January 17, 2019

Younger Season 5 Episode 8 Review: The Bubble

Oh my god.

How hot was that opening scene on Younger Season 5 Episode 8?

Unlike most fans, I didn't feel the sparks flying on Younger Season 5 Episode 7, but they made up for it big time.

Sutton Foster and Peter Hermann are magic on the screen together.

This series has always been very open about sex, but things just felt different with Charles; more intimate than they ever were with Josh.

And I have to say a big thank you to everyone for making that scene more male-focused. Often, sex scenes are so woman-heavy, but in this case, it was clear production we all wanted to ogle every angle of Charles' glorious body.

Okay, let me calm down.

Winter break left Liza on cloud nine and that happiness continued onward into the new year.

I haven't seen her smile that much ever!

So Into You  - Younger Season 5 Episode 8

Post-break Charles was still very infatuated and romantic, but he had grown a beard that just wasn't doing him any favors.

Generally, beards on men serve the same purpose as makeup for women, but Charles is naturally so handsome, he doesn't need anything to cover that face!

Okay, let me calm down again.

We've never seen Charles in a full-on relationship, pursuing someone he's very attracted to. Seeing this side of him — planning cute dates, laughing in admiration of how beautiful Liza is and kissing her hand — only made him even perfect in my eyes.

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No wonder Liza can't get him off of her mind.

Younger is so good at spicing things up and teasing not only us, but the characters, with all the lingering glances, the under the table foreplay, and longing touches.

Making out in the stairwell is a nice touch to show just how intense this "young love" feeling is for both of them. Though I'm surprised they are willing to risk it given so much is at stake.

Younger Season 5 Episode 7 began a new chapter; one that would change everything forever.

Even the music during the sex-scene was Camila Cabello's "Never Be the Same." How much more statement-y can you get?

FINALLY - Younger Season 5 Episode 8

And it did. Liza's biggest concern isn't her age anymore.

The one person she was most worried about was Charles, and he's accepted it.

Secrecy has always been a focal point for the show, so we've transitioned from Liza keeping mum about her age to Liza and Charles hiding their office romance.

You would think by now that she would have learned that lying gets you nowhere because a secret can always be held over you and used against you.

And Pauline knows that very well.

We knew she was going to return because last time we saw her, she had figured out that there was something romantic going on between Liza and Charles.

I figured she would want to sabotage the relationship out of jealousy, but I did not peg her to be such a vindictive woman incapable of accepting any blame for her actions or her current predicament.

We Have To Talk - Younger Season 5 Episode 8

Placing blame on the other woman is getting old because it takes two to tango! She made it seem like Liza put Charles under a spell or that he was blinded by her likable natural when in reality, it was a mutual decision with two consenting adults, regardless of Liza's age.

Technically, Pauline and Charles were still married, but Pauline left him and the kids. Did she expect him to wait around for her, or to welcome her home with open arms when it benefitted her? Girl, please. That's a new level of delusional.

If she hadn't let him go, he would never have had to look for love somewhere else.

She needs to grow up and live with the consequences of her actions. And maybe be happy that his company got her a best-seller and the potential for a sequel! She wouldn't have that opportunity had it not been for Liza!

Instead, she used the meeting with Reese's people as a vicious attack on Liza and to make her aware that she wanted "revenge."

Pauline: Kate discovers that her husband is secretly in love with someone else.
Kiara: Who?
Pauline: A two-faced, young assistant at his company.
Kiara: Oh my god.
Diana: Karl, with an assistant? He seems like he'd be attracted to a more accomplished woman. You know someone who is at least department head.

Yes, Liza lied to her when but she was only doing it to be professional. An editor needs to be friendly with their author, and Liza was the best person for the job because she understood the book on a personal level.

At no point did she do any of the things Pauline accused her of, including taking children away from their father. She should be ashamed of herself. Those kids probably love Liza more they love her, anyway.

