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Designated Survivor: Revived for Season 3?

Despite being canceled in May, it looks like Designated Survivor has been revived. According to a recent report from Production Weekly, a third season is scheduled to enter production in Toronto. Production Weekly has long been a reliable publication that rounds up the production dates of TV shows, so we're inclined to believe the show is definitely returning. What's more, it is going under the working title of "The White House Project." There are no cast members assigned to the project, but we think it's fair to assume much of the cast will return wherever the third season winds up. It's likely that the show is not returning to ABC, with Netflix being the most likely candidate to air a revival. Deadline reported in May that series producer eOne was shopping the series around and that negotiation were underway with Netflix. The main hurdle was that Hulu had the domestic rights to the series, while Netflix carried the series as a Netflix Original in territories other than the U.S. Related: Designated Survivor Canceled at ABC! ABC president Channing Dungey opened up about the cancellation ahead of the network's Upfronts Presentation in May. “That was a hard one for us,” she admitted after being asked about it. “It did well in delayed viewing but its Live+Same Day delivery in the 10 PM hour had become challenging,” she continued. “Creatively, the show had a lot of behind-the-scenes churn in terms of the number of showrunners,” Dungey said. “We were less confident about the creative path forward than the other shows we brought back.” Through two seasons, the show had four showrunners. That coupled with the lower ratings made it too much of a risk for ABC to continue with. Designated Survivor Season 2 slid 45 percent in the demo vs. Designated Survivor Season 1. The show was expected to be renewed based on the Netflix deal because that helps with the financial side of things. What do you think? Would you watch the series if a revival was made official? Hit the comments. Remember you can watch Designated Survivor online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: Fall 2018 Premiere Dates: Set Your DVR!

19 Scientific Sweethearts Who Live for the Lab!

Some TV characters like to go out and get into the action, and some like to hide away in their labs behind the scenes. Both roles are important and play their part in a successful storyline. These brainiacs work their magic in science labs, crime labs, or computer labs, and in those labs is where they truly shine. Related: Get CBS All Access via Prime Video Channels for Hit Shows, Exclusive Originals & Live TV! Sometimes they leave their labs when necessary to help the go-getters, but they would much rather be in the safety of their labs, surrounded by the equipment that makes them feel secure and useful. Here are 19 nerds who love their life in their lab, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Read on to find out if your favorite lab rat made a list! 1. Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds If she had her way, Garcia would spend all her time behind a computer screen, surrounded by her colorful and fuzzy knickknacks. Even though she leaves her computer lab when her BAU team needs her, she's most helpful working her tech magic to catch the bad guys. 2. Melinda Warner - Law & Order: SVU Although Melinda does some time in the field, the medical examiner's office is her jam. She takes great pride in her spotless record. When Benson put that record at risk, she let her have it. Don't mess with Warner. 3. Temperance Brennan - Bones Brennan runs around to solve crimes with Booth, it's true, but in her lab is where she loves to be. The bones speak to her. Every mark tells her the story of their lives, and she understands their language. It's kind of magical to watch. 4. Walter Bishop - Fringe With every discovery in his lab, Walter's face lights up like a kid's on Christmas morning. His innocence might drive Peter crazy, and he might seem crazy himself, but get him in his lab, and he does amazing things. He just might have to do some LSD or some mushrooms to get his juices flowing. 5. Abby Sciuto - NCIS Quirky Abby also does her best work in an altered state of mind. Bring her a Caf-Pow, and she'll give you the answers you're looking for. She gets so excited to share what she's figured out; she whizzes around the room, pigtails a-flyin' to help Gibbs & company solve their NCIS crime. 6. Amy Farrah Fowler - The Big Bang Theory Amy is a neurobiologist and Ph.D., so naturally, she loves her time in the lab. She also a perfect match for Sheldon, which is the reason why Raj and Howard set the two up. Don't they look cute in the lab together? View Slideshow

