January 21, 2019

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Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Wants Rafe To Sign Those Papers?

Marlena was abducted yet again, Hope handed Rafe annulment papers, and Adrienne asked Will to take on an unbelievable assignment this week in Salem. Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by WendyLou from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate if Rafe should sign those papers, how they rate Abby’s alters, and who should win the Bella magazine competition after this week’s Days of Our Lives. Did you want Rafe to sign the annulment papers? Why or why not? Wendylou: I think he should have because Hope wants him to. I know he wants to win her back but he's really forcing it. Doesn't he know that saying about setting something free if you love it? He made a big mistake. He needs to let her go and maybe, someday, if they really, truly are worth fighting for, Hope will forgive him. Jack: The sooner the better! I don't want to see these two sharing any more scenes, especially if they're discussing/arguing about the future of their relationship. Watching them fight bored me so much that I kept checking the time to see how much more of this I had to endure before I could turn off the TV. Plus, the more they interact, the more I'm afraid they'll find their way back to each other and I don't want that at all, especially since Rafe is acting borderline stalkerish. Christine: Oh please, make him sign those papers! If Rafe really loved Hope, he’d sign them and then, perhaps try to start over and win her back (not that I want them back together, ever!) But he is a controlling jerk who is only interested in what he wants. In case I didn’t make it clear, I hate this couple and want them over for good. Should Adrienne have asked Will to do a story on Dr. Rolf, and use Susan Banks to do it? Wendylou: I felt it was totally inappropriate and insensitive. I get that exposing Dr. Rolf's drug would be huge but she should realize how traumatic it would be for Will to go back to the woman who basically kidnapped him and brainwashed him. Unfortunately, I think he will eventually do the story. Jack: Absolutely not. First of all, no reporter worth his salt reports on himself, EVER, and news stories have to go beyond what's personally interesting to the writer or editor and be of relevance to the general public. Adrienne's claim that Will telling the story of his resurrection would somehow be of help to cancer survivors was ridiculous. Related: Get True Crime Files by ID via Prime Video Channels for Over 1,000 Real-life Mystery & Suspense Shows! I credit part of my interest in writing and journalism to watching Jennifer and Jack be reporters when I was little and I'm heartbroken to see what the Spectator has become. I thought the purpose of Jen and Adrienne buying it was to salvage its reputation, not ruin it further. Christine: I felt horrible for Will. Adrienne was using his trauma to mine a story for her paper. Then she was asking him to interrogate h..

Grey’s Anatomy Promo: Arizona and the Incredible Edible Extravaganza!

It's high time for a fun-filled hour of Grey's, don't you think? Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 20 may deliver on that, and Arizona is the source of some serious entertainment. To be fair, it's not her fault exactly. An appreciative patient gives Arizona some baked goods, and Arizona being Arizona had to share the wealth with her colleagues. Unfortunately, she wasn't aware that the baked goods had a very special ingredient in them. Related: Get Great Selection of New & Classic Movies with the Lifetime Movie Club via Prime Video Channels! Let's just say a few of Grey Sloan's finest will be blitzed out of their minds. Just another day on the job, right? Television series love to use this trope to put the most unlikely characters in interesting situations to bring out funnier sides of them. Who can remember Harvey, Louis, and Jessica getting stoned on Suits? Good times. Related: Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 19 Review: Beautiful Dreamer It's slightly more harrowing when you take into consideration that the doctors are on duty and high as a kite. There's also a matter of it being Surgical Innovation Prototypes Day. The doctors participating are supposed to be giving presentations on their projects! Based on how Jackson is giggling next to his mother, this will be quite the presentation. Hopefully, the public image of GSM will remain unscathed by the end of the hour. Although, we still don't know what's going on with Catherine Avery and the foundation. Related: Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Nice Face Remember how we thought drunk Bailey was a pint-sized ball of fun? High Bailey appears to be a hoot, and so affectionate and loving, too. At least a high DeLuca won't be moping over his girlfriend leaving for Zurich. If you need a refresher on the last time the staff of GSM let loose like a bunch of immature high-schoolers, you can watch Grey's Anatomy online here via TV Fanatic! Check out the promo for "Judgment Day" below and hit the comments!

