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Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 6 Review: True or False

Upton did not have an easy time on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 6. Almost immediately after she freaked out following Ruzek's angry phone call with his sister, I knew we were venturing into abuse territory. People don't usually say they "don't do yelling or slamming" unless they've had traumatic experiences in the past. And sure enough, the case that followed fed right into Upton's fears of angry men in abusive households. I'm really not surprised by what she said in the interrogation room -- even though she played it off as just an act to elicit a confession-- because it explains why she's so "no-nonsense" and disciplined all the time. Upton didn't have an easy childhood so being serious and straightforward is the only way she can have some sense of control and protect herself. Which sheds light on why she chose to confide and find some semblance of comfort in Ruzek. He's warm, easy going and has a big heart, all qualities she probably didn't see too much of growing up. Related: Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Fathers and Sons It's also why she's so adamant about keeping their fling a secret. Since they work with some of the best detectives in the city, ones that can sniff their way around any lie, driving in together was a big no-no. Unfortunately, their rouse was busted the minute they were forced to respond to a call while on a morning coffee run. Most of the team didn't even think twice about why Upton and Ruzek were together before their shift, however, Voight's been around the block a few times and he knows "her car was having problems" is code for "she's the car, I'm the shop." In their line of work, it seems like being upfront about their involvement should be instinctive. If her car keeps having problems and you keep giving her rides, you should probably tell your supervisor and fill out the proper HR forms. Voight Permalink: If her car keeps having problems and you keep giving her rides, you should probably tell your... Added: October 31, 2018 Why would you want anything personal -- fling or otherwise -- to jeopardize yourself or the team? The job requires everyone to work together, trust each other, and handle tough and emotional cases. Even hurt feelings or a break-up can put someone in danger. And realistically, friends with benefits don't exist. Even when two people are casually hooking up, feelings get involved and things get messy. As we saw, Ruzek and Upton clearly care about each other deeply, even if it isn't romantic. Halstead seemingly figured out something was going on when Ruzek swung by Upton's place to "awkwardly" check in on her. I'm starting to think the writers of Chicago PD are trying to get us involved in some double love-triangle shenanigans. Why? I'm not sure since clearly, we are not fans of the first Burgess-Upton-Ruzek triangle. Plus, I enjoy ..

Stan Against Evil Season 3 Premiere Review: Is There Daylight Savings Time in Hell?

Happy Halloween Evildoers! Did Stan and Evie arrive home to Hell on earth? The two time-travelers sure thought so on Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 1, but they were under the spell of Denny Duquette. No. But once Grey's Anatomy was referenced on screen, I was unable to the Black Magician anything but that any longer. Curses! I can't for the life of me understand why Duquette was challenging Evie and Stan to understand their relationship better, but it was beautiful. Sure, getting impaled through the chest might have stung a bit, but Stan wasn't dead, so who cares? In the long run, I mean. Related: Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Tar Baby It was a very clever opening to Stan Against Evil Season 3 because it would have been impossible for Evie to guess she was getting punked by the version of Stan that returned from emptying his bladder. Even after two years of working in Willards Mill, there comes a time when you believe the monster before you probably killed your friend before you believe the monster before you is your friend. Your mind can only stretch the realm of impossibility to a certain length, you know? Evie: HEY! Everyone we know and love is GONE! Stan: Oh, I got a theory on that one's gonna knock your socks off. Gimme two minutes, will ya? Evie: Wait, what? Stan: I gotta, I gotta hit the head. Evie: Can it wait? Stan: Can it wait. Those were the days! Permalink: Can it wait. Those were the days! Added: October 31, 2018 The humor was on point throughout the premiere, and although Stan was doing in fine form when they emerged from the other timeline, it was Evie and the good Doctor Edmunds who rallied while at the psychiatric hospital. How do the people of Willards Mill manage to be so ignorant of all the supernatural mumbo-jumbo going on around them? Evie couldn't have been the first patient to make her way into the place telling tales of monsters only to have one trail in after her. Doc Edmunds did what any normal doc would do and treated Evie like she was half crocked. Barett? OK, it says here that you killed your best friend by impaling him through the chest with a board. Aside from that, how are things goin' for you? Dr. Edmunds Permalink: Barrett? OK, it says here that you killed your best friend by impaling him through the chest... Added: October 31, 2018 There are some terrible doctors out there, and it's not difficult to wonder if any of them ever treat the insane like that in real life. No, I'm not suggesting anyone should be doing it, but if someone can't understand what's happening, and a terrible doctor is already having a bad day, what's to stop them? Related: Deutschland86 Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Ommegang That would be so awful, but if some doctors aren't above ignoring their patients, roughing them up, or killing them (I watch a lot of Dateline), then who's to say they wouldn't humor patients? Dr. ..

