January 21, 2019

Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 6 Review: True or False

Upton did not have an easy time on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 6.

Almost immediately after she freaked out following Ruzek's angry phone call with his sister, I knew we were venturing into abuse territory.

People don't usually say they "don't do yelling or slamming" unless they've had traumatic experiences in the past.

And sure enough, the case that followed fed right into Upton's fears of angry men in abusive households.

I'm really not surprised by what she said in the interrogation room — even though she played it off as just an act to elicit a confession– because it explains why she's so "no-nonsense" and disciplined all the time.

Upton didn't have an easy childhood so being serious and straightforward is the only way she can have some sense of control and protect herself.

Which sheds light on why she chose to confide and find some semblance of comfort in Ruzek. He's warm, easy going and has a big heart, all qualities she probably didn't see too much of growing up.

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It's also why she's so adamant about keeping their fling a secret.

Since they work with some of the best detectives in the city, ones that can sniff their way around any lie, driving in together was a big no-no.

Unfortunately, their rouse was busted the minute they were forced to respond to a call while on a morning coffee run.

Most of the team didn't even think twice about why Upton and Ruzek were together before their shift, however, Voight's been around the block a few times and he knows "her car was having problems" is code for "she's the car, I'm the shop."

In their line of work, it seems like being upfront about their involvement should be instinctive.

If her car keeps having problems and you keep giving her rides, you should probably tell your supervisor and fill out the proper HR forms.


Why would you want anything personal — fling or otherwise — to jeopardize yourself or the team?

The job requires everyone to work together, trust each other, and handle tough and emotional cases.

Even hurt feelings or a break-up can put someone in danger.

And realistically, friends with benefits don't exist. Even when two people are casually hooking up, feelings get involved and things get messy.

Car Broke Down - Chicago PD

As we saw, Ruzek and Upton clearly care about each other deeply, even if it isn't romantic.

Halstead seemingly figured out something was going on when Ruzek swung by Upton's place to "awkwardly" check in on her.

I'm starting to think the writers of Chicago PD are trying to get us involved in some double love-triangle shenanigans.

Why? I'm not sure since clearly, we are not fans of the first Burgess-Upton-Ruzek triangle.

Plus, I enjoy Halstead and Upton on a platonic level so please, don't have Ruzek and Upton break-up just so she can pursue something with Jay.

It Was An Act - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 6

Sometimes, I feel like the writers are trolling us. Halstead pointed out that "nothing good ever comes out of a workplace romance," and I couldn't help but chuckle. Don't you wish the writers followed that policy?

If they are aware of how terrible workplace romances are, why do they keep doing this to us?

It's even more frustrating because they got rid of Olinsky to continuously focus on this undefined something between Ruzek and Upton.

Intelligence is a sizable group, however, for the past few episodes, none of the other guys are getting much screen time.

People who aren't sleeping together don't drive to work together. Not to mention, the people we work with are lead detectives.


Halstead's situation with his brother isn't being brought up, Atwater barely gets more than a line or two, Burgess just pops in when she's needed for a scene, and the same goes for Platt.

For the amount of talent they have in that group, specifically Platt and Atwater, they aren't maxing out their potential.

Again, why?

I'd rather each episode give us a bit of something from each character than this constant dose of Ruzek and Upton. Let me know if you agree!

Can't Believe It - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 6

The case-of-the-week was probably the most interesting we've had all season because though the answer was staring us right in the face — it's always the damn husband — there were a lot of red herrings to fluff up the storyline.

I'm not sure why they took what Devon said without any question when it was obvious he wasn't in the right mindset.

Any person who swears their alibi was sitting in a park, smoking weed and talking to god probably shouldn't be trusted.

Upton wanted to get the confession so she appealed to his trauma, which usually works, however, there were warning signs that this wasn't going to end well.

She broke the kid down in such a way that he asked her if she ever thought about killing herself.

How was that not a red flag to possibly keep eyes on him?

When she and Platt tried to go re-question him after finding a new suspect, you knew they were going to find him dead in his holding cell.

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How are they going to explain the suicide of an innocent man they forcibly backed into a corner confession?

Then, Voight overshared information with Alderman Jason who was a little too interested in finding out how much the cops know about his wife's murder.

That also should have served as a warning sign for Voight, but he trusted Jason because he was a friend of Brennan's and a political figure.

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Big mistake.

When Nate was found dead, it was obvious that Jason committed the crime to shut him up before the cops were able to question him.

Jason really thought that his wealth and status in the community were going to grant him some kind of immunity.

Murder is murder, honey.

Voight had strict orders to find Alison's murderer and he did — the road led him right to Jason.

Alderman  - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 6

When he initially told Brennan the truth about Jason, I thought she was going to ask him to cover it up and let Jason walk.

However, it was really satisfying to see her throw him to the wolves.

Jason deserves everything that's coming and more. He degraded his wife to someone who was going to embarrass him because she couldn't take a little push and shove.

The reality? She was desperately seeking a divorce to escape her abusive husband. It's a shame she didn't find the help sooner.

If the series did one thing right on Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 6, it was to show that domestic violence can happen to anyone.

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Much like mental health and certain illnesses, it doesn't care about your status or hefty bank account and it never looks a certain way.

Sadly, these redeeming moments don't help the season in the long run.

I think most of the fans would agree that the writers need to reshape their storylines and divide the screen time evenly amongst the other members of Intelligence.

They all have vastly different and wildly entertaining stories to tell, so let's get to it!

What are your thoughts?

Will Ruzek and Upton last? Will Upton have to pay for not taking the shot and defending herself? Will Voight force Upton and Ruzek to report their relationship? Or will putting it on paper force them to break things off?

You can watch Chicago PD online and let us know how your feeling in the comments below.

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