November 21, 2018

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Legacies Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Hope Is Not The Goal

If you thought Mystic Falls was deadly with the likes of the Mikaelsons, Katherine Pierce, and Kai, then you're probably wondering whether any of the villains that came before these mythical creatures would have stood a chance at winning a battle with them. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals were well-known for the stunning twists, but Legacies has taken the best elements of both shows that came before it, thrown in some distinctly different ingredients and blended it into a unique drama. On Legacies Season 1 Episode 4, the villain of the week was an enormous spider, and while the crumbs were cleverly plotted throughout the installment, I was still in disbelief when the thing appeared on the screen. CW shows have lower budgets than shows on the big four networks. That's what happens when shows have much lower ratings, but the CGI on that spider was nothing short of amazing. Sending the students to Mystic Falls High was a big risk, but there were a lot of unanswered questions about the disappearances of both Sasha and Dana. Lizzie volunteering as tribute was comical and all, but this was a thinly veiled attempt to show her father that she was worthy of being ruled a hero as well as Hope. If you watch Legacies online, you know that Lizzie has been battling insecurities of late, much of that has to do with Alaric's relationship with Hope. But the youngster has proven to be resourceful when the opportunity presents itself, and I enjoyed the way she was stomping around the grounds of Mystic Falls High acting like the newest superhero. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! The best part about her playing a huge role in the destruction of the spider was that it allowed her to grow the backbone she needed to clap back at her father. Compulsion fail. Hope's probably doing a victory lap right now. What's with the performance anxiety? Lizzie Permalink: Compulsion fail. Hope's probably doing a victory lap right now. What's with the performance... Added: November 15, 2018 Lizzie and Josie going on about not being taught defensive magic was right on the money. There's never really been a need for it because the villains in Mystic Falls were contained for several years until Landon made off with the sword. Times are changing, and these kids are going to need to be prepared for whatever is coming their way. It was fun watching Lizzie and Josie siphoning from Hope to take down the creature, and I couldn't help but think to myself that those three girls are the only power of three we need on TV right now. That said, the takedown of the spider was far too easy. It was mostly a cut and paste of what happened to the gargoyle on Legacies Season 1 Episode 3. The issue with the villain was that there were no real stakes. None of the characters we cared about were in danger. Just two bratty tee..

Station 19 Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Weather the Storm

It wouldn't be a Shonda Rhimes mid-season finale if lives weren't in peril! A storm was raging on Station 19 Season 2 Episode 7, and Andy and Sullivan are the two left out in the cold. Will they survive? It's unlikely that Andy will perish, but what about Sullivan? Will he ironically die on the same road as his wife? Probably not, but it would be tragic if he died just as he was finally starting to open up and talk about his past. Their patient could be in real trouble, however. She was already unstable before the car rolled into a ditch. As dire as their situation is, assuming they come out of it unscathed, it will be good to see Sullivan continue to come out of his shell. His previous attempts to connect with a member of the firehouse have been mostly awkward, but it looks like he may have finally found "his person" in Andy. Also, it's hard not to love the Grey's Anatomy callout with all that "people" talk. Sullivan: I know you think I'm closed off. You're right, I am. I wasn't always. Andy: What changed? Sullivan: Something bad happened to me. To "my people." My person, I guess. Right here on this street. She didn't fare as well as Shannon back there. I thought enough time had passed. I didn't know that coming back to Seattle would have...hit me this hard. Permalink: Something bad happened to me. To "my people." My person, I guess. Right here on this street.... Added: November 15, 2018 Sullivan is far from being a favorite character, but he has the potential to develop into someone we can root for regularly. He's no longer the "bad guy" if he even ever was. Related: Get Starz via Prime Video Channels for Captivating Original Series & Hit Movies! There was more than just fire heating up the station when Ripley and Vic decided they were done being professional! That was hot, I am not going to lie, but they still need to create some boundaries. He's the fire chief, and locked door or not, they could have easily been caught. For one thing, he was acting very suspicious and still straightening out his clothes when he joined the dinner celebration. Jack already knows, but anyone else with eyes can see the chemistry between them. It's not all on him either, Vic was acting super weird too. She needs to dial it down a notch when she's around him at work. What happens if someone important finds out? They haven't really been too clear about whether this is simply frowned upon or if there are actual rules against it. Speaking of dialing it down a notch, Jack needs to take it way down. He is becoming completely unhinged, and it's only a matter of time before he makes a costly mistake. It's a good thing he was told to stay behind because he absolutely should not be in the field right now. Related: 2018 Fall Pick-up and Cancellation Scorecard The good news is people are starting to notice, which hopefully means someone will ..

