November 20, 2018

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Watch Teen Mom OG Online: Season 6 Episode 6

Did Catelynn and Tyler make the best of a bad situation? On Teen Mom OG Season 6 Episode 6 the duo geared up to celebrate Carly's birthday, whom they placed up for adoption nine years before. Watch Teen Mom OG Season 6 Episode 6 Online However, they received disappointing news and it made them change focus. Meanwhile, Bentley started the 4th grade and Maci was happy about the decision she made about which school to send him to. Also, Jen and Larry were shocked but happy to learn that Ryan returned to rehab. Use the video above to watch Teen Mom OG online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 33 Shamefully Addictive Reality Shows We Can't Stop Watching! Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch Arrow Online: Season 7 Episode 4

Did Oliver and Felicity manage to find Diaz? On Arrow Season 7 Episode 4 Oliver continued his work from inside the prison, while Felicity continued her own search on the streets of the city. Watch Arrow Season 7 Episode 4 Online Meanwhile, the new Green Arrow swooped into save the day when arsonists attacked Rene's community service, putting his daughter's life on the line. Also, Dinah continued to question whether following the rules was the best foot forward as crime continued to rise in Star City. Use the video above to watch Arrow online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: The CW Cheat Sheet: Which Shows Are in Danger?! Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch 9-1-1 Online: Season 2 Episode 8

Did Buck manage to find someone to get him over Abby? That was revealed on 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 8 when he returned to the world of dating but worried that he was going to return to his shallow old ways. Watch 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 8 Online Meanwhile, the emergency responders showed up at a woman who put her own life on the line to send a message to her husband. Also, Maddie's relationship with Chimney was the subject of much scrutiny. Use the video above to watch 9-1-1 online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 17 TV Rivalries That Blossomed Into Friendship Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch The Good Doctor Online: Season 2 Episode 6

What was Morgan hiding? That's what Shaun tried to find out on The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 6 when the two of them went to war over the treatment for the young violinist. Watch The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 6 Online Meanwhile, Claire tried to find out what she could to go get back on Neil's surgical team, but someone gave her a few pointers. Also, Glassman's road to recovery continued to be difficult when there was another snag. Use the video above to watch The Good Doctor online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 21 Most Unlikeable Leads in TV History Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)

Making decisions is part of the game when you're trying to assess the best course of action for patients. Most times, it's a case of trial and error, and The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 6 reiterated that several times. If you watch The Good Doctor online, you know that Morgan has not entirely been the nicest of characters since her debut on this ABC hit. With no holds barred attitude and an impenetrable shield separating her emotions, she's been a complicated character to read. It was about time she got her time to shine, but it's a real shame she feels responsible for the loss of her patient's arm. Related: The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Carrots That's not to say Morgan did not have good intentions. She did, and it was her tenacity that led to her making some of her biggest decisions to date. Morgan felt a connection between her and Jas because they both had something they were passionate as hell about, and Morgan wanted the youngster to continue chasing her dream. Morgan: It's likely Tendonitis. Shaun: Or it might be flesh-eating bacteria. Permalink: Or it might be flesh-eating bacteria. Added: November 06, 2018 Jas played the violin every single day since she was five years old, so taking that ability away from her was understandably going to cause some problems. How do you adapt to not being able to do something you've done every single day for most of your life? It was horrifying, and Jas learning about her amputation was heartbreaking. Her life combusted in front of her very eyes, and it was only natural that Morgan would be in the firing line. It did raise the great debate about whether Morgan got too close to the case, and went with her emotions over everything else. I liked that Morgan recognized things could have been different had she sprung into action from the get-go and stopped insisting the hand and arm were saved. Making a mistake is one thing, but taking ownership of that mistake is another thing. Morgan could have easily left the hospital for the rest of the day and left Shaun to break the bad news. It was definitely a learning experience for Morgan, and one she's not going to forget about any time soon. This backstory, and struggle for Morgan genuinely came out of nowhere. She was the worst character on the show, but it's amazing how this crisis added some depth to the character, and I'm actually excited about what's coming next for her. Shaun: She has a slight fever, her rash is spreading. This is definitely not Ademia. Morgan: I know, I've moved on to Mersa. Shaun: That's possible, but you should want proof. Permalink: That's possible, but you should want proof. Added: November 06, 2018 Who would have thought it? Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! The other case of the week involved Claire tryi..

