January 17, 2019
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  • Black Lightning at Midseason: Best Fight Scene, Most Shipworthy Couple & More!

Black Lightning at Midseason: Best Fight Scene, Most Shipworthy Couple & More!

Jefferson Pierce is going to need a miracle to bring his family back together.

Family tension was the underlining theme that spread throughout the first half of Black Lightning Season 2. Jennifer ran away from home with her criminal boyfriend, his father/daughter relationship with Anissa is frosty at best, he thought his father-figure died, and the love of his life is suffering through a traumatic breakdown.

Life is rough, to say the least.

With the future still unknown, things can only go up from here. But, did the season start off at a low point? What were the hits and misses from Fall 2018?

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We're taking a look back to answer all those questions!

Check out the midseason report below, and share your thoughts in the comments. And don't forget, you can watch Black Lightning online via TV Fanatic to get caught up on all the past action.

Black Lightning Season 2 returns Monday, January 21 at 9/8c on The CW.

1. Best Episode: Rise of the Green Light Babies

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 1 started the story on a high note. Green Light left Freeland in limbo as more people began turning into metahumans; no one could trust their friends or family. And that paranoia left our favorite family reeling with the stress of the situation. Jennifer couldn't control her powers, control over the Green Light pods was up in the air, and Anissa used her abilities to give back to the people. Plus, we can't forget that Tobias returned to town!

2. Worst Episode: Gift of the Magi

Watcher in the woods black lightning s2e9 Jennifer and Khalil made all the worst mistakes, and we were left watching them do it for all of Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 9. Instead of reaching out to her family for help, she took matters into her own hands to save Khalil from Cutter's poisonous attack. Luckily, she saved his life, but her poor decisions could've made things even worse. What if the medicine didn't work? What if Cutter found them sooner? The right thing to do would've been to contact her family. Instead, they ran away again to continue their misadventure.

3. Best Twist: Dr. Jace Killing 50%

Scientific formulas black lightning s2e5 We knew Dr. Jace was evil, but her lies left us blindsided in the most shocking way. Lynn was determined to find a cure for the Green Light pod people; she wouldn't rest until they were all safe. And part of the reason for working with Dr. Jace was to figure out the solution. Unfortunately for Lynn, her scientific partner happened to be a sociopath. Nothing could've saved the lives of the patients once Dr. Jace manipulated her results. Poor Lynn, she really did care!

4. Worst Twist: Gambi Faking His Own Death

Reunion black lightning s2e7 Gambi's fake death is a case of lazy writing. While his murder was initially shocking, you couldn't help but question its legitimacy. He is a big character with an emotional connection to the Pierce family; his surprise murder didn't suit the send-off you would expect for an essential role. So, fan theories abounded that maybe Gambi didn't actually die in the car crash. Let's just say no one was surprised when it was revealed that he faked his death.

5. Best New Character: Perenna

Jennifers fear black lightning Why did it take this long for Perenna to be introduced? The wise and telepathic metahuman strolled onto the scene with all the needed advice and subtle shade for the main characters. She had no ulterior motives in helping out Jennifer; she only wanted to ensure that the future Lightning would be safe and ready for the future. Hopefully, we get more appearances of her! Perenna seems to be the only person who can knock some sense into Jennifer, Jefferson, and Lynn.

6. Character That Needs Improvement: Anissa

Thunders independence black lightning s2e2 Anissa has been showing off her other side lately and it's … less than stunning. Egotistical, jaded, a player, she has let the power get to her head a bit. Whether it's picking fights with her father or fully messing with Grace's heart, the supposed "perfect daughter" is the embodiment of when pride goes too far. Anissa isn't a bad character; in fact, she's a great character, and Thunder is taking down these baddies in style. She just needs to align her priorities and treat her loved ones with respect again. View Slideshow

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