Jack Ryan Review: John Krasinski and Action in Short Supply

Suleiman is not the name of the show I’m reviewing, but unfortunately, it would have been more apt based on the six episodes of Jack Ryan available for press prior the new Amazon series dropping on Friday, August 31. John Krasinski, still best known for his role on The Office yet fast becoming a movie star in his own right, plays the titular Jack Ryan with the requisite finesse. But the story never quite catches fire for the former Marine turned CIA analyst getting his feet wet again on the ground as far more time is spent on the nuances and particulars of bad guy Mousa Bin Suleiman (Ali Suliman). The first scene of the series features not what established the life of Ryan, but what drove Suleiman to become the hunted man Ryan finds -- think the next Osama Bin Laden. Suleiman has a family and motivation from childhood forward for all of his actions. As he is of the Muslim faith, plenty of care is taken to ensure he isn’t a one-dimensional villain. There are countermeasures taken elsewhere in the series, too, to so that his religion isn’t painted in a dark light. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video He's a great character, and there are times it feels as if I'm watching a spinoff of FX's Tyrant, and Barry had another messed up brother out there we never knew about and it just so happens that Jack Ryan is on his tail. That should tell you how much time is spent grounding the Suleiman family. At the same time, there is a character on the periphery, an American serviceman who operates drones and has a conscience he can’t control, who balances the good guys by reminding the audience America aren’t the good guys. That message, though, wasn’t needed, as it takes so long for Ryan and his new boss to get into the swing of being heroic (and that’s who we’ve known Ryan to be through five feature films) that the countermeasures seem excessive. Related: Forever: First Look at Amazon's Upcoming Fred Armison and Maya Rudolph Comedy Ryan, who was severely injured in his life as a marine, seems perfectly suited to his desk job as an analyst, other than the fact he’s ridiculously fit and could run rings around others if given the opportunity both physically and mentally. When his new boss, James Greer, played by the ever-captivating Wendell Pierce, finds the talent hidden in Ryan, he escalates his desk job to fieldwork despite Ryan’s protests. Not nearly enough time is spent bolstering the relationship between Ryan and Greer, but it’s when they finally find themselves spending more of it together that the show lights up. The action increases, the dialogue improves, and Krasinski gets to embody the Jack Ryan we intend for him to be as the show moves forward. Suliman is more than capable as the cracked Suleiman whose love for his family and his religion, among other things, turns him into an angry and vengeful soul. He’s too capable, which is why so much focu..

15 Things We’re Hoping to See on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

With the re-emergence of the pumpkin spice latte, there's no denying that fall is on the horizon. By now, you're probably well aware of Netflix's latest addition, the one that's supposed to feed your October Stranger Things void, or as I like to call it, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Though it was originally dubbed a Riverdale spin-off and Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot, the series has taken on such a new identity, it can't even be compared to either anymore. Related: Ozark Season 2 Review: The Women Take Control Given it's darker nature, we know we shouldn't expect the cheerful and family-friendly tone we've come to love from the original, but that isn't stopping old fans from hoping creator Roberto Aguierre-Sacasa weaves in some elements that made the 1996 version such a cult hit. Yes, we're obviously referring to Salem. Here's what we hope to see when the first season premieres on October 26th. 1. Give Us Strong Female Role Models Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda, previously played by Beth Broderick and Caroline Rhea, were the backbone of the show and Sabrina's moral compass. While they may no longer be the kooky and punny homebody aunts -- they've been replaced by actresses Miranda Otto and Lucy Davis, the older sisters of Sabrina's father Edward who also pledged their soul's to Satan -- we hope that the "girl power" aspect of the relationship remains intact. Every newbie witch needs leading ladies who will have her best interest's at heart, even if they bow down to the devil in their free time. 2. Harvey Kinkle Needs to Be Woke There wasn't a 90s girl who didn't ship (before shipping was even a thing) Harvey and Sabrina. But the puppy-faced, mortal loverboy was so clueless when it came to his girlfriend's magical abilities. Netflix's version will have none of that! Ross Lynch, the man that brilliantly brought to life serial killer Jeffery Dahmer in "My Friend Dahmer, has been cast as Sabrina's love interest. In addition to his darker 'do, Harvey also has a dark side that will assist Sabrina in combating the evil forces that threaten the mortal realm. Talk about #couplegoals. 3. Some Dark Comedic Relief Part of what made the original so enjoyable is that it never really took itself too seriously. Storylines didn't make sense, characters came then dissapeared, and boys turned into frogs. And we loved every minute of it. The Netflix version will be rooted in horror, but I hope they don't do away puns, dark humor and a Cheryl Blossom level of sarcasm. I always respect a show that's equal parts spooky and humorous. 4. Crossover Opportunities Some may be surprised to find out that Sabrina will exist in the same universe as Archie. Geographically speaking, Sabrina lives in Greendale, the town adjacent to Riverdale, separated only by Sweetwater River. After Netflix poached Sabrina from The CW, Aguierre-Sacas..