Arrow Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Level Two

Is this show still called Arrow? After Arrow Season 7 Episode 4, I'm not so sure because the main focus on "Level Two" wasn't our beloved protagonist Oliver Queen or even Green Arrow 2.0. Instead, this episode focused one-third of its screen time on Dinah of all people. It could be argued that Dinah is one of the most boring characters on Arrow. No matter how many times they've tried to make us care about her, I just can't seem to find a reason to care. When she and Laurel looked to be starting a friendship on Arrow Season 7 Episode 2, I saw some potential in Dinah that I hadn't yet seen. However, after this episode, I'm once again super done with her. She does well when she isn't given so much to handle, but when Dinah is tasked with carrying an episode, it reminds me how much of a snooze she can be. The storyline she was involved with on "Level 2" had a ton of potential, but the problem was she shouldn't have been the focus. The focus should have been on Green Arrow 2.0. After four episodes, we still have no information on the new vigilante. Related: Arrow Season 7 Episode 3 Review: Crossing Lines Who is he? What is his motive? Why is he helping Rene? If one of these questions were answered, this episode would have gone from mediocre to great. Instead, we know nothing new about him. All we know is that Dinah is conflicted about how to get justice, which we already knew, so there was really no need to have an entire episode dedicated to this issue of hers. As much as I believed in Team Arrow, I had to move on. I had to be a different kind of hero for this city. Dinah Permalink: As much as I believed in Team Arrow, I had to move on. I had to be a different kind of hero... Added: November 05, 2018 Not only did Dinah play a big role in the present timeline, but she also played a major role in the flashforward. Speaking of those flashforwards, they went from zero to a hundred, very quick. Seriously, we went from knowing absolutely nothing to all of a sudden getting too much information thrown in our faces. Star City has fallen to the Glades, Dinah's a vigilante again, and Zoe (Rene's daughter) is also a vigilante, a part of some sort of vigilante resistance. Oh, and Felicity is apparently dead. Unlike the Green Arrow 2.0 storyline which I would like to move a bit quicker, this flashforward has moved way too fast. The pacing of Roy and William's journey was done well up to this point. It left us with enough information but still kept us intrigued. Related: Get HBO via Prime Video Channels for Addictive Dramas, Hilarious Comedies & Hit Movies! However, after the flashback on "Level 2," I'm overwhelmed. Too much was revealed to the point that I can't even fathom what's going on anymore. Hopefully, this was just a one-time thing for the flashforward because if they keep throwing that much information all at once, it will be impossibl..

9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Buck, Actually

Love is in the air! Seriously though, who doesn't want to see a good love story? In a world that can seem so dark, it's nice to be reminded of all the love in the world. And 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 8 was full of it! And quite frankly we deserve this treat! Fresh off his breakup, Buck was sort of ready to get back into the saddle, but it was very clear from the beginning that this was a brand new Buck entering the dating scene. As has been alluded to by me, the fans, and even Buck himself, Abby completely changed Mr. Buckley. Gone is player Buck, for the most part, it seems, although he is still a man. When an attractive woman like Taylor Kelly comes along, and the physical chemistry is there, it's hard to fault a man for giving in to temptation. But would the old Buck have ever apologized to a woman he slept with on a whim? Related: 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 6 Review - Dosed The answer is no. With Connie Britton gone, the Abby storyline had to go with her, and it's nice to see Buck pivoting more and more away from pining over his lost love. He's learning, growing and figuring out what he does and doesn't want when it comes to his dating life. Buck: I just thought I stopped being that guy. I thought Abby had changed me. I'm single for like a day and I'm right back at it? Bobby: Well, Buck you've been single for months. Buck: Why does everybody keep saying that? Permalink: Why does everybody keep saying that? Added: November 05, 2018 If I have my way, Buck's adventures in dating will be short-lived now that Ali is back! I sensed their easygoing rapport on 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 3, and clearly, I wasn't the only one. So, thank you, 9-1-1 gods, for making one of my wishes come true. Now I need that Athena, Hen, Maddie girls night out and you will make me a very happy person! While Buck was getting back into the game, there were all kinds of emergencies spread across the city involving different relationships. There were longstanding marriages in trouble, bumbling thieves, newlyweds, and one marriage ripped apart by tragedy. Related: 9-1-1 Season 2 Episode 7 Review - Haunted There are a lot of certains on this show, with the most impressive one being reliably intriguing emergencies. And this hour didn't disappoint there. Lola's freeway declaration was absurd but also oddly understandable once her true motives were revealed. And once we met Norman, it made perfect sense why she was at the end of her ropes. Lola: I don't want to hurt anybody. I just can't handle being ignored anymore. Buck: I know exactly what you mean. Permalink: I know exactly what you mean. Added: November 05, 2018 Norman seemed like a well-meaning guy, but he had absolutely no idea what his wife was feeling. All Lola wanted was to be seen and appreciated. It seems like a pretty simple request, but it's so easy to get lost in the mundane routine of everyday life, th..

