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Empire Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Master of What is Mine Own

Think about the children! Everyone is fighting and a few things happened on Empire Season 5 Episode 8 to push the story forward, but the lasting images that will stick with most fans are the opening scene and the closing one. I can't shake the image of Bella aiming the gun at her bickering family before pointing it at herself. Hopefully, the gun isn't loaded, or someone will take it from her before anything serious happens. Hakeem is a certified idiot, but maybe this incident with Bella will knock some sense into him. He needs to squash this ridiculous beef with Blake. It's long overdue for them to put their issues to bed. It's affecting too many people now, including Hakeem's children. If the image of Bella cocking that in the same way he did during his stupid confrontation with Blake doesn't get him, then he can't be saved. It's understandable that he has dealt with a lot and is struggling, but all of his antics are getting old. Related: Empire Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Treasons, Stragems, and Spoils The flash forward at the top of the hour revealed that Cookie isn't the one in that casket. Not that there were doubts about that. Lucious was shown washing his bloodied hands, and Cookie came in to tell him that someone was in surgery, and then she asks him whose blood he was washing off. Lucious, I just got a call that he was in the hospital. Is that blood? Lucious, what did you do? What did you do?! Cookie Permalink: Lucious, I just got a call that he was in the hospital. Is that blood? Luscious, what did... Added: November 28, 2018 Of course, it cut away before he ever gave a real answer. So whose blood was on Lucious' hands literally and figuratively? Who are your guesses as to who may be in that casket? Kai is someone who comes to mind now. He was on the periphery of the Lyon family, and there was some tension for a bit, but you're only as good as what you can contribute to the family. Lucious sought Kai's help as a journalist after they realized Kingsley is working with the Feds and spying on Empire fans, patrons, and supporters via apps. Lucious, Thirsty, and Andre knew they couldn't be the ones to drop the dime on this story; it had to come from a legitimate news source. It's like an unspoken rule that Jamal cannot be happy for long on this series, so nothing good can come from Kai being drafted into the Lyon's Den. Jamal tried to keep Kai apart from Lyon business, but the lure of a breaking story is like catnip for a journalist. Kai also felt he had something to prove after he faced some repercussions and blowback from Jamal professing his love for him to the public. I get both sides of this. Jamal is happy and in love, and he shouldn't have to hide that from anyone. On the other hand, Kai worked hard to get where he is, and he didn't want his relationship with Jamal overshadowing his career and his reputation. He ..

A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Fight or Flight

When it comes to which character is the most loathsome on this series, it rotates between Eddie, Delilah, and Ashley. That didn't change during A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 8 but topping the list was Ashley, hands down. At least Eddie has charming moments, and Delilah still needs work, but Ashley was the absolute worst. She was so deliberate making moves on Gary. She knew Gary was upset, and she went to him after his outburst bringing him his belongings and brought up her birthday and drinks. She knows about Gary and Maggie's relationship. She knows about all the other messiness happening in their friendship circle because she collects information and files it away for future use, so why take advantage of Gary like that? Related: A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 7 Review: I Dare You Before anyone brings up Gary's reputation for sleeping with his support group members, it isn't the same. His actions were not exploitive because he understood the women he was with since he was also sick. He didn't prey on them. Gary is self-conscious about his scars. He's equally as reluctant to open himself up to someone who hasn't experienced cancer as the women in his support group. He isn't taking advantage of them, and their relationships were of mutual benefit. Ashley came across as an opportunist taking advantage of Gary, and it freaking sucks. It sucks more knowing that at that exact moment Gary and Ashley were hooking up, Maggie had collapsed. When Gary finds out about Maggie, he will have a hard time forgiving himself. Gary sleeping with Ashley was a mistake, and he did it because he was in a heightened emotional state, and he was upset with his friends. Gina: She didn't tell us because she was afraid we would treat her like cancer girl, and she didn't want us to push her into treatment. Delilah: We should push her into treatment it's -- Gina: No! Its why she and Gary broke up. Rome: We all blamed Gary. He was just protecting her secret. Delilah: She shouldn't be pushing us away when she needs us most. Gina: No, she shouldn't. Rome: We're not gonna let her. Permalink: We all blamed Gary. He was just protecting her secret. Added: November 27, 2018 One of the worst parts about it is his friends were quick to believe that he and Maggie's break-up was all his fault; it was Gary being Gary. It speaks to Gary's character that as frustrated as he was that they thought he was the screw-up, he never betrayed Maggie's confidence by sharing with them that she was sick. Gary is not doing well with this situation with Maggie because of the real feelings he has for her. It has only been three weeks apparently, but he loves her. Everyone can see it. While some of Gary's actions throughout and his outburst at the party when he realized everyone knew the truth, were less than ideal and unfair to Maggie, my heart went out to Gary. ..

