January 16, 2019

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Dark Crystal Prequel: Taron Egerton Leads Impressive Cast of Netflix Prequel

Netflix is pulling out the big guns for its upcoming Dark Crystal prequel, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The upcoming 10-episode series has announced the cast for the series and is filled with household names. From Mark Hamill to Catriona Balfe to Andy Samberg, we think it's fair to say you've heard of a lot of these actors. Here's the full cast list: Main Taron Egerton (Kingsman) Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones) Gelfling Characters Catriona Balfe (Outlander) Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones) 
Helena Bonham-Carter (Harry Potter) 
Harris Dickinson (Clique) 
Eddie Izzard (The Riches) 
Theo James (The Divergent Series) 
Toby Jones (The Hunger Games) 
Shazad Latif (Star Trek: Discovery) 
Gugu Mbatha-Raw (The Cloverfield Paradox) 
Mark Strong (Kingsman: The Golden Circle) 
Alicia Vikander (Tomb Raider) The Skeksis & Mystics Andy Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) Mark Hamill (Star Wars) Harvey Fierstein (Family Guy) 
Ralph Ineson (The Witch) 
Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) 
Keegan-Michael Key (Friends from College) 
Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Lady Dynamite) 
Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will take place “many years” before the events of the film. “When three Gelfling discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis’ power, they set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires of rebellion and save their world,” according to the official logline. “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will combine the art of puppetry perfected by The Jim Henson Company, with Louis’ vision, powerful storytelling and a mix of cutting-edge digital imagery and visual effects,” Cindy Holland, Vice President of Original Content at Netflix, previously said in a statement of the project. “I can’t wait for families around the world to see how we bring these unique characters to life.” Okay, TV Fanatics. What are your thoughts on this impressive cast? View Slideshow: 21 TV Series That Should Have Called It Quits!

31 Lethal Couples You Don’t Want To Cross

Taking on one skilled fighter is hard enough, even more so when you have to take on two who are fighting not just for the safety of others, but for each other also. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! It can sometimes be a distraction to have a loved one there whom you're always watching out for but these lot have total trust in each other's abilities to handle themselves in a fight; in whatever form it comes. This gives them an added clarity of mind seldom seen in lone fighters. If that is a good or bad thing depends on which side of their fists you're on. Without further ado, let's count down our favorite couples you'd do well to steer clear of in a fight. 1. Lorna and Marcos (The Gifted) With just a touch, these lovebirds can conjure up a miniature version of the most beautiful phenomenon you'll ever see -- the aurora borealis. What are the chances that out of all the mutants out there, they'd find and fall in love with each other? It's fate, you guys. But those same abilities that produce that amazing sight can be utilized to devastating effect. Just ask all the Sentinel agents that have stood in their way. 2. Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe (Legends Of Tomorrow) What started off as a slightly antagonistic relationship quickly turned into the best love story this show has ever done. Sure, the bar isn't that high, but it doesn't take away from the euphoric feeling you experience when watching these two lay the hurt on the baddies. 3. Mon-El and Imra (Supergirl) Sci-Fi shows constantly play it fast and loose with the mechanics of time travel, but one thing that has remained consistent is how often it gives birth to complicated relationships. After Mon-El left Earth to escape Lead poisoning, he fell into a wormhole into the future where he married Imra -- a fellow member of The Legion. They returned to the present where their fighting skills were put to good use taking down the Worldkillers. 4. Sameen Shaw and Root (Person Of Interest) Shaw is an expert in a myriad of martial arts techniques and has taken down bad guys three times her size. Root, while not at the same level physically, can ruin your whole life with the press of a button. 5. Hermione and Hiram Lodge (Riverdale) It's a shame watching Hiram descend to such petty levels, expending significant resources trying to kill a teenage boy. Yet, somehow Archie keeps getting away, which kind of dampens the effect of the knowledge of how deep Hiram's mob ties run. But before he got out of prison, Hermione was the Armani-clad puppet master gracefully pulling the strings from behind her Gucci curtains, or whichever brand is the top dog in the curtain-making game these days. 6. Tulip and Jesse (Preacher) To call Tulip and Jesse's relationship complicated would be the understatement of the year but they always have each other's backs whate..