Legacies Photos: Meet the Cast of The Originals Spinoff!

Legacies is the third series set in The Vampire Diaries universe. It takes place at the magical boarding school set up at the close of The Vampire Diaries' Finale, and will focus on Klaus Mikaelson's daughter, Hope as she navigates a new world in Mystic Falls. Have a look at the full cast below, and join us in the comments below with whether you will be giving the series a shot. Legacies debuts October 25 on The CW. 1. Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman - Legacies Matt Davis is back to lead the cast of the third series in The Vampire Diaries universe. Once again, he will be playing Alaric Saltzman. 2. Matt Davis as Alaric - Legacies While the first look at the returning character was very dark, this one is a much brighter look at him. 3. Legacies Season 1 Cast Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman, Quincy Fouse as Milton Gladstone (aka “MG”), Peyton Alex Smith as Rafael, Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson, Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman, Jenny Boyd as Lizzie Saltzman and Aria Shahghasemi as Landon Kirby. 4. Alaric and His Daughters - Legacies Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman, Jenny Boyd as Lizzie Saltzman and Kaylee Bryant as Josie Saltzman. 5. Alaric and Hope - Legacies Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman and Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson. Will Alaric be the father figure Hope needs in her life following her own father's sacrifice? 6. The New Love Triangle? - Legacies Peyton Alex Smith as Rafael, Danielle Rose Russell as Hope Mikaelson and Aria Shahghasemi as Landon Kirby. View Slideshow

Take Two Q&A: Aliyah O’Brien Talks Playing A Strong Women, Being An Advocate and What Is Next!

Actress Aliyah O'Brien stars alongside Rachel Bilson and Eddie Cibrian in the ABC summer hit show Take Two, which is turning out to be the guilty pleasure show of the year. O’Brien is not only an incredibly talented actress, but she is also a very spiritual person who is passionate about advocating for all women. O’Brien recently sat down with TV Fanatic to discuss Take Two, her magical first acting job and why she is living her dream. TV Fanatic: You're having a busy day! Aliyah O'Brien: Yes, honestly it has been crazy! I had back-to-back appointments as I try to return emails. Usually, my life is not quite this chaotic, but I decided to cram it fully today. But it is all good! TVF: It is nice to meet you. I'm a big fan of the show and you. I have been a fan since your work since you were on Rookie Blue, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to talk to you. AO: Thank you. TVF: Let's dive right in then. Can you tell me a little bit about how you got into acting? AO: I liked acting in high school. I did musical theater even though I can't sing to save my life. After high school, I veered away from acting and ended up in the personal training fitness world. Then my friend Dave said to me, “do you want to go to acting class for fun” and I went “yeah.” So we did this acting class that was in a church hall, and our teacher was awesome. She gave us good juicy scenes to work with and something just kind of came to life in me that I didn't know was possible. I guess you could say I became a little bit addicted. I wanted more and more of acting, so I sought out more and more classes. Also, it didn't help that we had these final performances in our class and our teacher's friend from Toronto, who was a director, came to watch our final performances that by the way, I invited no one to it because I was too embarrassed. She came up to me after and told me I should consider doing acting as a profession. At first, I was like no, but in the back of my head, I was like really I could do this as a profession oh my god so fun. Then I started taking classes part-time on the side and very quickly felt it was something that I needed to pursue so that I didn’t regret not doing it. I was living in Victoria at the time but decided to move myself to the big city and go to acting school to see what would happen. The rest is history. I haven't looked back. Sometimes people say to me do you have a backup plan or what's your backup plan? I always answer there is and never was a backup plan. It's just full steam ahead until I hit a brick wall that I can't crash down and I haven’t hit the wall yet. TVF: You have had a fantastic career and landed some great roles. How did you begin booking some of your first jobs after acting school? AO: It is an interesting process becoming a working actor because we to have our everyday Joe jobs, I bartended three or four days a week for seve..

