December 19, 2018

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Watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Online: Season 5 Episode 13

Was the world saved from doom? That was the big question on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 13 as the team made their way back to the ground, and nothing seemed to go to plan. Watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 13 Online With Gravitonium very much at large, Coulson had to find out more details before sending the team on separate missions to get results. Meanwhile, a brand new clue about Coulson's fate was revealed, but what did it mean? Use the video above to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 18 Powerful TV Moments of 2017 Get caught up on all the action right now.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 13 Review: Principia

Coming off a major landmark episode can be rough. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 13 follows the show's downright awesome 100th installment, which ended with the long-awaited FitzSimmons wedding. While "Principia" doesn't necessarily rise to the heights of excitement and nostalgia of "The Real Deal," it definitely has a lot of charm to it. Starting off with Mack and Yo-Yo. They've formed one of the best-loved relationships on this show, hands down, full stop. Even after all the trauma they've been through, physical and emotional, they are still they're for each other. Here, we got to see Mack literally risk his life to spend a few extra seconds to drag away one of Hale's android mechs to supply Fitz with the necessary raw materials to craft Yo-Yo new arms. And he also assured Yo-Yo that despite any robotic parts, she still has the heart and soul he loves. Plus there's this gag, when Mack got a littler too solicitous: Mack, enough. Seriously, if I had arms, I would strangle you right now. Yo-Yo Permalink: Mack, enough. Seriously, if I had arms, I would strangle you right now. Added: March 17, 2018 Good old Mack played a huge role here in this story, and it was fantastic. Sure, it was definitely convenient plot-wise that the guy they were looking for just happened to be an old friend, but it was worth it. I confess that I spent much of the episode waiting for Caine to be revealed as an evil double-agent or just otherwise turn on the heroes, so it came as a very pleasant surprise when they actually gained a firm new ally in him. One of the funnier moments came when he expressed his wonder at seeing the flying ship, and the whole team just reacted like it was just another Friday for them. Which it really rather was. Caine not only moved the plot forward, he provided a window into Mack's past, not to mention an outside observation on Mack's character development over the years. View Slideshow: 19 Inspiring TV Characters We Admire In the meantime, Deke continued to prove a valuable addition to the cast, and not just in the realm of comic relief. While we the viewers were already privy to his relationship to Fitz and Simmons, he put things together himself here. If I have a complaint about this episode, it probably rests here, actually. Deke's mother pops in, delivers the particular profound words of wisdom about moving forward, and then Simmons just happens to make the same quote within Deke's earshot? This would've been less on the nose if Simmons had previously displayed some sort of obvious affection for said quote in prior episodes, but as far as I can recall, this is the first time I've heard it. I understand that they might have been going for some sort of big reveal here, but the revelation is all internal; we the viewers already know Deke's the FitzSimmons grandson. So it falls a bit flat. That said, I'm not unhappy that Deke put t..

Watch Once Upon a Time Online: Season 7 Episode 13

What was Eloise really up to? That was revealed on Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 13 when Rogers accepted a deal with the villain, much to the chagrin of Tilly. Watch Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 13 Online Meanwhile, Ivy struggled to move on with her life following Victoria's death and debated whether moving on from Hyperion Heights was the best course of action. Also, Hook confronted Captain Ahab in his quest to save Alice from a certain death. Use the video above to watch Once Upon a Time online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: Once Upon a Time: Who's Returning?! Get caught up with all the action right now.

Watch Dynasty Online: Season 1 Episode 15

Did Fallon get the ultimate revenge on Jeff Colby? That was her plan on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15 when it emerged that he was not marrying her for love. Watch Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15 Online Cristal joined forces with Fallon to get the upper hand on the Colbys, but who came out on top? Meanwhile, Sam continued to try and earn his citizenship and David's love, but was it to late for him? Use the video above to watch Dynasty online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 13 TV Characters Who Need Some Major Lovin' Get caught up on all the latest twists and turns for the characters right now.

Watch Jane the Virgin Online: Season 4 Episode 13

Did Jane, Rogelio and Alba learn the truth about Xo? That was the plan on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13 when it emerged that something was not right with the matriarch of the family. Watch Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13 Online Meanwhile Rogelio finally got on good terms with River Fields, but how long did it last? Also, Rafael realized he needed to save his sister because she may be the only one with the details he needed to save the hotel. Use the video above to watch Jane the Virgin online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 21 Shows to Watch Before Catching Some Zzz's Get caught up with all the latest action now.

Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Our Turn Now

Never underestimate a Carrington. Cecil has repeated the phrase several times throughout the series and on Dynasty Season 1 Episode 15, Jeff Colby finally learned the hard way. I really had no idea where the writers were going to take this wedding arc. Would Fallon really marry Jeff? Would they stop it on time? There were so many things that could go sideways. And they did. In fact, it seemed like Blake's team wouldn't get the intel in order to stop the vows in time. When Blake finally did stand up to object the union, I let out a sigh of relief, but Fallon just kept it moving. Why did she willingly want to go through with this wedding? Related: Dynasty: Nicollette Sheridan Cast as Alexis Carrington!!! The answer? Because she's brilliant and found a way to position herself as the most powerful family member. She knew what she wanted since she was a little girl and would stop at nothing to get it. Fallon has never been one to rely on a man for a sense of happiness or self-worth. Maybe that's because the only men in her life, aside from Steven, have let her down. Or maybe it's because she's an independent woman who knows that women are stronger. Whatever fuel fires her, it's safe to say she'll never be a damsel in distress. Teaming up with Cristal was just icing on the cake. Despite their, for lack of a better words, distaste for each other, Cristal and Fallon are quite similar. And both are sick of getting walked all over and "whored out" by a man they love. Blake's motives may have been in the right place but let's face it, sometimes he needs to be put in his place. They singlehandedly took down all the men in the series in one fell swoop. Cristal even signed off on the whole plan as COO of Carrington Atlantic. Boss status. Cristal: He was essentially asking me to whore myself out. Fallon: Well, at least daddy recognizes your true talent. Permalink: Well, at least daddy recognizes your true talent. Added: March 16, 2018 Jeff Colby was so confident that Fallon was blindsided by love, he didn't see any of it coming. That's what made it even better. She effortlessly tricked him into giving her back Morell Corp and 25% of his company, while he got nothing because their marriage was negated as she was already married to some other shmuck. But also, who is this shmuck? Chances are Liam knew exactly who she was when he approached her. Generally, men don't just agree to marry a stranger dressed in all white sitting outside of City Hall on the whim unless there's something very valuable in it for them. Yes, Fallon offered a lump sum of money which could have sufficed, but once you get a taste, you'll always want more. I'm thinking Liam isn't going to be easily written off and this marriage won't be annulled by Monday. And it can go one of two ways -- it can be another messy relationship that Fallon needs to we..

Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 13 Review: Knightfall

Meh. That's about all I can muster after Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 13 which found the characters doing things at such a slow pace that I thought a curse had been cast on my TV set. Despite Lucy taking a whole hour to turn to Regina with the page from the book, they will work well together. If you watch Once Upon a Time online, you will already know that Lucy has struggled to get people on board with her wild claims about what's supposed to happen and whatnot. You could tell the kid was ecstatic to have Regina aka her grandmother on her side. Related: Once Upon a Time Canceled at ABC! The pair teaming up to give Henry and Jacinda their happy ending may be the best thing in terms of getting the show out of the rut it's currently in, but I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have Henry with Ivy, Yes, Ivy was wicked as hell at the top of Once Upon a Time Season 7, but somewhere along the way, she's emerged as one of the best new characters on the show. Adelaide Kane is killing it every week. It was evident Ivy was struggling to find her place in the world. That's sort of what happens when your villainous mother dies a grisly death. Henry: How, exactly, can I help? Ivy: By being who you are. Deep down, you might not realize it, but I think you could be the hero I need. Henry: Well, then. Let's drink to euros. Permalink: Well, then. Let's drink to euros. Added: March 16, 2018 I may be the most unpopular person in the world after this, but there is so much to explore between Henry and Ivy that it would not be satisfying if they did not try out a relationship. Henry was very mature about all of it when he reiterated that Ivy needed a friend to steer her in the right direction. Even if these two don't become romantically involved, it would be good to have them as allies for the foreseeable future. That said, it's difficult to get a read on Ivy. I'm not so sure finding Anastasia will result in her putting the past behind her. Related: Once Upon a Time Casts Zelena's Fiance! Ivy could be planning anything at this stage, but it was nice she took Henry's advice and turned to Jacinda. They've been at odds for so long because of the past. But it's doubtful Jacinda will be friends with Ivy when she inevitable wakes up from the curse. In the present, it seemed silly of Weaver and Rogers to trust anything Gothel said. She's one of the worst people around because of all her power. I can understand why they struggled to take what Tilly said on board because, well, she's not exactly been acting like the sanest person around. Also, she's going to find herself being pursued by the police now that she was caught with the scalpel right next to a dead body. There's no way Tilly is the killer. It was a red herring and a predictable one at that. I did laugh a little when Gothel waved at her in the police..

Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Chapter Seventy-Seven

Let's get the looming mystery out of the way, shall we? On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13, Xiomara uttered the words no one ever wants to hear from their loved ones: "I have breast cancer." The reveal stung. It was only a short time earlier that Xo told both Rogelio and Jane her tumor was benign. Later, she admitted that Rogelio was too excited about his meeting with River Fields, and she didn't want to ruin it for him. Of course, this changes everything for Jane, who has been guided by Xo most of her life. On the bright side, this is a group strong, resilient women and they have weathered many storms together -- remember when Alba got pushed down the stairs and briefly, we didn't know if it was fatal? Or when Mateo got kidnapped? And who can forget when Michael died? Related: Get Comic Con HQ via Amazon Channels to Stream Original Series, Past Comic-Con Panels & More! Yes, the latter definitely had a tragic ending, but my point is they have the backbone to get through this. And hopefully, they caught it early enough that Xiomara will be able to beat it. I know the show is steeped in reality, well, as much as it can be for a telenovela, but it's always so uplifting I wouldn't want it to bring our spirits down too much. The theme of mother and daughter relationships was at the forefront of the episode as Jane realized just how thankful she is for her mother, who has been fighting in her corner ever since she was born. In fact, she was so inspired by the dynamic, she found motivation for her next novel. No worries; it's still a romance genre, just a different kind of romance. And given Xiomara's diagnosis, I imagine Jane will find much more inspiration in the coming days. We are not going to worry until we have something to worry about, understand? Xiomara Permalink: We are not going to worry until we have something to worry about, understand? Added: March 12, 2018 I'm actually surprised she didn't mention it to Rafael, the only person in the family who has dealt with cancer and beat it. You would think that Jane would want his reassurance and some insight into the road ahead. Going forward, their relationship will surely strengthen as she'll be able to lean on him. The same goes for Petra, who can give her insight on what it's like to love someone who is fighting through it. It's possible Jane didn't want to burden Rafael more as he was already in a tizzy trying to find out anything he could about his birth mother. Without Luisa, there was absolutely no way he could locate the original birth records. Thankfully, Jane's assignment about writing the same story from the point of view of a secondary character lead them straight to her! Luisa was hiding out in Longbourne, which is where her mother went when she was deemed crazy. Related: The CW Sets Season Finale Dates for The Flash, Riverdale & MORE! As we take a deeper loo..

The Sinner: Renewed for Season 2!

If you were a fan of USA's The Sinner, then we have some good news for you. USA Network has placed an order for eight additional episodes of the series, but it will likely be without its leading lady, Jessica Biel. According to THR, the actress is not expected to return as a series regular, so there is a glimmer of hope she could appear in a recurring status. Biel's co-star, Bill Pullman will be returning as Detective Harry Ambrose in the new episodes. It makes sense when you consider the fact that the action will revolve around a brand new case. "The Sinner was a huge success for USA Network," said Chris McCumber, president of entertainment networks at NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. Related: The Sinner Season Finale Review: What Happened? “In our second season, we’ll follow Detective Ambrose as he tracks his newest 'why-dunnit,' while staying true to the unique, edge-of-your-seat storytelling that captivated audiences and critics alike.” The Sinner Season 1 focused on Cora (Biel), a young mother who committed a seemingly random murder. As the story unraveled, secrets emerged that threw a whole lot of things about the case into question. It concluded with Cora being sentenced to two years in a psychiatric facility in the aftermath of the case dividing everyone involved. Related: Suits Renewed for Season 8! The show was an unlikely success for USA Network. In delayed viewing, it averaged 3.8 million total viewers while securing 1.6 million in the advertiser-craved 18-49 demographic. It cemented itself as the network's number one show and even secured itself a string of awards nominations. Okay, The Sinner Fanatics! Are you ready for more insanity from this hit drama series? Hit the comments below! View Slideshow: 13 Praiseworthy Performances from 2017

Once Upon a Time: Who’s Returning?!

With the news that Once Upon a Time Season 7 will serve as the magical drama's conclusion, many fans have wondered which beloved characters will return. Thankfully, ABC released a video early on Friday which confirmed who will be returning to the magical world one last time. We've rounded up the nine returnees below for you. Are these the characters you want to return? Hit the comments below. Remember you can watch Once Upon a Time online right here via TV Fanatic. Once Upon a Time continues Fridays! 1. Robin Robin (Sean Maguire) may have had a terrible time of it, but he will return before the ABC series comes to a close. Could Regina get her happy ending? 2. Cruella Victoria Smurfit will return for one last time as the villainous Cruella de Vil. Will she got some long-awaited revenge on the characters? 3. Ariel JoAnna Garcia-Swisher will appear one final time as Ariel. Will she show up in Hyperion Heights or Storybrooke? 4. Peter Pan Robbie Kay will return one last time as Peter Pan. We can only imagine the things he has in store for Rumple. 5. Grumpy Lee Arenberg will appear as Grumpy one last time before Once Upon a Time comes to a dramatic conclusion in May. 6. Mother Superior Mother Superior may look dead in the above picture, but we have been assured by ABC that Keegan Tracy will stage a comeback. View Slideshow