The Resident Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Trial & Error

Some 'ships are on the verge of sailing, but unfortunately, a couple of 'ships are about to sink. No worries, though. CoNic is still going strong on The Resident Season 2 Episode 7, but not without being tested a bit after a case involving a drug trial and Jessie hit too close to home. Devon and Priya, though? The time of death was the moment Devon kissed Julian. The hour was titled "Trial & Error in reference to the drug trial that cost John his life and nearly cost Jessie hers. As customary for The Resident, it was beyond that. It also referred to the various relationships on the series. All of them are trial & error and touch and go. There are different combinations of characters put together, and it's fun when characters that don't typically get along or interact with one another come together and form new bonds so they can figure out what works best for them. Related: The Resident Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Nightmares You know what, more on that in a minute because it's imperative that we delve into this Julian and Devon thing since my head is still spinning from it. Devon, what the hell?! The sexual tension between Devon and Julian was simmering beneath the surface the moment she waltzed into Chastain. She did not hide her interest nor did she stop the flirting. Fair enough, a girl is going to put herself out there, but Devon has been flirting back this entire time. That was the first sign that he and Priya were not doing so hot. The wedding was taking a toll on him, and it showed. It's a wonder he didn't call it quits eons ago. Priya has elicited mixed feelings, but that is due to her being an enigma. We don't know much about her, but we did know that Devon was crazy about her. It's hard to say if he still feels that way or he has just been going through the motions all of this time. Irving! Take over for me! Julian is having a heart attack! Devon Permalink: Irving! Take over for me! Julian is having a heart attack! Added: November 05, 2018 It should have been a sign that the series would pull the trigger on the Devon/Julian flirtation during this installment when Priya made an appearance. I hate that the first time we saw her all season was when she told Devon days before their wedding that she has a job offer in San Francisco that she plans on taking. What?! Related: A Million Little Things Round Table: Hey There Delilah (and Eddie), We're Over It! I have never heard of newlyweds having a long-distance marriage, have you?! They were doomed, and at that moment it was apparent that maybe the two of them aren't meant for one another. Neither of them wants to nor should they have to give up their job and passion. What has been clear, however, is that Devon isn't ready for marriage. Devon's cold feet have been subtle, but the flirting with Julian has been far from it. I understand why Devon may want to distance himself, second-gu..

PLL: The Perfectionists Gets Spooky New Sneak Peek

Pretty Little Liars may be over, but PLL: The Perfectionists will continue the story for two beloved characters in a brand new location, and it's shaping up to be a decent spin-off. Freeform today dropped a brand new sneak peek that shows Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) getting the fright of her life while investigating a strange noise. The person making that noise is a knife-wielding Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish), but it's all good because Mona brought pie. If you watched Pretty Little Liars online, you know that Alison and Mona went at it multiple times on the original series, so having them together in a new show is sure to cause some drama. Related: Pretty Little Liars: Spinoff on the Way! "Everything about the town of Beacon Heights seems perfect, from their top-tier college to their overachieving residents. But nothing in Beacon Heights is as it appears to be," says the official description of the series. "The stress of needing to be perfect leads to the town’s first murder. Behind every Perfectionist is a secret, a lie and a needed alibi." The spinoff's cast also includes Sofia Carson, Sydney Park, Eli Brown, Evan Bittencourt, Chris Mason, and Kelly Rutherford. Freeform has yet to reveal a premiere date for the series, but given that it's in production, an early 2019 premiere is likely. Have a look at the full video below and hit the comments with your thoughts on it.

Deadwood Movie: Who’s Returning?

Fans of the long-gestating Deadwood movie can breathe a huge sigh of relief. HBO has confirmed that production has kicked off in Los Angeles, as well as revealing the logline and who will be part of the cast. "The indelible characters of the series are reunited after ten years to celebrate South Dakota’s statehood," reads the description of the feature-length presentation. "Former rivalries are reignited, alliances are tested and old wounds are reopened, as all are left to navigate the inevitable changes that modernity and time have wrought." Ian McShane (Al Swearengen), Timothy Olyphant (Seth Bullock), Molly Parker (Alma Ellsworth), Paula Malcomson (Trixie), John Hawkes (Sol Star), Anna Gunn (Martha Bullock), Dayton Callie (Charlie Utter), Brad Dourif (Doc Cochran), Robin Weigert (“Calamity” Jane Canary), William Sanderson (E.B. Farnum), Kim Dickens (Joanie Stubbs) and Gerald McRaney (George Hearst) are all slated to return. Related: Deadwood Movie: Actually Happening? Deadwood originally spanned three seasons on HBO from 2004-06 and won eight Primetime Emmy Awards. It was a popular series for HBO, and it was surprising when a fourth season never materialized. There's no telling where the franchise could go if the movie is a success. But much of the actors are working on other projects, so it would probably come down the timing of any future project. Despite several rumors that a movie adaptation was in the works, it only got the green light in July at the Television Critics' Association Summer Press Tour. Related: Deadwood Movie Gets Green Light at HBO “We are greenlit on the Deadwood movie,” HBO president Casey Bloys confirmed to reporters at the event. “We’re looking at an October start date. It has been a logistics nightmare getting all the cast members’ schedule lined up, but we are there, and it is greenlit.” There's no word yet on when HBO is planning to air the movie, but there were some reports earlier this year stating that it could be in 2019. What are your thoughts on this? Hit the comments below! View Slideshow: Fall 2018 Premiere Dates: Set Your DVR!
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