November 21, 2018

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Watch Criminal Minds Online: Season 14 Episode 6

Who was messing with Alvez? That was the big question on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 6 when the BAU made its way to Bethesda, MD., to investigate four murders in the span of three days. Watch Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 6 Online But for Alvez, it hit close to home when it emerged that they were linked to his time with the DEA several years before. Also, two characters made the ultimate commitment to each other by moving in together. Use the video above to watch Criminal Minds online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 19 Surprising TV Actors Who Also Direct Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch Empire Online: Season 5 Episode 6

Who won the bet between Cookie and Lucious? On Empire Season 5 Episode 6 the husband and wife tried to find the next big artist first. Watch Empire Season 5 Episode 6 Online Meanwhile, Hakeem refused to leave the studio when his rage made him tap into his best music yet. Was Tiana the only one could save him? Also, Jamal continued to lap up being engaged but was forced to change focus when Becky said he was spending too much time with Kai. Use the video above to watch Empire online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 21 Most Unlikeable Leads in TV History Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 4

What was Alice hiding? That was revealed on Riverdale Season 3 Episode 4 when Betty confronted her mother about the Gryphons and Gargoyles. Watch Riverdale Season 3 Episode 4 Online Alice opened up about a long-hidden secret that took her all the way back to the 1990s and how she, along with young Fred, FP, Hermoine, Hiram, Sierra, Penelope, and Tom played a game with deadly consequences. However, the biggest stunner was that the game was still plaguing them all these years later. Use the video above to watch Riverdale online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: The CW Cheat Sheet: Which Shows Are in Danger?! Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 9 Review: Fire and Reign

Don't ask for answers unless you are truly ready for them. Then again, when is anyone ready for the answer to be The Illuminati? Suddenly conspiracy theories are being pulled up by everyone again, looking for signs of how TV is actually mimicking reality. During American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 9, Michael gets the guidance he needs to figure out what his purpose is now as the Anti Christ. This help comes from an unconventional place, leaving us to wonder if Michael is really that gullible or if he is playing the long game. Meanwhile, Cordelia and the others attempt one last ditch effort to stop Michael. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, but they almost die trying to go back in time. Now they are stuck knowing the end is near, without any real options to stop it and at a loss of many of their witches. "Fire and Reign," was written by Asha Michelle Wilson and it finally gave us the answers we were looking for in the most absurd of ways. It proved the point that sometimes there is no intricate explanation, sometimes white guys just truly ruin everything all by themselves. Michael allows himself to be manipulated, which is an entertaining take on the lead up to the end of the world. It feels fitting to have something so serious coming from the mind of a guy who just didn't like his coffee one morning. Specifically, though, this episode got the season as a whole back on track almost seamlessly. Nothing felt out of place, with the plot flowing simply into the final chapter of this story. Related: American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 8 Review It All Leads Back To The Illuminati The Cooperative being The Illuminati is so ridiculous that it actually works really well for a reveal. After this entire season built up these questions in our minds, probably nothing could have lived up to the theories we had ourselves. Bringing in something so absurd makes the apocalypse itself ring truer because of course, it would be something created by real idiots that have no idea what they set into motion. Why would the world's wealthiest 0.1 percent wear so much flannel and Patagonia? Michael Permalink: Why would the world's wealthiest 0.1 percent wear so much flannel and Patagonia? Added: November 07, 2018 But also, it makes it almost more fascinating to see how the show tackles this topic when the conspiracy theories around it have mostly died down by now. By playing into these scenarios where the most powerful people in the world are all part of some secret organization that controls just about everything in the world, it adds a more realistic view of what would bring about our downfall. Michael was also given room to grow, or not grow when the end was nearing. During this whole journey to get here, he never once truly knew what he was meant to do. He allowed himself to be pushed around and influenced by those around him. It begs the question whether there wa..

