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American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Sojourn

It is Michael Langdon's world and we are all just living in it. Not for long though, if Michael's involvement with this new cult gathering is meant to foreshadow exactly how destruction started out for the rest of the world. During American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 8, Michael found himself lost when all the power that he had disappeared. From there he stumbled upon a cult that is planning to bring about the end of the world and found a way to bring Mead back at the same time. This all circled back to American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 1, our formal introduction to the present day characters and situations, by allowing us to see how some people had ties long before Outpost #3 existed. There were also teases of how the end of the world came to be, specifically the role that Michael found himself playing because of other people's expectations. "Sojourn," was written by Josh Green and properly served the purpose of slowly creating that bridge between the past and the present. Michael's journey is far from over, and this episode highlighted significant points that got him even closer to the apocalypse, all while throwing some Easter eggs for fans. The most effective way of breaking down an episode like this, one that is so far along in the season, is to frame it as productive and not as much. American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 6 Review The Value of the Past There is an argument to be made about how much time we are spending in the past. Michael is an important part of how things got the way that they did in the present time. He is the key to most of the destruction and it is becoming more and more clear the connections he shared with many of the characters. Plus there is this sense that Michael is an icon, a part of Tate Langdon that can't be explored like a one-off. His journey is rich enough that the layers could be spread out from episode to episode because at the end of the day he is the true evil. Everyone keeps saying that I'm special, that I’m the only one who can bring about the end times, but nobody gave me a fucking instruction manual. Michael Permalink: Everyone keeps saying that I'm special, that I’m the only one who can bring about the end... Added: November 01, 2018 The end of the world may be what pushed everyone together and is influencing what they do know, but it was Michael that caused it supposedly and he could do it again. Perhaps the real value in this season is connecting the dots along the way of how things got as bad as they did in the beginning. There is also room to make the assumption that nothing will change. Michael is still very much in power after the apocalypse, he controls the Outposts and this sanctuary that he promised is all up to him. Whether that will be revisited again or not, the bottom line is that the cycle hasn't ended. This pattern of control that Michael has conquered is still allowing him to come out on top. All..

Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 5 Review: The Tall Man

Maybe Tom Wolfe got it wrong. Maybe you can go home again JJ pondered this question as she returned back to her hometown and painful memories on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 5. JJ was at the heart of this episode, directed by Matthew Gray Gubler. That certainly explained why we didn't see a lot of Reid this time out She has always been the BAU's empath, and by getting a glimpse at her roots, through memories and flashbacks, now we better understand why. The suicide of JJ's older sister Rosaline had been first addressed on Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 13. Related: Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 4 Review: Innocence But now we learned that Rosaline's death was much more explicable than she had previously thought and that the monster that claimed her was still haunting East Allegheny decades later. That monster wasn't the local boogeyman the Tall Man but someone much closer to home I was afraid the powers that be were going to make the Tall Man a figment of Ally's schizophrenia, and that she had done harm to her friends Fortunately they didn't take that easy way out Instead, the storyline took a darker, more twisted path, with Bethany a conquest of the unsub, Chelsea their target and Ally an unfortunate bystander. Being back on her home turf, JJ should have been a helpful guide for the team, if she hadn't been so haunted by memories of Rosaline and their unhappy family life She had escaped to the University of Pittsburgh, then Georgetown, for good reason, and now she was getting to recall why all over again Related: Watch Criminal Minds Online: Season 14 Episode 4 For good reason, this naturally knocked her off her game, and she admitted so to Prentiss. Still, from Ally's detailed description, she was able to figure out where Chelsea was being held, just in time to get her medical help and save her But Chelsea's reaction to the heart necklace which Rosaline had given to JJ tainted her fondest keepsake of her late sister, while essentially blowing the case wide open, once JJ had settled enough to put together the pieces. That was largely thanks to Rossi, the BAU's calming voice of reason. He helped JJ to ponder why Rosaline had given her the necklace, and who might have felt threatened by it way back when. And it was heartening to see an enraged JJ, wanting to take vengeance for her sister and the other girls through the years of whom this predator had taken advantage. That was the big drawback of this episode, a shallow suspect pool. There was Chelsea's father Tom and Ethan Howard, the principal. Unless someone appeared out of the gloom in the third quarter, after Tom got eliminated as the unsub, that left Ethan. They didn't even need Garcia's Google skills to winnow down possible suspects. Related: CBS Cheat Sheet So solving the case was much less work than getting JJ into the right frame of mind so that she could solve the ca..
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