A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Unexpected

There is so much to love about A Million Little Things. When the series is hot, it's really hot with compelling characters, storylines, and an exceptional cast. It has an all-encompassing quality where it taps into every emotion in a single installment in such a relatable manner that one becomes invested in the characters and their lives as if they are right there with them. The show has a vexing habit of standing in its own way, though. A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 6 is another example of that. It's an honest question I would love to know, and please, I implore you, let me know in the comments. Are there any fans of the show remotely invested in whatever this is with Eddie and Delilah? The series has so much going for it. There are so many aspects of this show that makes it must-watch television; there are so many reasons, hell, a million of them, that compel me to recommend the series to others and say that it is honest to goodness one of my favorite new shows of the Fall. However, the one consistent drawback is the Delilah and Eddie affair. There are many intriguing, real, relatable, and poignant moments connected to that plot point. I won't begrudge the show or the cast that at all, but it weighs down the series. Rome: I still can't believe you didn't ask Delilah who the father was. Montell Williams made a whole career off of the question. How could you not ask? Regina: Because she is my friend and if she wanted to tell me, she would. Permalink: Montell Williams made a whole career off of the question. Added: October 31, 2018 It has a way of overpowering the show and its stronger areas. Some of the more engaging storylines end up taking a backseat. It's the cheap "gotcha" for extra drama that weaker shows resort to, but Million Things doesn't need that. They have enough going on; they have stronger, cogent stories than this plot that does nothing to endear most to the characters it involves. Nevermind that it's needlessly messy. Related: A Million Little Things Round Table: Can Gary Respect Maggie's Decision and Stand By Her? It's spun as something to reel in viewers, and when it's the biggest tease in nearly every installment it begins to cheapen everything else that the series pushes out; everything else is gripping! Holy crap! Christina Moses and Romany Malco put their whole hearts into their performances during the hour, particularly their final scene together, and they both captured mine, but instead of ending the hour on that note, it reverted to the Eddie and Delilah saga to close. Why? It's similar to how A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 5 was an incredible hour for Gary and Maggie, and James Roday and Allison Miller gave exceptional performances, and then the hour closed with the revelation that Delilah is pregnant. Why? There was little space for Eddie and Delilah to be likable. OK, that's not fair. There's no roo..

Modern Family Season 10 Episode 6 Review: On the Same Paige

On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 6, Phil's on a mission to save his class. When he turns on the charm, he dials it up too far, attracting some young attention. It appears that Phil misunderstands Paige's attention when it turns out she's Luke's girlfriend. So, who does she have a crush on? This Modern Family episode revolves around misunderstandings. It wasn't surprising to find out that Luke's girlfriend was using him to get to Phil. Why was Luke not upset about this? When Paige threw herself at Phil, Luke didn't seem all that surprised. He didn't seem to care at all. Related: Get PBS Masterpiece via Prime Video Channels for World-Class British Dramas & Award-Winning Series You'd think he would be upset about a person using him like that, but the kid took it in stride. Luke's reaction didn't seem authentic. Anyone who's used by another person knows this. Even in a comedy Luke's response to his girlfriend jumping into Phil's arms was disconnected. Should we be concerned about group-molesting Serge? Claire Permalink: Should we be concerned about group-molesting Serge? Added: October 31, 2018 The other misunderstanding regarding Jay and Laura from the parent group was weak. It's okay that he has a friend, but if she was really just a friend, why would he wear a shirt to make his eyes pop and do pushups in the parking lot. Would Jay be acting that way if his parent pal were named Larry instead of Laura? I don't think so. Now, again, there's nothing wrong with him having a friend of the opposite sex. But for Jay to say it was completely innocent is a little bit of bull. The whole thing with Joe and the lazy eye didn't catch my funnybone at all. Laura: Did you pre-heat my oven? Jay: Not on purpose. Permalink: Not on purpose. Added: October 31, 2018 I suppose that part of the story was inserted to give Gloria a stink-eye target so that Jay could act all nervous. It didn't flow well and didn't add any comedy to the storyline. Disappointing. Related: Modern Family Season 10 Episode 5 Review: Good Grief They could do so much with Joe, and it doesn't seem like they're utilizing his character very well. He's becoming a little too big for his britches, and most of his lines don't come off as funny. They're taking his character along the same road as they did with Lily, only earlier. Lily was this sweet and funny little girl, but when she got older, they gave her a snarky personality. They're doing the same with Joe, only this time, they're killing the cute way too early. He's not a teen yet. Let him be a cute and funny kid. At the Fathers' Follies, it was nice that Mitchell came out of his Pritchett shell and let loose. He's way too uptight. But, again, the bit at the follies was predictable. As soon as they set the stage for the little girl's trib..

