other in the worst ways. Every childish or seemingly caring thing Villanelle does has an ulterior motive. Just like her elaborate kills, she goes to great lengths to make points in her personal life, too. Not only did she throw Konstantin a birthday party so she could pad any bad news he delivered about killing Bill and using Eve's name, but to let him know if he doesn't protect her as he should, she can make his life miserable. She's ingenious. It's hard to imagine what she might be doing if she wasn't an assassin. Related: Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Don't I Know You? Similarly, Eve wanted to grab Frank and haul him in for questioning after discovering a connection between the bad guys' bank accounts and Frank. At the time, she thought she had the most to lose, just receiving the suitcase full of gifts from Villanelle. She still doesn't understand even though Villanelle will eventually want to kill her, now she's in the amorous stage of their relationship. ..

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Salem Filled With Boring Couples?

A blind Steve proved better at finding Abigail than the entire Salem PD, Gabi was the next Salemite to get beaten in prison, and Chloe was abducted on Days of Our Lives. TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando war joined by Vanessa and Villa281 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Abigail’s fate, Claire and Ciara’s truce, and the lack of entertaining romance in Salem. How many couples in Salem do you consider to be boring right now? Vanessa: I honestly think all of the couples are boring right now. Jack: I've lost count. Most pairings are either boring or aggravating. The only romance on this show belongs to Steve/Kayla and Doug/Julie -- two legacy couples that we rarely see. RELATED: Get Hallmark Movies Now via Prime Video Channels for Stories with Heart, Captivating Movies & More! Villa281: All of them actually. I can't say I am really behind any of the pairings. I find them all pretty underwhelming. I think Tripp and Ciara have potential, but I don't like what they are doing with them. Christine: Agreed! The majority of the couples on the show right now either have no real chemistry or are just plain boring, and that’s a big problem for a soap! The show just throws couples together or sticks with couples that aren’t working. What ever happened to love in the afternoon? Do you believe that Ciara and Claire have really turned over a new leaf? Vanessa: I highly doubt it, they're teenage girls. Things can be okay for a minute and then poof, they're back to being screaming banshees. Jack: Absolutely not. If anything, Ciara has gone downhill while Claire has stayed the same as always. The writers clearly think she is the victim in this and that Claire is evil, but all I saw was a pettiness competition and I doubt either girl is going to change for very long. Villa281: No, I think they plan on playing this rivalry like they did Sami and Carrie. Christine: Ugh, probably not. The show insists on portraying these two young woman like bratty adolescents. I’d love to see that change but nothing we’ve seen so far gives me any reason to get my hopes up. What do you think of Eli and Lani as parents-to-be? Vanessa: I think they are scared, Lani's terrified and it showed when she was telling Eli that the baby isn't a case to be solved. Jack: *Yawn* I'm not interested in Lani or her baby and I'd rather see Eli go to a lawyer to work out a custody arrangement than spend a single second taking care of the woman who tried to keep him from his child for months. Though I liked Julie getting over involved. I felt that was an appropriate punishment for Lani's lies and manipulations. RELATED: 7 Ways Days of Our Lives Could (and Should!) Be Using JJ Deveraux Villa281: Neither of them seem very excited about it, and neither am I. My only hope is that J.J. and Gabi might eventually get back together. Christine: I can’t say as I care enough about either ..

RuPaul’s Drag Race: 13 Favorite Moments From “DragCon Panel Extravaganza”