A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 7 Review: I Dare You

Please keep standing, Maggie. On A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 7, we were treated to strong performances by both established and universally fandom approved 'ships of the series. Seriously, Miller and Roday and Moses and Malco have incredible chemistry, and they know how to bring out all the #Feels. Rome and Regina had more focus this hour, and the aftermath of Regina learning the truth about Rome was palpable and crucial to tackling such difficult topics. How does a marriage carry on after one spouse discovers that the other is suicidal? The hour gave the necessary space for Gina to process the news and go through the motions of determining what it means and how she can carry on after that devastating revelation. It has changed everything that she knew about her marriage. It has to be difficult for both Rome and Regina because their marriage has changed in a way they didn't anticipate. Everything that they do from this point forward will be, I hate to say marred, but influenced by Rome's mental illness. Gary: You're not the boss of you anymore. Rome: Says who? Gary: According to this chart, Regina. Permalink: According to this chart, Regina. Added: November 07, 2018 Most of us probably were agreeing with Gary when he said right off the bat that Rome was suffering from a kidney stone, but now that Rome's struggles are out in the open, they have to treat him differently. If for a moment Regina thought she could put off, or postpone her feelings about Rome's depression, or if she attempted to convince herself that he was OK because he was taking anti-depressants and she reminded him how much she loved him, the reality hit her when he was sick at the hospital. Related: A Million Little Things Round Table: Hey There Delilah (and Eddie), We're Over It! She couldn't know for sure if he made another attempt on his life, or if he took something that he shouldn't have. She loved him too much to give him the benefit of the doubt in that situation. She had to make the best call. As her new duty as the person in charge of his medical care and decisions, the best call was to make him take charcoal to be on the safe side. Now, every time something is wrong with him and he has to go to the hospital, his depression has to be considered. It has to be difficult for Regina, and it has to be frustrating for Rome. Fortunately, Rome understood the predicament Regina was in and didn't appear to resent her for not trusting his judgment or questioning him. He knew the position he put her in by not telling her the truth. It was a hard situation for Regina because, in addition to Rome's kidney stone, she kept finding out more things that he didn't tell her. Regina: It's not that you were talking to her. It's that you weren't talking to me. Rome: I know, but Gina if I had told it to you, it would have made it so real. Permalink: I know, but ..

Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 6 Review: Luke

Poor Alvez just can't seem to catch many breaks. Yes, Lisa moved in with him on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 6. But it was all downhill from there in this episode directed by Joe Mantegna. It was good to see Phil, Luke's old regiment mate, and former partner, on his feet and back to work. Phil was even hinting around for a setup with Garcia. Why Alvez sabotaged that, I'm not sure. He must just want to keep work and home separate as much as possible. Neither he nor Lisa want to be dragging their work home with them. Related: Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 5 Review: The Tall Man It was fun to watch Lisa and Phil rag on Luke for being such a monosyllabic communicator. I guess he saves all his long speeches for work. But apparently Lisa was able to get his singleminded about work, or she wouldn't have been moving in with him. I mean, being an ER doctor can't leave her a lot of time to be sending him heart emojis either. This being Criminal Minds, of course, such good feelings can't last. Instead, Alvez's conscientious act in the past comes back to bite him in the ass. You gotta love those dusty flashbacks. The episode examined the thin line between justice and vengeance. It took long enough for Luke to figure out his connection to the current case. He must have needed to have the killer's methodology all spelled out before it clicked for him. Related: Watch Criminal Minds Online: Season 14 Episode 5 Having the killer be the hitman that Alvez had captured five years ago was a little too easy. It was a much better twist to find out Ramos had been killed just like the others, using Ramos's own techniques, and that one of Luke's former colleagues was the new killer. It's hard to blame Grant for going after anyone connected with the cartel, especially after Ramos gruesomely killed Grant's family. Grant had been the sniper ready to put a bullet in Ramos initially, but Alvez insisted on capturing him and putting him on trial. It's even understandable why he blames Alvez. If Grant had just killed Ramos, then his family would still be alive. Maybe his killing Ramos was justifiable, but after that, his rampage got morally murky in a hurry. Grant wasn't inherently evil. But having his family killed by Ramos while he was off fighting the good fight just pushed him over the edge. But by killing Phil, Luke's best friend in the whole world, Grant brought Alvez around to his way of thinking, favoring vengeance over justice. And now, ultimately, they'll both end up paying for that point of view. Related: CBS Cheat Sheet Like Grant, Alvez chose to pursue vengeance instead of taking himself off the case as protocol dictated and Prentiss had ordered. Luke should have let his team track down Grant. But hunting down fugitives is in Alvez's blood. Plus this was personal. Exactly the reason he wasn't supposed to be there. If not..

