December 19, 2018

17 Times Zelda Spellman Was The Sarcastic Aunt We All Needed

We can't keep track of all the fantastic female characters on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

There is the titular teenage witch herself, the flirty femme fatale, Prudence, and of course the iconic Madame Satan. But the one whose one-liners we all remember is absolutely Zelda Spellman!

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Here are 17 times Zelda Spellman was the sarcastic aunt we all deserve.

1. When She Had A Few Suggestions For Sabrina's Familiar

"Familiars are goblins, Sabrina, there is nothing 'human' about them."

2. When Hilda Annoyed Her

When hilda annoyed her ….So she killed her and buried her in the yard.

3. When Zelda Was Given Her Youth Back

When zelda was given her youth back "Praise Satan, I am young again!"

4. When Zelda Knew Sabrina Wasn't Being Challenged

When zelda knew sabrina wasnt being challenged In a meeting with Father Blackwood at the Academy of Unseen Arts. Sabrina: I didn't come here to study herbalism or Latin! Zelda: Well, of course, you didn't. If this is what you have her studying, then no wonder she is acting out. The poor dear is restless!

5. When A Jam Jar Was Just Fine

When a jam jar was just fine After defeating Batibat. "Well it's not as intricate as an Acheron Configuration, but a jam jar will do just as well."

6. When Zelda Had a Thing or Two to Say About Childbirth

When zelda had a thing or two to say about childbirth "Carrying a child of nigh to term should be the most joyous 13 months in a witch's life." View Slideshow

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