Empire Season 5 Episode 5 Review: The Depth of Grief

What an emotionally charged hour. One moment it seemed like Jamal was getting the call confirming Kai's body had been recovered after going missing. The next, we're in the hospital, Kai is safe, and Cookie has a face like thunder. Nothing good was going to come from Kai allowing Cookie in the room while the doctor opened up about his condition. Empire Season 5 Episode 5 was an educational hour that shed a lot of light on HIV, and I could not be more proud of the way the show handled it. Cookie got blindsided when she heard about it. But as the episode progressed, it became clear that Cookie's views on the matter were based on her experience with women in prison who were suffering from AIDS. Cookie: There's nothing we can do. Lucious: Who am I talking do to? Is this Lucious or is this Dwight? Permalink: Who am I talking do to? Is this Lucious or is this Dwight? Added: October 31, 2018 It's only natural for a mother to worry about her son, and Lucious has never been the most supportive father, so Cookie needed to know herself that Jamal was not putting himself at risk. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! I had to roll my eyes when she took Kai away from the performance. I couldn't help but think it was selfish because it was the song Jamal wrote for the love of his life. But it all got too real for Cookie when started talking about her experience with it in prison, and once Kai told her that living with HIV was different to living with AIDS, she began to realize that Kai would do his best to keep her son safe. The biggest surprise for me during "The Depth of Grief" was that Lucious had a laid-back approach to it. He was right that he meddled in Jamal's life too much and didn't want to do the same again. Related: Empire Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Pride That said, it didn't stop Lucious from checking in with his son to make sure he was in a good place. In all honesty, this is the best place Jamal's ever been in. Despite me thinking that Kai was working with Diana, we learned on Empire Season 5 Episode 4, that Kai saved Jamal from being attacked in London. Their love story is far from over, and I can't begin to explain how heartwarming the proposal was. Jamal complained that he was ready to propose while Kai was missing. My one real hope is that Jamal is now settled with his endgame lover and that neither of the two is in the coffin in the future. I know it feels like you're probably not going to make it through this, but I promise you, son, you will. Lucious Permalink: I know it feels like you're probably not going to make it through this, but I promise you,... Added: October 31, 2018 Wouldn't it be cruel to give one couple their happiness and rip it away from them at the final hurdle? Primetime soaps survive on drama, so we definitely shou..

Game of Thrones Prequel Adds Poldark’s Josh Whitehouse

The Game of Thrones prequel has found its next cast member. According to Deadline, Josh Whitehouse is the latest addition to the cast of the spinoff and will be one of the ensemble's leads. There's no word yet on who the Poldark scene-stealer will be playing, and we're not surprised. The series has been shrouded in secrecy ever since it was announced, and given that the parent series has yet to finish its run, it's likely that HBO wants to keep details on the down low. Related: Game of Thrones Prequel Gets Green Light What we do know is that Naomi Watts has also landed a lead role and that she will be playing a socialite. Since Naomi's casting was announced yesterday, various theories have popped up online, with some claiming that she will be playing a Targaryen. While multiple spinoffs were initially in development at HBO, the one penned by Jane Goldman is the only one which has received a pilot order. According to the official logline, “the series chronicles the world’s descent from the Golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour." "And only one thing is for sure: from the horrifying secrets of Westeros’ history to the true origin of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend… it’s not the story we think we know.” Related: HBO Boss Narrows Down Game of Thrones Final Season Premiere Date Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin previously opened up about the spinoff in a blog post. “None of the characters or actors from Game of Thrones will appear in the new show," Martin said of the prequel in a blog post in June, adding: "All of the successor shows we’ve been developing have been prequels, as I have mentioned before." "This one really puts the pre in prequel, since it is set not ninety years before Game of Thrones (like Dunk & Egg), or a few hundred years, but rather ten thousand years (well, assuming the oral histories of the First Men are accurate, but there are maesters at the Citadel who insist it has only been half that long)," he continued. "We’re very early in the process, of course, with the pilot order just in.” Now that two of the roles have been filled, expect the rest of the cast to be announced in the coming weeks. What are your thoughts on this latest addition? Hit the comments below. View Slideshow: 19 Times the Enemy Was Closer Than We Knew (and 1 Time We Should Probably Have Guessed)

