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The Resident: 21 Reasons Season 2 Is the Best So Far!

There is still some ways to go before The Resident returns with all-new episodes January. 14. In the meantime, there is plenty of time to discuss The Resident season two and why it is such a success. The series was one of the breakout hits of 2018 and had a strong first season. However, the second season has knocked it out of the park tweaking some errors and improving upon greatness. It has been must-see television since The Resident Season 2 Episode 1, and it hasn't slowed down yet. Sophomore slumps are for chumps! -Related: Get HBO via Prime Video Channels for Addictive Dramas, Hilarious Comedies & Hit Movies! - What has made the second season such a hit?! Well, let's discuss it! Check out our list of reasons The Resident Season 2 has been incredible so far and then hit the comments with your thoughts. If you missed anything or want to binge-watch it again, you can watch The Resident online here via TV Fanatic. Don't forget to check out our The Resident Reviews too! 1. Conrad Backstory and Insight Conrad had one of the most compelling arcs this season so far as we've stripped away layers of this multifaceted character who so often keeps so much of himself hidden away. There is a foreboding tone to Conrad's storyline this season; it's like devastation is around the corner for him. There have been hints to a troubled past, glimpses at his struggles with PTSD, and implications that he's on the brink of a breakdown. It's informative, appealing, and heartwrenching at once. 2. Friendship Goals This season, there is a greater sense of friendship and camaraderie. Every episode it feels like the viewer is part of this group of friends too. The beauty of this season is that the gang don't just work together, most of them feel like genuine friends, and the different friendships that have blossomed are endearing and heartfelt. There is never too much gal pal action with Mina and Nic. Devon and Mina are close as well, which has been a delight. Irving was even a groomsman at Devon's wedding. Now, all we need is more Hawkfor! 3. Nic's Vulnerability Nic is the resident caretaker and has always been in a supporting role to everyone else. This season, the series has put the focus on her and what makes her tick. We have discovered that she directs much of her attention to tending to others, but she doesn't do the best job taking care of herself. The revelation of Nic's panic attacks and her past miscarriage were great reminders of how human she is and that the caretaker is not without obstacles of her own. She's a more well-rounded character by herself rather than as an extension to Conrad. 4. Devon Character Development While Devon's cheating arc with Julian and wedding debacle with Priya sucked, Devon has developed nicely so far this season. He is a more confident doctor in his own right, and he's been deemed "Conrad 2.0" by Mina because he has taken similar crea..

12 of the Worst Plot Twists of 2018

We're all sitting there on our nice comfy couches, watching our favorite shows when all of a sudden, the plot takes a horrible turn. Not only does it take the show in a direction we weren't expecting, but it also takes us to a place that really doesn't make a whole lot of sense at all. Sometimes the plot twist involves something out of character or doesn't fit the show, or sometimes it's just plain dumb. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! We're left shaking our heads, and sometimes our remotes, wondering what in the world the writers were thinking, adding this into our beloved shows. Can the show recover? It depends. Without further ado, here are the worst plot twists this TV Fanatic staff could think of for 2018. Did we include the ones you had in mind? Hit the comments and commiserate with us. 1. Rick Survives - The Walking Dead Despite impossible odds and impeccable timing by a well-placed helicopter and ex-trash lady, Rick Grimes survives an explosion that should've blown him to smithereens. All the hype about the last Rick episode led people to believe he would die, but he didn't. Not that we wanted Rick to die, but his survival was a bit too convenient for The Walking Dead. 2. Amanda's Pregnancy - Law & Order: SVU Nobody said Amanda Rollins has a good track record with men, but SVU has been hinting on and off about a possible relationship between her and Carissi. When Amanda wound up pregnant for the second time, everyone was thinking it might be his baby. Maybe they'd gotten together without any of us knowing? But, no, some random doctor dude fathered Amanda's baby. What? Even more, she's trying to make a life with this guy. Awful twist. 3. So, Nicky's Alive? - This Is Us Sure it was shocking, but it's also pretty silly. Are we really supposed to believe no one ever Googled him, especially Kevin before flying to Vietnam? No one ever went to DC and looked for his name on the memorial? Highly unlikely. Jack and Randall even took a trip there to visit Howard. It's just hard to believe. 4. Riggs Replaced - Lethal Weapon We all know about the controversy with Clayne Crawford on Lethal Weapon, but killing Riggs off and pairing Murtaugh up with a guy we don't even get a proper into to, felt like whiplash. No fanfare, no easing into it, just shove-'em-in-your-face, here's your new guy; he can tell jokes, so he's #relatable. Love him. We didn't even get to grieve, and it changed the trajectory of the entire plot current of the show forever. 5. Ash Tyler is Voq - Star Trek: Discovery In the STUPIDEST sleeper agent plot twist, human-looking Lt. Tyler turns out to be a physically modified, mentally reprogrammed, Klingon spy. Somehow, Star Fleet cleared him for active duty despite his MONTHS as a prisoner of war and somehow missed that he'd had h..

