January 21, 2019

21 TV Doctors So Hot Your Heart Will Skip a Beat!

Smoking hot doctors have been steaming up TV screens for decades. There is never a shortage of eye-candy in medical dramas that have fans hearts skipping a beat and tuning in every week.

Whether they are saving a life, breaking the rules or breaking hearts, these men and women are doctors' fans wish were their doctors in real-life.

These specific doctors were chosen because they are easy on the eyes. But they also make us laugh, cry, and put their patients first.

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Now the list of smoking hot TV doctors could have been endless. Those that made the cut are ones who have graced our small screens over the last couple of decades.

Read on to find out if your fave made the list and he or she didn't please share who it is in the comments section.

1. Conrad Hawkins – The Resident

Conrad Hawkins is tough, brilliant and oh so cocky, with an up to no good grin that gets hearts beating fast. He plays by his own rules regardless of the consequences, especially when it comes to the lives of his patients.

2. Alex Karev – Grey's Anatomy

Alex karev greys anatomy Alex Karev has been breaking hearts since day one, with his lousy attitude, rough exterior and brown eyes one can get lost in. He has gone from rough around the edges intern to the pediatrician who will do anything to save kids making fans swoon over him even more.

3. Natalie Manning – Chicago Med

Natalie manning chicago med Natalie Manning's infectious smile gets her noticed, but don't let it fool you. It is her brutal honesty, patient loyalty and fighting spirit that really gets hearts beating.

4. Max Goodwin – New Amsterdam

Max goodwin new amsterdam Max Goodwin is shaking this up with his five o'clock shadow, piercing eyes and no backing down attitude. His good looks and his mission to put patient care above hospital policy, are sure to get anyone's heart pumping.

5. Jackson Avery – Grey's Anatomy

Jackson avery greys anatomy Jackson Avery's dimples, green eyes, and sexy smile had fans at hello. It is not just his looks that make hearts skip a beat but his fearlessness, loyalty and drive to make a difference.

6. Connor Rhodes – Chicago Med

Connor rhodes chicago med Connor Rhodes is the brilliant trauma surgeon who will do anything necessary to save his patients. His rule-breaking ways, loveable smile, and eyes you can't look away from are why he gets fans hearts jumping. View Slideshow

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