The queens prepared for their future post-RuPaul's Drag Race careers with a trip to DragCon. Well, it wasn't so much the real DragCon, but a stage panel in front of the judges on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Episode 6. During their DragCon panels, the three teams of three gave rousing performances of wig, body and makeup tips to the studio audience. (If we ever wanted to start our drag careers, we got a few tips to help prep!) The panels mixed health tips, past histories and some fun jokes to keep us entertained. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! On the other hand, some of the queens didn't hit the right note. Based on their performances, they may not be invited to the real DragCon. Team Hair fell to the bottom, with Blair St. Clair and The Vixen having to lip sync for their lives. In the end, Blair sashayed away. In addition to the Maxi Challenge, the queens took part in a blindfolded Mini Challenge, Monique had to create a runway look on the spot, and one queen opened up about a secret she's been hiding in her past. Related: RuPaul's Drag Race: 13 Favorite Moments From "The Bossy Rossy Show" Below, we picked out 13 moments from "DragCon Panel Extravaganza" that kept us entertained and taught us a lot about being a drag queen. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 airs Thursdays on VH1 at 8/7c. 13. The Notebook Getting your head in the game is all well and good to winning a competition. (Hey, even Zac Efron sang about it on High School Musical!) Blair St. Clair is taking her preparation to the another level with a notebook filled with stats, facts and past events of RuPaul's Drag Race to help her planning. As somone who is just as OCD and Type-A like her, this tactic was incredible to see. 12. Throw It Away Aquaria may be a look queen, but she can get down with the rest of them and have plenty of laughs along the way. When she mouthed "throw it away" at Monet's outfit, she was basically speaking for all of us. That outfit needed to go! 11. Kameron's Past Six weeks into the competition and we barely know anything about Kameron Michaels. She's one of the quietest queens still in RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10. However, when she discussed her past before the muscle makeover, we got a real look into her past and her attitude with dating. The photo and chat with Asia helped us to connect with her more than we have before. 10. Church Style For her runway look, Monet channeled her choir ways for an ensemble that was heavenly on the catwalk. The colours may have been everywhere, but the fitted design and stylish hat was so divine to see. 9. Glitter And Jesus Thrifty queens aren't new to the series; we've seen queens in the past work with little to push themselves forward, like Chi Chi DuVayne. Monique Heart shared her reality on coming to the competition with barely anything compared to ma..

iZombie Round Table: Will Isobel’s be the Key to the Brain Shortage?!

Isobel's zombie immunity is a game-changer. The final moments of iZombie Season 4 Episode 8 may drastically impact the rest of the season. We couldn't be happier about that. Unfortunately, there is trouble in paradise for one of the 'ships, and it may be time for them to call it quits. Also, the always lovable Major has become less so over the course of the season, and our roundtable is none too pleased about it. Join TV Fanatics Lizzy Buczak, Stacy Glanzman, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss that shocking cliffhanger and much more! Isobel is immune to the zombie scratch. What do you think that means, and how will it affect the remainder of the season? Lizzy: Well, it's an unexpected but intriguing development in the story. It not only affects Liv's smuggling operation but all the new and existing zombies in New Seattle. It means there's a chance Ravi will be able to develop some kind of cure or vaccine that can turn zombies back into humans. That would save Chase Graves plenty of headaches considering the impending brain shortage. Related: iZombie Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Chivalry is Dead This could also be a segway to another storyline -- the jacking up of prices on necessary medicine so that only the rich would be able to afford it. I can see Liv's operation flourishing as she creates new zombies and helps the underprivileged get their hands on vaccines. Stacy: I'm very intrigued by this development. One, I'm sad for her, because Liv wasn't able to save her. But, more than that, if they can figure out what makes her immune and replicate it, they could develop a vaccine. It would certainly help the zombie overpopulation problem by preventing the accidental turning of people into zombies, but there are still those out there like Isobel who want to be turned. They'll probably want to protect Isobel by keeping her a secret from Fillmore Graves, but I could see Liv bringing Ravi into the operation. Related: iZombie Promo: Bish Betta Have My Shmoney Jasmine: I also was intrigued by this development. If they can figure out what it is about Isobel that causes immunity, they can curve their zombie overpopulation issue and maybe find another way of making a cure for the masses. View Slideshow: iZombie Photos from "Chivalry is Dead" Does it strike you as odd that we haven't seen Ravi nor any Fillmore Graves scientists working on a cure, vaccination, or brain alternative? Lizzy: Yes! We only saw Ravi taking notes during his "time of the month," but why isn't he actively working to find a cure that works full-time? Given the brain shortage crisis looming over them, you'd think Chase would be a bit more pro-active. Stacy: Well, Ravi was working on one, hence his whole "time of the month" situation, but yeah it does seem odd we haven't seen it recently. It would make sense if Fillmore Graves had a whole department of people working on it, and for a..
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