Gary Goldstein & Ruth Clampett Make Christmas Bright with PassionFlix’s Mr. 365

Even though a lot of people like to pretend they don't pay attention to their more romantic sides by watching networks like Hallmark, UP, Lifetime and others, we know you can't ignore a story with a happy ending. Gary Goldstein has been writing some pretty terrific movies of the genre while Ruth Clampett has made her name with books of a similar nature. One of her most appreciated works is Mr. 365, featuring the story of a man who lives Christmas year around and the woman who wants to put him on TV. Goldstein optioned the book for a screenplay, and this season you can find it on PassionFlix. If you haven't heard of it, there is no time like Christmas to treat yourself to a free trial so you can see what it's all about. Hint: It turns up the heat a little! I had the opportunity to ask both Mr. Goldstein and Ms. Clampett some questions about their thoughts on the movie, what it was like collaborating, and more. Please enjoy learning more about Mr. 365 below! What did you like about “Mr. 365” that made you want to option the book for a movie? Gary Goldstein: I thought it was a really fun story with great characters, but I especially liked the whole reality TV aspect, which was an arena I’d never seen in a Christmas movie. I felt that element, along with the Christmas-every-day idea, could make it a different kind of holiday movie, yet it still had all the charming, romantic, Christmassy things that make these films work. Did you always imagine it would play around the holidays, or do you feel the movie, like Will celebrates Christmas, could be enjoyed any time of the year? GG: I always saw it as a holiday season movie since that’s when the book largely takes place plus I think these films tend to work better if set over a more compressed period of time. Now, if we did the mini-series… You're not new to the romance genre. What's the difference writing for PassionFlix compared to penning a Hallmark movie, for example? GG: There’s just more freedom with a subscription service like PassionFlix to be, well, more “passionate” in telling a story, more romantically authentic, if you will. The book of “Mr. 365” was really lively and sexy and I think I was able to capture its spirit more fully here. At heart, the networks just have different mandates, so you write to your audience. Can you share an example of a scene from Mr. 365 that you would have written differently for a commercial network? GG: I think it’s safe to say that the scene where Sophia and Will start to get hot and heavy in the kitchen would have ended a whole lot sooner than it does now, if it even existed at all! You joked with me that (to put it a different way) Christopher Russell, who plays Will, could turn my frown upside down. How did the casting of Russell and Chelsea Hobbs as Sophia work to your benefit? GG: They were great choices: perfectly cast and really talented. They’re also both super attractive but, I think, in a ..

17 Most Politically-Driven Plotlines of 2018

Oscar Wilde wrote that "life imitates art for more than art imitates life." Writers have been forever basing their stories and scripts on the world around them. Still, as Wilde suggests, the books we read, the shows we see, and the lessons we learn play a role in our decisions and behaviors. Knowing this, writers like to feed us messages that make us think and even sometimes bring us to their way of thinking. In recent years, the real world (such a terrible place to live) has been fraught with a great deal of tension politically. The left and right seem more at odds than ever, and everybody is speaking out. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video So too, the writers of our favorite shows are making their positions known as this climate leaks into our shows, helping us see our world and the issues facing us in a different light. in 2018, many political plots and arcs have come across our screens. We've seen plots addressing the #MeToo movement, police brutality, gun control, immigration reform, and just general right versus left tension. Here are some examples of the way politics crept into our favorite shows this year, sometimes adding to the story, and sometimes taking away from the escape we like to find when we tune in. 1. The Rookie On The Rookie Season 1 Episode 8, Protagonist John Nolan deals with accusations of police brutality, a hot topic of late. While the victim was not a POC, as is common in many of these cases, the question of the right and wrong was still significant to the story. Some say that cops are heroes who we should support, others do not trust cops and find it unjust what they can get away with because they have a badge. As the protagonist, Nolan was portrayed more like the victim. Still, this issue is never simple. 2. Supergirl Last season, many fans commented on the political plots cropping up, such as Lena arguing her right to carry a gun, and James dealing with police brutality to a POC (who is also a vigilante). This year, they cranked it up to eleven, hitting us with a plot about alien rights. The implication is that this mirrors the immigration issues America is facing today. While the comparison was obviously intentional, some of the arguments against aliens are really not applicable in the real world. Many fans feel that this plot is too heavy-handed, as well as one-sided. Those who agree with Supergirl's current political message may enjoy the arc, but the rest will ignore it and call it propoganda. 3. The Bold Type The Bold Type is actually known for tackling controversial topics. They've addressed quite a few political issues in their two-season run, but we're spotlighting The Bold Type Season 2 Episode 7, which brings up the issue of gun control. Jane Sloane is anti-gun rights, but friend and roommate Sutton Brady has been hiding a gun in their apartment. Sutton's gun Betsy is not used for protection, but recreational skeet..