Modern Family Season 10 Episode 8 Review: Kids These Days

On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 8, sex is the subject matter, as is political correctness. It might've been funny if it weren't so sadly true. Usually, I'm okay with comedies taking real life and weaving it in such a way where it's funny. Where else are they going to get their material? But this wasn't one of those times. The political correctness was almost to the point of nausea, and I didn't think any of it was funny. Well, except for Jay's line in the locker room. I've admired you for a long time and if I haven't let you know that, that's on me. And I'm cissy-gendered enough to admit it. Jay Permalink: I've admired you for a long time and if I haven't let you know that, that's on me. And I'm... Added: November 28, 2018 And Gil is gay? What was the point of that revelation, exactly? We already know Gil's a jerk, straight, gay or in-between. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! The show is reaching, and we're all feeling the strain. Even Phil fell flat and that never happens. Moving over to the whole Alex, Gloria, Claire shopping scene -- what was all the fuss about? Yes, Gloria is more obvious about her curves and sexuality, but Claire's no stranger to that side of herself. She and Phil have played many role-playing games where they highlighted Claire's sexuality. Why are they trying to paint her as a closed up prude? Phil: Do or do not, there is no try. Mitch: Please don't Yoda me. Permalink: Please don't Yoda me. Added: November 28, 2018 Claire dresses more conservatively on a daily basis, and maybe Alex didn't feel comfortable talking to her about sex, but there was no point in hiding their shopping. She wouldn't mind if Alex went shopping with Gloria, so making it a big deal was just a feeble attempt at a funny scenario that didn't work. I'm not saying there weren't any funny lines. There were. The funniest of them came from Jay's line mentioned above and Principal Brown's at the very end, but most of the episode was dull. Mitch and Phil share a love of sci-fi that would've been better to highlight than finding Gil in a gay bar. Seeing them geek out at the sight of George Lucas would've been funny. Or some slapstick with Phil knocking over a line of Stormtroopers would've been funny too. Related: Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7 Review: Did the Chicken Cross the Road? But no, we got some pictures at the end and didn't even get to see them at the event. I'm totally gay. Gil Permalink: I'm totally gay. Added: November 28, 2018 Now Cam, when he was first yelling at the boys and calling them little girls? I admit it took me back a bit. Cam's usually stereotypically manly when he coaches, we all know that, but he doesn't insult..

Riverdale Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Chapter Forty-One: Manhunter

Now THAT was an intense and action-packed hour of drama! While one mystery closed its chapter, Riverdale Season 3 Episode 6 weaved new layers into the tangled web that is the Gargoyle King mystery. This darkness hooked us right from the start to that jaw-dropping twist that came from nowhere. (Seriously, that orphanage twist answered so many questions.) Riverdale Season 3 has been on its A-game lately. This development is a far cry from the days of The Black Hood mess. At this point in the mystery, we have to come to terms that everyone in Riverdale is fundamentally at fault for the evil. Sure, Gryphons and Gargoyles triggered the darkness they held deep in their hearts, but the citizens enacted all the pain themselves. The parents were culpable for their crimes, and the teens were responsible for playing the game. Is the Gargoyle King the true monster in this scenario? Determining the big bad villain became a lot harder to spot. From the evidence Betty uncovered alone, the parents were responsible for covering up two murders, lying, and possibly still being involved in the game. Plus, one of them killed Darryl Doily; that much became perfectly clear from Penelope's and Alice's lies. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! The adults and teens are playing pieces in a game of their own creation. Maybe we should stop asking ourselves who the Gargoyle King is, but maybe why they don't stop succumbing to the temptation of this game? If the citizens stopped playing the game or following GK's orders, the game couldn't continue. This evil that tore up the town is a manifestation of their own decisions. I wouldn't even be surprised if multiple GK's were involved at this point. But, for the sake of this mystery, let's hope there is only a linear solution. The bonfire with the cult members made it seem as such. Betty had the right idea by calling all the adults together to talk. Even though Alice told her the truth during Riverdale Season 3 Episode 4, that tale was just her side of the story. We wouldn't know if it was the complete truth until we heard from the other parents involved. Betty's investigative skills were top-notch this week. Still, the Riverdale parents continued their tried-and-true formula of impeding the investigation. Why couldn't they all just come to the table and be honest? By them continuing to hide the facts, all they did was help the Gargoyle King by covering up for him/her. And, it meant that more teens would still be playing the game. Josie wouldn't have suffered a seizure if they had come clean years ago! The parents showed once again how thoughtless and idiotic they could be in a serious situation like this. For those who weren't minions to GK, helping Betty was the best course of action. (Side-note: wouldn't it be hilarious if the twist w..

