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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 5 Review: El Juicio

Teresa Mendoza proved once again why she deserves to rule on Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 5, because there is nothing more badass than looking at your abductors and calmly telling them, "Let's get on with this." Now we know who Pecas was calling at the end of Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 4. It was Devon Finch. I hope it was clear to James that Pecas wasn’t calling in La Comisión because he’s the one who called Devon in the first place, but James certainly didn’t appear to be thinking about that when it was all over. James and Teresa having sex was inevitable. I had no doubt that it was going to happen eventually, but now it’s a question of whether or not it will continue, and if it will affect the business. I don’t know that the sex will change things when it comes to business. These two would already lay down their lives for one another. The biggest issue will be when Guero pops back into Teresa’s life. We all know it’s going to happen. As if Guero and James didn’t butt heads enough before, this will definitely ramp up the tension. That James had held back details of the story about his last job for Finch was expected, but he didn’t lie to pull one over on Teresa. He lied because he was ashamed that a little girl had died because of him. James: Her name was Suzie and she couldn't have been more than 6-years-old. I can't stop thinking about her. Teresa: You didn't mean for that to happen. You once told me there's not good or bad in this business. Right? James: I'm not sure I believe that anymore. Teresa: Because of that little girl? James: Her and you. Teresa: Listen, whatever you've done you don't need to hide from me. We're in this together. James: I don't deserve that. Teresa: Everyone deserves that. Permalink: Everyone deserves that. Added: July 19, 2018 For the first time, I believed James when he said he wanted to do things differently. When Teresa told Devon that he could have James, James didn’t even look shocked. I think it was what he was expecting once Teresa found out the truth, but I never doubted that she’d have James' back. Teresa: The cabinet behind me. James: With the guns? There's too many of them. We won't make it. Teresa: Then we don't make it. Permalink: Then we don't make it. Added: July 19, 2018 Teresa is the ultimate badass not because she can beat up her foes, but because she can outthink them. She’s a strategist who is always thinking several steps ahead, like the way she’s building her business large enough so that no one can touch her, but still taking flying lessons so she can escape if they come for her. Or being willing to fight her way out and possibly die by her partner’s side rather than surrender him to save her own skin. Related: Get True Crime Files by ID via Prime Video Channels for Over 1,000 Real-life Mystery & Suspense Shows! Much like King George, Teresa’s crew is loyal to her no..

American Woman Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Heat Wave

It might seem easiest to blame it on the heat, but the truth of the matter, things were a lot different only 43 years ago. There weren't any messages or warnings included with American Woman Season 1 Episode 6, but with the world as different as it is now, it almost feels as if there should have been. When the Paramount TV president gets fired on the night this particular episode of television airs for concerns raised about comments made by Amy Powell in a professional setting, which they believed were inconsistent with our company’s values, well, it makes any discussion about sensitive topics feel very prickly. But maybe watching this slice of life from 43 years ago will help. I have no doubt it will also hurt. What I mean is I hope it will help the conversation even though bringing it up at all will hurt because thankfully, we've come a long way. For people who never lived at a time when any of this was the course of daily behavior, it's hard to understand why some people had such a difficult time with integration. What a word. Integration. Related: American Woman Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Adam It isn't a word that should be used for human beings. That it is used for humans is monstrous. That's why the episode makes a lot of sense. Bonnie has been enjoying her retail job and getting to know Louise. She was shocked when dealing with a customer who dared say something so ignorant to her new friend. Customer: These people certainly take their time, don't they? Bonnie: Sorry, what did you say? Permalink: Sorry, what did you say? Added: July 19, 2018 But I don't think Bonnie even understood what she was doing when she invited Louise and her family over for a pool day on the weekend. When she did it, and Louise asked her if she was sure, Bonnie hesitated just a bit. Was she sure? Bonnie: Girls, we're having company tomorrow! Jessica: Who? Bonnie: My friend, Louise, and her family. Becca: Why? Are you trying to prove how cool you are by inviting your black friend over? Permalink: Why? Are you trying to prove how cool you are by inviting your black friend over? Added: July 19, 2018 It was Bonnie's eldest daughter who called her on it, and while I believe Bonnie's intent was other than what Becca suspected, I don't believe it was pure, either. Even though Bonnie is now suffering a bit, she still feels entitled and wanted to share some of that with Bonnie and her non-air conditioned family. There couldn't have been a worse crash course in combining untested friendships in the Hollywood Hills than the pool date on that one day. Everyone was out of sorts. Kathleen still doesn't know how to read people, and although Diana was suffering over what she discovered from Mr. Bishop about the promotion, Kathleen still thought it would be the nicest thing ever to include dear Peggy in their plans for the week. Peggy's purpose in life seems to be to push the butto..

Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Ghost Stories

Justice for Billy! (And Nathan... I guess.) Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 8 gave us the long-awaited retribution for the two big deaths by the oil rig explosion. Tandy and Tyrone finally gave up their ghosts, but the damage was done. While one can walk away happy; the other's reality is forever changed. But, even with the good news, the trouble keeps on coming. Having Tandy and Tyrone turn to each other on the anniversary of the explosion was a big step in their relationship. Cloak and Dagger Season 1 has kept a consistent theme of reinforcing the pair's connection. Their powers not only pull them together, but it's the harmony they feel because they relate to one another. They understand each other when everyone else doesn't. Even though Tyrone brushed Tandy off in the beginning when his own family didn't want to celebrate, he still found his way back to her during the beach tradition. He wanted to be there for her. And also importantly, he wanted to be there for himself. The lit lantern wasn't only for Nathan, but the light symbolized Billy as well. The pair had the perfect moment where (at the time) they could leave the past behind. We should've known better than to think the anniversary would become a happily-ever-after. Tyrone: I got a confession out of him. It was like music. It was real, and awful, and sweet. Tandy: I didn’t get a confession, but I did scare the s*** out of him. Blowing the whistle on these a******* and putting Roxxon out of business. The past eight years have sucked, but maybe we do have a future? Tyrone: Maybe we do. Permalink: The past eight years have sucked, but maybe we do have a future? Added: July 19, 2018 Between the two families, the Johnsons reacted to the anniversary the hardest. (In a world where Melissa could pull herself together and look composed, you know Tyrone's parents were probably hurting emotionally.) Even though Tyrone, Otis, and Adina were in the same room together, the distance was palpable. Emotionally speaking, none of them were even in the same house. The moment felt like they were strangers who didn't know how to react around one another. "Ghost Stories" showed us the hidden dark side of the Johnsons, and it's a storyline that we needed to see. In contrast to Melissa Bowen, who crumbled under the pressure of Nathan's death and resorted to drinking/drugs/affairs, both Adina and Otis came across as overprotected parents who had it together. In reality, they suffered emotionally and the fear of losing each other. That tension must've eaten away at them throughout the years. Tyrone: Why are you here? Tandy: What? No hug? Not even a handshake?! Tyrone: Come on. Adina: Tyrone, who’s this? Tyrone: Oh, this is, um... this is my friend... Tandy: Tandy. Hi! Adina: Well, why did you stop by today, Tandy? Tandy: Um, today, I guess. Yeah, my dad died the same night as Tyrone’s brother, so I thought I’d stop by to..