How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 8 Review: I Want to Love You Until The Day I Die

Wow. Where the heck are we going to go from here? How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 8 was an entertaining midseason finale giving us a body and a culprit. And we even got an answer to the biggest mystery of all, the identity of Gabriel Maddox. Yet, when ranked amongst past big reveal episodes, I'm not so sure how this one ranks. We got nearly everything we wanted, so what mysteries do we have left to solve? Well, not many it would seem. As much as I was clamoring for answers, and make no mistake I was clamoring, having all the answers now feels a bit lackluster. I would have been okay finding out the identity of the person in the snow and saving the killer reveal for later in the season. But that's not what we got. Instead, we got the whole shebang! That's not to say this was a boring hour because it was far from it. The best part of these episodes is finding out how all the scenes you've already seen fit together to tell the story of one deadly evening. Related: How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 6 - We Can Find Him Here we walked through the night from many points of view, with Bonnie's being most prominent. You keep digging, you're going to get us all killed. Bonnie [to Nate] Permalink: You keep digging, you're going to get us all killed. Added: November 15, 2018 Bon-Bon has been on an emotional rollercoaster all season, but the two constant things in her life have been Annalise and Miller. They've been in a tug of war for her attention and affection, whether they even realized it and it was all bound to come to a head at some point. Miller was making some valid points about the toxic relationship between the two women, but what he won't ever be able to understand is that their bond can't be broken. Annalise has a pull on every single person in her orbit and for Miller proved he didn't know Bonnie at all if he thought painting Annalise as the big bad wolf was going to bring her closer to him. Even though we saw Miller in his car, ring in hand, I never counted him out as a suspect. And for good reason. No offense to his character or portrayer, but he was expendable. As soon as Michaela brought forth the information that the warden received a mysterious phone call on the day of Nate Senior's death, it was apparent that person was going to be exposed and possibly be the one dying in the snow. Related: How To Get Away With Murder Season 5 Episode 7 - I Got Played And drumroll, please! That person is ... Ronald Miller. Is his death shocking? Perhaps. But more shocking than that is who commits the initial crime. On a show full of morally questionable characters, Nate has always straddled that line, but deep down he has always been characterized by good. To say he snapped would be the understatement of the year. Full of rage and guilt, he takes it all out on Miller, whom he now believes helped orchestrate his father&..

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 8 Review: Blowin’ In The Wind