All American Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Choice Is Yours

The relationship drama is reaching the boiling point, and it's about to blow. The love triangle took a new turn on All American Season 1 Episode 6 when Layla planted one on Spencer, and he responded in kind. Of course, Olivia just happened to witness the entire thing. Olivia knew this was coming. It's not like it was hard to read that Layla had feelings for Spencer. She's been calling her out on it for a while now, but knowing it and actually seeing it are two different things. Olivia feels betrayed, and rightfully so. Layla has been denying that she has feelings for Spencer and has been pushing Olivia towards him. Of course, she feels hurt, but at the same time, she knows she betrayed Layla, too. This is getting very messy. Maybe if Layla admitted she had feelings for Spencer, the two of them could have talked it out, but their already unstable friendship is now on even shakier ground. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video How are these two supposed to trust each other? Layla will probably feel guilty and apologize if she discovers Olivia knows about the kiss, but what happens when the truth comes out that Olivia slept with Asher? It's getting too complicated. Where do Layla and Spencer go from here? Are they going to start a secret relationship behind Asher and Olivia's back? Will it be a one-time thing they pretend to forget ever happened (yeah, right)? Will Olivia break up with Asher? That makes the most sense since she's obviously frustrated with Asher's lies. He's finally starting to come to terms with his situation though and even told Jordan. Layla dumping him now would probably crush him. Granted, if she finds out that he slept with Olivia she'll have a get out of relationship free card. I honestly have no idea what's going to happen, but I hope Olivia keeps Chris' number. He seems like a good guy without all the added drama. Coop: You ever thought about getting her out of this life? Shawn: What do you think I'm trying to do? That money's for her. She's the reason I gotta keep it at Alvin's. It's neutral, Coop. Anywhere else and my hustle becomes everybody's hustle. Coop: Then it's time to find a new hustle. Permalink: Then it's time to find a new hustle. Added: November 28, 2018 I like the layers they keep adding to Shawn. The writers are doing an excellent job developing these characters. Shawn at first felt like a standard one-note villain. He's a gang member who we thought would be a bad influence on Coop, but he's become much more than that. Related: The CW Confirms Midseason Schedule: What's on the Move? Revealing the fact that he has a daughter has made him more sympathetic, as did his decision to get the money out of the barbershop. We thought he'd be the one influencing Coop and dragging her down with him, b..

Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 Review: The Revelation

Ivar wasted no time literally marking his territory as the new King of Kattegat, did he? We will see how long he manages to keep it. Vikings Season 5 Episode 11 brought the return of Rollo, and he's already playing both sides to his advantage. Ivar probably should have negotiated the terms of his assistance beforehand, because now Rollo is asking the farm from him. Will he agree to all of his demands? Ivar acted like he was going to go along with it, but we never actually heard him agree. He's not the most trustworthy guy in the world either, so it's not hard to fathom that he might have other plans brewing. He might just be appeasing Rollo for the time being, but who knows? When the time comes for him to defend Rollo in battle, will he keep his word? I think we have to assume there might be a little bit of foreshadowing there. These guys are always in battle, so it's not a stretch to think the writers might be planning a situation where Rollo will need Ivar's assistance. The question is, who will he be fighting? Related: Vikings Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Moments of Vision A rematch between Ivar and Lagertha is on the horizon. Most likely Rollo won't be a part of it. He told Lagertha they won't meet again, but somehow I don't believe that's true unless one of them winds up dead in the near future. Rollo: You know perfectly well why I am here offering you this. Lagertha: Do I? Rollo: Yes. You know I have always loved you Lagertha. And that Bjorn is my son. Lagertha: He is not your son. Rollo: You cannot deny it to my face. Can you? Can you. Permalink: You cannot deny it to my face. Can you? Can you. Added: November 27, 2018 Is Rollo Bjorn's father? Does it matter? Bjorn doesn't want to entertain the thought, and who could blame him? Ragnar is the father he knew, and he does look more like him, so he's going to believe what he wants to believe. If it is true, Lagertha's not admitting it any time soon. Since they denied his offer for safe passage, it's probably not important either way. Bjorn is a son of Ragnar in the eyes of everyone who matters, and knowing the truth won't change his legacy. When the rematch between Ivar and Lagertha does eventually happen, she could have all of King Alfred's army behind her. That, or he'll refuse to offer them protection in exchange for their services defending Wessex, but that's unlikely. They made it all the way to Wessex, and Bishop Heahmund is a pretty convincing guy. He should be able to smooth talk his way back into Alfred's good graces, even if he was expecting his father. Related: Get Starz via Prime Video Channels for Captivating Original Series & Hit Movies! They took a huge risk going there, but the show would pretty much be over if Alfred kills them all, so I'm betting it pans out. Alfred already has some great ideas for his kingdom, including ordering the ..

