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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Sheepdogs

Finally, we learned more about who Hannah is. Hannah let slip some of her secrets on NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 7. What brought this out in her was a case that dwelled on the relationship between mothers and daughters. Hannah has been a breath of fresh air this season. When Pride has, once again, left his regional office to get directly involved in yet another case (learn to delegate, Dwayne), Hannah willingly takes a step back and becomes another member of the team. But when Pride is off doing his own thing, which never seems to be administrative, she smoothly takes over leadership of his old team, with hardly a ripple. Related: NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Pound of Flesh That's not to say no tension, however. Gregorio, who had been the resident profiler, seemed to bristle when Pride handed Hannah the interrogation of Yasmin. But then, Gregorio bristles a lot. It's in her nature. The rest, LaSalle, Sebastian, Patton, and Loretta, seem to accept Hannah's role without question. After all, Pride long ago gave everyone the freedom to follow their own hunches. That's only right since he's the leading proponent of that investigative style. Becoming a suit certainly hasn't changed that. Maybe Pride won't have to give up his new title. He appears to have the authority to follow up on whatever case piques his interest. Since Pride is Special Agent in Charge for the Southeast Region, does that mean he could conceivably go investigate a case at another office in that region? I sense a backdoor pilot of NCIS: Dallas. But let's not kid ourselves. Pride's weaselly No. 2 is going to snitch on him, even if he did save Ginny's life on NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 6. Related: Watch NCIS: New Orleans Online: Season 5 Episode 6 Then Dwayne will be right back where he belongs. Only he will have had a couple of months to further heal. But I digress. Back to Hannah. She has been slow to fit in with the team socially, not joining them at the Tru Tone. And being New Orleans, partaking socially is almost a job requirement. There was a wistfulness to her that appeared when she watched kids trick-or-treating. I thought that was just because she was getting comfortable in a new city. But we learned that she has a 10-year-old daughter Naomi who lives with her ex, which obviously has a great deal to do with why Hannah came to New Orleans. Naturally, Gregorio picked up on the fact that something was borrowing Hannah, based largely on that phone call she overheard. And even though Sebastian told her to let it go, she didn't. She's like a bulldog that way. Related: 19 Scientific Sweethearts It was sad to see Hannah watch Naomi through the window, without going inside. There's got to be some reason why she stays clear of her daughter, and I'm sure we'll find out more in a future episode. Yasmin, the bomber, was a piece of wo..

The Conners Season 1 Episode 4 Review: The Separation of Church and Dan

This was a great way to show the different ways people grieve. If you were confused by the timeline of The Conners Season 1 Episode 4, you are not alone because it was a jumbled mess. This was clearly supposed to be the second episode of the season but was instead pushed back to make room for Blue in The Conners Season 1 Episode 2 and the Halloween episode in The Conners Season 1 Episode 3. I'm disappointed they didn't go ahead and keep this as the second episode of the season considering it was the perfect continuation of The Conners Season 1 Episode 1. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazin Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! We finally got the chance to see how the family was dealing with the death of Roseanne and most importantly, how Dan was grieving for the death of his wife; though we knew Dan would grieve in his own way. The family's reactions to Dan's grieving process were made even more perplexing. They knew Dan would want to figure out how to move forward with his life on his own terms. It made no sense for them to push him to grieve a certain way. Dan has always needed to be alone with his thoughts and emotions while putting together what he needs to do next. Dan's attempt at going to the group meeting for widow's opened a lot of eyes to exactly what Dan was going through. Related: Get Showtime via Prime Video Channels for Award-Winning Original Series, Hit Movies, Sports & More! Dan was angry about the why behind Roseanne passing away and projected a majority of his anger at God. I can't believe I am saying this, but I was happy Becky was there for Dan, and he was able to ask her how she moved forward after Mark's death. Becky was the perfect person to go to for Dan because she knew what he was going through. Becky lost her husband suddenly, and she was able to assure Dan the way he was grieving was the correct way for him because it's exactly what she did. Related: The Conners Season 1 Episode 3 Review: There Won't Be Blood Speaking of Becky, I was thrilled to hear her finally open up about what she was going through after Mark's death. What she told Dan was heartbreaking; she grieved all by herself, but sometimes it's the perfect way to grieve those we have lost. Was anyone else confused why DJ didn't bring Mary to church while Geena was overseas? I feel as though it was never touched upon, but we were supposed to just go with it for the sake of the storyline. I understood what Geena was saying. She wants Mary raised a certain way and going to church kept Geena connected to Mary while she was gone, though I also understood why Mary was reluctant to go back to church because she sees her other family members not going. Related: The Conners Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Tangled Up In Blue Mary is young and while she will eventually be able to make her own decisions abou..

