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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Review: Fashion Takes The Crown

Nearly ten years have past to reach this moment. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Episode 14 marked the 10th crowning of America's Next Drag Superstar from the main series. And, 13th overall if you include the three winners from RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars. Aquaria walked away with the crown and scepter; ushering in the latest reign from a fashion queen. She stole the spotlight in one of the most volatile and emotional seasons yet. We were promised a season that would be "10s, 10s, 10s across the board!" But, did RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 deliver? Firstly, the new visual updates to the series were a welcomed improvement. Don't get me wrong, RuPaul's Drag Race was great before the changes and it didn't need any tinkering around. We were all fine with the brown walls in the Werk Room. However, the sparkly pink walls added more flair to the already energetic studio. The added touches were meant to make things bigger, better, and bolder. This was the 10th season after all; reaching this landmark was a celebration for all. Especially when we all had to witness the awful filter from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 1. Imagine if that effect was still around today? (It is so cringeworthy.) A nice stylistic change this season that was appreciated was the neon effect. Having the words and challenge designs utilize the colors kept the season consistent. The neon added a fun element to the already bold setting. When it came to RuPaul's music, the team did a good selection with their choices for the game elements. I'm not the biggest fan of "Snapshot." So, whenever the queens had to walk down the runway to the tune, it didn't elicit too much excitement. However, the song worked for what it needed to be. Still, the best selection still has to be "The Realness" for RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8. That tune worked perfectly for the runway, and it raised the excitement whenever the queens had fun with their outfits. In the case of post-elimination, the same can be said about "To The Moon!" All of the contestants had a blast dancing around and celebrating to this song. You couldn't help but want to dance with them. This tune was the perfect choice to lift up spirits after the elimination. The casting team deserves a raise after their work on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10. Every single queen chosen had a fire within them that made them stand out. While we can also thank the editors for shining the spotlight on the players, the contestants also brought it out within themselves. They opened up, and we learned a lot about them (in most cases). Arguably, there weren't many "filler queens" this year. (To define this term: These are the contestants who don't stand out or will be remembered compared to the more enigmatic queens. They typically get the early eliminations with little fanfare and fade from the spotlight.) Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of..

Impulse: Craig Arnold on Lucas Boone, Atonement & Season 2

We're at the end of Impulse Season 1 on YouTube Red, and the show couldn't have ended on a steeper cliffhanger! The fates of Henry and Lucas hang in the balance, so we're really hoping for a Season 2. So is Craig Arnold, who plays Lucas Boone. TV Fanatic had the pleasure of talking to Craig about the series and his role as Lucas. He had a lot of interesting things to say about the characters, the Impulse season, and the incredible actors he worked with on the series. Read on to see what he had to say! I enjoyed the series so much, once I was done binge-watching it, I was ready for Season 2! Thank you so much. Yeah, I enjoyed it as well. Making it and hoping for a Season 2. Speaking of the end of the first season, what do you think is going to happen to Lucas, since he decided to go to the Miller's house? I don't know. it could be anything. I mean, when I read it, I was surprised he went to Esther. Maybe to atone for what he'd done. They could do anything to him though. We just don't know. He's ready to pay for what he's done and atone for his sins. He feels guilty and he doesn't really know what else to do. It seems that Esther might be more brutal than her husband, so that's worrisome. She could do anything. Well, I'd have to say both of them are pretty brutal. We had Mr. Miller open fire in the shop, so he's brutal himself. Then Mrs. Miller started the fire at the Boone's while Clay was inside. So, yeah, anything could happen to Lucas because after what he's done, they can both be brutal and make him pay. Do you think the police officer has a clue Lucas is inside the Miller house since she saw the bible? Maybe! I think she has a clue that something's going on in there because it caught her off guard to see the bible in the house. She knew it shouldn't be in the house and why was it in the house. I don't think she knows what to do with that information yet, but she may know or figure it out. What she's going to do about it, though, we don't know. But she knows something and maybe she'll put the pieces together that Lucas is there. How do you think Lucas really feels about Clay? Being that Clay is the golden boy and Lucas is kind of the black sheep. I think he loves his brother and he wants to do everything he can to protect him. I mean, obviously, he wants to protect him. Especially in the beginning. Bill saw something in Clay and lives through him like he could do no wrong and it's always been that way, so I think Lucas is used to it being that way. He doesn't hold any resentment toward Clay. Like I said, he loves his brother. Since he found out what Clay did to Henry, though, he's seeing that maybe Clay isn't so good and that he should go off and do his own thing and find his own way. He's not like the other two and he's just seeing that and figuring out what that means..

