January 15, 2019

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NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Tick Tock

You just knew things weren't going to end well for Cassius. But at least, after leading a generally despicable life, he went out a hero on NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 10. And Parsons isn't going to bother anyone ever again. Both of their deaths just had a kind of inevitability to them, didn't they? Cassius made Dwayne into the lawman he is today, as he rebelled against all his father stood him: greed, corruption, all that tainted the city that Dwayne loves. Probably that's why Pride pursued Mayor Hamilton so hard, even though Hamilton's machinations were largely outside his purview. The slimy mayor was a faint copy of Cassius. Related: NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Risk Assessment Even the secretive Barlow, who put Pride through Hell for most of NCIS: New Orleans Season 4, was the spawn of the man who used to rule New Orleans with Cassius. Nope, Dwayne's never truly been able to escape the shadow of his father, no matter how hard he tries. But things had been looking up between Dwayne and Cassius. Dwayne's testimony helped get Cassius out of prison. Cassius used the dirty little secrets he knew to start a new life in a new city, resulting in one less headache for Dwayne. His philandering even resulted in a new confidant for Dwayne in step-brother Jimmy. But Dwayne isn't meant to enjoy unadulterated happiness. Sure, there's his work family, but he's even been separated from them, at least officially, even though he seems to find every excuse to work with them regularly. I guess rank has its privilege, even if he's failed to embrace the drudgery of his position. There's the Tru Tone, which should be his refuge. But the bar is haunted by the ghost of his mother, and he's been held hostage in the bar itself and shot and nearly killed in his upstairs apartment, his first tentative step to create a life outside of NCIS Headquarters. Related: Watch NCIS: New Orleans Online: Season 5 Episode 9 Pride rekindled his relationship with Rita but that was fleeting, what with her getting a new job in Washington. Besides, being around Dwayne and his crusades can prove dangerous. Now Cassius got gunned down protecting Dwayne from Parsons, who came back to finish the job that she attempted once before. That certainly won't help his already battered psyche. You know that Pride isn't all the way back from his near-death experience when he keeps having visions of Sutter, the morally bankrupt CIA operative, as, what, the devil on his shoulder? Obviously, Sutter is being manifested by his subconscious, but to what end? Dwayne has been no fan of shrinks in the past, so maybe this is his mechanism for processing all that he's been through lately, coming back from the other side and getting a second chance at life. Which begs the question: What has he learned from his experiences? He needs to talk with someone outside his normal..

The Rookie Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Time of Death

I've been watching crime procedurals for over two decades and I've never seen the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting shown as realistically as on The Rookie Season 1 Episode 8. It can be difficult to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Thankfully, I've never shot nor killed another human being but John Nolan made me feel his trauma. I've probably seen hundreds of shootings on TV shows and Nolan shooting the armed suspect wasn't all that much different. It was what happened after the shooting that made my heart pound. From the moment he fired his weapon and Bishop declared the suspect dead, everything changed for John Nolan. John was suddenly the suspect in a homicide, even though he was a police officer doing his job and every moment after that had him feeling off balance, disoriented and questioning his actions. He had a gun on you. He refused repeated orders to surrender. I would have done exactly what you did. Sgt. Grey Permalink: He had a gun on you. He refused repeated orders to surrender. I would have done exactly what... Added: December 11, 2018 I agreed with Sgt. Grey's assessment. There wasn't time to use a taser or other non-lethal means, although I understood why Internal Affairs asked those questions. The suspect could have surrendered but he didn't. When he turned and pointed his gun at Nolan, it left him no choice. If Nolan hadn't fired, he could have just as easily ended up as the homicide victim. Related: Get True Crime Files by ID via Prime Video Channels for Over 1,000 Real-life Mystery & Suspense Shows! But John was left completely shaken by the experience. Although everyone's reactions to the shooting were a bit different, there was no one who didn't support John and I'm not sure if that says a lot about the bond between LAPD officers, what they thought of Nolan, or both. The Captain and Lopez have been in his shoes and in order to continue being a police officer, Nolan will have to find a way to come to terms with what happened the same way they did. It wasn't clear if Bradford had ever shot and killed a suspect but his response to Lopez in this The Rookie quote made me think it was possible... Lopez: The rooks are asking how they can help Nolan. Bradford: I found heavy drinking really helped knock out the nightmares. Lopez: Maybe you should keep that to yourself. Permalink: Maybe you should keep that to yourself. Added: December 11, 2018 I love Lopez's quick wit and sharp retorts. At times she seems the most guarded of the T.O.'s and it only makes me want to find out more. I had no idea that officers involved in a shooting were allowed to choose a companion officer to help them through the process. I wonder if that's standard or something specific to the LAPD. Choosing Sgt. Grey was one of Nolan's smartest moves and not just for the reason Nolan stated... Sgt. Grey: Nolan, wh..