13 Scariest Moments in Television History

With Halloween well upon us, it is only natural to want to enjoy some spooky content from time to time. There aren't many horror shows on TV that last long, possibly because the former doesn't always fit for a weekly watch when a binge format makes more sense. Regardless, a show doesn't have to be in the horror genre to have an episode or a specific scene that stays with you long after. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Premiere Review: October Country These scenes have been pulled from different shows, all of which can pride themselves on having some of the most iconic frights on their roster. The gifs used in this slideshow aren't from those specific scary scenes so that everyone could scroll through it safely, but they are still a nice tease of what is to come on these shows. What are some of the scariest moments in television history for you? 1. The Haunting of Hill House - The Bent Neck Lady Appears The Haunting of Hill House if the perfect example of a successful horror show that thrives because of the binge-watching aspect. In a few short weeks, this show is well known on the internet for its significant episodes and inspiring fright shots. Trying to choose just one seems ridiculous, so mentioning The Bent Neck Lady is like a terrifying catch-all. 2. American Horror Story - Twisty the Clown Hanging Around American Horror Story has an advantage in that it is a horror show that is consistently trying to one-up what it did the year before. Narrowing it down a bit, Murder House had some of the most frightening revelations like Violet discovering that she died a while ago. Meanwhile, Freak Show made all our clown nightmares even more vivid, with a sad backstory only mildly taking away that fear. 3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Corn Maze Horror Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a dark show in general, but there is something about that scene with the scarecrow in the pilot that stays with you. It is the first real jump scare of the show, and it relies heavily on the corn maze setting to make it even that much more chilling. 4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Gentleman This is a fan favorite scare fest, not because of the villains themselves, more so because of the silence. The Gentlemen steal everyone's voices so we can't hear their victims scream and it is a unique approach in inducing fear. 5. Slasher - Glenn Kidnapping Noah Slasher has a built-in expectation to deliver on scary scenes regularly, something it always achieves. Slasher: The Guilty Party raised the stakes though, making one of the scariest scenes connected to an assault. 6. Supernatural - Bloody Mary Bloody Mary was a story meant to scare us as children, and Supernatural playing on that fear is why not everyone will be able to make it through the episode. There isn't even a specific scene that stands out; it is all worth being prepared for. View Slideshow

Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Hope

An age-old argument is whether art imitates life or life imitates art. While I'd argue that these days art takes its cues not from art but from society's vocal minority that exists on social media, cues have been culled from social media, dinner discussions, CNN, local news markets and more on Tell Me a Story Season 1 Episode 1. This is an episode of television that when (if) watched ten or 20 years from now will be very dated. Hand to heart, I hope more than anything that's the case even if we're plowing into stories loosely based on classic fairy tales. What I didn't share in the preview review for Tell Me a Story were the details of the retelling of Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel. The longer they sit with you, the more haunting they become in hindsight. For a premiere titled "Hope," there isn't much of it spread around the characters introduced during the hour. Related: Tell Me a Story Review: Standout Performances Strengthen New CBS All Access Drama Jordan and his fiance, Beth, were struggling with plans for their future. He's an affable guy who can look past the horrors of everyday life to see the joy in what's right beside him, like Beth. His naked body perks up, no sorry. That's not right, but if you didn't notice James Wolk was NUDE while Jordan waited for Beth to get the results of her pregnancy test, then you must be dead inside. He didn't do that on Mad Men, Goliath, or Zoo. Jordan wanted a baby, even if they weren't married as planned. They were a year off of their schedule. They should have been married and had a baby on the way already. Can we please not ruin another dinner talking about Trump? Jordan Permalink: Can we please not ruin another dinner talking about Trump? Added: October 30, 2018 They didn't because Beth was suffering from anxiety because of the world at large. She was focusing on the forest and not the trees. It's something we all do so much that insanity has become more common than not. View Slideshow: 19 Surprising TV Actors Who Also Direct I'm not even kidding. While insane might be stretching it a bit, reporting and sharing every catastrophe ad nauseam hasn't helped our society. We're farther apart and less intimate than we were decades ago. We're more frightened; we believe we'll be kidnapped, killed, nuked, invaded -- our imaginations run wild. Jordan: Did you see Lance and Harriet's video of little Harry pooping? Beth: No. Jordan: [chuckles] That kid? He's freakin' adorable. Beth: Please don't. Permalink: Did you see Lance and Harriet's video of little Harry pooping? Added: October 30, 2018 There is less time to enjoy each other, our families, and our successes, even silly things like Harriet sharing her son's excitement over pooping. As someone who divides their time between Investigation Discovery and the Hallmark Chan..

