December 19, 2018

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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Borderline

So the ladies are off to Canada! Good Girls Season 1 Episode 3 wastes no time in letting us know what Rio has planned for the ladies since they have failed to pay him back the money they stolen. He needs the ladies to go to Canada to retrieve a package for him, but he fails to tell them what exactly they will be smuggling back across the border. Cleary this is a foolproof plan, right? Not exactly. Understandably, the ladies are terrified of what they're doing and what could happen if they get caught. When you think of illegal things crossing the border, you think drugs. And that's where my mind went to at first. But then again this is Rio we're talking about here. He seems to be a very smart guy, and he wouldn't be dumb enough to send three amateurs up to Canada and expect them just to carry back drugs like it's something they're used to doing. Related: Good Girls Season 1 Episode 2 Review - Mo Money Mo Problems The entire Canadian trip is hilarious from pretty much start to finish. From the ladies deciding to steal a car from Dean's dealership to the eventual dumping of said vehicle and everything in between. Seeing as how Dean has access to every car on his lot, why couldn't Beth just ask him if she could borrow a car for the day? I can't imagine that would be the biggest deal in the world. Was it her pride that stopped her from asking Dean for help or is she trying to keep him as far away as possible from figuring out what she's doing? It's probably a little bit of both at this point. I know Dean started off as a jerk but ever since he got busted a tiny part of me feels bad for him. He was a terrible husband, but he seems to be a great dad, and he genuinely seems like he wants to make amends and get his family back together. Beth is understandably guarded and not showing many of her cards when it comes to her feelings towards her estranged husband. Plus, there might be something brewing elsewhere. But I'll touch on that later. Beth- You guys, he said if we do this, he'll forget about the money. And we're done. It's over. Ruby- What if we don't? Beth- That didn't seem like an option. Permalink: Beth- You guys, he said if we do this, he'll forget about the money. And we're done. It's... Added: March 12, 2018 Back in Canada, the ladies are clueless as to what they're transporting, and the resistance they get from the man with the packages is pretty funny. Beth and Annie have zero luck so Ruby goes in with Stan's unloaded gun just to scare him a little and that's a horrible idea. Shooting someone is never funny except for in this circumstance. It caught me so off guard that I let out a guttural laugh. One thing this show is doing very well is keeping the balance between drama and comedy just right. For every laugh out loud moment, like the accidental shooting, there is a tender scene, like the ones be..

The Alienist Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Psychopathia Sexualis

Damn. I didn't see that coming. The person who was becoming closest to Kreizler got killed protecting him on The Alienist Season 1 Episode 8. Of the three people on Kreizler's home staff, Mary said the most while saying nothing at all. It finally got through Kreizler's thick skull how they felt about each other on The Alienist Season 1 Episode 7. And then she was gone, taken by the forces of ignorance that opposed Kriezler's effort to catch the child killer. Tragedy was bound to strike, as the limited series nears its end. Related: The Alienist Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Many Sainted Men I figured the victim would be Stevie, the most expendable among Kreizler's inner circle. After all, hadn't he already tempted fate by coming in contact with the killer? No, unfortunately, it was faithful, gentle Mary, with her long-hidden violent side flaring up when she perceived the man she loved was being threatened. Her death came just a short time after Kreizler had admitted to Moore being in love with her. As an aside, high marks to Moore for keeping a stiff upper lip, at least until Kreizler explained he was in love with Mary, not Sara. So Moore still has a chance, although he's got years of bad behavior to overcome. I fear that Cyrus and Stevie will blame themselves. Cyrus accounted well for himself, but he was still recuperating, and they were surprised and overwhelmed. Mary stood alone in the end, powered only by rage. What this is going to do to Kreizler is difficult to say. The buttoned-up alienist finally let his feelings out and then this happened. Hopefully, he will redouble his efforts on the investigation, if only as a way of spiting her killers. Because I think Byrne and his henchmen are largely untouchable. Connor killed Willem on The Alienist Season 1 Episode 6 and now Mary, and little has happened to him, despite the fact he's on suspension from the police force. After seemingly supporting Kreizler's investigation last episode, J.P. Morgan turned around and told Roosevelt that Kreizler can't succeed, because the sheep (the masses) would be discomfited by Kreizler's new methods beating the corrupt police department at its own game. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! So the powers that be wanted the approach which would rock the boat least. Convict someone of the crime, even if he isn't guilty, then move on, truth be damned. That's why Byrnes turned The Swede loose, to maybe kill Kreizler and Moore or at the least to intimidate them. Connor's late-night visit could only have been for intimidation purposes. A real detective would have found out some intel about the person he was stalking, but Connor and Doyle were just as much thugs as The Swede. Hopefully, Mary's death, as tragic as it was, won't derail Kreizler's investigation, which ..