ABC Midseason Shakeup: American Housewife to Replace The Conners

ABC is the latest network to firm up its early 2019 schedule, and there some big changes on the horizon. American Housewife is leaving the Wednesday night comedy block behind and will take up residence in the Tuesday at 8/7c slot once The Conners wraps its freshman run. It will result in a weaker lead-off for Tuesdays, but it will test whether American Housewife is capable of starting the night off for the Alphabet network. The Conners recently landed one additional episode and is currently averaging a 1.7 rating in the all-important 18-49 demo. However, the cast is busy with other projects, making it next to impossible to keep the show on the air for the whole season. Related: The Conners Ordered at ABC That said, it will likely be back for another season in late 2019. It's not up there with Roseanne in terms of ratings, but it is a reliable performer and has garnered strong reviews since it launched in October. As for American Housewife, it is currently averaging a 1.1 rating in the demo out of The Goldbergs on Wednesdays. It will make the jump to Tuesdays beginning February 5. In American Housewife's place, ABC has scheduled Schooled, the upcoming spinoff of The Goldbergs out of the parent series. With ratings slipping across the board this is the best move to make the new series a success. Related: Murphy Brown and Happy Together Fail to Secure Back Orders at CBS CBS tried a similar tactic with The Big Bang Theory and spinoff Young Sheldon, and it paid off. It all depends on whether fans of The Goldbergs warm up to Schooled. "Set in the 1990s, it follows the faculty of William Penn Academy – led by Principal Glascott, Coach Mellor and Lainey Lewis – who, despite their eccentricities and crazy personal lives, are heroes to their students," reads the official logline. Schooled premieres January 9. What are your thoughts on this news, TV Fanatics? Hit the comments below! View Slideshow: A Million Little Things Photos from "Fight or Flight"

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Casts Alexis Denisof as Miss Wardwell’s Boyfriend

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is adding some new blood! Netflix has confirmed a trio of new additions for the supernatural drama which is already well into production on its second season. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel star Alexis Denisof will take on the role of Adam Masters, a "handsome and charming" man who makes his way back to Greendale after some time away. Once home, he continues his romance with fiancée Mary Wardwell. However, the poor man has no idea that his love interest is possessed by none other than Madam Satan. Yes, there are going to be some awkward moments for sure. On Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1, Mary's persona completely changed thanks to her body being taken over, so we think it's fair to say Adam is going to be confused. Related: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Gets Christmas Special Meanwhile, Jedidiah Goodacre, who recurred on The Originals Season 5 has been added to the cast as Dorian Gray, an "enigmatic gentleman of an indeterminate age." Dorian owns a nightclub, and has no qualms about keeping secrets, and is even hiding some of his own. Yes, we get it: Characters on TV absolutely must have secrets to keep the action fresh and exciting. However, his own secrets are said to come from a portrait he hides from prying eyes. Oh yes, we are so here for this casting news! Finally, The Haunting of Hill House scene stealer, McKenna Grace will appear on the upcoming holiday special of the series as a young Sabrina Spellman. “The Church of Night, like all covens, celebrates the Winter Solstice — the longest night of the year — when families gather together around the Yule Fire to sing pagan carols, tell ghost stories and huddle against the supernatural creatures that come out to cause mischief," reads the streamers description of the holiday spectacular. "Since the Winter Solstice is when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, it’s the perfect time to conduct a séance — which Sabrina convenes, to try and contact her mother." "But the holidays are also a time for guests and visitors — both welcome and unwelcome — and you never know what might come down the chimney.” Okay, Sabrina Fanatics! What are your thoughts on all of this casting news? Hit the comments below. View Slideshow: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 15 Times Harvey and Sabrina Were Relationship Goals

