January 16, 2019

18 Brilliant (and Scary) Computer Hackers on TV Shows

Hackers and computer programmers can serve as villains or heroes, it all depends on what they're getting accomplished.

We're impressed with their particular set of skills, yet sometimes, it's frightening to see how much damage they can do with just the click of a button.

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However, you always need a skilled hacker on your team in case you have to take down a large corporation, dig up some blackmail on someone, or, you know, locate God's coordinates deep within New York City.

1. Elliot – Mr. Robot

A self-proclaimed cyber vigilante, Elliot gets deeply involved in illegal situations involving the dark web when he's recruited by a mysterious hacktivist group trying to eradicate the world's debt by eliminating E. Corp. I'd think twice about crossing wires with him.

2. Nolan Ross – Revenge

Nolan ross revenge Nolan Ross is the brains and billions behind NolCorp. His technical skills play an integral role in helping bestie Emily take down the Graysons, a prominent Hampton's family responsible for framing her father, David Clarke. Switching identities, wiping people off the grid, hacking security systems — it's all child's play for Nolan.

3. Huck (And Quinn) – Scandal

Huck scandal Not only is Huck a skilled B6-13 spy he's also a masterful hacker which comes in handy for Olivia Pope. He does whatever is asked of him to help his boss, the White House and the Republic. There's no task too big for him and no firewall he can't take down. Sometimes, it's downright scary. Quinn later becomes his apprentice and earns the title.

4. Winn – Supergirl

Brainy and winn supergirl Winn goes from programmer at CatCo Worldwide Media to the D.E.O's secret weapon. His skills include breaking into any computer system, hacking alien devices, locating criminals who don't want to be found, and creating tools to weaken their powers. He's also responsible for creating Kara and James' indestructible super suits. And when he gets called into the future for a mission, equally as savvy Brainy stays behind to hold down the fort.

5. Skye – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Skye agents of shield This whole hacking thing comes "naturally" to Skye, an inhuman, genius-level hacker who serves as a S.H.I.E.L.D operative. She can reverse an e-hack in her sleep and does most of her work from the back of a van with a laptop she won in a bet.

6. Mouse – Chicago PD

Mouse chicago pd Mouse is an ex-soldier who served with Jay Halstead and scored the job of "technical expert" after Sheldon Jin's death. His responsibilities included installing trackers into phones, hiding wiretaps, tracking down suspects and informing Intelligence of their location. View Slideshow

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