Stan Against Evil Review: The Destruction of Willards Mill

Shows like this are too rare. We got treated to another hour of silly and laugh-out-loud humor with Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 3, which introduced Willards Mill's version of Mothra and Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 4, on which we realized how easily our titular hero could get sidetracked by easy conversation and a beer. If you haven't tuned into this gem as of yet, you need to think long and hard about what's keeping you from watching. A lot of comedies work so hard stuffing into their shows the relevant topics of the day that they forget the point of comedy. It's to make you laugh. Related: Stan Against Evil Season 3 Premiere Review: Is There Daylight Savings Time in Hell? That doesn't mean that every once and again a serious topic can't be broached on a funny show, but a dramatic #MeToo story on Will & Grace, the continuous pounding of political distance between people on Murphy Brown, and even the well-done relationship issues on black-ish add up. Suddenly, your enjoyable entertainment is forcing you to think, and the escapism you need from everyday life is gone. When does your brain get a rest? Not a rest from thinking, but feeling pain? You can rest right here when you turn on Stan Against Evil. No matter how bad -- or serious -- things get, Stan and Evie (thank you John C. McGinley and Janet Varney) find the humor in what's before them. Creator Dana Gould uses throwbacks from the past to remind viewers of crazy pop culture moments and spins them beautifully into his Evil world. The situations encountered in Willards Mill, while naturally evil(ish), are always bordering on nonsensical but make a lot of sense in context. So let me get this straight. In your America, a fake gorilla and a mailbox can't get together. Good to know. Good to know. Lenny Permalink: So let me get this straight. In your America, a fake gorilla and a mailbox can't get... Added: November 07, 2018 Take "Larva My Life," featuring the return of David Koechner as Kenny, Evie's ex-husband. Ostensibly arriving for Grace's birthday party, his gift was a key to a storage unit in Maine, code for he didn't get a gift at all. Kenny was at the heart of my favorite Stan Against Evil Season 2 episode, "The Curse of the Werepony." It's all kinds of perfect his absentmindedness led him to become the Willards Mill Mothra. Anyway, your ex-husband is here again, and he's turning into a caterpillar. No, that's it, hasta luego. Stan [on phone with Evie] Permalink: Anyway, your ex-husband is here again, and he's turning into a caterpillar. No, that's it,... Added: November 07, 2018 The plot was ridiculously simple, but from it, there was so much joy. Mothra-Kenny doing battle with the town's gorilla inside a miniature Willards Mill was brilliant. When I first saw the trailers, I expected mini-WM to be regular WM but without spending the money for ruin..

Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7 Review: Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

On Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7, Alex steps up on her high horse and looks down on her family. This time Luke joins her. By the end, she realized they made her who she is today. But that's not the big shock of the night, and I don't think I like where this is going. It's unclear how much time has passed between the break up of Haley and Arvin and Modern Family Season 10 Episode 7. Maybe a couple of months? We went from the 4th of July to Halloween to the current day, but we haven't hit Thanksgiving yet, so, yeah, a few months. Haley is pregnant, and although I'm sure she and Dylan have been doing it like bunnies, I hope they're not going to have us questioning the baby's paternity. I love it that you're smart now. Phil Permalink: I love it that you're smart now. Added: November 07, 2018 Let's think about that for a minute. Okay, Arvin was gone for a while, and Claire brought him back to surprise Haley. Dylan was in the house in his heart suit at the time, so there's no way Haley and Arvin got busy. The baby is definitely Dylan's. Good. Now, let's digest that for a minute. Claire has always been worried that Dylan and Haley would start a family too early. She warned Haley about trapping herself and tying herself to a family too early. I wonder how she'll handle the news. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! Dylan and Haley are young, but they're not kids anymore, and they both have careers going. It's too soon after their reconciliation to throw a baby in the mix, but there it is. Luke: Thank you, Alexandra. It's not easy being the smart ones in this family. Alex: Don't compare us! Your last English paper came back with a Garfield sticker on it that said, "Way to Go!" Permalink: Don't compare us! Your last English paper came back with a Garfield sticker on it that said,... Added: November 07, 2018 They're going down Phil and Claire road which turned out well for them, so who knows? Dylan will probably propose to Haley, and they'll get married before the baby is born. Where are they going to live, though? In the Dunphy basement? On to Alex. She hasn't acted all high and mighty for a while, but she brought herself down a smidge. Thank God. Everybody has their thing. Who is Alex to judge? SHE has a thing! She's a smug know-it-all who likes to put people down. I like Alex, don't get me wrong, but all that judgment was uncool. Yes, it was Luke who labeled everyone, which I thought was funny coming from him because he was spot on, but Alex jumped right on board. She realized at the end that her family with all its quirks contributed in a big way who she is today. Maybe she'll tune the attitude down a little bit. She's always going to have that air about her because she's Alex, but..

