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Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 9 Review: Mai ka po mai ka ‘oia’i’o (Truth Comes from the Night)

Some of Five-0's adventures have taken on a comic-book quality. Now superheroes were at the heart of Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 9. Fortunately, most of the team could still get in touch with their inner child. Excepting, surprisingly, the youngest, Tani and Junior. They're too cool for that scene. This was a Jerry episode. And aren't those also the most fun ones? Of course, Jerry was at the forefront of this investigation of the murder of a real-life urban vigilante. Jerry is a true believer in the archetypes of comic books. Was anyone surprised that "Jeremiah" had a pull list at Other Realms? I loved Jerry's dissertation about why he wanted to be Batgirl as a child. As a misfit with an active imagination who didn't fit in, his explanation made perfect sense. Related: Hawaii Five-0 Season 9 Episode 8 Review: Lele punamanu like (Birds of a Feather) Jerry's knowledge of superheroes and his righteous indignation at the nonbelievers were crucial to solving the case. So what if not everybody got his geek speak. If he didn't find Gene's hidden room, the case doesn't take the necessary turn that allowed it to get solved. I like that Steve is giving Jerry the chance to grow as a detective, rather than just keeping him as the mascot. Jerry has a specialized skill set, but McGarrett is giving him an opportunity to try new things, in a controlled environment. And Jerry has responded well to that. Best of all, the case didn't make fun of the comic-book culture. Although no one embraced it as much as Jerry did, at least the others seemed to be able to understand the appeal. Of course, McGarrett could get into it. After all, he already leaps between tall building in a single bound, even if he really shouldn't. That's what made those final scenes drawn in comic-book fashion so amusing. He already had jumped onto a helicopter, more than once. Hell, it's almost a monthly thing. And, for all his grousing about Will's hobby, Grover got it too. He admitted that he'd like to still have some of his old, now valuable, comics. For the enduring legend that the late Walter Payton left behind, I agree with Lou that he qualifies as a superhero. Of course, Danny "You kids get off my lawn" poo-pooed the whole idea of superheroes. He's too often an old man in a middle-aged man's body. But with a young son, he had no choice but to come around. Watch Hawaii Five-0 Online: Season 9 Episode 8 Of course, it was the lawyer. It's always the lawyer. Unless it's a legal show. Then it's the opposition lawyer. As soon as Pope insisted on sticking his nose into the sainted Captain Ishikawa's business. you knew he was seeking to obstruct justice. Of course, until it was revealed that he was the prosecutor who benefited from all those false convictions, his motivation wasn't at all clear. Jerry was able to give The Night Sentinel closure, bo..

Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay

Goodbye Ol' Blue Eyes! Lem was having a ball being human on Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 5, but he needs to take his essence back from Kai and become a vampire again. Lem deciding to give up his powers for love might be considered by some to be an admirable move, but I'm with Olivia on this one. What made them such a powerful couple was that he was a vampire and she was a human. Besides, changing for someone else never works. Lem might be enjoying his newfound "freedom," but it's going to get old pretty fast. The only positive thing that came out of it all was that Lem wasn't able to save Olivia from her father's spell. And being under the spell allowed Olivia to break free from the pain and hurt once she jolted back to reality. Had Lem been vampire Lem, it never would have happened because he would've whisked her out of that house in a jiffy -- and probably killed her father himself. Related: Get Shout! Factory TV via Prime Video Channels For Cult Classic Films & TV that Shape Pop Culture Now! Olivia is probably thinking about having a baby because she's still reminiscing about her time with Mary. It's an experience that profoundly affected her and is floating around in her subconscious which is why she's having these dreams. Lem loves Olivia so much that he would do anything for her, but it's possible he was projecting his desires onto her dream and used it as an excuse to become human again. He's the one who wants to have a baby, not her, but now that he is human and she's free from the weight of her horrible childhood, it's something she might consider. Unfortunately, if things stay this way, it's going to make Midnight's power couple a couple of fuddy-duddies. What's the point of them staying in Midnight if neither of them is weird? Why would they even want to raise a child in that environment? It's not going to happen. Something will compel Lem to take back his essence although it's not clear if it will be a temporary or permanent thing when it happens or how it might change him. There's even a possibility that Olivia might decide to jump into the weird zone. Related: Explore Hundreds of Hours of Curated Historical Videos with History Vault via Prime Video Channels! Kai has quite a collection of essences hidden away in the jukebox, so if she wanted to, she could become something more. Who knows, maybe even Patience will test drive something. I'm still not sure if she's the mastermind behind everything or if she truly doesn't know what Kai is doing. She probably doesn't really care anymore either, but there has to be something that is keeping her around which is why I'm still suspicious of her. Manfred will never look past his lust, so someone else is going to have to figure out what's really going on with Kai and Patience. It also wouldn't be surprising to fin..