RuPaul’s Drag Race: 13 Favorite Moments From “The Last Ball on Earth”

We're ready for a ball! In fact, it's "The Last Ball on Earth" on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Episode 4. (Grab your fake furry coats, Drag Race fans, winter isn't over just yet.) For this week's Maxi Challenge, the remaining queens were put to the ultimate test of creating three looks to wear to the ball. A red-hot barely-there bikini for summers in Alaska, a warm outfit for winters in Miami, and a futuristic ensemble for being a fashionable queen on Mars were the looks on their plate. Some of the queens slayed it with their looks while others got swept away into orbit. Both Monet X Change and Dusty Ray Bottoms failed to wow the judges with their three looks and ended up in the bottom. But, only one of these New York queens could get the chance to stay in the competition. After a high energy lip sync that left RuPaul gagging, Monet defeated Dusty in their battle! Rounding out the rest of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Episode 4 was a photobomb-inspired Mini Challenge, a dance lesson between friends, and the return of the sponge. Below, we picked out 13 favorite moments from "The Last Ball on Earth" that were so out of this world. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 airs Thursdays on VH1 at 8/7c. 13. Never-Ending Sponges How many sponges does Monet X Change have?! After her head-shaking gown during RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Episode 1, the queen has continued to bring out sponges at random moments for ongoing laughs. She did it yet again when the queens made fun of her thinking about her potential outfit. This joke could last the entire season. 12. Pre-Show History We finally learned more about the queens! After weeks of challenge-focused plots and segments, RuPaul took the time to get to know the contestants and what they did before coming on the show. Asia, Monet, Blair, Vixen and more got some much-needed screentime to explain their pasts. The queens are starting to have well-rounded stories. 11. Vixen's Big Fan You gotta love a fan, and Vixen's prop held no guise of sublety. She waved around the clear fan like she was waving to the gods! She was serving and working it on the summer-themed runway. 10. Under The Bus Look, regardless of whichever way Mayhem tries to defend herself, she DID throw Monique under the busy. Monique tried to help her and kept asking (like a leader) to see if Mayhem wanted to keep her part or wanted to do more. Seeing Monique not brush this entire interaction under the rug or accept her nonesense was a great scene to watch. 9. The Flash For the Mini Challenge on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Episode 4, the queens had to photobomb famous celebrity photos. We saw a new side to Blair St. Clair when she flashed the queen herself, Beyonce. Blair is definitely showing that there's a fun side to her we haven't seen yet. 8. Donkey Kick RuPaul's Drag Race can sometimes be RuPaul's Best Friend Race, and the scene between Eureka and Monet was the perf..

Watch MacGyver Online: Season 2 Episode 20

Did Mac and Jack accomplish their mission to rescue a billionaire's son? That was revealed on MacGyver Season 2 Episode 20 when the boy was kidnapped by a former Navy SEAL. Watch MacGyver Season 2 Episode 20 Online However, Mac was especially impressed when it emerged that the kidnapper used an EMP weapon to cut off power and communication lines to the boy's home. Did Mac find a way to use the same tactic with a homemade technique? Use the video above to watch MacGyver online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: CBS Cheat Sheet: What Will Be Renewed? Get caught up on all the latest developments right now!

Watch Blue Bloods Online: Season 8 Episode 19

Did Danny and Baez save a missing girl before it was too late? That was addressed on Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 19 when it emerged the girl would die 72 hours without her medication. Watch Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 19 Online Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie found themselves on the wrong side of an investigation after finding themselves caught up in a car chase that put them in danger. Also, Sean won an essay contest and received a medal from the New York City mayor. Use the video above to watch Blue Bloods online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: CBS Cheat Sheet: What Will Be Renewed? Get caught up on all the latest developments right now.

Watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Online: Season 5 Episode 17

Whose life was on the line? That was the big question on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 17 as Fitz, Simmons and Yo-Yo attempted to destroy a weapon that could lay waste to the Earth. Watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 17 Online However, one thing led to another, and it became apparent that one of them could wind up paying the ultimate price for their actions. Meanwhile, other members of the team worked to prevent the chain reaction. Use the video above to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 18 Powerful TV Moments of 2017 Get caught up with all the latest developments right now.