A Million Little Things Promo: Is Constance Zimmer the Mysterious Barbara Morgan?!

Is guest-star Constance Zimmer the actress behind the mysterious Barbara Morgan? That's one of many questions that A Million Little Things Fanatics are asking. This soapy drama keeps giving us more questions than answers as it introduces shocking twists and other unexpected revelations. A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10 left some fans shocked when the final scene implied that Jon and Ashley were having an affair of their own. Although, there are theories and speculation that the forbidden kiss was initiated by Ashley, and Jon was caught off guard. Maybe it's a red herring! Jon's line about not being the man that everyone thinks that he is was ominous. Related: A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Christmas Wishlist Now that we know he left Delilah with $18 million of debt and 21 days notice to vacate their home, it's evident that he's a man with many secrets and not the perfect guy portrayed. In the clip, Jon left a video apologizing to someone. If it's a video recording that he meant to leave for Delilah, then where has it been, and who has it? The clip also shows Ashley giving Delilah the blue envelope. It took long enough! Delilah is beyond angry; she's furious. She also can be seen screaming at Gary to stop defending his late best friend, and that may have to do with her finding out from Katherine that the $18 million debt that Jon amassed is her debt too. So, it looks like Katherine was able to be the bigger person for the umpteenth time and agreed to help Delilah after Delilah came to her seeking advice. The juiciest tidbit from the promo is the appearance of Constance Zimmer. Related: 27 Series That Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart In the first glimpse of her since her brief appearance where she commended Eddie on a beautiful eulogy during A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 1, she is shown blowing Ashley off when Ashley wants to speak to her. Did Ashley know who she was or did she figure it out? Also, does that mean Zimmer is Barbara Morgan or is Barbara Morgan a company that she works for? Later, Zimmer's character appears to confront Delilah in a restroom. This face-off is exciting already, and we don't even know what it's about! Also, there may be some headway made on the meaning of Rutledge. Jon is heard saying that Rutledge was some type of shorthand that him and someone else used, but the brief shot of Gary during that voiceover leads one to think that Gary is somehow connected to Rutledge too. According to the TVLine interview with the creator of the series, everyone has secrets, so maybe Gary knows a heck of a lot more than we thought. Everyone is under an insane amount of stress, and while the promo would like us to believe that Maggie's health is declining fast and that someone (her) may meet their maker, Gary's line about not believing that she's gone could also refer to Ashley..

Freeform Apologizes After Mocking Shadowhunters Fan Campaign

Freeform is sorry. The cable network issued a short and sweet apology after fans of Shadowhunters found their efforts to save the series being ridiculed by the network that canceled the series. "This was a mistake. We never intended to disrespect the Shadowhunters fandom. We apologize for this," said a statement on Twitter. It all started on Saturday when the network aired an "enhanced" version of Toy Story 1 as part of its "25 Days of Christmas" programming event. Being "enhanced" the cabler added inserts to the airing to poke fun at events happening on-screen, and one, in particular, took aim at the efforts of Shadowhunters fans around the world. During the scene with Woody using the Magic 8-Ball to give him some clarity, an insert appeared across the screen, saying: "Will Freeform save Shadowhunters if I keep tweeting about it?” it said. The response? “DON’T COUNT ON IT.” Related: Shadowhunters Canceled at Freeform Freeform swung the ax on Shadowhunters back in June but claimed that it would help bring the story to a close by adding a special two-hour series finale to the second half of Shadowhunters Season 3. “We are very proud of ‘Shadowhunters,’ a series that broke new ground in the genre world and became a fan favorite,” the network said in a statement at the time. “However, along with our partners at Constantin, we reached the very difficult decision not to renew the show for a fourth season. But as big supporters and fans ourselves, Freeform insisted on and championed the filming of a special two-part finale that would give devoted fans a proper ending." "The twelve episodes will air in spring of 2019. We want to thank our talented creators, producers, cast, and crew along with our colleagues at Constantin for their hard work and dedication and to Cassie Clare for her incredible book series. We look forward to the final chapter of this breakthrough drama.” Related: Famous in Love Canceled at Freeform Fans have been trying to find a new destination for the series to air ever since, raising money for various charities in the process. While Shadowhunters had soft ratings domestically, it is thought to be a hit on Netflix, and the fanbase only seems to be expanding by the day. Thus far, a new home for the series has not been found, and while it's unlikely for a canceled series to get a reprieve, the fans are not giving up. Many were mad that Freeform poked fun at the campaign, especially when you consider the fact that the fans helped raise over $30,000 for charities, among other things. Okay, Shadowhunters Fanatics. What are your thoughts on Freeform's decision to mock the series? Hit the comments below. Remember you can watch Shadowhunters online right here via TV Fanatic. Shadowhunters returns for its final batch of episodes February 25. View Slideshow: Shadowhunters: 9 Reasons It Deserves a Renewal