Titans Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Donna Troy

When it comes to character development, Titans has been a bit all over the place. Characters like Dick and Rachel have been given the most material to work with, and it was getting a little tiring. Thankfully, Titans Season 1 Episode 8 was a more well-rounded affair that gave all of our key players time to shine, and it also introduced us to a new character in Donna Troy. As I did not read the comics, I did not know about Troy's one-time status as Wonder Girl, but boy, she would make a great superhero if she ever decided to suit up again. The flashbacks to show just how far Donna and Dick go back was a nice touch because it would have been difficult to connect with this new addition otherwise. It's a Justice League thing. Donna Permalink: It's a Justice League thing. Added: November 30, 2018 Her reaction to Dick admitting he was done with Robin, and that his suit was destroyed was particularly telling. Donna made a joke about how expensive the suits were before saying that she still had the suit, yet was not going out fighting crime. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! There's something empowering about still having the superhero costume, and not using it. Donna has a lot of willpower, but she also knows she has that crutch there in the costume should she ever decide to step back into it. As unlikely as that sounds, I wouldn't rule out her becoming a hero once again to help with whatever is headed to destroy the Titans. Dick knew he wouldn't be able to resist slipping back into his violent ways if he still had access to the suit. In essence, Robin was only created as a killing machine for Dick to take out his own anger, and even Bruce's. Bruce had the young Dick under the influence he was a philanthropist who lost his parents. Therefore, they had something in common. I'm not usually a fan of "what if?" episodes, but it would be fun to watch how different Dick's life would have been if lived with a family who did not rely on violence as a means of dealing with things. The biggest surprise of "Donna Troy" was that Donna managed to decipher the writing from the prophecy to reveal Kory's real purpose in all of this. I can't say I'm surprised by the outcome because there had to be the big turning point to ramp up the excitement ahead of the final bunch of episodes. Kory knew something bad was coming on the train when she was having the flashes of her past, but I don't think anything could prepare even her to learn that she was made to kill the teenager she's been mothering for weeks. The final scene with Kory realizing the truth and picking up Rachel was perfectly executed. There's no way the team can survive without each other for very long, so I dare say there's going to be another twist thrown in that will allow Kory to remain with her fr..

Black Lightning Promo: Marked For Death

No matter how far and wide Khalil runs, Tobias will always find him. The nefarious crime lord has sent an assassin to finish the job on Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 8. One way or another, blood will be shed for Tobias's honor. After Khalil defied the kingpin and made a run for it, he became the new enemy. No one disobeys Tobias and lives to tell the tale. Plus, Khalil is a loose end that needs to be cleaned up, so Tobias is going to make sure he gets rid of his "Painkiller." The former enforcer escaped Freeland with Jennifer by his side to live a life without fear. However, it seems that their problems have caught up with them. Based on the trailer for "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus," Tobias's skilled and talented assassin has found Khalil and Jennifer's hideout. Sure, Khalil has some fighting abilities since the transformation to Painkiller. However, this is no ordinary assassin. The attacker is highly trained and capable of even battling against the strongest metahuman. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! We see a few clips of this mysterious assassin throwing knives like it's second nature. She pinned Jennifer against a door with several blades, and she hurled a dagger at Thunder. Both Khalil and Jennifer tried to use their weapons, but it might not be enough to succeed. There's even a quick shot of a bloody body. Could that possibly be Khalil?! Elsewhere in the promo, tensions have reached a boiling point between Anissa and Jefferson. Thunder and Black Lightning have had arguments these last few weeks about the blurry line between father/daughter and being a superhero. But, Jennifer running away was the final straw. Related: Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Book of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange Jefferson tried to blame Anissa for Jennifer running away. (Possibly because she knew about Jennifer texting Khalil?) However, she's having none of his ill-sighted conclusions. Anissa swiftly throws the blame back on him. She is adamant that Jefferson was the one who pushed them away, not the other way around. Could this be the wedge that breaks up the Thunder and Black Lightning duo? Now, over to you, Black Lightning fans! Do you think Khalil will be murdered by the assassin? How will Lynn and Anissa react to Gambi being alive? Will Jennifer's secret powers be exposed to the assassin and Tobias? Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts in the comments. Don't forget, you can watch Black Lightning online via TV Fanatic to catch up on all the past action. Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 8 airs Tuesday, December 4 at 9/8c on The CW.