New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Domino Effect

If you aren't watching New Amsterdam by now, please know that you are missing out on some of the most beautiful, heartwarming programming on the air. If you ever struggled to explain the nature of this show and everything that it embodies, look no further than New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 7. It was the perfect installment to air on World Kindness Day. The hour was New Amsterdam at its best. It was magnificent and emotional, and that has become a staple for the series. It was apparent the domino surgery would fall apart the moment it was introduced. Those procedures can never go smoothly because of the complexity of humans and relationships are heightened. With a domino surgery, you have to consider many factors. You have to guarantee that everyone involved in it is doing so of their own free will. You have to make sure the people involved check out mentally. You have to guarantee there wasn't an exchange of money. Related: New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Anthropocene It's a house of cards, or rather dominos, hence the name. If one part falls through, all of it does. It's complicated, messy, and risky because so many lives are at stake. Aminah was the primary reason Helen orchestrated the procedure, but Tonya was the reason the whole thing fell apart. It was difficult because you wanted to sympathize with this mother of two who freaked out at the last minute, but you also were disappointed in her for leaving her brother and everyone else on the hook. Max: We will find Aninah a donor just not today. Kapoor: Will Tariq agree to donate without Aminah having a donor? Max: It's the right thing to do. Helen: The right thing to do? That he should give up a piece of himself while we take away his wife's hope? Max: It's the best option we have. Permalink: It's the best option we have. Added: November 13, 2018 Kapoor couldn't fathom bailing on family like that. A part of his strong feelings on the matter was due to his strained relationship with his son, and also his culture, but it was a study of human behavior, belief systems, and morality. What would you have done? Tonya was terrified, and it is significant when you have to give a piece of your body to someone else. It's a long recovery process, and she had kids and a life to live, and it's time-consuming and costly. It's not easy, and her rocky relationship with her brother was the final nail in the coffin. Tonya thought her brother wouldn't do the same for her if she needed it. That is heavy and sad. But then, it also meant damning her brother to die. The issue with a domino surgery is that no matter what your feelings are about the person you intend to help, there are other lives, and they depend on you too. That is a lot of pressure on one person, but that is also more reason to go through with it. Tonya's brother may or may not suck, but after agreeing to do it in the first place, I couldn&..

