January 21, 2019

Modern Family Season 10 Episode 6 Review: On the Same Paige

On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 6, Phil's on a mission to save his class. When he turns on the charm, he dials it up too far, attracting some young attention.

It appears that Phil misunderstands Paige's attention when it turns out she's Luke's girlfriend.

So, who does she have a crush on?

This Modern Family episode revolves around misunderstandings.

It wasn't surprising to find out that Luke's girlfriend was using him to get to Phil. Why was Luke not upset about this?

When Paige threw herself at Phil, Luke didn't seem all that surprised. He didn't seem to care at all.

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You'd think he would be upset about a person using him like that, but the kid took it in stride. Luke's reaction didn't seem authentic. Anyone who's used by another person knows this. Even in a comedy Luke's response to his girlfriend jumping into Phil's arms was disconnected.

Should we be concerned about group-molesting Serge?


The other misunderstanding regarding Jay and Laura from the parent group was weak.

It's okay that he has a friend, but if she was really just a friend, why would he wear a shirt to make his eyes pop and do pushups in the parking lot.

At the Follies - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 6

Would Jay be acting that way if his parent pal were named Larry instead of Laura?

I don't think so.

Now, again, there's nothing wrong with him having a friend of the opposite sex. But for Jay to say it was completely innocent is a little bit of bull.

The whole thing with Joe and the lazy eye didn't catch my funnybone at all.

Laura: Did you pre-heat my oven?
Jay: Not on purpose.

I suppose that part of the story was inserted to give Gloria a stink-eye target so that Jay could act all nervous.

It didn't flow well and didn't add any comedy to the storyline.


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They could do so much with Joe, and it doesn't seem like they're utilizing his character very well. He's becoming a little too big for his britches, and most of his lines don't come off as funny.

They're taking his character along the same road as they did with Lily, only earlier.

Fathers' Follies Announcer - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 6

Lily was this sweet and funny little girl, but when she got older, they gave her a snarky personality. They're doing the same with Joe, only this time, they're killing the cute way too early.

He's not a teen yet. Let him be a cute and funny kid.

At the Fathers' Follies, it was nice that Mitchell came out of his Pritchett shell and let loose. He's way too uptight.

But, again, the bit at the follies was predictable. As soon as they set the stage for the little girl's tribute, you knew bee-Mitchell would fly over and wreck the whole thing.

Maybe spend a little less time with your nose in that psych book and a little more time being sexy.


I think what they were going for there was a nod to an I Love Lucy episode. Maybe? But it didn't fly. (No bee-pun intended.)

Where's the originality that makes Modern Family so funny?

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Once you can see what's going to happen in a comedy before it happens, the magic is gone. The funny loses its zing when it's predictable and it wasn't always this way.

There are still one-liners in the show that make me giggle.

Sometimes, but rarely.

Mitch and Cam in Fathers' Follies - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 6

Those moments usually involve Phil's character. Sometimes Jay will have a good one or Haley, but the rest of them rarely get a funny and solid line to throw at us.

They're great actors, but the storylines in Modern Family have become overall weak and predictable. That doesn't allow for these great actors to shine.

Maybe the show has had it's run. Maybe Modern Family just doesn't work anymore now that the family dynamics have changed.

You're missing out on life, Mitchell. Take off your shackles and show people who you really are.


I was hoping they were going to use this season to get their groove back. I was looking forward to a new family dynamic, and I was hoping it would work.

It isn't, and I'm afraid if they can't figure out that sweet spot and knock it out of the park, Modern Family is doomed.

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What do you think, Modern Family fanatics? Am I too hard on Modern Family? Does anyone else know where the heck is Stella? Does anyone hold out any hope for future seasons?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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