Z Nation Spinoff Starring Jaime King Gets Series Order at Netflix

Z Nation is getting a spinoff! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has placed an order for a new series set in the world of the popular zombie drama. The series will be titled Black Summer and will span eight episodes on the streaming platform. As you likely already know, Z Nation airs on Syfy in the U.S. However, Netflix holds the streaming rights to the series, and the numbers must have been decent to pull the trigger on a spinoff. It's certainly a different way of doing business. There's no telling whether Syfy wanted the series to air there first, before going to Netflix in a similar fashion to the way the business model for Z Nation works. Related: Insatiable Trailer: Debby Ryan is out for Revenge Hart of Dixie alumna, Jaime King will lead the cast of the series. She will play a mother who is separated from her daughter and is forced to go on a mission to find her. While she may be strong and resourceful, she also has to contend with one of the deadliest summers on record as she navigates the world by hiding from the vicious zombies who are looking to make humans their meal at every corner of the earth. The spinoff was created by Z Nation creator, Karl Schaefer, and John Hymans. The duo will also serve as co-showrunners on the series. The original series launched back in 2014 and has proven to have a loyal following at Syfy. The series launched with the characters three years into a zombie apocalypse. Z Nation Season 4 wrapped in December 2017 and the new season is slated to debut later this year. A premiere date and additional casting details are expected for the spinoff later this year. Related: Z Nation Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Mt. Weather What are your thoughts on the news, Z Nation Fanatics? Hit the comments below. Remember you can watch Z Nation online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up now. View Slideshow: Comic-Con 2018: The TV Lineup

Nightflyers Official Trailer: A Flight To Save Humanity But Who Will Save Them?

It's only the first official day of San Diego Comic Con but we already have some significant science fiction to tide us over for fall. In addition to Doctor Who and Origin, we can now add George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers to the list. These people are going to have to fight harder to stay alive than they've ever fought for anything. In 2093, in hopes of making contact with a mysterious alien life at the edge of our solar system, a group of maverick scientists and a powerful telepath embark on an expedition aboard The Nightflyer. Related: Origin Teaser: YouTube Red Premieres First Look at Comic Con! As they race towards first contact, terrifying and violent events begin to occur, causing the once tight-knit crew to mistrust each other. It's not long before their main mission becomes survival. This sounds very familiar to me and most like the fantastic but gone too soon series Defying Gravity that aired and was ridiculously overlooked in 2009. From the intent of the mission to the psychological issues the crew faced while in the sky, it was one of the most original and best-paced productions of that year. Related: Doctor Who Season 11 Official Teaser: This is Gonna Be Fun! A bit of it was mimicked on portions of Extant and then again on movies over the years. It will be interesting to see Martin's take on the same subject matter, and how it all comes together without moving too fast to burn through story but fast enough to keep viewers attention. Nightflyers is based on the novella by George R. R. Martin, who also serves as an executive producer on the project, and is produced by Universal Cable Productions and co-produced by Netflix. The series stars Eoin Macken (The Night Shift), Sam Strike (Timeless), Maya Eshet (Teen Wolf), Angus Sampson (Fargo), Jodie Turner-Smith (The Last Ship), Gretchen Mol (Boardwalk Empire), David Ajala (Falling Water), and Brían F. O’Byrne (Manhunt: Unabomber). Related: The Expanse: Saved by Amazon! And, seriously, could you ask for a better cast? They are all very strong players from their respective slices of the acting universe coming together to one series, and that's the most we can ask for with a project like this. Jeff Buhler wrote the adaptation for television and is the showrunner and executive producer. Brian Nelson, Mike Cahill and Andrew McCarthy serve as executive producers. Gene Klein, David Bartis and Doug Liman from Hypnotic; Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta of Gaeta Rosenzweig Films; and Lloyd Ivan Miller and Alice P. Neuhauser of Lloyd Ivan Miller Productions also serve as executive producers. Check out the trailer. Is this the next winner for Syfy, or are you still skittish about space adventures after The Expanse was canceled?

The Walking Dead: Yes, Andrew Lincoln Is Leaving!