TV Ratings Report: The Conners Stabilizes

ABC's spinoff of Roseanne, The Conners has stabilized in the ratings. The Conners Season 1 Episode 3 pulled in a 1.8 rating (7.8 million total viewers) in the demo, building a tenth week-to-week. Fellow ABC comedies, The Kids Are Alright (5.5 million/1.3 rating), Blackish (4.3 million/1.1 rating), and Splitting Up Together (3.3 million/0.9 rating) each built two-tenths, while The Rookie (4.5 million/0.8 rating) was flat. Over on The CW, The Flash (1.7 million/0.6 rating) and Black Lightning (1 million/0.3 rating) each dipped a tenth to match their season lows. The Gifted (2 million/0.6 rating) was stable for Fox, but Lethal Weapon (2.7 million/0.6 rating) hit a new low. Fox would be wise to end both shows at their current orders. Both shows are likely to be canceled ahead of the next TV season. Over on CBS, NCIS (12.1 million/1.3 rating) and NCIS: New Orleans (7.6 million/0.9 rating) each added a tenth, and FBI (9.4 million/1.0 rating) was steady. The Voice (8.8 million/1.6 rating), This Is Us (8.8 million/2.1 rating), and New Amsterdam (6.8 million/1.3 rating) were right on par with last week's results. View Slideshow: 13 Scariest Moments in Television History

The Witcher: Get Your First Look at Henry Cavill as Geralt Of Rivia!

Henry Cavill, is that you? Netflix has unveiled the first look at the upcoming TV series, The Witcher, an adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novels. The first look comes in the form of the show's leading man as Geralt Of Rivia, and we think it's fair to say that Cavill had to spend a lot of time in hair and make-up. Have a look at the first photo from the production below. "Based on the best-selling fantasy series, The Witcher is an epic tale of fate and family. Geralt of Rivia (Cavill), a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts," reads the official logline. "But when destiny hurtles him toward a powerful sorceress, and a young princess with a dangerous secret, the three must learn to navigate the increasingly volatile Continent together." Related: Henry Cavill To Star in Netflix's The Witcher In addition to the first look, the streamer also confirmed the casting of with Eamon Farren (The ABC Murders, Twin Peaks) as Cahir, Joey Batey (Knightfall, Strike) as Jaskier, Lars Mikkelsen (House of Cards, Sherlock) as Stregobor, Royce Pierreson (Wanderlust, Judy) as Istredd, Maciej Musiał (1983) as Sir Lazlo, Wilson Radjou-Pujalte (Jamillah & Aladdin, Dickensian) as Dara, and Anna Shaffer (Harry Potter) as Triss. All of the above join the previously announced cast that includes Other previously announced cast include Freya Allan (The War of the Worlds, Into The Badlands) as Ciri, Anya Chalotra (The ABC Murders, Wanderlust) as Yennefer, Jodhi May (Game of Thrones, Genius) as Calanthe, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson (Fortitude) as Eist, Adam Levy (Knightfall, Snatch) as Mousesack, MyAnna Buring (Ripper Street, Kill List) as Tissaia), Mimi Ndiweni (Black Earth Rising) as Fringilla, Therica Wilson-Read (Profile) as Sabrina, and Millie Brady (The Last Kingdom, Teen Spirit) as Renfri. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich (The Defenders, Power) is on board as showrunner of the fantasy epic, while Alik Sakharov (Game of Thrones) will helm multiple episodes of the first season. No premiere date has been revealed, but given the expansive world the story takes place in, there's a good chance that post-production will eat up a lot of time. The Witcher was previously adapted as a Polish movie in 2001 followed by a 13-episode TV series, but it failed to make much of an impact. It did, however, make an impact in the video game industry, and three games were released from 2007-2015. Okay, TV Fanatics! What are your thoughts on the first look? Hit the comments. View Slideshow: 19 TV Marriage Proposals Where The 2nd (or 3rd) Time Was The Charm
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