January 15, 2019

21 Of The Best Dancers On TV

The idea of dancing in front of anything other than a mirror scares some people to death, and who can blame them? Having a sense of rhythm is hard enough without adding the thought of embarrassment in front of other people.

If are one of those people who would rather jump off a bridge than risk the shame of fumbling in front of others, then these characters are vessels through which you can continue to live vicariously. Even if you fancy yourself a good dancer, these characters are guaranteed to make you question just how good you are.

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Here are our picks of the top 21 characters you'd be wise not to challenge to a dance-off. Feel free to chip in with your favorites who weren't included who you believe would obliterate them in a dance battle.

1. John Bennett (Orange Is The New Black)

Litchfield had a lot of creepy guards who abused the prisoners and took advantage of them every chance they got which is why Bennett was a welcome addition, despite the questionable nature of his relationship with Daya. Too bad she gave up the kid to another family because growing up with a dad who can dance that well would've been awesome.

2. Good Janet (The Good Place)

Good janet the good place We only got to see it a couple of times, but Janet is surprisingly good at shaking what her Momma gave her. Her marriage to Jason may not have lasted long but the memory of them having their first dance, to the shock of everyone, is something we will not forget soon.

3. Sam Gardner (Atypical)

Sam atypical Okay, I've got to be honest here — those are some very rudimentary moves Sam picked up. But he deserves some slack because he learned them when he was much younger. And also because his confidence is so high he is willing to bust a move anytime, anywhere, and that is key here.

4. Tiana (Empire)

Tiana empire Every step she takes oozes sexiness and finesse. It wouldn't be overselling it when I say everyone on either side of the screen watching her wishes they could move as she does.

5. Jack Johnson (Blacki-ish)

Jack blacki ish Dre may believe he'd never get into college, but that doesn't mean Jack isn't blessed with other talents that aren't academically inclined. He showed us how well he could do the stanky leg which is no mean feat. Ask any terrible dancer.

6. Alex Crane (Star)

Alex crane star All three girls can hold their own on the dance floor and could've each made the list, but the standout among them is, without question, Alex Crane. Her ability to blend her steps seamlessly with every beat is unrivaled. View Slideshow

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