January 21, 2019

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Younger Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Lizability

There is no going back now! They always say the truth will set you free, but that doesn't seem to be the case on Younger Season 5 Episode 12. At least not for Charles and Liza. The truth kind of backfired for both of them both personally and professionally, and it's become evident that this couple isn't going to enjoy a drama-free relationship. What a shame. There was a lot to soak in during the "extended" season finale. Not even the Cacao Mother could have predicted what was going to happen. How am I going to wait until sometime in 2019 to get answers? If you think about it, there was no good way out of this layered mess. From the jump, everything about Charles and Liza's relationship has been complicated and now, as she tries to untangle her web of lies, there are inevitable casualties. Related: Get Starz via Prime Video Channels for Captivating Original Series & Hit Movies! Some secrets and lies could be spun in a positive PR light, but others could ruin the company. Interestingly enough, Quinn didn't so much find a problem with Liza lying about her age (it's covered under the "ageism umbrella") as she did with the in-office romance between an office exec and his younger assistant. Apparently, not even the word "consensual" holds any weight in our climate. And while I’m a staunch supporter of Charles and Liza, I’m glad Younger didn't let them off the hook. They knew the risks, they knew the optics weren't in their favor, they heard HR's take on it, and they still decided to give into temptation. Someone was going to have to answer for it. Unfortunately, when Liza rejected Cheryl’s Chick(y) offer, she wasn’t aware that she also knew about their rendezvous. Liza knew she would retaliate, but assumed Cheryl would only reveal her real age which, at that point, Quinn said she had "handled." She had absolutely no idea that her decision was about to taint Charles' reputation and cost him everything. I was pleasantly surprised that Liza was so transparent with Quinn about her lie. It was freeing that she just owned up to her truth with someone who encouraged her to celebrate it and didn't try to manipulate her with it like Cheryl did. Cheryl really is a piece of work. She wanted to buy Liza's loyalty by offering her a pretty payday, her own office and imprint, which in actuality, would benefit Plaza more than Liza. Related: Get Hallmark Movies Now via Prime Video Channels for Stories with Heart, Captivating Movies & More! Yes, on the plus side she would be able to date Charles, but at the price of her freedom, integrity, and sanity. Trading in a supportive workplace to work for a woman who is clearly off her rocker is not a good move. Did you see how she reacted to being rejected? She's more unstable than we thought. Also, Chick(y) is a terrible name -- can someone please let her know? With Liza deciding to stay at Empirical,..

American Horror Story: Wait… Does Madison Destroy the Murder House?!

Emma Roberts looks set to be raising hell as Madison Montgomery on American Horror Story: Apocalypse. The actress shared the following image on Instagram on Tuesday. "I bring you Madison Montgomery on #ahs8 🖤 Does the bitch survive the #apocalypse ? @mrrpmurphy 📸 @onlycatsandfood," Roberts captioned the image. Now, you may be thinking this image is all about bringing the character back from American Horror Story: Coven, but it actually takes place where the patio was built on American Horror Story: Murder House. Related: American Horror Story Brings Back Key Murder House Character You know, the same patio that served as a shallow grave for Ben's (Dylan McDermott) mistress Hayden. Given that Madison is back from the grave once again, is it fair to assume that she's one of the lucky ones who is able to bring people back from the dead? The very notion that Madison will not survive the apocalypse is rather hilarious when you consider the fact that she died multiple times on Coven. The only way she dies for good is if the world ends, and somehow never returns to normalcy following Michael Langdon's tirade of terror. Related: American Horror Story: Jessica Lange Returns! It was recently confirmed that Connie Britton and McDermott would be making their returns to the franchise for the highly anticipated crossover between Murder House and Coven. Series co-creator Ryan Murphy confirmed as much over the weekend when he shared the following image via Instagram: "Connie and Dylan. The Harmon’s in their forever AHS home...Murder House," he captioned the image of the duo back in Murder House. Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Emma Roberts, Frances Conroy, Gabourey Sidibe, Taissa Farmiga, Stevie Nicks, Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Adina Porter, Evan Peters, Billy Eichner, Cheyenne Jackson, Cody Fern and Jessica Lange are all slated to appear. What are your thoughts on this latest image? Hit the comments below. Remember you can watch American Horror Story online right here via TV Fanatic. American Horror Story: Apocalypse debuts September 12 on FX. View Slideshow: 13 TV Characters That Would Help Bury a Body

Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo Reunite at CBS!

Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo may be done with NCIS, but they're not done with CBS. The two former series regulars have joined forces to develop MIA, a brand new drama for the network. The series would focus on a homicide detective who is given a brand new partner to solve cases in Miami. Desperate to complete her final undercover assignment, the partner struggles to keep her personal life away from her job. The pilot will be penned by Shepard Boucher, who will serve as an Executive Producer alongside. Weatherly currently stars on the drama, Bull, at CBS. That show is entering its third season next month. Related: The Big Bang Theory: Ending After 12 Seasons! He appeared on the first 13 seasons of NCIS as Tony DiNozzo, before making his big departure back in 2016 to take on new projects. de Pablo appeared on the procedural drama from 2005-2013 as Ziva David. She went on to star in the miniseries, The Dovekeepers at the network. In fact, her last credit as an actress was in the 2016 TV movie, Prototype. As of now, there are no plans for either to star on MIA if CBS opts to order a pilot for the show. If Bull was not a thing at CBS, this would be the perfect opportunity to bring these two stars back together on the small screen. On NCIS, Ziva and Tony were romantically involved and were called "Tiva" by fans of the series. At the close of NCIS Season 13, viewers were shocked to learn that Ziva was killed off-screen and that she had given birth to Tony's daughter. Related: FBI: Sela Ward Lands Lead Role! This storyline tied in with Weatherly's exit storyline. It was a controversial conclusion for both characters, and fans were not impressed. What are your thoughts on Weatherly and de Pablo reuniting for this new project? Hit the comments below. If you want to relive any of the Tiva goodness, remember you can watch NCIS online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: CBS Season Premiere Spoilers: The Big Bang Theory, NCIS & More!

Tyler Hoechlin Joins Netflix’s Another Life

Netflix is showing no signs of slowing down in terms of producing scripted originals. Another Life, which has been in the works at the streamer for over a year has added another string of actors to fill out its cast. The latest of which are Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf), Justin Chatwin (Shameless) and Samuel Anderson (Trollied). The series focuses on Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff) who is searching space for alien intelligence. Niko is the leader of a crew on a mission to explore the origins of aliens. Related: Arrowverse Crossover: Superman and Lois Lane to Appear! As Niko and her young crew study, they find themselves thrust into a world of uncertainty and run the risk of not returning home. Hoechlin has joined the cast as Ian Yerxa, who was formerly the commander of the ship but had to give up his duties to Breckenridge. Chatwin is on board to play Erik Wallace, the husband of Niko. Anderson will play a character named William, while Ludlow will play Cas Isakovic. It was recently revealed by Deadline that Selma Blair was boarding the drama series in a recurring role. Related: Shameless Gets Season 9 Premiere Date She is playing "Harper Glass, who uses journalism, social media, and keen intelligence in an attempt to break one of the biggest stories in human history." Could this be the most likable cast on all of TV? Quite possibly. Netflix has been expanding over the last several years and is now at the point in which multiple shows are premiering per week. Will Another Life be lost in the shuffle like Girlboss, and Gypsy was, or will it be able to offer something different to viewers? Hit the comments. View Slideshow: 19 Original Netflix Movies and TV Shows for Your Sci-Fi Fix

The Conners: Which Roseanne Stars Will Appear?

The Conners is coming to ABC this fall. The series rose like a phoenix from the ashes after the network swung the ax on Roseanne. Who will and won't be appearing on this new series? Find out below. 1. So... Who's Coming Back? Who will be part of The Conners? 2. John Goodman John Goodman will return as Dan Conner for the spin-off, but how will the character cope with the absence of his wife? 3. Jayden Rey Jayden Rey will return for The Conners, according to TV Line. This time, however, she will be a series regular as opposed to recurring. 4. Michael Fishman Despite sparring with his former co-star, Roseanne Barr on social media, Michael will be back as D.J. Conner. 5. Laurie Metcalf Laurie will be back as Jackie Harris, and something tells us she'll be getting a lot more screen time this time around. 6. Lecy Goranson Lecy Goranson will return is Becky for The Conners Season 1, which will take place in a world Roseanne is no longer part of. View Slideshow