The rumors are true, The Walking Dead Fanatics! Andrew Lincoln is officially leaving the hit zombie drama during Season 9! Comic book creator, Robert Kirkman took part in an interview with Kevin Smith on Thursday and was asked whether the rumors about Lincoln's looming exit were legit, and he gave the following answer: "It's looking that way," he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "It does make the differences between the comic and the show more pronounced," Kirkman continued, saying that Rick that is very much present in the comic books. "But at the end of the day, it's all about Andrew Lincoln. This is a human being. This is someone I have known for almost a decade, somebody that I love. He's been sweating in Georgia, away from his family, for so long." Related: The Walking Dead: Which Original Star is Returning? In all honesty, the news is unsurprising when you consider the fact that Collider ran a story in May which stated that Lincoln would be in half-a-dozen episodes of The Walking Dead Season 9 before bidding adieu to the series for good. There's no question about whether it will change the dynamic of the show. Rick has been an integral character since The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1, so it's going to be very different. The good thing about his exit is that we know Jon Bernthal is staging a comeback, so we're surely going to get some flashbacks of Rick and Shane before their friendship fell apart. Lincoln's departure comes mere months after Chandler Riggs exited as Carl Grimes. Fans freaked out about that big exit, so there's no telling how they're going to react to the loss of Rick. On top of that, Lauren Cohan will likely be parting ways with the show during the upcoming season. Her ABC show, Whiskey Cavalier, landed a series order for 2019 at ABC. While some of the key players are leaving, we do know that some new characters are making their entrance during Season 9. Per Comicbook.com, Wonder Woman scene-stealer Eleanor Matsuura has been cast as the comic book character, Yumiko. Related: The Walking Dead Shocker: Andrew Lincoln Poised to Depart Meanwhile, EW has confirmed that Fantastic Beasts star, Dan Fogler has joined the AMC thriller, but details of his role are being kept under wraps. View Slideshow: The 23 Most Irritating Characters of All Time Okay, The Walking Dead Fanatics! What are your thoughts on all of these changes coming to the series? Is it time to end it? Hit the comments below. Remember you can watch The Walking Dead online right here via TV Fanatic. The Walking Dead returns in October.

Impulse Renewed by YouTube for Season 2 in 2019!

Great news, Impulse fans! An announcement straight out of Comic-Con revealed YouTube wants to show you more of Doug Liman's Impulse series! The first hourlong series of its kind to come to YouTube Premium, Impulse follows Henry Coles, a rebellious teenager who has just discovered she has teleportation powers. The series ended on several cliffhangers, leaving the audience (and the cast) wondering what would happen if the story continued. TV Fanatic was able to talk with one of the stars of Impulse, Craig Arnold, who plays Lucas Boone in the series. He had his fingers crossed for a Season 2, and it looks like it worked! Way to go, Craig! In the finale of Impulse Season 1, Lucas was found in the house of the boy he murdered. Related: Impulse: Craig Arnold on Lucas Boone, Atonement & Season 2 When asked what he thinks will happen to Lucas in Season 2, Craig said, "He's ready to pay for what he's done and atone for his sins. He feels guilty and he doesn't really know what else to do." Now we'll get to find out Lucas's punishment, and see if he makes it out of that house alive. Parents can be brutal when it comes to their kids, so fingers crossed Lucas makes it. "This dramatic thriller has all of the right elements — with unexplained events and complex characters who drew us into their mysterious world right from the start," said YouTube head of original content Susanne Daniels. "We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Universal Cable Productions and the talented team at Hypnotic to create another intriguing season." Henry was also left on an edge, having just teleported with Bill Boone's severed arm in her bedroom, and an agency hunting her down for her powers. She'll be running from them this season, and she's going to need all the help she can get to stay away from them. Luckily, Henry has a whole new family and some friends who have her back. Related: Origin Teaser: YouTube Red Premieres First Look at Comic Con! She's also getting a little handle on this new found power of hers, so it will be interesting to see what she can do. One thing's for sure, Henry isn't one to back down from a fight, and if last season taught us anything, she's one tough chick. Impulse Season 1 was centered around Henry settling down and beginning to trust people around her. This season should be all about developing her powers and fighting the organization collecting teleporters, like Henry's father. Speaking of Henry's father, it wouldn't be surprising if we found out his fate. Maybe he's still alive. Wouldn't that be something? Related: Impulse Season 1 Review: An Outsider & Her Secret Power If you ask me, Townes will be instrumental in helping Henry harness her powers, and she'll use those powers to take down the agency. Maybe her role will be to free the teleporters held captive. There are so many ways next season coul..