Watch Once Upon a Time Online: Season 7 Episode 17

Did Kelly successfully take down the Candy Killer? That was revealed on Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 17 when she had to keep her wits about her as she faced off with the elusive serial killer after someone she loved was taken hostage. Watch Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 17 Online Meanwhile, Samdi used Drew to execute a plan that put one character in mortal danger. Also, Zelena learned a shocking fact about Hansel and Gretel, but was it too late to save someone close to her? Use the video above to watch Once Upon a Time online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: Once Upon a Time: Who's Returning?! Get caught up with all the latest fairytale moments now.

Watch Jane the Virgin Online: Season 4 Episode 16

Did Jane and Rafael manage to scrimp and save? That was the plan on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16 and the pair found themselves in a less than ideal living situation. Watch Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 16 Online Meanwhile, Alba tried to punish Mateo for his actions, but did she manage to get her point across? Also, Xo tried to stay positive during treatment, but she had to find a way to deal with Rogelio. Did he give her a break? Use the video above to watch Jane the Virgin online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 13 Tear-Jerkers To Watch While You Wait For This Is Us Season 3 Get caught up with all the latest developments right now.

Watch Hawaii Five-0 Online: Season 8 Episode 20

Why did Catherine Rollins turn to the team for help? That was revealed on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 20 when a high stakes mission to an island got underway, and it left the future for several characters unclear. Watch Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 20 Online Meanwhile, Junior found himself trapped in a ravine, and it paved the way for him to finally confront his past with his estranged father. Did he decided to meet up with his father in the aftermath? Use the video above to watch Hawaii Five-0 online right here via TV Fanatic View Slideshow: 13 Notable Male Roles Rewritten as Amazing Women Get up to speed with all the latest twists right now.

Days of Our Lives Review: All Out of Balance

I was thrilled when Hope and Rafe broke up. This couple's relationship was, as Hope said, based on a lie. It began with Rafe helping Hope cover up Stefano's murder, and viewers had to endure the loss of strong, feisty Hope and her replacement with some weak-willed person who just did whatever Rafe told her to. It was painful to watch, especially after both Aiden and Bo were sacrificed just to put this incredibly mismatched couple together. But ever since the break-up, one character after another has tried to convince Hope that Rafe is the love of her life and that she should give him another chance. On Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-9-18, Hope told Rafe in no uncertain terms that she wanted an annulment and that their relationship was over, but he wasn't listening. I'd like to be proud of her for finally standing up to Rafe's nonsense, but the argument went on for two episodes, and that makes me think that sooner or later this awful excuse for a couple will be back together. In the soap world, couples breaking up is rarely the end of the story, and I get that, but I can't take another minute of Rafe and Hope. View Slideshow: 19 Times Twins Got Too Twisted for TV Hope told Rafe that it was over, that their entire relationship was based on a lie, and that she didn't want to try to work things out. She had signed annulment papers and asked him to do the same. Rafe's refusal to do so and the declaration that he was going to keep fighting for Hope wasn't romantic. It made him sound obsessed and possibly violent. I don't like the fact that in general, on this show when there's a break-up, one character chases the other all over town begging them to change their minds. It's disrespectful, makes the begging character look pathetic, and sends the message that it's okay to refuse to take NO for an answer, especially from a woman. And in Rafe's case, it's even worse. Rafe has done nothing but belittle Hope and order her around from the beginning. The broken engagement or "being on a break" or whatever the excuse is for Rafe sleeping with Sami happened because Rafe couldn't stand Hope's refusal to get with the program and set a wedding date when he wanted her to. And at the time, I think there was also some other nonsense going on where he was telling her how to do her job. View Slideshow: 13 Tear-Jerkers To Watch While You Wait For This Is Us Season 3 So, the break-up happened because Hope got sick of Rafe's attempts to control her, then Rafe had sex with Sami and lied about it for months, even including Hope's daughter in the cover-up. And now Rafe is trying to force Hope back into a relationship she has said No to countless times by refusing to sign annulment papers. Related: Get True Crime Files by ID via Prime Video Channels for Over 1,000 Real-life Mystery & Suspense Shows! It is terrible writing, terrible me..