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14 Impressive TV Performances from 2018

Where else other than television can you find the very best entertainers all in one place? When you look at our year-end slideshows, you'll be amazed at the incredible talent found on more networks than you can possibly watch in a lifetime. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. Sometimes it can be frustrating to have so much at hand, but when you're faced with such an abundance of riches, it's best to say thanks and move on to the next show. What performances did you love this year? Hit the comments and share. 1. Sandra Oh/Jodie Comer - Killing Eve As the agent and the assassin, Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are as essential to each other as Peanut Butter and Jelly. They're made Killing Eve what it is, and while they are outstanding in every moment on screen, they're perfect when opposite one another. 2. J.K. Simmons - Counterpart J.K. Simmons makes it seem effortless to play opposite himself as the same characters who have taken different directions in life. It can't possibly be as he makes it out to be. He's even more remarkable when he's one of the two trying to pull off the other for the benefit of someone who doesn't know he's not who he says he is or when he's suddenly acting like his other without warrant. But given Simmons' history, would you expect anything different? 3. Julia Roberts - Homecoming Julia Roberts chose her first television role very well. She's got all the material she needs to dive into a character wholly different than what's expected of her, and her signature smile only comes near the very end of the production, proving what she originally banked on is only a sliver of her talent. 4. Paul Wesley - Tell Me a Story On Tell Me a Story, Paul Wesley gets a chance to play an emotional man who fights for everything he needs in life, and nothing comes easy. Unlike the role for which he's best known, Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, every decision has real consequences that a normal man can't always stomach. Wesley shows how different he can be in a role when everything is at stake and not at risk due to a stake. He's sure to make new fans as a result. 5. Matthew Rhys/Keri Russell - The Americans Real life married couple Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell haven't always walked in lock-step as Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings, but they took their characters through the ringer in its final season. Rhys came closer than ever to making us believe Phillip might turn on Elizabeth only to stand beside her through the most difficult trial of their lives, and Russell took Elizabeth through the most difficult realization a mother ever faces. They were stunning. 6. Julia Garner - Ozark, Maniac, The Americans, Waco, etc. Julia Garner has snuck into our lives by taking some of the most significant bit parts on the best shows and proving herself indispensible. The more roles she takes, the more..

13 Incompetent Villains On TV

Being bad isn't always an easy task. You've got to be just as scary delivering threats as you are following through on them. While most villains get at least one of the two right, we'll always prefer an ability to put a plan in motion and successfully see it through to oratory flair without the actions to back it up. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV Shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! Some of them can be quite dangerous on occasion or when the story calls for it, but everyone enjoys a villain who can maintain a consistent threat level. Also, a number of times a villain's effectiveness can decay the longer he stays on a show and his interests shift. We've dredged up a few of those who have been mostly ineffective during their time on some of our favorite shows. Feel free to let us know in the comments which villain you think deserved to a spot but wasn't included. 1. Mallus (Legends of Tomorrow) Mallus was a victim of his own hype train. He was built up all season long to be this world-ending threat it was impossible for his arrival (in the flesh) to be anything other than disappointing. They took the disappointment up a notch when they had a giant Beebo controlled by Mick Rory beat the daylights out of him. 2. Dewy Crowe (Justified) Dewey wakes up in a tub with incisions made around his lower back and is told both his kidneys have been harvested and has to rustle up a lot of money in four hours to buy his kidneys back. He immediately tries to rob a few places and is nearly killed in the process only to be asked if he has tried to pee, an impossible feat if he had no kidneys. He gives it a go and is successful. That should tell you all you need to know about this guy. 3. The Rival (The Flash) An assortment of metas have shown up over the course of The Flash's time on air, but none have caused damage as deep or as devastating as the evil speedsters have. The Reverse Flash, Zoom, Savitar, even Trajectory has left a mark. Not The Rival, who has all but disappeared from memory after appearing and doing nothing of note other than running around and destroying stuff just because he can, and even that mission was thwarted repeatedly. 4. Crowley and Lucifer (Supernatural) After rising up the demon hierarchy to become the king of hell, it was sad to see Crowley reduced to a toothless bulldog who couldn't have a single thing go his way no matter how hard he tried. Lucifer for all his powers hasn't had any of his schemes (which were hard enough to follow) work out for him either. While they can be equal parts sly and lethal on their day, they always fall short when it counts. 5. Joffrey Baratheon (Game Of Thrones) All the scheming and homicidal acts his mother had to commit just to see him sit on the iron throne was for naught because Joffrey had no desire to rule or do anything remotely decent with all that power. His sole interest was acting petulan..