Stargirl, Live-Action Series Ordered at DC Universe

DC Universe has yet to launch, but it has already added a sixth show to its superhero-fueled roster of programming. The latest of which is Stargirl and the news broke during a San Diego Comic-Con spotlight panel for Geoff Johns. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the series will span 13 episodes and follows high school student, Courtney Whitmore who rounds up an unlikely group of heroes to take down villains of the past. Whitmore first appeared on Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0. Johns is on board to write and executive producer the show, and yes, Greg Berlanti will also executive producer with his Berlanti Productions banner. We think it's fair to say that Berlanti is officially the busiest person in the industry. DC Universe already dropped a trailer for Titans earlier today at Comic-Con, and it got everyone talking. The reason? Related: Titans Trailer: Why Does Robin Hate Batman? Robin uttered the F-bomb when someone spoke about Batman. That's certainly a different way to take things! It was recently confirmed that DC Universe will launch later this year, and will give fans access to movies, TV shows, and comic-books. “DC Universe is so much more than a streaming service. It’s a welcoming place for everyone to immerse themselves in their own level of DC fandom, with the epic characters, stories and experiences they have come to expect from DC,” Jim Lee, chief creative officer of DC Entertainment, said in a statement at the time. “We are investing in and creating original, high-quality shows including the new Titans series, and curating the most beloved nostalgic content, while at the same time elevating the comic reading experience to new heights. Nothing this robust has ever been offered to fans before.” You can read the official loglines for the other five series below. Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise. Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness, get embroiled in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth. Joining them along the way are the hot-headed Starfire and loveable Beast Boy. Together they become a surrogate family and team of heroes. Doom Patrol is a reimagining of one of DC’s strangest group of outcasts: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman, and Crazy Jane. Led by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder, they’re called into action by the ultimate hero for the digital age, Cyborg. Banding together these rejects find themselves on a mission that will take them to the weirdest and most unexpected corners of the DC Universe. Related: Arrow Season 7 Synopsis Teases Major New Villain Swamp Thing follows Abby Arcane as she investigates what seems to be a deadly swamp-born virus in a small town in Louisiana but soon discovers that the swamp holds mystical and terrifying secrets. When unexplainable and chilling horrors emerge from the murky..

Origin Teaser: YouTube Red Premieres First Look at Comic Con!