Watch Outlander Online: Season 4 Episode 7

Did Brianna get a new lead on the whereabouts of her parents? On Outlander Season 4 Episode 7, Claire's daughter continued her plight, and decided that it was time to make her way to the Colonies. Watch Outlander Season 4 Episode 7 Online However, she quickly learned that there was something amiss with the information she was given and had to establish whether someone wanted to derail her mission. In the past, Claire battled a personal demon that she thought was long gone. Use the video above to watch Outlander online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 29 Internet Boyfriends You Should Still Be Crushing On Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch Vanderpump Rules Online: Season 7 Episode 3

Did Lisa relieve James from his duties at SUR? On Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Episode 3, Katie told her boss she was tired of being fat-shamed on a daily basis, and that she was considering leaving the restaurant as a result. Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Episode 3 Online Meanwhile, Scheana was put on blast by most of her friends, and Stassi said to her face that she had no loyalty. Also, Raquel wondered whether James really did cheat on her with Hope. Use the video above to watch Vanderpump Rules online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 33 Shows To Binge if You Love California Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch God Friended Me Online: Season 1 Episode 11

Did Miles choose to get revenge on the drunk driver who killed his mother? On God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 11, the God Account gifted Miles with the name of the man who was responsible for the death of his mother 17 years earlier. Watch God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 11 Online Meanwhile, Cara and Rakesh emerged with a plan of action to take the account down, but a surprising revelation about Falken, the mysterious hacker, changed everything. Did God really control the account? Use the video above to watch God Friended Me online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 22 Most Heartwarming Miracles on TV Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch Ray Donovan Online: Season 6 Episode 8

Did Ray find a way to fix things with Sam? That was his plan on Ray Donovan Season 6 Episode 8 when his former employer continued to fume in the aftermath of being kidnapped. Watch Ray Donovan Season 6 Episode 8 Online Meanwhile, Mickey continued to gloat about how well his plan to take down Ray was, but it only made Bunchy worry that his father was all talk. Elsewhere, Ray had to confront the death of his wife once again. Use the video above to watch Ray Donovan online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 19 Most Inappropriate Relationships In TV History Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Online: Season 11 Episode 7

Was there a connection between Porsha and Dennis' mother? On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 Episode 7, Porsha desperately tried to get the seal of approval from her soon-to-be mother in law. Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 Episode 7 Online Meanwhile, the ladies made their way to Florida, but Porsha fumed when Kandi spilled more details about Dennis. Also, Cynthia and Marlo turned on Eva when it emerged that Nene was mad about not getting an invite to the bachelorette party. Use the video above to watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 42 TV Celebrities Who've Spent Time in the Slammer Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.

Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Online: Season 10 Episode 11

Did someone kill a Marine reservist? On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 11, the team joined forces with NCIS Special Agent Nicole DeChamps when the aforementioned reservist went missing following a drunk and disorderly altercation. Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10 Episode 11 Online While thinking of the past, the team learned that the missing man had a history of PTSD and worried that it could be the cause for him being missing. However, someone stepped forward with a surprising piece of the puzzle. Use the video above to watch NCIS: Los Angeles online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: CBS Cheat Sheet: Is Criminal Minds Really in Danger?! Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you.
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