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Requiem

R.I.P. Gambi. You will always be missed! The man will sharp style and even sharper knives said his final goodbyes during Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 5 in the flames of glory. (Literally and figuratively speaking.) His shocking farewell kicked off the hour with a tidal wave of emotions that didn't stop. Though, that's to be expected when we lose a main character and one that means so much to the show. Plus, it's Gambi. (The feels right now!) My initial thought to Gambi's death was that the entire scene was a red herring. Gunshots, the car chase, and the ensuing explosion served as the flashy opener that would then reveal Gambi held prisoner by Tobias or the A.S.A. All the elements were there for his miraculous return. And, it's the type of filler plot you'd expect in an action series. Everything was chalked up to being filler until the reality of the situation kicked in. The twist never came, and Gambi stayed dead by the time Anissa drove away. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! This death looked to be permanent. This twist is an interesting surprise when you put it into the context of story structure. We don't typically lose a main character at the beginning and then spend the rest of the hour mourning them. The tone becomes somber and it slows down the pace. Gambi got the attention he deserved for his goodbye, but his death probably would've been better as a cliffhanger twist. Jefferson dealt with the death the hardest, which perfectly suited his character's personality. Gambi was the closest thing to a father Jefferson had after his own parent was murdered. Losing another parental figure took its emotional toll on him yet again. Plus, the pair were extremely close. He relied on Gambi for trusted advice and not having him around left a hole in his heart. As morbid as it sounds, what I loved about watching Jefferson processing Gambi's death was that he quickly went through the five stages of grief. Or more accurately, he lightly touched upon the first few stages to come face-to-face with his loss. Tobias: Well, if it isn’t the man we all know and love, Councilman Kwame Parker. Kwame: Tobias Whale. So this is your version of a law-abiding citizen looks like? Tobias: Depends on what law you’re referring to. I adhere to the law of the jungle. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Either you’re dining or you’re dinner. Permalink: I adhere to the law of the jungle. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Added: November 13, 2018 Firstly, he hit "Denial" right away once Deputy Chief Henderson revealed the death to him and Anissa. Jefferson refused to believe that Gambi had died until he saw proof. Either Gambi hid away after the assassination attempt or he truly died in the car wreck. This stance was his stubborn way of "photos or it didn't happen." Secondly, the next stage ..

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Sometimes

This is love. This is perfection. This Is Us. This Is Us Season 3 Episode 7 was by far the best episode of This Is Us Season 3, and there have been some pretty great ones. It had everything This Is Us fans could ask for -- heartache, pain, and a whole lotta love. There were so many swoon-worthy moments that happened on "Sometimes" that it's hard to keep count. Between Jack and Rebecca and Kevin and Zoe, there was a lot of love in the air, and it's beautiful. Jack and Rebecca really tugged at the heartstrings. I've always loved them together, even during the hardships and pains, but watching their love story from the very beginning is just what my life needs right now. There are no two people, real or fictional, that are more perfect together. If you didn't believe they were meant for each other before this hour, Jack and Rebecca's third date forced you to believe it. And if you still don't think they're the perfect pair, you probably don't believe in love. Third dates are usually where the magic happens. The awkwardness of getting to know each other is behind you, and it's time to see if there is real potential there. Related: This Is Us Season 3 Episode 6: Kamsahamnida However, most normal couples third dates don't involve a multi-day road trip, but Jack and Rebecca are not a normal couple. They share sparks so hot the TV sizzles a little everytime they appear. The way they looked at each other, it was obvious they were both so invested in their relationship that a road trip for a third date actually seemed plausible. Rebecca: I made some turkey sandwiches, I don't know if you're a turkey fan. Jack: I love turkey. Rebecca: Uh me too! Look at us a couple of turkey freaks driving across the country. And my mom said it was too soon to take a road trip. Permalink: Uh me too! Look at us a couple of turkey freaks driving across the country. And my mom said... Added: November 13, 2018 There were only two things that kept Rebecca from going all in with Jack. A potential music career in LA that could take her on the road and the fact that Jack was so secretive about his past. Can you really know someone without having any information about their past? It was a question that she pondered throughout their road trip, as she continued to try to get some answers out of Jack, but every time she asked, he politely shut her down. At one point he even admitted that he just couldn't find it within himself to talk about what happened to him in Vietnam. He wants to keep that life and this life separate. If it were any other man, Rebecca probably would've got the heck out of that hotel room, but no one can resist Jack Pearson's subtle charm. The two shared multiple beautiful moments throughout "Sometimes," but those love scenes were magical. They managed to be hot and tender at the same time. Related: This Is Us Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Toby..