Rise of the Machines: TV’s 29 Most Human Robots

In the real world, advancements in technology have us wondering if it will help humanity or lead to its downfall, Terminator-style. For several decades, TV storylines have examined both the fear and the excitement surrounding robots and A.I.It's often seeing the world through the eyes of these humanoid robots that has us questioning our actions and our existence. Related: Get HBO via Prime Video Channels for Addictive Dramas, Hilarious Comedies & Hit Movies! At times, the robots on TV have more humanity than actual humans, as we've seen recently in Westworld and Humans, and perhaps most notably on Battlestar Galactica. From the wilds of Westworld to the English countryside, the afterlife to outer space, here are some of television’s most human-like robots and artificial intelligence. 1. Maeve (Westworld) One of the most powerful hosts in Westworld, Maeve is not only self-aware, she can control the other hosts in the park. When presented with the opportunity to leave the park, she instead heads out in search of the daughter she had in an earlier narrative. 2. Number Six (Battlestar Galactica) Six is a humanoid Cylon and one of the "Significant Seven." There are numerous copies, each with a different personality, and the consciousness downloads into a new body upon death. The most notable copy is Caprica Six who seduced Gaius Baltar to help the Cylons take down the colonies. 3. Mia/Anita (Humans) Mia is one of David Elster's original sentient synths. When purchased by the Hawkins family, she is named Anita. Despite the fact that she'd been restored to factory settings, Mia keeps coming to the surface due to her unique code. 4. Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Data is the second officer and chief operations officer on the USS Enterprise. A self-aware android, he has an emotion chip that allows him to understand human behavior and increase his own humanity. 5. Dolores (Westworld) Dolores was the first host created by Argos and the oldest in Westworld. When she becomes aware that her life is a carefully curated lie, she chooses to no longer be a damsel in distress and rewrite her own story. 6. Anders (Battlestar Galactica) Samuel T. Anders was first introduced as a star Pyramid player and resistance fighter following the Cylon attack. Later on, it's revealed that he's actually one of the Final Five Cylons and has lived for more than 2000 years. View Slideshow

Watch Quantico Online: Deep Cover

Who was trying to double cross Alex? That was revealed on Quantico Season 3 Episode 8 when Alex started working with an American military contractor. Watch Quantico Season 3 Episode 8 Online However, a twist of fate meant that she had to weigh up her options and take appropriate action. With her working with someone she is not accustomed with, she had to keep her wits about her to ensure she was going to emerge from the mission with her life. Use the video above to watch Quantico online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 27 Phenomenal Female Spies and Secret Agents Get caught up on all the action right now.