Unless I'm there to ogle the ridiculously attractive staff or eavesdrop on all the juicy drama, I would never step foot into Grey Sloan Memorial. Grey's Anatomy loves the hell out of a good storm, and with them comes a lot of angst, drama, and lust. Because for whatever reason, storms are super sexy, too. On Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 8 there was a healthy dose of sexy, but the drama of it all! How long do we have to wait for the series to return?! Meredith was a good daughter for picking her pseudo-dad up from the slammer after his justifiable outburst at that trashy bar. She's not the judgy person, but she did express her concern for Richard. She knew he wasn't taking care of himself or going to meetings after Ollie's death. Now he caught a case at a bar no less. There was ample reason to be concerned. Meredith has a way of advising people and letting them have it a bit without attacking them. It's one of her best traits. Related: Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 8 Review: Anybody Have a Map? Where she failed him was by not telling him about Catherine or at least prodding him to talk to his wife, or check all of his messages, or something, anything! Mer broke the news to Maggie, which was inevitable, and referenced them being even after Maggie's HIPAA faux pas, but she didn't give Richard any heads up. Scuttlebug spreads like crazy at that hospital. Most of the people there couldn't hold water if you gave them a cup. Richard: Thanks. Mer: Are you OK. Richard: I lost control, Meredith. I was angry. Permalink: I lost control, Meredith. I was angry. Added: November 15, 2018 Since she already told Maggie, and she knew Maggie would be the one to break it to Jackson (while I'm sure a bunch of you are ready to go in on Maggie for telling Jackson, Meredith had to have known Maggie would spill the beans), why couldn't she tell Richard too? It would have paralleled him telling her about Thatcher. If not Catherine herself, who better to tell him the news? As it stands, he's going to be the last in his family to know about his wife's condition, and he's worried that Catherine is having an affair with Tom. Given what we know about Tom and Catherine's relationship, it sounds absurd just hearing him consider it! Richard deserved better than that. It's also disconcerting and ominous that Miranda mentioned sharing his arrest with the medical board, and she had something to tell him before he sidetracked her with his affair theory. What was she going to tell him? It's doubtful that she knew about Catherine at that point, and she didn't intend to discuss her sabbatical from Ben. Could it have had something to do with little Pancake or did it have something to do with his medical license being in jeopardy? If Richard Webber can no longer practice medicine, they need to end the show right now. That would be unacceptable, unles..

Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 8 Review: The Coma and the Oxford Comma

On Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 8, we have another solid episode with politics present, but on the peripheral. Corky's beauty pageant buddy has been in a coma for 11 years, and it's no surprise to anyone that Corky visits her on a regular basis. That's totally Corky. What's also Corky is her optimism, which was the underlying current of the storyline. It was Corky "Pollyanna" Sherwood vs. Murphy "Negative-Nelly" Brown. We were thisclose to losing what makes Corky, Corky. Why don't you just hit her over the head with a bedpan? Corky Permalink: Why don't you just hit her over the head with a bedpan? Added: November 14, 2018 Who would've imagined her doing vodka shots in the morning, let alone doing vodka shots at all? It's a good thing Murphy set her straight. We need naysayers in our society, just like we need Pollyannas to balance out each other. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! You could tell Holly remembered what Charles did to her by the look on her face, so that was no surprise to the audience. Murphy's keen reporter skills should've been able to read that signal. She shouldn't have been surprised when Holly revealed the truth on the air. Or maybe I'm thinking of Law & Order: SVU -- there's no hiding the truth from them. Okay, Murphy, you get a pass this time; you're not a cop, but your powers of observation are slipping. Tighten up. At least Murphy knew Charles was a lying, murderous dirtbag, so there's that. The funniest part of the whole episode was during Holly's protective detail. Frank and that porn star mustache? Miles and his disinfectant spray? Classic and laugh-out-loud funny. Well, I'm my own jury, me times 12 and we voted to convict him. Unanimously! Murphy Permalink: Well, I'm my own jury, me times 12 and we voted to convict him. Unanimously! Added: November 14, 2018 The bit about Avery and the sexy promo should've been funnier to me. It had all the pieces of a funny storyline, but it fell flat. The addition of Avery's friends coming over to play video games felt awkward, and the whole thing didn't fly. It should've, but it didn't. Although Murphy's comment about the Cheetos and weed was funny. Maybe it was because of Avery's reaction to it? I don't know. I love a good slow-mo take as much as the next guy, but meh. In other news, I expected more airtime with Murphy's annoying assistant. She could've stayed around for a little longer to bother the hell out of Murphy, but she was whisked away too quickly. By the time you heard her mention the Oxford comma, Murphy had shoved her in the elevator. And it was in the title of this episode, for Pete's sake. Related: Murphy Brown Season 11 Episode 7 Review: A Lifetime of Achievement Sidebar -- Where&#03..