TV Ratings Report: This Is Us Rises With Fall Finale

After dropping for eight consecutive weeks, This Is Us posted its first week-to-week gains in the ratings on Tuesday night. This Is Us Season 3 Episode 9 which served as the fall finale of the NBC hit was up 0.2 to a 2.0 rating (8.9 million viewers). The buzzy series said goodbye to 2018 with a doozy of a cliffhanger that got a lot of fans talking. Meanwhile, The Voice also enjoyed some gains by posting a 1.5 rating (9.5 million total viewers), while New Amsterdam was steady with a 1.1 rating (6.3 million viewers). The Gifted was steady with a 0.6 rating (2.2 million viewers) at Fox, while Lethal Weapon perked up a tenth to a 0.7 rating (3 million viewers). The Conners (7.3 million/1.4 rating) and The Kids Are Alright (4.7 million/0.9 rating) were steady at ABC, while Blackish (3.5 million/0.9 rating), Splitting Up Together (2.8 million/0.7 rating), and The Rookie (4.3 million/0.8 rating) each gained a tenth. Over on The CW, The Flash (1.8 million/0.6 rating) and Black Lightning (1.1 million/0.3 rating) were both right on par with last week's results. CBS went with holiday-themed Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (8.1 million/1.7 rating). View Slideshow: A Million Little Things Photos from "Fight or Flight"

Murphy Brown and Happy Together Fail to Land Back Orders at CBS

Just one day after CBS confirmed it is rejigging much of its schedule in early 2019, the network has confirmed more changes are on the horizon. Comedy revival, Murphy Brown has been capped at 13 episodes and will wrap December 20th. Initially, there were reports that the Eye network had swung the ax on the Candace Bergen-fronted series, but the network now maintains that no decision has been made about future seasons. That said, Murphy Brown is averaging a mere 6.3 million total viewers and a 0.9 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic. These figures already put the series on the bubble for renewal or cancellation, and given the fact that the show moved production for its revived season, there's a good chance Murphy Brown will be taking her final bow in just a few short weeks. Related: Celebrity Big Brother, The Amazing Race Get 2019 Premiere Dates at CBS Also getting cut early is Happy Together. The Amber Stevens West and Damona Wayans Jr. vehicle is also coming to a close after thirteen episodes. The series is averaging 4.7 million viewers and a 0.9 rating in the demo. It was missing from the early full-season orders CBS handed out earlier this season. Despite the soft overall ratings, it was a consistent performer, and there's a chance the decision from CBS is based purely on what the network has on tap for midseason. CBS has already decided which shows will be replacing the above shows. First up is the Nina Dobrev comedy series, Fam, which will take over from Murphy Brown from January 10. Man With a Plan will return for its third season in place of Happy Together on February 4. With lower comedy slots overall this season, CBS has yet to reveal when Life in Pieces will return for its fourth season. That series is not owned by the network and spent much of the spring on the bubble. Alas, have a look at the changes coming your way. Thursday (as of Jan. 10) 8:00-8:30 PM: THE BIG BANG THEORY 8:30-9:00 PM: YOUNG SHELDON 9:00-9:30 PM: MOM 9:30-10:00 PM: FAM 10:00-11:00 PM: S.W.A.T. Monday (Feb. 4 and Feb. 11) 8:00-8:30 PM: THE NEIGHBORHOOD 8:30-9:00 PM: MAN WITH A PLAN 9:00-10:00 PM: BIG BROTHER: CELEBRITY EDITION 10:00-11:00 PM: BULL Monday (as of Feb. 18) 8:00-8:30 PM: THE NEIGHBORHOOD 8:30-9:00 PM: MAN WITH A PLAN 9:00-10:00 PM: MAGNUM P.I. 10:00-11:00 PM: BULL What are your thoughts on this news? Hit the comments below! View Slideshow: CBS Cheat Sheet: Is Criminal Minds Really in Danger?!
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