TV Ratings Report: Will & Grace, Law & Order SVU Go Low

Will & Grace is still dropping at NBC. The latest episode of the revived comedy posted just a 0.6 rating (2.8 million total viewers), slipping a tenth vs. its last new episode. The bad news continued for I Feel Bad which had just a 0.4 rating (1.8 million total viewers). Law & Order: SVU inched down a tenth to a series low 0.7 rating (3.8 million total viewers). Mom (7.4 million/1.1 rating), Murphy Brown (5.6 million/0.8 rating) and S.W.A.T. (5.2 million/0.7 rating) were all down week-to-week. The CW's rotation of Supernatural (1.5 million/0.3 rating) and Legacies (1 million/0.3 rating) continued with steady ratings. World of Disney: Holiday Special (3.2 million/0.7 rating) shed 42 percent in the demo year-to-year. View Slideshow: 38 Hottest 'Ships of Fall 2018!

Why is Days of Our Lives Misusing Abe Carver?

Abe Carver has long been an essential part of the fictional town of Salem. He's been best friends with Roman and John forever, has had to balance his commitment to integrity with the fact that wife Lexie's family was full of the not-so-moral Dimeras, and has had to learn how to support a child with high-functioning Autism on his own after Lexie's death. James Reynolds won an Emmy for his portrayal of Abe's anguish and anger after JJ shot Theo in late 2017. So why, exactly, is Days of Our Lives misusing this legacy character in 2018? As of Fall 2018, Abe is used mostly for comic relief. He has been sparring with ex-con Sheila over her parking in his space and later hired her, only to have her accidentally puke on his shoes. Note to whoever thought this was a great idea: it's not. It just makes Abe look petty and ridiculous and is a complete waste of a talented actor. Abe didn't get to be a popular character by being obnoxious, and this misuse of his character needs to stop. Related: Days of Our Lives: Why Social Messaging Matters In part, this is a symptom of a larger problem. DAYS tends to use legacy characters as comic relief in campy storylines instead of giving them realistic stories that might capture the audience's hearts. John's grief about Marlena's serious health problems was quickly spun off into a nonsensical story in which John switched Marlena with Hattie. Justin and Adrienne have had little to do outside of deal with Bonnie pretending to be Adrienne. Steve and Kayla's story about Steve's deteriorating vision soon turned into Stefan blackmailing Kayla over a bionic eye and Steve going to jail after that eye downloaded sensitive info. Plus Steve's poor vision was caused by his best pal and business partner poisoning him! View Slideshow: Days of Our Lives: 13 Things That Only Happen in Salem The writers seem to think that this kind of silliness is what viewers want, especially that key 18-49 year old demographic, and the nonsense with Abe reflects that belief as much as all these other stories do. It's sad because many of these stories are close to being the kind of super-emotional drama that attracts viewers to soap operas, but they always veer off into the land of the ridiculous just as they're getting good. And in Abe's case, it's doubly sad because Abe's character keeps getting ruined in the process. It doesn't help that most of Abe's family is off-screen. Theo is in South Africa recovering from injuries related to his gunshot wound, Lexie is dead, and Abe's other son Brandon is in parts unknown. The only family Abe has in town is Lani, and that isn't getting utilized to its dramatic potential. When Lani first showed up, Abe accepted her without as much as asking for a DNA test. Ever since he's acted like Lani can do no wrong, even when she's entirely in the wrong. I enjoy Lani ..