NBC Cheat Sheet: Manifest Is on Thin Ice

NBC premiered three new scripted series this fall. One of them is a lock to be renewed, one is on the bubble, and the other is a certain cancellation. Related: CW Cheat Sheet: Which Shows Are in Danger? But what about the other shows on the network? We've rounded up the performance of the peacock network's fall shows in the ratings, and whether they are likely to be renewed for more seasons. 1. This Is Us - Certain Renewal This hit drama is down double digits year-to-year, but it remains NBC's highest-rated show. It is currently averaging 9.1 million viewers and a 2.4 rating. 2. Manifest - Could Go Either Way Manifest is averaging 7.6 million total viewers and a 1.5 rating in the demo. However, the show is on a slippery slope, with the most recent outing logging a 1.1 in the demo and 6.1 million viewers. It has now dropped 50 percent in the demo since its premiere. It commands solid gains delayed viewing, but it needs to stop bleeding to secure its future. If it does stabilize in the coming weeks,it will be upgraded to "Likely Renewal." 3. New Amsterdam - Certain Renewal This new medical drama is a reliable performer and has stabilized. Currently averaging 7 million viewers and a 1.4 rating, it ranks as NBC's third highest-rated scripted offering. 4. Chicago Fire - Certain Renewal Chicago Fire is up almost 20 percent in the demo vs. last season. Averaging a robust 8.1 million total viewers, and a 1.3 rating, it will be back. 5. Chicago Med - Certain Renewal Chicago Med is averaging the same 1.2 rating it did last season. In today's TV landscape, steady is the new up. 6. Chicago PD - Certain Renewal Like Chicago Med, Chicago PD is right in line with the 1.2 rating it averaged last season. View Slideshow

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: 45 Years of Tradition Returns

The Thanksgiving holiday will soon be here, and nothing says Thanksgiving like tradition. Among my favorite holiday traditions? Watching the Macy's Day Parade on NBC (we're up to number 92, guys) and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I feel blessed to have grown up during the time of the very best of children's programming. Networks were outdoing themselves year after year trying to one-up the competition, but only the classics have persevered. Related: Harry Potter the TV Series: Is It Time to Make the Leap? A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving premiered in 1973 and has aired on television every November since. It's something you can count on just as much as your family and the turkey on the table. It was the third Peanuts special, arriving after A Charlie Brown Christmas and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and didn't arrive without some controversy. One of the producers had a little bit of difficulty with Woodstock's, ummm, cannibalistic nature. Would a sweet bird eat a Thanksgiving turkey?! As he was eventually overruled in his worry, perhaps he was thinking on the moment a bit too hard, giving human character where they weren't warranted. However, Lee Mendelson, the producer in question, did edit the scene when it aired on CBS. It returned to its original form when the special began airing on ABC in 2001. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video The focal point of the special is that Charlie Brown, whom Peppermint Patty calls Chuck, wants to treat the girl to a Thanksgiving meal, something she won't be getting at home. You know who your friends are when throwing such a festive occasion. Lucy, who taunts Charlie endlessly throughout the specials, appears at the beginning asking him to kick a football, promising she won't pull it away. She does. She is not invited to the dinner. As they're kids, they aren't quite prepared for a full turkey dinner and all the trimmings, so Snoopy has an idea for all kinds of fun treats. As a kid, it seems like a super awesome meal. Who wouldn't want jellybean sandwiches and popcorn roasted over an open fire? Apparently, that person would be Peppermint Patty. She's ultimately unsatisfied with what her friend does for her, and it's a bit of a letdown, as usual, for Chuck. But there is a happy ending, and it's not even the end for Thanksgiving. Linus, intellectual as always, gave a speech about Elder William Brewster at the Pilgrim's first Thanksgiving. Related: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Gets Christmas Special at Netflix! Thirteen years later it became a part of its own special, This is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers. View Slideshow: 17 Thanksgiving Dinners We'll Never Forget The night before Thanksgiving, you can see both A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving AND The Mayflower Voyagers on ABC beginning at 8/7c. ..

The Walking Dead Photos: Can They Understand Us, Too?