11 Most Epic New Year’s Kisses

Television kisses have the tendency to be epic, but there's just something special about New Year's that makes them even more magical. Whether these kisses were between couples or friends, there's no denying that they were a great addition to their respective series. Related: 17 'Ships That Need to Sail in 2019 Some created an actual resolution, some caused drama, and others were just plain adorable. Since we're all about to ring in the New Year ourselves, we put together a slideshow below of 11 of the most epic New Year's kisses! 1. Joey and Chandler - Friends When Chandler demanded that someone kiss him at midnight all the girls refused. But don't worry -- Joey immediately came to the rescue! 2. Eric and Donna - That 70's Show Emotions were running high during this New Year's kiss. This episode really marked the end of an era as Donna remembered everything she loved about Eric and planted one on him at the perfect moment. 3. Ryan and Marissa - The O.C. This moment was all kinds of adorable. Ryan running towards Melissa, her face when she sees him, the confetti and the music...it just doesn't get better than this. 4. Meredith and Derek - Grey's Anatomy There's no other way for this couple to celebrate the New Year than in the operating room! Thankfully, they finished their surgery just in time to give each other a quick kiss in their scrubs. 5. Ted and Robin - How I Met Your Mother Ted and Robin made a promise to kiss each other when the clock strikes twelve, but unfortunately, Robin's date showed up to steal her away. Their feelings for each other were made even more obvious when Robin went outside and kissed Ted anyway. 6. Comet and Michelle - Full House This was hands down the most precious New Year's kiss of all time. Yes, Michelle, you did stay up until midnight to get a kiss from Comet, and yes it was adorable. View Slideshow

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Whose Ornaments Were Missing?

Abigail divorced Stefan, Chad found out Charlotte was his daughter, Gabi got caught and Salem celebrated the Christmas holiday on Days of Our Lives. Our TV Fanatics, Jack Ori and Christine Orlando, are joined by Sportsgirl from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the missing tree ornaments, if Abigail should forgive Chad, Jennifer playing the blame game, and if JJ’s doing the right thing by hiding Haley’s secret. There were several Christmas ornaments missing this year? Whose did you miss most? Jack: I didn't notice whose was missing because the ornament ceremony itself was so lacking, and I was annoyed that JJ was missing from the party. Bo and Zack's ornaments were shown in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment and Ciara should have hung her father's. There should have been an ornament made for Charlotte and for Holly. Giving of new ornaments is the best part and the only one we got was in memory of David Abraham. Sportsgirl: It was such a short rushed episode, but I think I missed Bo. I think I saw Hope & Rafe. I am not even sure I did see Zack also or not. Disappointing for sure. Christine: If Bo’s and Zack’s were there then I completely missed them. It seemed strange not to see Ciara hang her father’s ornament. Doesn’t Daniel have an ornament and shouldn’t Holly have one? Fans look forward to this event all year but if you blinked you may have missed it all. Did Jennifer lose Eric because she lied or because she never really had his heart to begin with? Jack: She never had his heart. I'm tired of hearing Jennifer blame herself when Eric was a total ass. He told her a billion times that Nicole was his past, then turns around and dumped Jen without a word the second he heard Nicole might still be into him. Jennifer deserves better, and I won't be surprised if Sarah suffers the same fate should Nicole turn out to be alive. Related: Get Hallmark Movies Now via Prime Video Channels for Stories with Heart, Captivating Movies & More! Sportsgirl: She never really had his heart to begin with. Eric loved her but was not in love with her. He used her delay in telling him the truth as an excuse and left her blaming it on herself. Christine: Eric clearly never got over Nicole and Jennifer wasn’t much more than a band-aid for that loss. Sarah and Holly are quickly falling into the same category. I’m tired of Jennifer playing the martyr in a romance that never had much romance to begin with. What kind of punishment does Gabi deserve? Jack: Mandatory counseling, for one thing. I'm also in favor of house arrest. Confine her to an apartment with Ari so that she can still take care of her daughter but loses the ability to wander around town causing trouble. She'll have to suffer the humiliation of explaining why Mommy can't go with her to events outside the house. That might be more effective than another prison term, which will just make her more angry and vengeful. S..

