January 17, 2019

Rise of the Machines: TV’s 29 Most Human Robots

In the real world, advancements in technology have us wondering if it will help humanity or lead to its downfall, Terminator-style.

For several decades, TV storylines have examined both the fear and the excitement surrounding robots and A.I.It's often seeing the world through the eyes of these humanoid robots that has us questioning our actions and our existence.

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At times, the robots on TV have more humanity than actual humans, as we've seen recently in Westworld and Humans, and perhaps most notably on Battlestar Galactica.

From the wilds of Westworld to the English countryside, the afterlife to outer space, here are some of television’s most human-like robots and artificial intelligence.

1. Maeve (Westworld)

One of the most powerful hosts in Westworld, Maeve is not only self-aware, she can control the other hosts in the park. When presented with the opportunity to leave the park, she instead heads out in search of the daughter she had in an earlier narrative.

2. Number Six (Battlestar Galactica)

Six battlestar galactica Six is a humanoid Cylon and one of the "Significant Seven." There are numerous copies, each with a different personality, and the consciousness downloads into a new body upon death. The most notable copy is Caprica Six who seduced Gaius Baltar to help the Cylons take down the colonies.

3. Mia/Anita (Humans)

Mia humans Mia is one of David Elster's original sentient synths. When purchased by the Hawkins family, she is named Anita. Despite the fact that she'd been restored to factory settings, Mia keeps coming to the surface due to her unique code.

4. Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Data star trek the next generation Data is the second officer and chief operations officer on the USS Enterprise. A self-aware android, he has an emotion chip that allows him to understand human behavior and increase his own humanity.

5. Dolores (Westworld)

Dolores westworld Dolores was the first host created by Argos and the oldest in Westworld. When she becomes aware that her life is a carefully curated lie, she chooses to no longer be a damsel in distress and rewrite her own story.

6. Anders (Battlestar Galactica)

Anders battlestar galactica Samuel T. Anders was first introduced as a star Pyramid player and resistance fighter following the Cylon attack. Later on, it's revealed that he's actually one of the Final Five Cylons and has lived for more than 2000 years. View Slideshow

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