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Elseworlds, Part Three

I come to you bearing the third installment of the Elseworld's three-night crossover. The third part, Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9, was the darkest installment in Elseworld's, but for a reason -- it was the one where Deegan's "bigger" plan came to fruition. The previous episodes, mainly The Flash Part One, set the scene for what was to come while focusing more on the lighter tone from the overly debated Freaky Friday/Quantum Leap body swap between Oliver and Barry. As my co-reviewer put it, it was pure amusement. Arrow's installment felt a little more disjointed as the episode tried to accomplish too much by introducing us not only to the famed Gotham City but also, the city's backstory and it's major player, Kate Kane aka Batwoman. However, Supergirl's final part was the make-it-or-break-it. Everything was at stake as Deegan, now the dark Superman, altered reality once again, this time, even more drastically. Deegan figured out two fundamental pieces that make up our superheroes -- their powers and their support team -- and proceeded to yank it from them. With their powers dampened and no alliances to lend a hand, they had to rely solely upon their own wits and skills. The Monitor put them to a test to see if they were "good enough" to defeat Deegan, a man who was allowed to put into existence any reality his deranged brain could drum up. I had a hunch the black suited Superman who confronted Barry and Oliver at the end of Arrow Season 7 Episode 9 was Deegan, and I was happy that my assumptions were proven right almost immediately. If The Flash Part One was Freaky Friday/ Quantum Leap, Supergirl Season 4 Episode 9 was that time you had spirit week in school and had to dress up for Opposites Day. Related: The Flash Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Elseworlds, Part One Everything was the opposite of what it really is in reality. Oliver and Barry were criminals known as the Trigger Twins, Superman was dark, Cisco was a drug boss who referred to himself as Mr. Ramon, and Jimmy Olsen was his muscle and Superman's worst enemy. While Kara's heart-to-heart with Alex was necessary to help her escape imprisonment, it was a level-10 snooze-fest. We get it, you're sisters who have an inter-dimensional sisterly bond. I appreciate the sentiment that these sisters will always find each other no matter what Earth they are trapped in, but when so much is at stake, I'm really not interested in rehashing all of Alex's wonderful qualities. Also, why would she just stand-up for Kara as "her sister" if she barely knew this woman in her reality? The writers attempted to include most of the characters in the crossover in some capacity, but it felt like they got cheated on screentime. J'onn and Brainy were only brought out at the very end when they could have been helping all along. Supergirl's presence was also lacking a bit in her own episode. Kara:..

Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Gift of the Magi

The slow saga of Jennifer and Khalil's escape continued once again on Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 9. For an entire town searching for two missing teens, their deductive reasoning and luck had consistently come up short. Even with Thunder, Black Lightning and Gambi on the case (i.e. two super-powered metahumans and a resourceful agent), this trio couldn't stand a chance against convenient plot devices. Jennifer and Khalil's adventure dragged on for another day. And unfortunately, we as fans were left with a filler midseason finale in the process. "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi" stuck true to the alarming trend that's been posing a problem throughout Black Lightning Season 2. In particular, the pace dragged on and filler plots were in excess. What drew in fans to Black Lighting Season 1 was its high-tension action and moving storytelling mixed in with its deep character building. The latter stayed consistent (it's still one of the glowing qualities), but the plot's momentum decreased significantly to the point of stagnation. It's almost as if the show hit "pause" to stretch minimal stories. Certain arcs, like the battle in South Freeland, could've wrapped up in a single episode instead of extending to fill two/three chapters. Related: Get Comic Con HQ via Prime Video Channels to Stream Original Series, Past Comic-Con Panels & More! Time and development built up antagonists and minor characters that no longer make a difference to Black Lightning's overall story. Had they been overarching season plots, I could see why further time was needed, but the pacing made things segmented. And, we were left with an overabundance of filler scenes to make up for the stretch. The Walking Dead suffers from this issue as well. In their case, an entire season with no significance could go by until the big plot points were hit. Black Lighting shouldn't follow suit. Black Lightning has so much more story left to tell, and a bountiful source material to pull from. Each chapter should be more impactful and valuable than the last. Jennifer's story partly suffered from this flaw. Setting aside her mind-boggling and reckless decision to still run away, she went through a significant character growth. The prospect of losing Khalil in this tension-filled situation reevaluated her priorities and pushed her to discover her new powers. In the face of death, she pulled herself together to do whatever it took to keep Khalil alive. Jennifer embraced her powers to steal the medicine and to learn a new ability. This move was a far cry from the girl who emotionally ran away from her metahuman identity due to fear. Jennifer's character development might be slow, but it's still happening. A glimmer of hope of "Lightning" luckily came through the mess she put herself in. Though, we can't ignore the fact that she still kept running away, even after knowing ..

Goliath Renewed for Season 3; Dennis Quaid, Amy Brenneman Join Cast

Amazon Prime Video announced Tuesday that it has picked up the third season of popular original series Goliath, starring Golden Globe-winner Billy Bob Thornton. It will launch in 2019. Goliath Season 3 boasts an all-star cast including Dennis Quaid (The Day After Tomorrow), Amy Brenneman (The Leftovers), Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winner Beau Bridges (Homeland), Griffin Dunne (House of Lies), Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks: The Return), and Shamier Anderson (Destroyer). The new episodes will center on the surprising death of an old friend of Billy McBride's (Thornton) and his mission to take a case in the drought-stricken Central Valley where he comes face-to-face with a new Goliath: a billionaire rancher (Quaid) and his sister (Brenneman). Related: Amazon Orders Lord of the Rings TV Series In his quest to secure the truth, old enemies and personal demons resurface, forcing him to confront his own mortality. Goliath also stars Nina Arianda (Stan & Ollie) as Patty Solis-Papagian, Tania Raymonde (Cliffs of Freedom) as Brittany Gold, Diana Hopper (Bit) as Denise McBride, Ana de la Reguera (Narcos) as Marisol Silva, and Julie Brister (Review) as Marva Jefferson. Goliath is executive produced by Lawrence Trilling (Parenthood), Geyer Kosinski (Fargo), and Jennifer Ames & Steve Turner (Boardwalk Empire). “Our Prime Video customers loved the first two seasons of Goliath, and I’m excited we can bring them a new season of this sharp and surprising legal drama,” said Vernon Sanders, Co-Head of Television, Amazon Studios. “We have an incredible array of stars joining Billy Bob and the Goliath cast, and fans will be thrilled to see what’s in store for Season Three.” Goliath's eight-episode second season debuted back June, so the hefty wait for the renewal was a cause for concern. Six months is a long time to wait to announce more episodes. The good news here is that the show is coming back, and there is some new blood in the cast. What are your thoughts on the renewal, Goliath Fanatics? Hit the comments below. View Slideshow: 19 Shows to Start Streaming... NOW!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15: What Works and What Needs Work!