All American Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Lose Yourself

It didn't take long for Spencer and Asher to go from enemies to friends. The two found some common ground on All American Season 1 Episode 4, and now they even share a secret. Give Spencer some credit; he's intuitive. He immediately picked up on the cues Asher was giving out despite his closest friends completely missing them. Everything is clicking for the team on the field, and they're riding a three-game win streak. The chemistry they worked so hard to establish is paying off in dividends, yet off the field, Spencer still feels like an outsider. Being the outsider looking in is how he was able to pick up on Asher's discomfort at the idea of a party, and that he always seemed to be leaving his wallet at home. Spencer is used to being poor, and he lost himself a little bit when for the first time in his life, he had extra money to burn. At first, he was only using it to buy groceries for his mother, but it wasn't long before he was throwing it on the poker table. Lucky for him, his mom helped him remember who he is. Spencer: Why are you doing this? Pretending you got all this money? Asher: A year ago I wasn't pretending. We were loaded. I lost everything overnight. Was I supposed to change who I am? I don't know how to be the poor kid. Permalink: A year ago I wasn't pretending. We were loaded. I lost everything overnight. Was I supposed... Added: October 29, 2018 Asher, on the other hand, is used to being rich and is still adjusting to life without money. He's been keeping up pretenses and lying to his friends and girlfriend for an entire year. That could not have been easy. Related: All American Season 1 Episode 3 Review: i It was probably easy for his friends not to suspect anything, but it's a little harder to believe that Layla never did. You would think she would have been spending a lot of time at his house, but I guess he did say the owners were away a lot. He probably claimed a bedroom to pretend was his whenever she came over. Perhaps they spent most of their time at her place. Who knows? While I can understand Asher's desire to keep his family's misfortune private, he made some head-scratching decisions in his efforts. First of all, he had to know that uttering the words "my dad is out of town" was going to lead to a party. But for argument's sake, we'll call it a Freudian Slip and move on. The poker game could have been a good way for him to win some money so he wouldn't have to bum off Jordan the next time they all hung out, but come on, you have to know when to fold. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video He didn't want to lose however much he had already bet, but when the car is on the table, it's time to bail. He didn't even have to end the bet. All he had to do was say he didn't have the keys. Why did he have the keys? Who goes out..

Riverdale Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club

Grab your plaid and baggy denim, Riverdale fans. It's Flashback Wednesday here on Riverdale Season 3 Episode 4! Alice's storytelling hour took us on a lovable, and totally '90s, trip back to the time of grunge, New Kids, and Beverly Hills, 90210. The teens perfectly played the parts of the younger parents, capturing all their '90s mannerisms and looks. (Seriously, did you see K. J.? Serving Dylan McKay realness there.) All leading to the parents' fateful origin story of Gryphons and Gargoyles. Suffice it to say the tale was worth the wait. Even though "Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club" primarily took place in the '90s, I loved the John Hughes tone during the flashback scenes. The Breakfast Club is an iconic coming-of-age '80s masterpiece that many other movies and TV shows have tried to replicate. In most cases, the new properties failed to capture the magic. Thankfully, that wasn't the result here. Background music, clothing choices, and the editing heightened the retro (I hate myself for saying "retro" as a '90s baby!) vibe. Riverdale was on its A-game with the nostalgia. But, it was the honest dialogue between the characters that took notice. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! A John Hughes film isn't complete without its #realtalk. The younger versions opened up about their insecurities and the problems that hung over their lives. We finally learned why the parents turned out the way they did. And in many cases, the truth was an eye-opening experience. (I have sympathy for Penelope blossom now, that's how eye-opening it was.) The Gargoyle King storyline notwithstanding, this episode is a must for Riverdale fans and new watchers. The plot explains so much in the show's history that it can't be missed. Alice's development had the biggest change between her teen and adult self. Though, that's not about Lili Reinhart's portrayal. She did an amazing job acting like young Alice, and she even looked like a young Mädcen Amick too. Riverdale Season 1 discussed her Southside Serpent past, but now we have the moment where she traded in leather for pink plaid. A secret, a death, and a pregnancy would change someone's world. Alice: Forsyth Pendleton Jones Jr. He was the BMOC. An all-American athlete, a “stud muffin” as we used to say. He was different back then, Betty. Trying to be something different than what he was, but still trouble. [Flashback returns to present] Alice: I was as tough as nails, but around FP, silly putty. Even in detention with the secret growing inside me, I hated him … but I wanted him. [Betty waves for her mom to stop] Betty: Ugh, okay, okay, Mom. I get it. Permalink: Even in detention with the secret growing inside me, I hated him … but I wanted him. Added: November 06, 2018 How could you not feel bad for her during the Gar..
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