January 16, 2019

Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7 Review: Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7, Alex steps up on her high horse and looks down on her family. This time Luke joins her.

By the end, she realized they made her who she is today.

But that's not the big shock of the night, and I don't think I like where this is going.

It's unclear how much time has passed between the break up of Haley and Arvin and Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7. Maybe a couple of months?

We went from the 4th of July to Halloween to the current day, but we haven't hit Thanksgiving yet, so, yeah, a few months.

Haley is pregnant, and although I'm sure she and Dylan have been doing it like bunnies, I hope they're not going to have us questioning the baby's paternity.

I love it that you're smart now.


Let's think about that for a minute. Okay, Arvin was gone for a while, and Claire brought him back to surprise Haley.

Dylan was in the house in his heart suit at the time, so there's no way Haley and Arvin got busy.

The baby is definitely Dylan's.


Phil Gives Alex a Hug - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7

Now, let's digest that for a minute. Claire has always been worried that Dylan and Haley would start a family too early. She warned Haley about trapping herself and tying herself to a family too early.

I wonder how she'll handle the news.

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Dylan and Haley are young, but they're not kids anymore, and they both have careers going.

It's too soon after their reconciliation to throw a baby in the mix, but there it is.

Luke: Thank you, Alexandra. It's not easy being the smart ones in this family.
Alex: Don't compare us! Your last English paper came back with a Garfield sticker on it that said, "Way to Go!"

They're going down Phil and Claire road which turned out well for them, so who knows? Dylan will probably propose to Haley, and they'll get married before the baby is born.

Where are they going to live, though? In the Dunphy basement?

On to Alex. She hasn't acted all high and mighty for a while, but she brought herself down a smidge. Thank God.

The Family Chicken - Modern Family

Everybody has their thing. Who is Alex to judge? SHE has a thing! She's a smug know-it-all who likes to put people down.

I like Alex, don't get me wrong, but all that judgment was uncool. Yes, it was Luke who labeled everyone, which I thought was funny coming from him because he was spot on, but Alex jumped right on board.

She realized at the end that her family with all its quirks contributed in a big way who she is today.

Maybe she'll tune the attitude down a little bit. She's always going to have that air about her because she's Alex, but she doesn't need to label and judge.

Don't Bugs Bunny me.


Accept your family for who they are, unless they're jerks.

The Dunphys aren't jerks, though, they're quirky, so it's all good.

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When I saw Mitchell with the chicken on Twitter today, I thought I would enjoy the Mitch/Cam storyline.

Cullen McCarthy and Ed O'Neil - Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7

Although the chicken was adorable, the story was the same old thang.

Mitch and Cam hid the truth from each other and fessed up at the end.

Seriously? Can't we do better than that with these two?

Yes, we can.

Give Mitch and Cam a storyline where they're not deceiving someone else or each other.

Puh-lease. I dare you.

You got rid of Henifer!


I loved Mitchell as a cowpoke. The way he slid into the feed store and transformed into a farmer-dude was funny. I was surprised that Cam hated Henifer and didn't enjoy that side of him. The writers obviously did that so they could write in a deception between the two.

But disliking any part of farmlife doesn't fit in with Cam's personality.

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Just because he's city-fied doesn't mean he has to start disliking farm life. Does it?

Does that mean he's not farm-strong anymore like Pameron always said?

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Yes, I get it, they were giving Mitch and Cam a common ground. I'm still not impressed with how they got there.

Despite my annoyance with the Mitch/Cam skipping down lying road again, I did enjoy this episode.

There were some laughing moments, warm moments and a surprise pregnancy. Overall, it was one of the better episodes in recent memory.

I'm curious to see how Haley's pregnancy will affect the family. It will give the show another line to follow and it might be interesting. We'll see.

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I wonder if they'll name the baby after DeDe?

What do you think, Modern Family fanatics? Are you happy about Haley's pregnancy? What did you think of Mitch and Henifer? What was your favorite moment from this episode?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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