January 21, 2019

Black Lightning Photo Preview: Does Jennifer Find Closure?

Teen romance is in full form on Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5.

Jennifer has cracked under pressure of her spiraling personal life and has reached out to her villainous ex-boyfriend, Khalil. Or, as Tobias prefers to call him when he sends him against enemies, "Painkiller."

She promised Anissa on Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 4 that she would never contact Khalil again. However, we knew that promise wasn't going to last. Jennifer has lingering feelings for her ex, and he keeps texting her constantly for them to have a chat.

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Now, it looks like they're having their big reunion.

Based on the preview photos, the chat seems to be calm and sweet. Jennifer and Khalil are reconnecting at Garfield at night to have their long-awaited conversation. What will they bring up? Will they get back together?

Check out the photos below from "The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem," which airs Tuesday, November 13 on The CW.

Don't forget, you can watch Black Lightning online via TV Fanatic to catch-up on Jennifer's metahuman story before her reunion.

1. Jennifer's Path

The road to becoming "Lightning" and embracing her powers is one filled with hurdles and self-reflection. Jennifer is ready to face those concerns. She's reached out to a familiar friend for an important discussion,

2. Reunion

Reunion black lightning s2e5 After weeks of internal conflicts and sadness, Jennifer has reached out to Khalil. What will their long-awaited chat bring up? Will they get back together?

3. Watch Your Back

Watch your back black lightning s2e5 Lynn is pushing herself to find a cure for the green light children in the pods. However, her work environment isn't the most safe. She's caught a few minutes of rest, but that peacefulness won't last long.

4. Scientific Formulas

Scientific formulas black lightning s2e5 For the chance at finding the cure, Lynn has to work with Dr. Jace. On the other hand, Dr. Jace is scarier than most of the metahumans they've ever faced. There's something about her that we just don't trust.

5. Post-Principal Life

Post principal life black lightning s2e5 The harsh realities of giving up his principal title have weighed down on Jefferson's mind. Things keep getting worse and worse for him. He needs something good to happen to him soon.

6. Can Henderson Keep A Secret?

Can henderson keep a secret black lightning s2e5 Deputy Chief Henderson has discovered a powerful secret regarding Jefferson's secret identity. Will he keep it a secret from everyone? From the looks of them at the bar, there might be hope here. View Slideshow

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