January 17, 2019

The 100: 61 Times Bellarke Debunked Their “Non-Romantic Soulmates” Title

Lately, fans of The 100 have been frustrated with the series for very valid reasons.

After years of teasing and build-up between the leads of the show, the Season 5 finale did little to progress their relationship in the direction the audience was led to believe it had always been heading.

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With Bellamy still dating Echo and the spirit of Clarke's former love now in her child, things are a little weird, to say the least.

In contrast to things said in the past, Bellamy and Clarke have now been dubbed the title "non-romantic soulmates." And if we're being honest, that literally makes no sense at all.

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Not only is this different than what the writers had originally said about the pairing, but it's completely different than what we have witnessed on the show itself.

While shipper goggles can often cause misinterpretations, when it comes to The 100, the emotion behind Bellamy and Clarke's scenes are made abundantly clear.

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It's so clear in fact, that the show is starting to lose its credibility by using screentime to string along the audience rather than using it to further an awesome story.

People who believe that Bellamy and Clarke's relationship is made up of purely platonic moments, have to understand that just isn't the way television works. Every single scene is thought-out, emphasized, and filmed the way that it is for a reason.

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We've listed 61 moments below that led us to believe Clarke and Bellamy were soulmates in every sense of the word.

And remember, you can witness these moments for yourself by watching the 100 online right here at TV Fanatic!

1. When Bellamy caressed Clarke's face to comfort her on 2×08 "Spacewalker"

There's a huge difference between checking out someone's head wound and sitting there softly caressing their face. Guess which one Bellamy was doing.

2. When there was a close up of Bellamy gazing at Clarke on 1×03 "Earth Kills"

When there was a close up of bellamy gazing at clarke on 1x03 This shot looks like the beginning of a love story. You know, if you can ignore the dying boy on the ground. But this is The 100 after all.

3. When Clarke watched Bellamy sleep on 4×03 "The Four Horsemen”

When clarke watched bellamy sleep on 4x03 the four horsemen This moment was all too precious. It's almost like Bella and Edward but minus the creepy factor and a million times better.

4. When Bellamy gets injured and tries to continue limping after Clarke to save her on 3×02 "Wanheda: Part Two”

When bellamy gets injured and tries to continue limping after cl Getting stabbed in the leg and bleeding out clearly won't keep Bellamy from trying to get to Clarke. He was so determined to save her that the whole group had to talk him out of it for his own safety.

5. When Clarke and Bellamy watch the culling together in comparison to Raven and Finn on 1×05 "Twilight's Last Gleaming”

When clarke and bellamy watch the culling together in comparison Just a couple of bros stargazing next to an actual couple who's stargazing. If only we could've wished on that shooting star.

6. When Jaha picked up on their connection on 4×03 "The Four Horsemen”

When jaha picked up on their connection on 4x03 the four horseme Out of all of their friends, Bellamy is the one that keeps Clarke centered. His response, "you got it backwards," proves that she does the same for him as well. You know you're being obvious when your friends start to call you out. View Slideshow

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