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Power Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Everyone is Implicated

For as many things change on this show, from relationship dynamics to power dynamics, to family dynamics just to name a few, there is one thing that always seems to remain consistent. These people all make terrible decisions on a daily basis. And Power Season 5 Episode 1 was filled with moment after moment that truly made you go, huh? It’s a wonder that any of these people are alive, as they continuously make impulsive decisions based off raw, in the moment emotions. And coming off the biggest tragedy they’ve ever had to face; any logic has been completely abandoned. When last we left, Raina was dead, Tariq was responsible for her killer's death, and Ghost and his family were reeling and also dead set on finding someone to blame. Instead of jumping ahead and letting us see where things stand a few weeks or months into the future, we pick things up exactly where we left them. Angela is snooping around the crime scene, and Tasha is devising ways to keeps her family safe. Related: Power Season 4 Episode 9 - That Ain't Me Other than Tariq, who we will get to later, Angela is the queen bee of terrible decision making. By helping Tasha, Angela is now implicated in everything. And little does she know her peers are looking to ruin her career and her life. Angela has been extremely bad at her job since we met her and after numerous close calls, I think the other shoe may finally drop on her. This Internal Affairs lady isn’t going to go away quietly, and Saxe is making it his life’s mission to see her fired, disbarred and who knows what else. Angela- I'm going to have to turn you all in now, Tasha. And I'm going to have to testify against you and Jamie. Tasha- Tariq shot him. With my gun. Permalink: Angela- I'm going to have to turn you all in now, Tasha. And I'm going to have to testify... Added: June 24, 2018 There were obvious risks to helping Tasha in, but now these two are linked together for the time being whether they like it or not because this is their new reality. Angela will forever feel guilty about her relationship with Ghost and the impact it had on Tasha and her family. And it’s the exact reason why Tasha knew Angela would help her. The fact that this is a big secret will eventually come to a head, because Ghost will put two and two together and who knows what his reaction will be. But at this point, does either woman even care? With Raina’s death and exacting revenge at the forefront of his mind, I doubt Ghost is thinking much about love. But I have to imagine with all the pain and guilt he’s feeling, he’s eventually going to hit his breaking point. Will he start drinking again? Will he get back into the drug business as a means of distracting himself? And most importantly, will he allow himself to grieve and fully process his daughter's death? Related: Power Season 4 Episode 10 - You Can't Fix This When that day comes that he finally does crack, he’s going to ..

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who’s More Stupid?

Sonny confronted Leo without his lawyer, Gabi turned evil, and Theresa and Brady’s custody battle began on Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-25-18. Our TV Fanatic Jack Ori is joined by Kpatch and Tony from My Hourglass: A Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate who’s the stupider person in the Sonny/Leo mess, what dirt we’d like to see Ted dig up on Brady, and more. Who do you think is acting more stupidly: Sonny or Leo? Kpatch: Honestly, it’s a toss-up. Sonny should not be meeting with Leo without his lawyer present. He’s a lawyer’s son. He should know better. Leo is merely desperate. Tony: They're both acting stupidly, but I think Sonny a little bit more so. You shouldn't meet somebody who's suing you without your lawyer present. Jack: I agree -- they’re both acting like idiots. Sonny seems incredibly naive and clueless to me. He risked further implicating himself TWICE, let Leo frisk him in what looked like a sexual manner, and continued to think he could just talk Leo out of this lawsuit. Sheesh! What dirt would you want Ted to dig up on Brady if you were writing this story? His drunkenness while he had sole custody of Tate, his blackmail of Nicole, or something else? Kpatch: Something else. I think Theresa could use Brady’s relationship with Eve against him if her lawyer tells the judge that Eve drugged JJ and later seduced him when he was 18 or 19. The judge would not want to place a child in the same household with her. Tony: Everything. I really wouldn't be bothered if Ted dug up every dark thing he ever did. Jack: Oooh I love your idea Kpatch! Eve never answered at all for having been behind JJ being drugged, and if Theresa’s past is fair game, so is Brady’s. I also think the fact that he’s been with two different women in the two years since Theresa left, stalked Nicole and Eric when he should have been attending to Tate, and has been drunk more often than not while Tate’s sole custodian should be sufficient grounds for him to lose custody. Do you like Gabi being cold and calculating, or do you prefer her as a good girl? Kpatch: I prefer Gabi as a good girl. I don’t like it when characters’ personalities are switched just for the sake of the plot. Tony: I think she should be good, but with an edge, like she used to be. Right now, she's reminding me too much of the way she was when she caused the explosion that led to Jack's death. Jack: I agree with all of the above. Gabi has turned evil/crazy in the past, but she seemed to have grown past that and I don’t like when characters regress to poor behavior. I can’t believe this is the same woman who talked JJ out of suicide! And what is she doing telling Abby to keep the baby’s paternity secret when she was strongly against Lani doing that to JJ? Related: Get Shudder Via Prime Video Channels for Spine-Tingling & Provocative Films, TV Series, & Originals! Did you agree with Hope that she should continue searching for Ciar..
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