January 21, 2019

13 Scariest Moments in Television History

With Halloween well upon us, it is only natural to want to enjoy some spooky content from time to time.

There aren't many horror shows on TV that last long, possibly because the former doesn't always fit for a weekly watch when a binge format makes more sense.

Regardless, a show doesn't have to be in the horror genre to have an episode or a specific scene that stays with you long after.

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These scenes have been pulled from different shows, all of which can pride themselves on having some of the most iconic frights on their roster.

The gifs used in this slideshow aren't from those specific scary scenes so that everyone could scroll through it safely, but they are still a nice tease of what is to come on these shows.

What are some of the scariest moments in television history for you?

1. The Haunting of Hill House – The Bent Neck Lady Appears

The Haunting of Hill House if the perfect example of a successful horror show that thrives because of the binge-watching aspect. In a few short weeks, this show is well known on the internet for its significant episodes and inspiring fright shots. Trying to choose just one seems ridiculous, so mentioning The Bent Neck Lady is like a terrifying catch-all.

2. American Horror Story – Twisty the Clown Hanging Around

American horror story American Horror Story has an advantage in that it is a horror show that is consistently trying to one-up what it did the year before. Narrowing it down a bit, Murder House had some of the most frightening revelations like Violet discovering that she died a while ago. Meanwhile, Freak Show made all our clown nightmares even more vivid, with a sad backstory only mildly taking away that fear.

3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Corn Maze Horror

Chilling adventures of sabrina Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a dark show in general, but there is something about that scene with the scarecrow in the pilot that stays with you. It is the first real jump scare of the show, and it relies heavily on the corn maze setting to make it even that much more chilling.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Gentleman

Buffy the vampire slayer This is a fan favorite scare fest, not because of the villains themselves, more so because of the silence. The Gentlemen steal everyone's voices so we can't hear their victims scream and it is a unique approach in inducing fear.

5. Slasher – Glenn Kidnapping Noah

Slasher Slasher has a built-in expectation to deliver on scary scenes regularly, something it always achieves. Slasher: The Guilty Party raised the stakes though, making one of the scariest scenes connected to an assault.

6. Supernatural – Bloody Mary

Supernatural Bloody Mary was a story meant to scare us as children, and Supernatural playing on that fear is why not everyone will be able to make it through the episode. There isn't even a specific scene that stands out; it is all worth being prepared for. View Slideshow

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