Prime Time Space Race: Why We Can’t Wait for the Returns of The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery

It was a riveting development in the television sci-fi landscape in 2017 when The Orville launched in the same month as Star Trek: Discovery. The comparisons were bound to arise. Both shows began with spaceships led by human captains with diverse crews. Both shows showed said crews encountering new alien species as well as fighting a central conflict with an aggressive non-human foe. What probably could not have been predicted was that The Orville would become the darling of the populace, judged to be MORE "Star Trek" than the newest offering from the actual franchise. Related: Get CBS All Access via Prime Video Channels for Hit Shows, Exclusive Originals & Live TV Star Trek: Discovery, available only on CBS's subscription channel, CBS All Access, was ambitious in its attempt to deliver a long narrative with an edgier and darker bent than previous Trek series had been allowed to show on network cable. When the dust settled, it was hard to call it a for either show. Star Trek: Discovery had enthralled and frustrated its audience with multiple fake-outs and plot twists. The Orville played heavily to the nostalgia of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crowd and mixed in some of MacFarlane's signature humor as well. Who can forget Yaphit and Dr. Finn succumbing to alien pheromones on The Orville Season 1 Episode 9? No one's ever going to be able to un-see that. There were problematic elements on both sides of the aisle. There were some excellent standout performances as well. Of course, Star Trek: Discovery offered more opportunities for dramatic speeches. Related: 11 Rounds of The Orville vs. Star Trek: Discovery -- Who Does It Better? So what has us so excited for the next chapters of these shows? Oh, the POSSIBILITIES. Both The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery had strong premiere seasons and left us with amazing potential for further adventures. Let's keep it simple and break it down in three categories: Category 1: Wild Cards Star Trek: Discovery -- Georgiou Burnham's mentor and friend, Phillippa Georgiou died tragically on Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 2 but actress Michelle Yeoh returned, reappearing in the Mirror Universe as the Emperor of the Terran Empire. Escaping to our (Prime) Universe, she brokers a deal for her freedom and then in a tantalizing stinger scene, she's offered a position in Section 31, Starfleet's Black Ops division. The Orville -- Krill Children On The Orville Season 1 Episode 6, Mercer and Malloy go undercover on a Krill ship. Shenanigans ensue but the lasting takeaway is that they save the Krill children aboard the ship but kill a lot of adults who would've been the parents. This definitely has the potential to bite them in the proverbial butt. Related: The Orville Season 2: First Look Reveals "Sweetness" Category 2: Relationships The Orville -- Mercer and Grayson The first time we meet Ed Mercer, he's walking in..