Days of Our Lives Review: Flirting With Evil

Every time I start to like Gabi, she does something that is equal parts crazy and obnoxious. I was done with her after her repeated excuses for dumping JJ in favor of Chad and her constant blaming and shaming him after Lani raped him. Then she managed to get it together enough to save him from suicide and was a good, supportive friend throughout his ordeal. She seemed to be a decent person with decent morals who stood up for herself and for what was right. Unfortunately, recently Gabi became the victim of a ridiculous storyline involving her being falsely accused of crimes that any person with half a brain would realize she was not capable of committing and she got victimized over and over in a series of stupid plot twists. When Gabi finally emerged from this storyline, she decided she wanted revenge at all costs and is once again obsessed with breaking up Abby and Chad. And on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-25-18, she took another step towards total unlikeability, insisting that the only reason Abigail could have betrayed her was that she wanted revenge on her for sleeping with Chad two years ago and not because Abby suffers from a severe mental illness. Her arrogance and lack of empathy are astounding, and she's again become an obnoxious one-note character who only cares about stealing Chad for herself. Who thought that viewers actually wanted to see this? Every time Gabi has become Chad-focused, it's been a train wreck, and this is no exception. Gabi's insistence that Abigail must have been seeking vengeance, despite knowing that Abby was released from a mental hospital the same day Gabi was released from jail, was the height of arrogance. View Slideshow: 13 of TV's Most Successful (if Dreaded) Love Triangles Gabi has become selfish again, thinking that everyone obsesses over her and Chad just like she does. What a coincidence. You were in the mental hospital for exactly as long as I was in prison for the second murder I didn't commit. Gabi Permalink: What a coincidence. You were in the mental hospital for exactly as long as I was in prison... Added: June 29, 2018 To be fair, Gabi has a point about how quickly Abigail was deemed sane enough to come home. Dissociative Identity Disorder cannot be cured in a month, nor does integration involve the person magically remembering things they did while in an altered state of consciousness. This unrealistic, simple solution to Abby's problems is an insult to the field of mental health, as has been this entire DID storyline. That doesn't change the fact that in the context of this story, Abigail was not in control of herself and harmed Gabi because of severe mental illness, and Gabi's selfish presumption that it was personal lacks empathy. In addition, she twisted the knife about Abigail's rape, blaming and shaming her for it the same way she did to JJ after Lani raped him. There is no way this is the same woman w..

SIX Canceled on History After Two Seasons!

With four more episodes left to air, History has decided to cancel its gritty military drama SIX. Ratings have not been kind to the second season, but there were some big changes to the story of the ten-episode chapter in comparison to SIX Season 1. What hasn't changed is camaraderie between the characters on one of the few shows on television that currently features men supporting other men in a sea of programming that features women doing it all the time. SIX Season 2 began immediately after Rip was shot. The character was ultimately killed, leaving a hole in the cast left by Walton Goggins. The SEAL Team felt the pain of their former leader's loss and with Bear at the helm and the addition of CIA officer Gina Cline (Olivia Munn), began to scour Eastern Europe, infiltrating hostile territory and terrorist hotspots like Chechnya as they track the mastermind behind the jihadist network responsible for Rip's death. Related: SIX Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Indian Country The promise of the summary for the season was that the team's actions could spark World War III. Let's hope not because with the cancelation there will nobody left to save the day. Barry Sloane, the actor who plays Joe "Bear" Graves shared this on Twitter: What a ride! Sorry to say that @SIXonHISTORY will not be back for a season 3. To all our amazing fans THANK YOU. 💪🏻🐻👊🏻 Sloane has been an amazing advocate for his show, incredibly interactive with his fans on social media, and I know the cancelation struck him hard. Related: Explore Hundreds of Hours of Curated Historical Videos with History Vault via Prime Video Channels! Kyle Schmid who plays Alex Caulder also shared his thoughts on the cancelation: Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t thank you enough for all your love and support over the last two years. I truly believe we made some of the best television out there. To my cast mates, all my love and respect. ❤️ For those of you have been invested in the season-long arcs, please keep watching. They have been great. In addition to finding the madman behind the jihadist network using teens to do his dirty work on U.S. soil, Caulder (Kyle Schmid) has been fighting his demons and it's been a compelling ride. Related: SIX Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Masks His friends and daughter have tried to keep him from death's door more than once, and Schmid does tortured soul through the guise of a party boy all too well. Similarly, Bear has continued to battle his inner turmoil that drove away his wife, Lena, after the loss of their baby with the belief having another one would be the easiest way to fix their problems. Not to be outdone, Jackie's been going to great lengths to protect her family when fear takes control and she loses faith in Buddah. Six‘s series regulars also include Juan Pablo Raba, Edwin Hodge, Jaylen Moore, Brianne Davis and Nadine Velazquez as well as second season additions Eric Ladin and N..