Cable Ratings: Sharp Objects Finale Hits Series Highs

HBO said goodbye to Sharp Objects Sunday night, and the highly anticipated conclusion to the limited series achieved series highs in total viewers and in the adults 18-49 demo. Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 8 reeled in 1.76 million viewers and a 0.52 rating. These figures are up almost 40 percent vs. Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 7. Sharp Objects Season 1 averaged 1.24 million viewers and a 0.35 rating. While these ratings are stellar for HBO, Sharp Objects will not return for future installments. Executive Producer, Marti Noxon confirmed as much to reporters at last months' TCA panel for the network. Related: Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Milk "I will [answer this] because we're not talking about a Season 2. This is it. So bask in it while you can," Noxon said. Isn't it great when a limited series remains just that? Many shows tend to drag on, while Sharp Objects managed to tell a complete tale through eight episodes. Amy Adams fronted the series, and let's just say we think she's going to be nominated for a lot of awards for her role as the multi-layered Camille Preaker. Elsewhere on the cable landscape Sunday night, Fear the Walking Dead was steady as a rock. Related: Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 Review: The Code The revamped zombie drama had 1.83 million viewers and a 0.6 rating. It matched a deadly episode of Starz drama Power in the demo. Power had 1.46 million viewers for the premium cable network. On the reality TV front, 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days was the top cable show with 2.3 million viewers and a 0.8 rating. Meanwhile, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (1.03 million/0.5 rating) was steady for an episode that focused on Kris Jenner wondering whether she was being poisoned. Finally, Alaskan Bush People People (2.4 million/0.5 rating) slipped three tenths. What do you think of these ratings? Should Sharp Objects return? Hit the comments. View Slideshow: The Conners: Which Roseanne Stars Will Appear?

13 Reasons Sam and Dean are The BEST Siblings on TV

Let's just get right to the point -- Sam and Dean Winchester are the best siblings currently on TV. Yes, it is a lot to process and arguments will certainly be made, but you can't deny how much of an impact the Winchester brothers have made in the course of television history. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE! CANCEL ANYTIME! The reason Supernatural has been able to sustain itself for such a long time is that of the relationship between the brothers. We can fight all the monsters and have the end of the world looming before us, but at the end of the day, Supernatural is about the Winchester brothers and the lengths they will go to protect each other. Below is are 13 reasons Sam and Dean Winchester are the best siblings on TV. Share in the comments below why you feel the Winchester brothers are the best and don't forget to watch Supernatural online for more proof. 1. Dean Is Worse For Wear - Supernatural Dean refuses to fight back when Sam, who is possessed by Lucifer, beats him up. It's even more proof why these brothers love each other. 2. Dean Gave Up His Soul - Supernatural Dean made a deal with a crossroads demon in exchange for Sam's life. Dean's love for his brother knows no bounds and he wants to see his brother live his life. 3. Sam And Dean Fighting Crime - Supernatural Sam and Dean are willing to work together on a multitude of cases but it's the various identities they have gone with over the years which makes them the best siblings on TV. 4. Sam And Dean Christmas - Supernatural Remember when Sam was excited for Christmas but was quickly disappointed when he found out their dad wasn't going to be there? Dean took it upon himself to get Sam a gift -- though he stole it but it's still the thought that counts. 5. Sam Without A Soul - Supernatural Many siblings would generally peace out if they found out their brother or sister didn't have a soul, but Dean stood by Sam and made sure he was able to get his soul back. Did it cause Sam to go insane when the walls fell down? Yes, but Dean's heart was in the right place. 6. Dean Will Always Put His Brother First - Supernatural A lot of people would cal Dean refusing to close the door to hell as selfish but Dean has never minced words when it comes to his brother. It's always just been Sam and Dean against the monsters of the world. View Slideshow

21 Actresses Who Received Hate But Hardly Any Corresponding Coverage

After a behind-the-scenes photo of Grant in his new super-suit leaked out to the public, fans eviscerated his new Flash suit and then proceeded to rip apart his body image. As a result of the backlash, huge news outlets picked up the story, such as ABC News, CNN, and People Magazine. Tons of support poured from every end to not only highlight the double standard in the body shaming of men and women but to also applaud Gustin’s strength in the face of it. Like news outlets should, they covered an injustice and highlighted the issues that create and stem from this injustice. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video However, an injustice that has gone on for almost a decade that has yet to be recognized stems from the hate and vitriol commonly thrown at actresses that don't receive nearly the same amount of coverage. Since we’ve gotten the chance to read about the horrible injustice of body shaming men for things we praise women for let’s also identify a running list of actresses who have been attacked by fans for various "reasons" from race to shipping wars. 1. Gal Gadot (Diana Prince - Wonder Woman) Comic fans attacked Gal Gadot before she became Wonder Woman because she was too thin, her boobs weren't big enough, etc.And when she silenced all the nay-sayers after Wonder Woman released, they decided to find other reasons to attack her due to her religion, past jobs, etc. But just like in the gif above, Gadot always smiles through it all. 2. Anna Diop (Starfire - Titans) An anomaly amongst the women on this list, Anna Diop actually did receive some coverage for the way comic fans attacked her for her casting as Starfire in the new show Titans. It's hard for news outlets, even the small ones, to ignore the pure ignorance behind fans being angry that a black woman was cast as a ... wait for it... orange alien. 3. January Jones (Betty Draper - Mad Men) January Jones was the victim of an obscene amount of hatred as the leading lady, Betty Draper, of Mad Men because she was a nuanced character that didn't take too kindly to her husband lying to her for their whole marriage. I know. What a monster of a character, am I right? 4. Meghan Ory (Red Riding Hood - Once Upon A Time) Meghan Ory, the actress who played Red Riding Hood, also received a lot of hate for her character. In fact, she got so much hate, she ended up leaving Twitter to get away from the angry OUAT fans. 5. Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts - Doctor Who) The new female Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker, isn't the only actress from this show who received hate.Pearl Mackie also received hate for her role due to her race and the fact that she was an LGBTQ+ character. I guess the fans of this show don't really like much diversity... well, any diversity honestly. 6. Emily Vancamp (Sharon Carter - Captain America Franchise) Although her screen time in the MCU has been relatively low that has not stopped fans from atta..