The Whisperers have arrived, and that could spell bad news for our Survivors on The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7. After already jumping ahead one and a half years in the season premiere, The Walking Dead has seen yet another time jump and is the series biggest yet. A lot has changed in the six years following Rick's ultimate sacrifice, and our survivors are going to need to continue to adapt and evolve in order to survive the coming danger. Related: The Walking Dead Review: Who Are You Now? The Whisperers will pose an enormous threat, the likes of which Alexandria, The Kingdom, and Hilltop have never seen. If you thought Negan and The Saviors where the most ruthless adversary the group has faced, you haven't seen anything yet. Who could be on the chopping block as the Whisperer's draw near? Let's take a peek at some photos from the upcoming episode: "Stradivarius." If you watch The Walking Dead online, you can re-watch the Whisperers chilling introduction from The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6. 1. Alone In The Wilderness Daryl (Norman Reedus) lives alone in the wilderness. 2. Ride Along - The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7 Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) and her friends are taken to Hilltop. 3. Looking For Shelter - The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7 Luke (Dan Folger) hopes that Hilltop will allow his group to stay. 4. Show Me A Sign - The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7 Kelly (Angel Theory) is Connie's only means of communication. 5. Escort - The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7 Will Michonne safely guide Magna's group to Hilltop? 6. The Whole truth - The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 7 Will we learn more about Connie and Magna and how they managed to survive for so long? View Slideshow

Harry Potter the TV Series: Is It Time to Make the Leap?

This weekend marked the premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the second in a five-part prequel series to the Harry Potter franchise. Since the books came out in 1997, the world created by J.K. Rowling has been everywhere from the big screen to Broadway. Is it time to bring Harry and friends to the small screen? If the Potterverse continues on its current trajectory, a television version seems inevitable. As a massive fan of the movies, I have mixed feelings about an attempt. It is hard to picture anybody other the Emma Watson as Hermione or Daniel Redcliff as Harry. However, it would not be the first time that a book that became a movie went on to be a television series. There is a grand tradition in television history of bringing books to life. Networks such as The CW and Freeform have a history of breathing new life into familiar franchises. The CW brought us The Vampire Diaries, and Freeform brought us Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, and Shadowhunters. Shadowhunters is particularly significant because a movie got done first. More on that later. Related: Shadowhunters Midseason Finale: The Monster Rises Netflix has kept up the tradition with classics in the making such as Anne with an E and the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia series. The Anne of Green Gables books came out in the early 1900s, and the Narnia books were published in the 1950s. Both have had countless television and film adaptions come out in the 20th and 21st century. They have what we like to call staying power. They are classics, and every new interpretation is like discovering this world all over again. When bringing a book to life on the big or small screen, there are a couple of different directions directors can go. One is to strive to stay close to the source material, including everything that they can fit. That method seems like it would lend better to television than movies because a television series has more time to tell a story. For some reason though, it seems to go the other way around. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! The Mortal Instruments, for example, was first attempted as a movie interpretation. Even though the casting was brilliant and the movie tried to stay close to the books, the movie flopped. When Shadowhunters came out, it was another chance to tell the story. The creators of Shadowhunters decided to change a lot of the story, keeping the most important elements, but altering plotlines, character histories, and even a number of the relationships. As a result, the show was a lot more popular. It provided something new and fresh that the movie did not. Some naysayers claim the acting is subpar, or that the changes are too much. Freeform has a history of changing the stories for the book to television shows. The Lying Game is nearly unrecognizable when compared to the books, and the Liars in the Pretty Litt..

A Series of Unfortunate Events Final Season Gets January Premiere Date

The story of the Baudelaire orphans has an end date at Netflix. The streamer previously confirmed the upcoming third season would be the show's last, and it makes sense. By the end of A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 3, the show will have exhausted its thirteen-novel source material. Neil Patrick Harris took to Twitter on Tuesday with a teaser trailer for the final episodes, as well as confirmation of when fans can expect the final episodes to debut. "Count Olaf and Lemony Snicket come bearing terrible news - the release date of A Series of Unfortunate Events, season 3! (Here’s a hint: it’s January 1st)," the Count Olaf actor shared. It's still unclear at this stage whether the series will deviate from the novels by throwing in a surprise conclusion. To date, the TV show has essentially followed the books scene by scene, but it would be fun to get a different ending. A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 debuted in March 2018, so it's great that Netflix is giving fans the new episodes less than a year later. Waiting for shows these days is becoming a bit of a chore with longer than usual production times, so this is good news. Have a look at the teaser below and join us in the comments with your thoughts on it!
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