January 17, 2019

33 Shamefully Addictive Reality Shows We Can’t Stop Watching!

Reality shows are like bad habits. If anyone asks? We don't acknowledge we have them, or in this case, we don't watch them.

But somebody is watching them, otherwise, they wouldn't be so popular and still on the air.

There's something shameful about admitting that we watch reality shows from the tear jerkers to the trashy, and everything in-between. Unfortunately, some of them are too addictive for their (and our) own good.

Check out a list of shamefully addictive reality shows that we hate to admit we watch. If you dare, you can hit the comments with some of your addictive reality shows that didn't make the list. No judgment!

1. Big Brother

For 20 seasons, Julie Chen AKA Chenbot has thrown houseguests (who may or may not start seeming like replicas of one another) into a house together where there is 24-hour surveillance to compete for $500,000. What fans end up with are alliances, showmances, betrayal, backdooring, and all the controversy that comes with putting real people, however problematic, into a house together under constant surveillance and giving fans access to live feeds the majority of the time. It cultivated an entire community of die-hard fans spread across every social network on the web. It's complete and utter trash, and you'll swear you won't watch it again, but every summer, you'll park your ass right in front of the screen and watch all that salacious drama and messiness.

2. Catfish: The TV Show

Catfish the tv show Catfish has become a global sensation and pop culture juggernaut sparking a new term to accommodate the deceptive individuals in the dating scene during the information age. Nev (the hopeless romantic of the two) faces each new case with a bit of optimism, and Max (the cynic and king of the side-eye) quietly expresses his doubts while banding together to help out unsuspecting victims. It's a wild ride of deception and jaw-dropping moments. Every episode you wonder how gullible individuals are still getting catfished by individuals with two stock photos and a broken webcam, but you'll tune in for the inevitable drama that comes when catfish and victim meet with Nev and Max facilitating (or sh!t-stirring). It's not all drama; sometimes there are love stories and inspiring moments too.

3. Alone

Alone The History channel has its very own reality show that is too addictive for words. It's their own answer to a survivalist show that has individuals stranded in the wilderness with limited survival equipment. It's a self-documentation, and all the contestants are isolated from the rest of the world and one another with the exception of their mandatory medical check-ins, and they're competing for half a million dollars. The last person remaining without tapping out or being taken out for medical reasons wins! Dare you not to watch.

4. The Bachelor Franchise

The bachelor franchise The things a person will do for love (or the chance to be on television and perhaps be the next star in the next season). Hopeless romantics are drawn to the franchise for the cheesy, fairytale stuff and all the pretty people. There are some who are drawn to the franchise for the drama. No matter what, they are some of the most popular reality shows on the air. They're irresistible.


Antm For 23 seasons, Tyra Banks' hit model show has kept fans riveted with an inside look into the modeling industry. As the years have progressed, the potential models have diversified with seasons including men, transgender models, models over 30, and plus-sized models. The competition is always fierce, but in the end, we watch eagerly waiting to see who ends up on top with a modeling contract and the ultimate win.

6. Top Chef

Top chef Top Chef is another cooking reality competition show that has spanned across multiple seasons and spun off into multiple shows. It's also addictive AF. It's pretty cutthroat, pardon the pun, watching a group of contestants compete fearlessly in front of some of the best that the industry has to offer and get picked off one by one until there is only one winner. View Slideshow

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