17 TV Couples That You Forgot Dated

There are those iconic TV couples that you can't help loving even years later. But then there are those that you don't even remember existed, a relationship that happened in the blink of an eye. It was usually a roadblock or an obstacle on the way to something else, a relationship before the eventual endgame for one or both of the characters. Related: 27 Internet Girlfriends You Should Still Be Crushing On In fact, some of these relationships might even be a distant memory that you didn't remember until just now. It is still nice to look back at what might have been, but what technically never really was for long. Here is a slideshow of TV couples you probably don't remember even dated, but who knows how many other relationships got lost in the memory vortex. 1. Andy and Angela - The Office There have been some ridiculous relationships, but Andy and Angela take the cake for most forgetful. You knew not to get invested so as soon as Andy learned the truth about Dwight's involvement in his relationship, everything burned along with our memory of it. 2. Raven and Wick - The 100 Wick was rightfully written off the show due to the actor's horrible views that he chose to share on social media. But honestly Wick sucked as a person all on his own, and Raven moved on to bigger and better things. Who even remembers Wick when you are as awesome as Raven and are dating someone who appreciates you as Zeke does? 3. Clary and Simon - Shadowhunters This almost feels like a dream, even if it really wasn't. Right? Or is that just me? 4. Sutton and Alex - The Bold Type This is more of a what could have been scenario. These two had the potential, the show just didn't want to invest in it. So now they have ended up nothing more than a random thought we have once in a while, which kind of really sucks. 5. Jonah and Dina - Superstore Dina would consider this one day or so as them dating, so we will too. It had to happen so we could all move forward, but looking back on it now makes it, even more, cringeworthy. Jonah could never handle someone like Dina and she deserved better than a guy so in love with Amy. 6. Joey and Rachel - Friends It was like the writers ran out of ideas and tried to explore something that could have had potential if they actually gave it value seasons ago. Joey cared about Rachel but that ship sank literally, and they ended up making them into a joke and not an actual relationship. View Slideshow

25 Reasons We Love New Amsterdam (And Why You Should Too)!

There is a special place in our hearts for New Amsterdam! This heartwarming, feel-good, tearjerker of a medical series was one of the most promising new shows of the Fall. It was an instant hit and with good reason. Apparently, there is more room for another medical drama, especially if it's a good one. The first half of the season has been beautiful, emotional, and exciting. New Amsterdam found its groove and has consistently improved over time making it one of the strongest of the new series, and its match-up with This is Us is pure brilliance. Related: Get PBS Masterpiece via Prime Video Channels for World-Class British Dramas & Award-Winning Series If you haven't been watching the series, then you're missing out. Below you'll find a list of reasons why we love this series and why you should watch it if you aren't already! New Amsterdam returns with all-new episodes January 8 on NBC. You can watch New Amsterdam online here at TV Fanatic if you need to catch up, and you can check out our New Amsterdam Reviews too! 1. Ryan Eggold's Performance Ryan Eggold is one of the most underrated actors on television, and there is no one more befitting of a leading man role. The beauty of Eggold's performance is that you can feel his genuine love for this role in his every scene because he pours everything into them. His enthusiastic approach to embodying the bleeding heart, earnest, flawed Max Goodwin affirms his passion and is infectious. Goodwin is a very layered character, and Eggold is nuanced in his approach to what lies beneath a well-intentioned Max. Not only is his performance underrated, but it's some of his best work to date. 2. Touches on Real and Current Issues The show loves to take on social issues that affect everyone and shed light on ones that aren't focused on often or portrayed in the best way. So far, the series has beautifully explored mental illness like depression and the stigma in Asian/Asian American communities. It has touched on treating undocumented immigrants. It has provided insight into what the foster care system is like for a teen, and it also has explored the transition process for a trans teen. The show is fresh, current, and not afraid to dig into tough topics. 3. Freema Agyeman as Helen Agyeman is an underrated sci-fi goddess, so her role as Helen Sharpe is different than what most are accustomed to seeing her play. Naturally, she's extraordinary as Helen. Helen is portrayed as fierce and powerful, but she's also so beautifully vulnerable and just a little bit broken. The show allows her to be both, which should be simple enough, but sadly isn't, and between being a beautiful crier, and witty, smart, and vulnerable while still holding things back, there isn't anyone else I can envision playing this character and pulling off the range. 4. Heartwarming and Feel Good Feels, feels, feels everywhere! There aren't a lot of heartwarming se..