Watch The Sinner Online: Season 2 Episode 5

Who was the new suspect? That was revealed on The Sinner Season 2 Episode 5 when Ambrose learned some more shocking facts about how the parents of the kid in the frame were killed. Watch The Sinner Season 2 Episode 5 Online Meanwhile, a rift developed between him and Heather because they were both on different sides of the tracks. However, they resolved to try and crack the case before taking their relationship to another level. Did someone else try to take one of them down? Use the video above to watch The Sinner online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 37 Times Siblings Made Things More Interesting Get caught up on all the fun right now.

Watch The Real Housewives of New York City Online: Reunion Part 2

Did Dorinda have a drinking problem? That was the big question on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 Episode 21 when the ladies put her on blast for her antics throughout the course of the season. Watch The Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 Episode 21 Online Meanwhile, Tinsley revealed shocking details about her relationship with Scott, and whether they were still together. Also, Bethenny and Carole went to war one final time as they hurled insults at each other about the way they acted towards each other. But did they find a way to put the past aside and close the book on their feud? Use the video above to watch The Real Housewives of New York City online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 33 Shamefully Addictive Reality Shows We Can't Stop Watching! Get caught up now.

Watch Suits Online: Season 8 Episode 7

Did Donna go too far? That was revealed on Suits Season 8 Episode 7 when Harvey learned about the deal she made with David behind his back and questioned her true motives at the firm. Watch Suits Season 8 Episode 7 Online Meanwhile, Alex helped Wendell with a case that was close to his heart, and the pair grew closer. Was it all a ruse for Alex to get his name on the wall? Also, Louis and Sheila learned they were expecting a child, but struggled to agree on anything. Use the video above to watch Suits online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 35 Worthy Contenders if Emmy Recognition was Fair! Get caught up on all the action right now.

Suits Season 8 Episode 7 Review: Sour Grapes

If you've followed Suits since the beginning, then you know one thing is certain: Nothing for Louis ever goes the right way. On Suits Season 8 Episode 7, Louis was happy to learn that he and Sheila were expecting a child, and while the lawyer got a bit ahead of himself, it was typical of Louis to act the way he did. Having Louis and Sheila together again was surprising in the first place, especially when you consider that it's one step forward, and two back with Louis. There was no emotional weight behind the pregnancy reveal so early into "Sour Grapes." It seemed like the type of news Sheila would want to share with her man over a nice dinner. Then again, the pair has been battling the odds to conceive a child. I can get on board with her being so excited that she absolutely had to call him at work to let him know. Related: Suits Season 8 Episode 6 Review: Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter It was predictable for Sheila to have her period, rendering the pregnancy null because this is Suits and Louis can never have something good for very long. Sheila: Louis, we hit the jackpot. Louis: You mean publisher's clearing house? Sheila: I mean we don't need the sex phone anymore. Louis: Oh, my god. Sheila: You hit the bullseye. Permalink: You hit the bullseye. Added: August 29, 2018 The faux pregnancy served a bigger purpose: To help this couple chat about their myriad differences before they definitively have a bun in the oven. Coming from different religious backgrounds was likely going to present some issues when it came to parenting. Anyone who wants a kid has dreams about how they're going to raise them. That goes without saying, but it's bizarre that Louis initially failed to take Sheila's feelings into consideration about whether their child would be raised as Jewish or Catholic. Louis going ahead and assuming that he would be taking the wheel rubbed me the wrong way because Sheila was so on board with raising their child without religion. That was a sacrifice Sheila made to keep unity in their marriage, and because she felt that was the fairest way to do things. It is not something over which you just flip a coin and choose heads or tails. Turning to Esther was shocking because I had no idea Amy Acker was stopping by for an encore. If you watch Suits online, you know that Louis has battled to live a fulfilled life ever since the show kicked off. He's always worried that he's not worthy of happiness. Upon learning that Sheila was expecting, he wanted to shout it from the rooftops and was likely counting down the moments until he could come clean to his parents. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! He wanted to be like, "Look, I can do things, you guys," and get their seal of approval. The religion debate put a dampener on that because if they're as serious as Est..
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