Manifest: Watch The First 10 Minutes!

The premiere of Manifest is less than a month away, and NBC has given viewers their biggest look at the series yet. The Peacock Network dropped the first 10 minutes of Manifest Season 1 Episode 1, and it's as crazier than the initial trailer teased. A plane disappears from radar and returns years later after being untraceable and presumed lost at sea," reads the official logline for this new series. "No time has passed for those on the plane, but for their loved ones at home, many years have gone by. The series follows their personal lives as well as the larger mystery and purpose that is their destiny." It stars Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J.R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina and Parveen Kaur. Related: NBC Fall Schedule: Where's Brooklyn Nine-Nine? These high-concept dramas have a knack for having an exposition-heavy premiere, before spoonfeeding answers at a pace so slow they wind up canceled before the full story is told. On NBC alone, there's been The Event and Revolution. The former lasted one season, while the latter went for two. Each left viewers with a lot of questions, and minimal answers. NBC is betting big on Manifest and is even giving it The Voice as a lead-in. While The Voice is not the hit it once was, it should still help viewers sample the show. Related: Manifest Ordered to Series at NBC! Aside from that, it all depends on whether the series manages to keep up the suspense for the whole season. The cast alone is enough to watch, so time will tell whether it has much in the way of staying power. Watch the first ten minutes below, and hit the comments with your thoughts on it! Will you be watching? Manifest debuts Monday, September 24 at 10/9c.

Charmed Reboot: Charmed or Jinxed?

Let’s face it: we’ve already long dawned to the age of nostalgia. From the movies to our television sets, reboots are everywhere, and The CW might be one of the networks which is taking a lot of risks (and a fair share of bad publicities) on reviving previously beloved television shows, especially now. Just a few months ago, the network released the shows they will be airing for this 2018-2019 season. The lineup includes a lot of its original roster from the previous season, the others new, and the reimagining of Charmed is one of them. Now, some of you might be asking: why is The CW taking its shot on reboots instead of continuing the storyline? Is it a risk worth taking, or is it something they should avoid in the future? That’s a general question, but we will be tackling on that later on as well. Initially, Charmed is a story of three sisters who happened to be witches, known as The Charmed Ones, and who are destined to protect the innocents from supernatural malevolence. If you are one of the many people who’ve seen each season of the original series on a 4:3 aspect ratio TV set, still know the opening theme by heart, and bought all DVDs to re-watch in the comfort of your own home, you probably raised an eyebrow as I did when it was announced Charmed would be remade. Charmed Trailer: Can the Power of Three Make This Reboot Thrive? The reboot itself drew some flack due to its advertising. Calling the new reincarnation of the show a “fierce, funny and feminist reboot” displeased a lot of people. Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper Halliwell from the original series, is one of them. I mean, really, though? Being a follower of the original series, that tagline was so wrong on so many levels. Quoting Holly Marie Combs’ snarky remark, “Guess we forgot to do that the first go around. Hmph.” Guess we forgot to do that the first go around. Hmph. https://t.co/kDXLBefuSG — Holly Marie Combs (@H_Combs) January 26, 2018 Never overlook the factors to the success that the original was able to achieve; I believe that’s the first mistake the network's pulled off for this one. The original stars are just as passionate about the projects as their fans are, and you can truly see the respect they have for the show. The marketing department of the network did a bad job on that one, honestly, and I’m pretty sure EP Jennie Snyder Urman addressed that during one of the interviews at SDCC 2018. Being one-third (or one-fourth, actually) of the original Charmed Ones, Comb’s words immediately held a lot of weight that a lot of the fans of the original show backed up. One would think that it was a bad beginning, but no it wasn’t. I’ll get to that later on. Passionate supporters of the show still were clinging to the possibility of a reunion, and a continuation and The CW smacked them in the face when they announced that it would instead reimagine the series. And, rather than using the characters that we all loved and grew to..
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