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I'm also surprised that Diana didn't pick up on what was transpiring. Pauline was aggressive, Liza was defensive, and I believe Diana is way too sharp not to catch on to the bigger picture.

Pointing out that the other woman was a cheerful assistant was almost too obvious.

Though I assume Diana has an excuse — lack of coffee can make you a little less assertive.

Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls - Younger Season 5 Episode 8

Diana is hands down the most relatable person on this show. I'm surprised that in her food and drink detox she didn't add a "new year, new me" gym membership.

I'm not exactly a fan of Charles bowing down to Pauline's demands because that means he has something to hide.

Of course, there are implications to their relationship — HR's legal team told us that — and Pauline knows she can use it against them.

But can she prove it? Who would believe her?

And how can we be sure that she will keep her word and not tell anyone the truth? There is nothing trustworthy about her.

My guess is that Pauline will somehow figure out Liza's real age and her silence pact.

Kelsey: You know what they say, men who grow beards are hiding something.
Diana: Yes, generally crumbs.

Charles mentioned giving up the rights would be part of the divorce settlement, but what if she doesn't let him have a divorce. Courts always seem to rule in favor of a mother, and I don't think they'd want to drag this into court.

It would strain Liza and Charles' relationship and most importantly, expose her lie in the most public way.

Though the romantic in me couldn't stop smiling when Charles said he would do this for her because it shows how much he cares about her.

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I cannot wait to see everyone's reactions when they finally do find out about Charles and Liza being an item.

I genuinely believe Diana will resent Liza for lying to her because she thought that they were real friends but also for taking her man. Just because she has Enzo doesn't mean her outer-worldly crush on Charles is any less intense.

Seeing as Kelsey kept Liza's real secret, I think she should have let her in on what was going on with Charles. Aside from Maggie, Kelsey is her best friend.

So Much Tension  - Younger Season 5 Episode 8

At this point, I feel terrible for Kelsey because she's losing all of her clients and projects due to personal situations, some that aren't even of her own making.

Jake is almost as pathetic as Pauline. He's so incensed that Kelsey broke up with him because, in his mind, she's choosing Zane over him when in reality, Kelsey is choosing herself and his book.

She's doing him a favor so she can excel at her job and produce the best quality content for him.

Jealousy, as it turns out, is an ugly disease.

You screwed me, and then you screwed me over.


And to call her "green" to her boss when she took something that was initially dull and turned it into something marketable was very pathetic. You'd think someone with White House experience would be prepared for any situation.

Poor Charles is caught up in all of this but has no idea of anyone's true motivations.

Surprisingly, Zane shut down Charles' offer to pass Jake's book to Empirical because he realized that it would cut Kelsey out of something on which she's worked very hard.

It seems like he cares about her more than he's letting on because he isn't going to take a win to spite or sabotage her.

I wonder if he realized something went wrong between her and Jake and figured out the bigger plan.

An example of someone that doesn't let jealousy rule their life and make them a miserable person? Lauren.

Everyone needs to be more like Lauren.

She realized that Malkie still had feelings for Maggie and she stepped away.

It's a small community, sure, but why get in the way of real love, which it seems to be.

Buried Issues - Younger

Their relationship ended on Younger Season 3 Episode 7 because Maggie got all weirded out by Malkie's friends and their Jewish customs, but Malkie calls her out for being scared of something real.

And you know what, I'm glad someone finally did it!

Maggie is a free-spirit, but that free-spirited nature has made her comfortable being seeing and scared of commitment.

They both deserve to be happy. And hopefully, Lauren will find her Malkie soon enough.

As for Josh, I think his storyline is stark because it's going to be revealed that Claire is pregnant and everyone will be dealing with that "situation" next.

He'll probably turn to Liza since she's been through all of that, so she can serve as a mentor, which I could see putting a strain on her relationship with Charles.

Are you happy with the "bubble" Liza and Charles are in now? How long do you think before someone bursts their bubble?

Do you think Malkie and Maggie will last?

Be sure to watch Younger online and share all of your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!

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