The Good Place Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By

Things definitely got intense on The Good Place Season 3 Episode 9. It feels like everything is finally coming together and reaching a boiling point. With only a few episodes left in the season, The Good Place kicked itself into high gear. Related: The Good Place Season 3 Episode 8 Review: The Worst Possible Use of Free Will With the demons back in play and our characters running for their lives, it seems like just about anything is possible. Michael's plan to find Doug Forcett and make him a blueprint for others, while interesting, was also flawed. There were a lot of aspects that didn't add up and some others that didn't quite make sense. For instance, Doug knew about The Good Place. While no one told him about it and he came about the knowledge through a hallucination, aren't his motives now corrupt just like the rest of the gangs? While Doug isn't exactly a bad person, it seems like he doesn't care about the people around him. He's more concerned with how many points he'll gain or lose if he doesn't do the right thing. Throwing a funeral for a snail seems a little extreme, but Doug's fear of losing afterlife points leads him to do some crazy things. Martin was a lot of things. A snail mostly, but also a friend. Martin taught us about life, about love, and about the limits of scotch tape. Michael Permalink: Martin was a lot of things Added: November 14, 2018 Janet even referred to Doug as a happiness pump, someone who essentially drains themselves dry for the sake of others. Upon this realization, it becomes evident that Doug Forcett is not the answer to all of their problems. View Slideshow: 27 TV Characters Who Would Host a Mean Dinner Party Meanwhile, Eleanor goes to Tahani and comes clean about her past with Chidi. When is the right time to tell someone you were passionate lovers in an alternate timeline in the afterlife but he doesn't remember because technically none of that happened in this strand of the multi-verse. Eleanor Permalink: When is the right time to tell someone you were passionate lovers Added: November 14, 2018 Surprisingly, Tahani offers Eleanor some great advice. She even realizes that the reason Eleanor is so fixed on the situation is that Eleanor's in love with Chidi again. The relationship between Tahani and Eleanor has always been one of the best parts of the show. No matter how they start, they always end up being close friends. Tahani referring to herself as Eleanor's best friend was extremely satisfying. The two may be different, but they always find solace in each other. View Slideshow: The Good Place: 8 Bad Place Do-Overs We Still Want to See! Honestly, if The Good Place ever wanted to explore anything more between Tahani and Eleanor, I'd be completely on board. There's always been flirtation on Eleanor's end, and there's no denying that they have insane chemistry. You made a really..

Hugh Grant Joins Nicole Kidman in The Undoing at HBO

Hugh Grant is returning to the small screen! According to Variety, the popular actor is boarding HBO's The Undoing and will star opposite Big Little Lies actress Nicole Kidman. The six-episode limited series is based on "You Should Have Known" by Jean Hanf Korelitz. "Overnight a chasm opens in Grace's life," reads the logline, "a violent death, a missing husband, and, in the place of a man Grace thought she knew, only a chain of terrible revelations." "Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster, and horrified by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child and herself." Related: It's Official: Big Little Lies Renewed for Season 2! The move will keep Grant on the small screen following his role on Amazon's A Very English Scandal. While the series is billed as a limited series, Big Little Lies was billed as the same when it launched, and it was later picked up for a sophomore run. That sophomore run is slated to debut in early 2019 with all of the lead cast returning, and the addition of Meryl Streep. Related: Big Little Lies Adds Star Power With Meryl Streep Having two powerhouses like Kidman and Grant sharing the screen is certainly intriguing. With HBO thriving with original content, it will likely continue to do so with the addition of The Undoing. Movie actors have been making the jump to premium cable and streaming destinations for some time now. Okay, TV Fanatics! What are your thoughts on this new series, and the casting? Hit the comments below. View Slideshow: 23 TV Characters Who Own Their Age

Veronica Mars: J.K. Simmons Lands Recurring Role!