Days of Our Lives: A Sad Lead-up To Christmas

I wasn't looking forward to Julie falling down the steps. Spoilers suggested that Gabi pushed her on purpose, and I didn't want to see yet another legacy character abused for the sake of an obnoxious plot. But Julie's fall yielded some good, soapy material for her many friends and family in Salem, came at the climax of an epic confrontation and marked what appears to be the beginning of Gabi's downfall. The entire confrontation with Gabi was classic Julie. Julie's never been the kind to keep her opinion to herself, and she's harbored a grudge against Gabi since Nick's death back in 2013. She was the perfect person to confront Gabi. Julie's moral outrage and her determination to make Gabi pay for what she'd done while Gabi kept trying the same lies that worked on everyone else were more than satisfying payoff for having been forced to sit through this awful storyline for months. And that SLAP! Usually, I dislike the way everyone resolves everything by getting physical, but no one deserved that slap more than Gabi. Julie made it clear to her that her days of playing around with people's lives were over. It was frustrating that Julie felt a need to gloat about having found the paternity results instead of just leaving and then looking at them in private. Back in the day, she was one of Salem's top schemers and she should have known better. On the other hand, she was riled up and had finally got one over this woman she has wanted to put in her place for over four years, so it's totally understandable that she would have that "gotcha!" moment even if it was a total soap trope designed to drag the storyline out longer. Related: 13 Tired Tropes TV Can Turn on Their Heads Julie's fall was well done. It wasn't a moment I wanted to see and I could do without seeing it over and over again in flashbacks, but the slow-motion fall, Gabi's horrified look, and the fact that Sonny and Chad had heard something and were standing right there made it perfect from a dramatic standpoint. I just wish that Sonny and Chad were less oblivious. Chad is a lost cause, obviously, since his questioning of Gabi lasted about three seconds and then he went repeating her story to Kate twice, all without wondering why Kate was so interested. And Sonny is preoccupied with this Leo nonsense. But still, no one has figured out that if Julie was looking for proof that Gabi had been gaslighting Abigail AFTER Abby was committed, there had to be a reason. And both guys believed that Julie just stomped off in a huff and fell down the stairs before Gabi got there even though they saw Gabi standing at the head of the stairs looking like a deer caught in the headlights! Despite that, though, this story works, both as a vehicle for finally putting an end to Gabi's reign of terror and to give veteran actors Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes the opportunity to shine in a story of thei..

Z Nation Canceled at Syfy After Five Seasons!

It's the end of the line for Z Nation. Syfy has canceled the post-apocalyptic drama after five seasons. The news was revealed via Twitter by David Michael Latt, an executive producer of the series. "RIP #znation. As they say, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." Thanks to all the fans for five years of love and support. You're the best. Thanks @Syfy for a great run," he shared. Fans did not take the news well, but Latt urged them to tune in for Z Nation Season 5 Episode 13 which will now serve as the series finale. Related: Z Nation Spinoff Ordered at Netflix "There is still one more episode! Please watch our final show of #znation next week!" he said. Delondra Williams, a writer on the series also took to Twitter to say goodbye to the series. "It was such an honor to spend three years in the #ZNation writers room. I enjoyed every single moment in the room, on the page and with the fans," she tweeted, adding: "Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this amazing show!!" While the main series is ending, a spinoff focusing on a mother's fight to find her daughter in a zombie-filled world is in the works at Netflix. It is called Black Summer and has an eight-episode order. Jaime King will lead the cast. Launching in 2014, Z Nation has always been a reliable performer for Syfy, but Z Nation Season 5 has slipped in the ratings. Through 11 episodes, it is averaging just a 0.1 rating, slipping over 20 percent vs. Z Nation Season 4. Related: Midnight, Texas and Marlon Canceled at NBC It was once a flagship series for Syfy, but with the newer and better-rated series such as The Magicians, Happy!, and Krypton, Syfy has decided to part ways with Z Nation. Given that the creative forces of the series only just found out about the cancellation, there's a good chance that the series finale will not be a closure-filled affair. What are your thoughts on the cancellation? Was it time to go, or did the show still have some life? Hit the comments below. Remember you can watch Z Nation online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 11 Shows You Need to Stop Dodging Right NOW!