Homecoming: Julia Roberts Thriller Gets Fall Launch, First Photos

Have you been wanting to watch Julia Roberts on a more regular basis? If so, then Amazon Prime will have you covered this fall when Homecoming launches on the streaming platform. The series is based on the popular podcast from Gimlet Media about a caseworker at a secret government facility who helps soldiers return to civilian life. But things change when she is hauled in for question years after leaving her career behind to become a waitress and live with her mother. It's undoubtedly a big career change ... especially when you consider the fact that Heidi moved back in with her mother. Did something happen on the job that made her question everything she thought she knew? Related: Amazon Orders Lord of the Rings TV Series! It's certainly a good hook and one that might push this series above some of the bigger shows in the streaming market. Bobby Cannavale, Sissy Spacek, Shea Whigham, Dermot Mulroney, Jeremy Allen White and Alex Karpovsky will all appear in the project, which landed a two-season order last July. Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail is on board to direct all ten episodes of the first season. If you're a fan of the USA thriller, then we're sure you're going to love Homecoming. Related: American Horror Story: Emma Roberts Returns! Amazon has been beefing up its scripted roster of late, and one of the most high-profile series the streaming giant is working on is the TV adaptation of Lord of the Rings. Jennifer Salke recently replaced former exec Roy Price at the streamer and has been making some big decisions as far as new content offerings go. The network even saved The Expanse after Syfy canceled it. Wouldn't it be great if it followed suit and saved Timeless? It's certainly an exciting time for Amazon, and it looks like there are a lot of first-class shows on the horizon. What are your thoughts on the Homecoming details? Hit the comments below. View Slideshow: 27 Wholesome Characters Who Deserve the World

The Walking Dead: Danai Gurira Nearly Missed Out on Michonne Role

Could you imagine The Walking Dead without Danai Gurira in the role of Michonne? Yeah, we think it's fair to say that most of the show's fanbase could not. Yet, with a few different decisions from Gurira, we may have had to entertain the possibility of someone else playing Michonne. "A year before, I had a TV job being offered to me that wasn't where my heart was," she said in a recent episode of PBS' Breaking Big series. "If I had taken it, I never would have been available to audition for Michonne." Related: The Walking Dead: Chander Riggs Reacts to Andrew Lincoln Exit While the actress did not go into specifics about the other role that, she did open up about what drew her to The Walking Dead in the first place. "What I loved about The Walking Dead was that it felt like a war zone," she said. "It felt like you could take out the zombies and replace it with a society that collapses. "When I watched it and read the graphic novel and started to research Michonne, she felt like one of the women I'd researched during my time creating Eclipsed and what I'd researched when I was looking at Liberia." "She felt like a woman of war," she continued on the TV show, comparing her character to the "women in Liberian war, [who] turn themselves into their own weapon, into their own army, and find a whole different kind of strength in themselves, as a result." Related: The Walking Dead: Which Original Star is Returning? Michonne debuted on the AMC hit back in 2012, and has appeared as a series regular since. Her recent storylines have involved her getting romantically involved with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The character is resourceful and is highly skilled when it comes to taking down the walkers. What do you think of all of this, The Walking Dead Fanatics? Hit the comments below. Remember you can watch The Walking Dead online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up on all the latest twists and turns now. The Walking Dead returns later this year. View Slideshow: The Walking Dead: Remembering Carl Grimes