In Origin, a chilling new original series from the producers of The Crown & Lost, we meet a group of troubled passengers as they wake up on a damaged spaceship abandoned in deep space. Each having left behind a dark past in search of a fresh start on a newly colonized planet, they’re desperate to survive at all costs. But as their terrifying situation spirals into paranoia, they come to realize that the greatest threat to their dream of starting over – and indeed their lives – might actually be within their midst… From Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television comes the highly anticipated YouTube Original series Origin, an all-new intergalactic space thriller starring Tom Felton (Harry Potter film franchise, The Flash) and Natalia Tena (Harry Potter film franchise, Game of Thrones). Related: Impulse Season 1 Review: An Outsider & Her Secret Power The teaser trailer was revealed today at a panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego attended by series creators and stars and moderated by BuzzFeed’s Marcus Jones. The 10-episode series, from director Paul W.S. Anderson and the producers of The Crown and Outlander, follows a group of outsiders who find themselves abandoned on a ship bound for a distant land. Now they must work together for survival, but quickly realize that one of them is far from who they claim to be. Related: Impulse: Craig Arnold on Lucas Boone, Atonement & Season 2 The cast features an international roster of talent including Sen Mitsuji, Nora Arnezeder, Fraser James, Philipp Christopher, Nina Wadia, Madalyn Horcher, Siobahn Cullen, Adelayo Adedayo and Wil Coban. Origin is created, written, and executive produced by Mika Watkins. The series is executive produced by Andy Harries, Suzanne Mackie, and Rob Bullock from Left Bank Pictures, alongside Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Jeff Pinkner, and Scott Rosenberg from Midnight Radio, and Paul W.S. Anderson. Related: Survivor Maryland: The Online Reality Show That NEEDS To Be Your Next Obsession Origin is a Left Bank / CiTVC co-production in association with Sony Pictures Television, International Production. If you've been behind the times, you need to get with the picture. YouTube Red has many series you want to watch including the continuation of the Karate Kid story, Cobra Kai, and the thriller, Impulse, that was just renewed for a second season. Comedy Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television with the titular star and Samira Wiley (Orange is the New Black and The Handmaid's Tale) is also a lot of fun. Don't rule out YouTube Red because you usually use it only for goofy videos. The production value alone on Origin looks special, catapulting Origin as a contender with the big guys when it comes to science fiction shows. Related: Ryan Hansen on Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, Landing Samira Wiley & More! It could turn out to be something really special. Do you think you might add this to your "what to watch for fall..

A Discovery of Witches Acquired by Sundance Now and Shudder

Sundance Now, AMC Networks’ direct-to-consumer SVOD service curated with high-quality dramas, comedies, and crime thrillers, and Shudder, the leading premium streaming service for thriller, suspense and horror, today announced at SDCC the joint acquisition of the Sky original production, A Discovery of Witches. The eight-episode drama is produced by Bad Wolf -- the creative team behind The Night Of, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Da Vinci’s Demons, and the forthcoming adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches stars Emmy® nominated actor Matthew Goode (The Crown, Downton Abbey), Teresa Palmer (Hacksaw Ridge), Alex Kingston (ER, Doctor Who), Valarie Pettiford (Being Mary Jane) and Owen Teale (Game of Thrones). The series will make its debut in the U.S. and Canada on a date to be confirmed, with all episodes available simultaneously on both Sundance Now and Shudder, marking the first partnership of this kind for the two SVOD services. SundanceTV has also acquired second window linear rights to the series. Filmed in the UK at Wolf Studios Wales and on location in Oxford, A Discovery of Witches is a contemporary love story that begins against the backdrop of Oxford academic life, in a world where small numbers of witches, vampires and daemons live and work, unseen amongst humans, hiding in plain sight. Teresa Palmer is the brilliant historian Diana Bishop, a reluctant witch denying her heritage. Related: 21 Wickedly Awesome TV Witches The discovery of a bewitched manuscript in Oxford’s Bodleian Library throws her into the heart of a dangerous mystery – and into the path of the enigmatic vampire and geneticist, Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode), who hides a dark family secret. As Diana and Matthew embark on a journey to understand the secrets of the ancient manuscript, their relationship develops, and events threaten to unravel the fragile peace that has long existed between witches, vampires, daemons, and humans. Alex Kingston plays Sarah Bishop – Diana’s aunt, Valarie Pettiford plays her partner Emily Mather, and Owen Teale plays Peter Knox, a member of the Congregation. “This captivating story is filled with intrigue, romance, and magic and set in spectacular locations that underscore those very qualities,” said Jan Diedrichsen, General Manager, Sundance Now. “We are thrilled to see Deborah Harkness’ books brought to life in such an inspired way with such a charismatic cast and talented crew. The result is binge-worthy television at its best, and we know that A Discovery of Witches will appeal to both the premium drama fans at Sundance Now and the genre fans at Shudder.” “A Discovery of Witches is a big, bold series with witches, vampires, and daemons caught up in an all-too-human drama that’s enthralling from the opening minute. "It’s unlike anything else on TV, and we’re excited to bring it to Shudder members as part of th..
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