The Veronica Mars cast is expanding by the day. According to Deadline, the latest addition is J.K. Simmons (Counterpart), who has been added to the cast as Clyde Prickett, an ex-convict who found himself in the slammer for racketeering. However, he was the first man to give protection to Big Dick Casablancas on his first day in prison. The working relationship from prison carried on when they were both back on the streets of Neptune. With that, Clyde now works as Big Dick's fixer, and the two of them bring their own skills to the powerful duo that's sure to ruffle a lot of feathers in town. Kristen Bell (Veronica), Enrico Colantoni (Keith) Jason Dohring (Logan), Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennel), Francis Capra (Weevil), Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas), Max Greenfield (Leo D'Amato), and David Starzyk (Richard Casablancas) are all slated to return for the revival. Related: Veronica Mars: Max Greenfield Returns! Simmons joins a bunch of new additions to the franchise that includes Patton Oswalt, Dawnn Lewis, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste. "Spring breakers are getting murdered in Neptune, thereby decimating the seaside town’s lifeblood tourist industry," reads the official logline for the limited series. "After Mars Investigations is hired by the parents of one of the victims to find their son’s killer, Veronica is drawn into an epic eight-episode mystery that pits the enclave’s wealthy elites, who would rather put an end to the month-long bacchanalia, against a working class that relies on the cash influx that comes with being the West Coast’s answer to Daytona Beach." Hulu placed a series order in September for eight new episodes of the series which originally aired from 2004-07 before spawning a movie adaptation in 2014. Ever since the movie, there were conflicting reports about whether the show would return in some, but there were no projects announced until earlier this year. What are your thoughts on this latest addition to the cast? Hit the comments below. Veronica Mars debuts on Hulu in 2019. View Slideshow: 25 TV Breakups That Made Us Question True Love

TV Ratings Report: 2018 CMA Awards Send Most Shows Down

The ratings are in and the 2018 CMA Awards dominated the night with a 2.1 rating (10 million total viewers). These figures are down over 30 percent year-to-year, and mark an all-time low. Survivor was affected the most on CBS, slipping two tenths to a 1.4 rating (7.2 million viewers), while SEAL Team (5.2 million/0.8 rating) and Criminal Minds (4.5 million/0.7 rating) each lost one-tenth. Fox's Empire (4.9 million/1.4 rating) dipped a tenth while Star (3.7 million/1.1 rating) held on to last week's rating. Over on The CW, both Riverdale (1.2 million/0.4 rating) and All American (0.7 million/0.3 rating) held on to their most recent ratings. Chicago Med (7.5 million/1.2 rating) and Chicago Fire (7.3 million/1.3 rating) were steady in the demo, while Chicago PD (6 million/1.0 rating) slipped a tenth.

Legacies Sneak Peek: Welcome Back to Mystic Falls High!

We're going back to Mystic Falls High! Legacies Season 1 Episode 4 focuses on the aftermath of the mysterious disappearance of two students from the school, and Sheriff Matt Donovan turns to the Salvatore School for assistance. The sneak peek from tonight's episode shows Matt at the school alongside Alaric telling the gifted teenagers about the missing girls and that need to find out the truth. For Alaric, this means starting up an exchange program between the two schools under the guise of it building bridges between both establishments. He even goes as far as saying the youngsters have permission to use compulsion to get the answers they require. Related: Legacies Season 1 Episode 3 Review: We're Being Punked, Pedro Not one to say no to some relaxed rules, Lizzie puts her hand up in an instant and claims that she volunteers "as tribute" in a hilarious reference to The Hunger Games. Meanwhile, Quincy thinks his friend could be the one taking the teenagers, especially considering the friend was eating on one of the missing girls on Legacies Season 1 Episode 3. Determined to prove a point, both boys sign up, as does Hope who can use her superhuman strength to find out what's going on in town. Have a look at the full sneak peek below, and join us in the comments with your thoughts on it! Remember you can watch Legacies online right here via TV Fanatic. Legacies continues Thursdays on The CW.
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