15 Shows That Will Inspire You to Travel the World

On a recent trip to Mexico, a waiter at a Spanish restaurant started questioning me about my hometown of Chicago. From there, he began asking if I'd ever been to New York or Las Vegas and wanted to know what these cities were like because he'd "only seen them on TV." His statement struck me because, in an age where wanderlust is so real, it didn't occur to me that some people never had the opportunity to venture outside of their hometowns. Some people weren't as fortunate as I was to whip out a passport and go anywhere; some only saw the rest of the world through television shows. In fact, I've traveled to many cities -- DC, New Orleans, LA, to name a few -- simply because I'd fallen in love with how they were portrayed on my favorite show. I loved feeling like I was on set with my favorite characters or experiencing a taste of their lifestyle. So, I put together a list of shows that have given me the travel bug. Some are so popular and recognizable, they even have dedicated tours of their picturesque filming locations. Did you ever travel anywhere after finding inspiration from a TV show? Let us know in the comments! 1. Game of Thrones If you want to live like a Westerosi -- without the gory battles, of course -- listen up. Game of Thrones uses some of the most beautiful places in the world as their backdrop. The medieval look is very much alive in Europe. Sure, many scenes are shot inside, but those exterior shots are 100% real and can be found in places like Northern Ireland (Pyke), Iceland, Croatia and Malta (King's Landing, Dorne, or Slaver's Bay). Since so many fans travel to these locations for this very reason, you can easily find a map and plan out a whole "GOT-inspired" trip and possibly even recreate your favorite scenes. 2. Sex and the City New York City is synonymous with Sex and the City, but so many other shows use the city's bustling and lavish personality. Gossip Girl, Will & Grace, The Bold Type, and Broad City have all given us an idea of what the Big Apple, and surrounding neighborhoods like the Bronx and Brooklyn, are all about. Fans are so inspired, they often make pit stops in front of Carrie Bradshaw's house and take fashionable photos on the Met Gala steps just like Blair Waldorf. 3. Big Little Lies You've probably never even heard of Monterey, but after watching Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley sip on coffee at Old Fisherman's Wharf (in reality, it is an Italian and Seafood restaurant called Paluca Trattoria) and run at Lovers Point Beach, it's most likely on your list of "places to visit." In fact, you were probably already convinced by the scenery from the Bixby Creek Bridge in the opening credits. 4. Downton Abbey The period drama revolves around staff at Downtown Abbey in 20th century England. Though you can't travel back in time, you can visit the UK to check out the family's Georgian Country House..

Impulse Season 1 Review: An Outsider & Her Secret Power

YouTube Red has come out with a binge-worthy sci-fi series called Impulse. On its surface, Impulse appears to be about a loner kid, Henry, who bounces from town to town and doesn't quite fit in anywhere. The sci-fi comes in after an event leads Henry to discover her body has teleportation powers making her a target for sinister tests by a secret agency. Impulse is a character-driven, action-packed series that touches on real family issues and small-town issues while peppering in sci-fi twists. When you're done watching one episode, you'll be ready for the next, and the finale is especially thrilling. If you're looking for a robust and relatable story with real characters and exciting twists, Impulse on YouTube Red is where you need to be. For those of you who haven't watched Impulse Season 1 (and you should), this review contains spoilers! We'll delve into the life of Henry and her mom, the Boone family, and what happens when a small town encounters big problems. The characters on Impulse are incredible. They are so real and so relatable that it was easy to connect with all of them. Chances are you've been one of these people, know one of these people, or know a town just like Reston. This, coupled with the storyline, draws you in quickly. Impulse Season 1 introduces us to Henry, an outsider in yet another new town, a condition due to her mother's relationship hopping. Being dragged from place to place has had a significant impact on Henry and her relationship with her mother. As a result of the multiple moves, Henry's very comfortable inside her own skin. She's relied solely on herself for the majority of her life. She sits on the outskirts of society, but like any other teenage girl, there's a part of her who wants to fit in. When Henry and her mom, Cleo, move to small-town Reston, Henry is forced to adjust to her new surroundings and the new people she now has to live with, her mother's boyfriend Tom and his daughter, Jenna. In the beginning, Henry mainly keeps to herself, sneaking out at night to spraypaint her tag through the town. Clay: I'm gonna tell everyone. I'm gonna fucking tell everyone what you did to me. I'm gonna tell everyone what you are! Henry: Good luck with that. No one is going to believe you. The Boone name doesn't mean shit anymore. Permalink: Good luck with that. No one is going to believe you. The Boone name doesn't mean shit anymore. Added: June 27, 2018 She knows from experience that this place is just a temporary stop-over to the next, so she doesn't take the time to settle in. Henry's a strong person who isn't afraid to speak her mind to anyone, anywhere. When she sees a wrong, Henry does her best to make it right, and that's when she meets her first real friend in Reston, Townes. Being on the autistic spectrum, Townes is an outsider too, so when Henry witnesses him being abused ..
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