It has been a pretty good season. Grey's Anatomy Season 15 has proven that this show still has it and can pull off solid storytelling and being entertaining all these years later. In many ways, this season is reminiscent of the earlier seasons with its balanced tone and humor. It's the Season of Love and evidence of that came in the form of a lovable patient Cece, Meredith dating, and her finding herself in a bit of a love triangle. Related: Explore Hundreds of Hours of Curated Historical Videos with History Vault via Prime Video Channels! There are also 'ships going strong like Maggie and Jackson, Owen and Amelia, Levi and Nico, and Jo and Alex. The season has also shown that love comes in various forms with Amelia's love of Betty, Richard's love for his late sponsor and late colleague, and Tom's love and admiration for his mentor. Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC. Check out the report card below and hit the comments. You can watch Grey's Anatomy online here via TV Fanatic during the hiatus. 1. Meredith Dating - Works Meredith keeping it fun, flirty, and casual with her dating life is refreshing. She has been on a series of dates and met a handful of guys, some of which she connected with, like John. There is something lighthearted and freeing about Meredith dipping her foot into the dating pool. We have barely watched Mer date just to date. Thank the heavens for matchmaker Cece. 2. Mer's Love Triangle - Needs Work Neither of them seems like a decent match for Meredith, and it's NOT the age difference. We barely know anything about Link, and they haven't given us a reason to root for him outside of him being a fresh face. It's hard to believe Andrew would fall for the woman who threatened him to protect a very wrong Alex. It's hard to believe she would be interested in the guy who dated her little sister and was a homeless, depressed guy who slept on her couch, refused to shower and had to be taken care of. He has matured, but is his Daddy DeLuca to his widowed boss' kids mature? Meh. 3. A Touching Tribute - Worked It's one of the best episodes of the season thus far, and it was a beautiful tribute to some of the characters Meredith lost along the way without necessarily being sad. It was a wonderful way of paying homage to a holiday like Dia de los Muertos, It also highlighted Meredith's growth despite all the pain she endured. 4. Chief Alex - Works Alex is a character that most of us can agree we wanted to see flourish and have more to do for multiple seasons now. He finally has something interesting going on serving as interim chief. It started off rocky, but it has been interesting so far, and his different techniques and everyone adjusting to him, as well as him adjusting to the job, have been fun. 5. Teddy's Secret Pregnancy - Didn't Work Teddy returning had a lot of promise, but she backed out of serving as interim chie..

Future Man Season 2 Trailer: Who Messed Everything Up?

Welcome back to the future, man! Hulu on Tuesday dropped the trailer for Future Man Season 2, and it's more bonkers than ever before. Yes, we didn't think that was possible, but here we are. “Our mission failed,” Tiger (Eliza Coupe) tells Josh (Josh Hutcherson) at the top of the trailer when it becomes apparent that there's a whole new reality in motion thanks to their big snafu. The first mission for Tiger and Josh? Find Wolf and get him back on their team. In one of the most fun scenes to date, Wolf takes on the life of someone named Torque, and it results in him having multiple husbands and wives, and all seems to be going swimmingly. Related: Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Trailer: A Classic Character Debuts! That is until Tiger and Josh show up and he reveals that he's been there for three days, yet it feels like years. Then there's Tiger who learns that Doctor Stu's daughter looks exactly like her, except she has a high-pitched voice and seems intent on causing trouble. Heck, even executive producer Seth Rogen will appear on some of the upcoming episodes. Future Man Season 1 debuted in November 2017 and was certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with an 82 percent approval rating. If first impressions are everything, then we want to see a lot more of what is in the below trailer. Have a look for yourself and be sure to stream the sophomore run when it launches on the 11th of January, 2019.

11 Couples That Break Up and Make Up and Do It Again!

Almost every television show has that on-again/off-again relationship. While sometimes the drama keeps us interested, other times it just annoys us to no end. Couples that started off the show with a huge fan base can easily become hated by their tendency to take over the story with the same old baggage. Related: Get Cinemax via Prime Video Channels for Hit Movies & Series that Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat There are some couples that we're glad found their way back to each other, but there are others that should've taken the over the top drama as a sign and called it quits once and for all. We've created a slideshow below of 11 couples that break up, make up, and do it all over again! 1. Meredith and Derek - Grey's Anatomy Meredith and Derek had their fair amount of ups and downs. Even their marriage ended up being rocky. But true love really does conquer all and they were able to overcome all their struggles. Despite Derek's death, it's clear that Meredith will never quite love anyone as much as she did her husband. 2. Liv and Major - iZombie No matter how many times Liv and Major may break up and makeup, there's no denying that they have always been crazy in love with each other. 3. Oliver and Felicity - Arrow Keeping track of Olicity's relationship status became a job in itself. They were a will they/won't they who dated and broke up and even got engaged and broke up. It's clear that they love each other, but their journey has been quite the wild ride. 4. Jimmy and Gretchen - You're the Worst To quote the show itself, Jimmy and Gretchen's love story is chaotic. But it's a love story nonetheless and we wouldn't change a thing about it. 5. Ross and Rachel - Friends Can anyone else still hear "WE WERE ON A BREAK!" ringing in their heads? It's impossible to count how many times Ross and Rachel started things up and shut them back down, but at the end of the series Rachel (sadly) gave up her dream job in Paris to make things work with Ross. 6. Damon and Elena - The Vampire Diaries Does your girlfriend being asleep for years count as a break? Regardless, Damon and Elena were off and on during the later seasons of The Vampire Diaries. But of course these two could never stay away from each other for long and they always found their way back to each other. View Slideshow