Midnight, Texas and Marlon Canceled at NBC

For those who thought Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 9 would be the season finale, we have bad news for you: NBC has canceled Midnight, Texas after two seasons, and next Friday's installment will now serve as the series finale. The network also canceled summer comedy Marlon after two seasons, per Deadline. Launching in summer 2017 to mixed reviews, Midnight, Texas Season 1 performed well enough in the ratings to earn a second season. It averaged 3 million total viewers and a 0.7 rating among adults 18-49. Midnight, Texas Season 2 launched over a year after the first season concluded, and was shunned to Friday nights. Related: Midnight Texas Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Patience is a Virtue The ratings are down almost 50 percent to just a 0.4 rating, but we need to remember here that ratings as a whole are lower on Fridays. The big delay between seasons, moving from the lower-rated summer months, and the Friday move are likely to blame for the erosion in the ratings. That said, the show did get a jolt of life last week when it moved one hour earlier, but NBC had probably already made the decision to let the series go. While the series is over at NBC, the show is being shopped around, so there is a glimmer of hope that it could be saved by streaming or cable destination. Midnight, Texas, focuses on a small remote town where nothing is what it seems. With werewolves, vampires, witches and other mystical beings, it is a town where being a human being is not the norm. The cast includes Francois Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Arielle Kebbel, Jason Lewis and Peter Mensah. Related: Ray Donovan Renewed for Season 7! As for comedy series, Marlon, it got off to a solid start last year and went on to average a 1.1 rating, but it collapsed when it returned for Season 2 earlier this year, averaging a mere 0.6 rating. The cast included Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, Bresha Webb, Diallo Riddle, Notlim Taylor, and Amir O’Neil. Okay, TV Fanatics. What are your thoughts on these cancellations? Hit the comments below. Remember you can watch Midnight, Texas online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: NBC Cheat Sheet: Manifest Is on Thin Ice

Dynasty Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Crazy Lady

The holidays were anything but happy for the Carrington clan on Dynasty Season 2 Episode 9. I'll file this under Fallon's "things that usually ruin the holidays at the manor." Though the season has been a bit up-and-down with Celia's death, the addition of new Cristal, and Steven's departure, the writers always redeem themselves with epic cliffhangers and monumental twists. And there was a boatload of them. Claudia Blaisdel's crazy antics never disappoint, but there was a point where I just began feeling sorry for her. How long can the Carringtons entertain themselves at the expense of her deteriorating mental health? And how long can they can they continue contributing to that deterioration? Blake tried to take ownership of a child that never belonged to the family because he knew that the FBI wouldn't get involved if they found out little Matthew wasn't blood-related. Cristal: I'm sorry. Why wouldn't they look for a woman who tried to kill all of you last Thanksgiving? Fallon: Oh, daddy didn't tell you? He didn't report it to the cops. Instead, he paid to lock her up in a loony bin. Don't worry, they had crafts. Permalink: Oh, daddy didn't tell you? He didn't report it to the cops. Instead, he paid to lock her up... Added: December 21, 2018 Apparently, if your name carries enough weight, the FBI doesn't "check" the validity of the story. Blake's pro-active approach made sense considering his history with kidnapped children, but he was out-of-line for most of the episode, especially when he told Fallon that Cristal's blood was on her hands. Although, I was proud to see him mourning Celia for once instead of just replacing her with a newer model like the series did. Admittedly, the first half of the episode was a bit of a lull, but that all changed when Claudia climbed up on the roof with that baby. And even more so when Matthew flew out of her buttery arms. My jaw dropped all the way down with him. I was hoping someone had caught Matthew as he plunged the distance, but Claudia holding a doll that she thought was her baby was way juicier. When you acknowledge that she replaced her missing baby with a doll and didn't even notice, you'll realize how fractured her mental state is. The Carringtons are absolutely right -- she is not equipped to be a mother for obvious reasons, but they are in no way helping her get better. No wonder this woman continues to spiral when the family who killed her husband continues to take everything, including her sanity, away from her. Related: Dynasty Season 2 Episode 8 Review: A Real Instinct for the Jugular Blake's revenge ploy was evil, but man, Alexis may be the worst of them all. Alexis is so self-absorbed she would willingly put a child in danger to protect her secret dalliance with son/lover boy, Hank. She went out of her way to prevent the family from fin..

Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Patience is a Virtue

And the award for the cheesiest show of 2018 goes to... Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 8!! It was so over-the-top cringeworthy, it was almost good. From Manfred professing his love to Patience in the worst way possible to Patience holding up Manfred's head in triumph, there were so many laughable moments it was hard to keep count. It can't get any worse than this. And, yet, there are two more episodes to keep us entertained. Yay, us! It always baffles me when the villains feel the need to tell the heroes their intentions. Why give away your secrets? Related: Get Shout! Factory TV via Prime Video Channels For Cult Classic Films & TV that Shape Pop Culture Now! Wouldn't it be much more interesting for the heroes -- and the viewers -- if the villain's plans remained a secret? Had we not been treated to all the ridiculous exposition we were, Manfred losing his head would have been a surprising shock. Whatever magic will be used to fuse Theopholis' head to Manfred's body will probably be used to fuse Manfred's head back to his own body once the good guys win. Which they will. And I bet that Delilah will be the witch who performs the deed. The only one left who can do anything to save the Midnighters now is Kai, so it will be up to him to break Delilah out of her picture prison. Would it be surprising if Kai turned out to be a descendant of Delilah's son? Or perhaps even her son himself? Related: Get Britbox via Prime Video Channels for the biggest streaming collection of TV from BBC & ITV...ever. Patience obviously has a thing for family so it makes sense that she would romance her nephew as a way to punish Delilah for killing Theopholis. His healing powers probably wasn't the only thing that attracted her to him. Brother and sister lovefests are boring and trite unless it's Jaime and Cersei on Game of Thrones. Disgusting, yes. But at least their story has some serious substance. How could Patience not know that her best friend and her brother were lovers? It was ridiculous that she was so surprised at the revelation. And if she was as in love with her brother as it turned out, why wait until he professed his love to another woman to make her move? And why is it that Fiji has all of a sudden become her new bestie that she felt the need to share her entire sordid history with her? There were no other witches available? The appearance of Kristen as a nerdy, asthmatic, IT witch was one of the most eye-rolling moments of the hour. I seriously don't think the writers are even trying anymore. Related: Get Showtime via Prime Video Channels for Award-Winning Original Series, Hit Movies, Sports & More! Worse is Olivia's descent into dumb blonde hell. Her clueless expressions and the idiotic things coming out of her mouth betray the badass heroine we know she is. None of this should have gotten past her. If anyone could have nip..

13 Characters In Need of a Christmas Miracle

The best drama comes from characters being put through the wringer. But Christmas is the season of miracles and some characters really need a break. Related: Get Hallmark Movies Now via Prime Video Channels for Stories with Heart, Captivating Movies & More! Who would you give a Christmas miracle to if you could? Check out the ones on our miracle list and share yours in the comments! Don't forget you can watch TV online here at TV Fanatic any time of year that you feel like! 1. Aaron Glassman - The Good Doctor Not only has Dr. Glassman been struggling with memory loss and difficulty with balance after brain surgery, but his latest scans show his cancer has returned after all that. 2. Will Halstead - Chicago Med After spending most of fall 2018 trying to balance law enforcement's demands that he help investigate a mob boss with his understanding of the guy's medical needs, Will didn't even make it to his own wedding because he was found out, kidnapped, and almost killed. And when he was finally rescued, he was whisked away to Witness Protection before he could say I Do. 3. Amanda Rollins - Law & Order: SVU Amanda's surprise pregnancy and on-again off-again relationship with her cheating, sleazy baby daddy is bad enough, but the horrific things she's seen on the job are leaving her wondering what kind of world she's bringing a new child into and fearing that she did the wrong thing by deciding to keep the baby. 4. The Gonzalez Family - Murphy Brown It was a sad Thanksgiving for the Gonzalez family when Immigrations and Customs Enforcement arrested the parents, who have been in the US without proper paperwork for decades, and sent them back across the border. Miguel seems to be doing okay now that he's in the US by himself, but this family could use a miracle reunion. 5. Sean Reagan - Blue Bloods The youngest Reagan seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, and now that big brother Jack has gone off to college, he's been doing some acting out. The kid just lost his mother a year ago, too. 6. Kayla Brady - Days of Our Lives It's been months since Steve was whisked away and charged with treason because of hackers taking advantage of his bionic eye to access classified documents. Now Steve's finally out of jail but refusing to come home until he proves that Stefan Dimera was behind the hacking, leaving Kayla feeling guilty about the deal she made with Stefan to get that eye and restore Steve's sight. Plus, she's been asked to keep the fact that Abigail is only pretending to have had a relapse of her mental illness secret and is the doctor of record for her friend and Horton family matriarch Julie, who is in a coma thanks to a fall down the steps related to Gabi's gaslighting Abigail. View Slideshow
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