Riverdale Promo: Betty’s New Nightmare

Life at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy is about to get a whole lot darker. Our favorite Final Girl Betty Cooper will need to watch her back on Riverdale Season 3 Episode 7. Her life could be in danger now that she's trapped behind the walls of Riverdale's version of a horror house! Alice's heart was in the right place by protecting Betty, but she made a bad decision. In what world would Betty be safe being confined to hell on Earth? Now with the Gargoyle King's influence exposed at the SOQM, her escape is the only chance at survival. Will she make it out or could something sinister happen? Based on the promo, Betty might be the next victim of this horror movie. We see a few clips of Betty adjusting to the ordeal of living at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. She's in the same uniform that Cheryl had to wear as a patient, and there's a file already marked for her. However, things take a dark turn when friend-turned-frenemy-turned-enemy Ethel Muggs shows up to rub it in Betty's face. From the way Ethel spoke to Betty, you could sense her diabolical joy at having Betty trapped with the devoted followers of the Gargoyle King. Plus, the short clip of Betty knocked out on the floor had to be because of Ethel. Related: Get Shudder via Prime Video Channels for Spine-Tingling & Provocative Films, TV Series, & Originals! Ethel did once say that Betty was "unworthy" of the Gargoyle King's knowledge, so this could be her payback. There's also a few clips of a girl being dragged away and Betty being led to a strange chapel. Is this how they'll punish her for trying to escape? Could they be introducing her to the Gargoyle King? Jughead and Archie's farewell travels from Riverdale has led them to a farm. It doesn't seem like THE Farm where the Evernevers run their cult, but it's a suspicious farm, nonetheless. Based on the clips, Archie is positively in love with the simple rural life. If he could wash his Riverdale troubles away, he would gladly sign up for this rustic lifestyle right now. Plus, he's getting a little too close for comfort with the farm's owner, Laurie Lake (played by guest star Riley Keough). She seemed like an innocent character, but there's something about the way she held the straight razor that set off all the warnings. Laurie could be someone they should be cautious around. And, Archie just had a tearful goodbye with Veronica. There's no way he would hook-up with someone else this fast, right? (Seriously, Archie, don't!) Elsewhere in the promo, Veronica is betting big in the hopes of winning big. She's playing a dangerous game of Blackjack that could take her to the cleaners. She needs to cross every finger and find her nearest four-leaf clover. Lady Luck has to be on her side now more than ever. Related: Riverdale Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Chapter Forty-One: Manhunter Now, over to you, Riverdale fans! Check o..

Legacies Promo: A Favorite from The Vampire Diaries Returns!

Legacies is bringing back the mother of Lizzie and Josie! The CW has released the first official teaser for Legacies Season 1 Episode 6 which focuses on Jo's return ahead of the sweet sixteen birthday party for the twins. They grow up so fast, right? Caroline Forbes actually gave birth to the twins in on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 13 which aired in 2016, but thanks to the jumps on both that series and The Originals, we're well into the future. Alaric is blindsided by the return of Jo who perished at the hands of her brother, Kai, during their wedding ceremony on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21. Related: Legacies Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Malivore Jo later returned on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 when Alaric found a way to raise her from the dead. The trouble is that the soul who returned was not quite Jo. With this iteration of the character likely showing up with a link to Malivore, we're inclined to believe she's not going to be the real deal ... even if that means she shows up in the wedding dress she was murdered in. In the teaser, Alaric takes aim at Jo with his trusty crossbow because he knows she can't really be back from the dead. Hell, even the twins struggle to find peace in the fact that their mother is back on the scene. Watch the full teaser and hit the comments with your thoughts on it. Remember you can watch Legacies online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up on this hit series right now.

Watch S.W.A.T. Online: Season 2 Episode 9

A day off is non-existent when you are part of a SWAT team. On S.W.A.T. Season 2 Episode 9, the team was called in to end a hostage situation that quickly turned deadly. Watch S.W.A.T. Season 2 Episode 9 Online The plot thickened when it emerged that one of the captives was a wanted felon who may have a connection to the villains. Also, Hondo helped his sister after she was roofied in a nightclub and set out to find a serial rapist. Use the video above to watch S.W.A.T. online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: CBS Cheat Sheet: Is Criminal Minds Really in Danger?! Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch Murphy Brown Online: Beat The press

Did Murphy manage to fight her demons? On Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 11, the news anchor was dumbfounded when she was affraid to dispute the opposing viewpoint of a guest on her show. Watch Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 10 Online With the political climate changing, everyone started to change their views on how news should be reported. It didn't help matters that Frank was physically attacked while covering a political rally. Use the video above to watch Murphy Brown online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 13 Minor Characters We Adore Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.
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