Kathie Lee Gifford Confirms Today Departure – Watch Her Announcement

Kathie Lee Gifford is parting ways with NBC's Today. NBC News chief Noah Oppenheim revealed the news earlier this morning in a memo to staff, which was shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "Kathie Lee is generously staying with us through the show’s next anniversary, April 7, 2019. We will have much more to share before then about our plans for that hour, which will, of course, continue to include Hoda [Kotb]," said Oppenheim. Gifford has spent 10 years with the show as co-host of its fourth hour, so her exit is a big deal. Related: Megyn Kelly Today Canceled at NBC News! "In 2008, I joined the Today show family intending to spend one year," Gifford said in a statement on Tuesday. "But something unexpected happened along the way: I fell in love with a beautiful, talented, extraordinary Egyptian goddess named Hoda, and an amazing group of individuals who work tirelessly and joyfully at their jobs, many of them starting at midnight, creating an unprecedented four hours of live television." Added Gifford: "I stayed year after year making a million memories with people I will never forget. I leave Today with a grateful heart but I'm truly excited for this new creative season in my life. Many thanks to all the wonderful people who made the years fly by." The co-host did not shy away from her looming departure on Tuesday's episode, and you can watch her full announcement video below. As you can probably imagine, it's a real tear-jerker. What are your thoughts on Kathie's decision? Who would you like to replace her? Hit the comments after watching the video.

A Million Little Things Winter Finale Promo: Christmas with the Dixons!

What's the opposite of a Christmas Miracle? Whatever it is, that's what Delilah may be facing in the midseason finale of A Million Little Things. On A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 10, it's Delilah and the kids' first Christmas without Jon, so the rest of the friends come together at the Dixon house to help the grieving family celebrate the holiday. It sounds cheerful, fun, and sweet, right? After all, Gary can be found donning a Christmas sweater. Unfortunately, Ashley has spent the better part of the almost two months staving off whatever financial fallout may be facing the Dixon family in Jon's absence. Related: A Million Little Things Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Perspective All of her actions may be for naught when there is a knock at the door. Let it be said that the person who may be delivering some devasting news to Delilah on Christmas Eve or Christmas is an absolute monster with no soul. Who does that?! Ashley's actions have been a mystery, and all of her phone calls have been pretty cryptic, but the gist of it is that Jon has been having some serious financial issues. In the clip, she can be heard telling whomever not to do whatever it is they're about to do to Delilah and her kids so close to Christmas. That does not sound good at all. So, what are your theories? Jon took out a second mortgage on the house, is it possible that the manila envelope being presented to Delilah is a foreclosure notice notifying her that she and the kids need to vacate their home? What if it's a bankruptcy notice? We still don't know what Jon was involved in, so could there be a lawsuit of some sort? Wouldn't it be interesting if Delilah required Katherine's services? It should be too early for most of the insurance policy information to be dropped on this group of friends. The most exciting portion of the promo is trying to determine who could possibly be at that door, and what could they possibly be revealing?! Manifest: Sorry NOT Sorry, But Grace is the WORST! Whatever it is, Ashley couldn't stop it. Ashley is overwhelmed with the secrecy and needs to start reaching out to someone for help. This friendship group has a lawyer and an actuary in the mix. Why not use them?! Of course, Ashley used Gary for a good time, and the promo also teases that Maggie will find out about it and be upset. Does she have a right to be upset though? These two lovable idiots were convincing themselves that their relationship was casual, and at the risk of sounding like Ross Gellar, they were on a break. Gary has a decent explanation that stays true to who he is as a character. He breaks down and tells her what everyone has known for a long time. He's in love with her. Awww!! How will she react to the news now that he's said the words though? If things weren't complicated enough, Delilah is still trying to find the best way to tell he..
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