13 Funniest Shows of 2018

Who didn't need a laugh in 2018? With all the drama and controversy that surrounded us in real life, the ability to get lost in a fictional television world where things are hilariously ridiculous is always a welcome relief. Related: Get HBO via Prime Video Channels for Addictive Dramas, Hilarious Comedies & Hit Movies! From humorous horror to side-splitting sci-fi, both new shows and established, here are 13 shows we thought were comedic gold in 2018! 1. The Good Place Equal parts genius and hilarious, The Good Place may very well be the funniest show on TV. Chidi's existential crisis that ended with him making Peep chili for his students was one of the biggest laugh-out-loud moments of the year! 2. Baroness von Sketch Baroness von Sketch is one of the best sketch shows we've ever seen that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. The four women who star in and write the sketches are ridiculously talented and can take the most mundane situations and turn them into embarrassingly relatable comedic gold. 3. GLOW No sophomore slump for this Netflix comedy which delved into some serious issues in its second season but didn't lose its humorous touch. It's funny, clever, and for those of us who remember the '80s -- a trip down memory lane. 4. Stan Against Evil Stan Against Evil is full of talented comic actors and creator and showrunner, Dana Gould, manages to insert so many pop culture references it feels like you've lived in Willard's Mill, too. More people need to tune in and enjoy the fun. 5. The Orville The Orville took major risks but Seth MacFarlane’s humor was tempered just right (most of the time) to satisfy those who were looking for a Galaxyquest-ish serial. 6. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel The second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was even more delightful and charming than the first. Midge is as witty and wise-cracking as ever and the show is simply perfection in every way imaginable. View Slideshow

Days of Our Lives Review: A Fractured Family Christmas

It was a heartbreaking Christmas in Salem on Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-24-18 Abigail served Stefan with divorce papers and came home, only to lash out at her mother for not believing she was sane, JJ spent the holiday trying to get a suicidal nurse to open up to him, and Leo insisted on tagging along to the children's party at the hospital. On the plus side, Julie came home for Christmas and remembered exactly what she'd found in Gabi's room and Abe smiled for the first time in months after Sheila got him to dance! But was that enough to save Christmas 2018? I loved seeing Abigail have the strength to get herself out of the mental hospital, out of her sham marriage with Stefan, and back home with her baby despite the lack of help from her family. God knows there's been a shortage of strong women in Salem in 2018, so that was refreshing. And Abigail wasn't necessarily wrong in what she said to Jennifer. Jennifer may have had good intentions, but she unquestioningly accepted the idea that her daughter was mentally ill without as much as consulting a psychiatrist about it. And for an investigative reporter, she certainly seemed to lack critical thinking skills! Related: Days of Our Lives: Why Social Messaging Matters I'm just not convinced that Christmas Eve was the right time to do it. The Horton family Christmas has been a Salem tradition since 1983 and is a fan favorite because of the warm family moments, everyone coming together to hang their ornaments on the tree, and the surprises and gifts for people who have been having a hard time all year long. Usually, it's a one-day break from the drama that leaves viewers feeling uplifted. View Slideshow: Days of Our Lives: 13 Best Horton Christmases There was a Christmas miracle of sorts this time, as Julie woke up and came home from the hospital in time for the ornament hanging party. But it was overshadowed by Abigail's anger. Instead of the family celebrating Julie's recovery and being grateful that there was such good news on Christmas, by the time Julie arrived everyone was depressed because of Abigail's attitude. Abigail's anger totally upstaged Julie's release from the hospital, and that wasn't Christmassy in the slightest. Abby and Jennifer had the same argument again a few days later, so Abby could have put it aside for Christmas so that the family could celebrate and then admitted later that she wasn't 100% happy at the Christmas celebration. The family should have been there -- including JJ and Will. JJ was off-screen tending to newcomer Haley, which didn't worry Jennifer at all even though the last time he skipped Christmas Eve it was because he was contemplating suicide, and Will was who-knows-where right after having lost his relationship with Sonny. Jennifer was pretty much alone throughout the Christmas party since her family wasn't around. She was left to be com..

Watch Midnight, Texas Online: Yasss, Queen

What fate awaits your favorite Midnighters? On Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 9, the Dark Witches continued to tighten their grip on the town and it left several lives up in the air. Watch Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 9 Online With Manfred seemingly dead, his nearest and dearest set out to pay their respects to someone who became an integral part of their lives when he showed up in town. Meanwhile, a surprise pregnancy shocked the rest of the survivors, but did it prove there was hope for Midnight, Texas to be reborn? Use the video above to watch Midnight, Texas online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 23 'Ships Of 2018 That Need To Crash Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.
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