UnREAL Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Clarity

Scandalous secrets ... Not-so-white lies ... Cast and crew still fired up over feminism. Only this time, it’s Quinn who feels the burn … right between her legs. Oh damn! That's right TV Fanatics; the UnREAL gods gifted us with yet another insane installment of UnREAL Season 3! It may look like everyone's getting along, but on UnREAL Season 3 Episode 3, Quinn is exposed, Rachel (re)turns into a liar, and Serena's made a fool all in one fell swoop! Not to mention, there's a new storyline development that's so shocking, we're still just taking it in (insert Jay and Alexi joke here)! While things are going sideways behind the scenes, poor Serena is still trying to land a damn husband on camera. On UnREAL Season 3 Episode 2, the man responsible for the Everlasting empire took over as the point person for the Suitress' game. Chet's plan? To catch Serena a permanent partner using his extensive knowledge of the male species. All you have to do to keep a guy forever is bake him cookies and give him blowjobs. Chet Permalink: Chet: All you have to do to keep a guy forever is bake him cookies and give him blowjobs. Added: March 01, 2018 At the start of Everlasting's new shoot day, Chet's M.O. is beginning to blow up in Serena's face but has yet to burn badly. The Suitress has arguably landed right where she deserves but doesn't belong -- on the cover of a magazine as "America's Sweetheart." Serena knows that's not who she is, but continues to indulge Chet's 'helpless woman' vibe, climbing into a Rapunzel costume and awaiting rescue from the dudes down below. The archaic low-budget combat scene looks, in Quinn's words, like "Game of Thrones puked up Snow White." It is totally beneath Serena and even too cheesy for Everlasting. And you thought there was no such thing as the reality show going TOO low. If that wasn’t bad enough, Quinn’s punishing Rachel for not jumping on board despite the show's weakening feminist perspective. So while Rachel’s forced onto the sidelines, Madison’s in charge of Serena. Wah wah. Related: Get Hallmark Movies Now via Amazon Channels for Stories with Heart, Captivating Movies & More! Smart enough to enlist Chet for cover (of course he's dumb enough to let her), Rachel and Chet go rogue, conducting secret interviews with the men. Interviews which end exactly as you guessed they would, with Jeremy getting in the way of Rachel doing her job yet again. Why oh why is this dude still here? Lucky for Jeremy he came back far hotter than before he got sober. The combination of those 50 Lbs he lost and that perfect tan he found is the only thing stopping me from jumping through the TV to forcibly remove him from set myself! Even Chet is sick of Jerky Jeremy's inability to move on from his unrequited love. You gotta get the taste of Crazy out of your mouth! Chet Permalink: Chet: You gotta get the..

Lucifer Season 3 Episode 17 Review: Let Pinhead Sing!

Well, I can't say I didn't see this coming, but I didn't want to believe it was so I pushed it out of my head. Lucifer (the series) has a lot of strengths, and one of them is when Lucifer (the character) and others like him manage to realize profound things about themselves. That didn't happen on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 17. Sure, this was the big hour that we finally understood fully why Lucifer has been doing what he's doing in his own words, but should it have taken him that long to come to the realization? NO. Amenadiel: You see, it's like I was saying, Pierce, you gotta have faith because life can surprise you. Now, if my brother, the devil, can have that? Cain: Then maybe I can, too. Permalink: Then maybe I can, too. Added: March 12, 2018 And if we're going to talk about distressing, let's talk about Cain. He's a guy who has been walking the earth since people have been tramping all over it, and his takeaway from Amenadiel's words was to take Chloe for himself? Look, I understand someone feels like they made a terrible error in judgment by allowing things to go this far astray with the Chloe and Lucifer storyline; I really do. But throwing characters under the bus to reunite them isn't the way to win back the Clucifer (eh?) ship fans. A good quarter of the season was just spent proving that Cain was a worthwhile character in his own right while also being fantastic as part of a dynamic duo when paired with Lucifer. Why would anyone want to send the two of them to opposing sides on camera? Related: Lucifer Season 3 Episode 16 Review: Infernal Guinea Pig IF there is an upcoming plot that warrants Lucifer and Cain going undercover together again, that will not have the magic they shared when they weren't yet on the same side, but not yet acrimonious. As much as it was Lucifer saying the words of this particular quote, I have to wonder if the writers' room put them on screen to say something for themselves: I think I made a terrible mistake. Lucifer Permalink: I think I made a terrible mistake. Added: March 12, 2018 Because ... DUH! The red flags have been waving all over Lucifer since Chloe was shoved into the background. It was too easy to enjoy the show without the romance, and more unfortunately, without Lauren German front and center. What a terrible thing to do to one of your leads. I seriously hope she wasn't the one to point out their grievous error. Yes, Lucifer is the rare show to have not a single miscast character making it difficult to leave anyone behind, but when one of the leads is covered in dust, that's a problem Now, we're going to be stuck with a love triangle. Is there anything worse than a love triangle on television? Maybe it's because I don't know anyone who has ever been in a love triangle. Sure, there are affairs, but how often are there genuine triangles where all three parties are privy..

Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 1 Review: The Means

Sophomore seasons can be tricky. The novelty of the first season has worn off, so the pressure is on to create new tensions and conflicts with the established characters and context. The delight of Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 1 is that although time has jumped forward eight months from the end of Mary Kills People Season 1 Episode 6, the personalities that drew us in so completely last year have actually intensified during the hiatus. And the action hits the ground running and NEVER. LETS. UP. I'm not ashamed to admit that I audibly gasped multiple times watching and genuinely admire the risky twists running amuck through this season's plot already. When we pick up the story, Dr. Mary Harris has continued moonlighting as an "end-of-life consultant," helping terminally ill people end their suffering. Running her business solo for the last eight months has meant that she's become adept at acquiring the sodium pentobarbital as well as administering it. The opening scenes that alternate between Mary's journey to her Mexican supplier and Des' life in prison are a study in juxtaposition. The adrenaline of anticipation in both. Mary's blindfolded while Des is handcuffed and both are escorted humorlessly to their destination. Both are judged and nearly denied their desire. Here, the similarities end. Where Des presents a subdued and contrite face to the parole board, Mary demonstrates a hard-as-nails demeanor (as well as some fluency in Spanish) to the Mexican veterinarian and the border agents to bring home the pento. A friend once told me that life can make you strong or it can break you. There isn't much in between. I believe that this experience has made me stronger. It's shaped me into a better version of myself. Des Permalink: A friend once told me that life can make you strong or it can break you. There isn't much in... Added: March 11, 2018 When they reunite, the changes are even more apparent. Mary's efficient, methodical approach is a stark contrast to Des' befuddlement. He's out-of-step, resistant, and confused. His timing is off, and he throws a spanner in the works of Victor and Betty's plans. To be fair, Mary's agreement to assisting Betty's suicide is a huge departure from the raison d'etre they had established at the beginning of their enterprise. Related: Get Great Selection of New & Classic Movies with the Lifetime Movie Club via Amazon Channels! The fact that Mary was convinced to do this indicates that her moral compass is susceptible to some adjustment. Her definition of insurmountable suffering is beginning to broaden. Suffering isn't always physical. Mary Permalink: Suffering isn't always physical. Added: March 11, 2018 When Betty takes that desperate leap from the balcony and Mary and Des run to the railing, I was suddenly transported to the series premiere when we first see the two of them dealing wit..

iZombie Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Brainless in Seattle Part 1

After all of this time, iZombie finally did something that was long overdue. On iZombie Season 4 Episode 3, they introduced a serial killer. This is beyond exciting. They have had so many one-and-dones, but the idea of Clive and Liv chasing after a serial killer rather than solving their case by the end of the credits is the type of refreshing content iZombie Season 4 has been nailing thus far. There was absolutely nothing to loathe about this installment. It was the show at its best. For one, the quips and witty lines were top-notch. Mere seconds in, Ravi kicked things off with his Harrison Ford quip, and they kept it up with too many zingers and quips to write down. This show is hilarious. I love that even when it takes serious, intense, and darker turns, it still doesn't lose the humor. Related: iZombie Round Table: Talk Sex with Dr. Ravi! Whether it's Liv's blend of sass and physical comedy as she channels a new personality, Ravi's sarcasm, or Clive's dry humor. (There is never a time when I'm not 100% Clive in an episode, he just captures that exasperated "I'm so over this, but dammit, I love these people" vibe all too well). Clive: Liv, was that a vision? Liv: Yes, he is. Permalink: Yes, he is. Added: March 11, 2018 Liv on hopeless romantic brain was one of the best to date. It came with the traditional Rom-Com voiceover action distinctive than the standard voiceover, doe-eyed expressions at nearly any guy with a pulse, and playing Savage Garden's "Truly, Madly, Deeply" which is right up there with Sixpence's "Kiss Me" for the soundtrack of 90's-early 2000's rom-coms everywhere. While we're on the music, Liv's favorite song is the Space Jam theme song. Liv, I love you! Related: iZombie Review: A Major Fallout! Once again, Liv risked being completely consumed by the brain. Midway through, she was able to turn it around, and Liv managed to balance out who she is naturally and who Annie was. What if the only reason she didn't lose herself completely this time is that there was so little brain for Liv to consume? Annie's brains were stolen, so that left Liv with the bare minimum. Stolen brains presented an interesting problem that connected many of the characters. There is a brain shortage, and there are too many zombies out there to feed. Chase, I feel for the poor guy. He's trying to keep things under control but he has a tenuous grasp on all things zombie at best. The Fillmore Graves soldiers are taking bribes from coyotes, young cadets are scratching folks, and people like Dalton are profiting off of stealing brains from dead people and possibly arranging for people to get killed just for their brains. Look, no one is going to blame you for the Darwin project, but you're supposed to feed these people, and if you fail in that, the 10,000 zombies we made will come for your head. Soldier Permalink: Look, no one is go..

Hulu Lands Little Fires Everywhere with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington

Is there any network that won't be soon be affiliated with the talented Reese Witherspoon? After a competitive bidding war that ignited Hollywood, Hulu has obtained the rights to develop Little Fires Everywhere. The highly-anticipated limited series from Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington is based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 bestseller. The project will be produced by Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, Washington’s Simpson Street and ABC Signature Studios, and will join Hulu’s award-winning slate of original programming. Witherspoon and Washington will also star as leads in the series. Liz Tigelaar (Life Unexpected, Casual) will write and serve as showrunner and executive producer. Related: The Looming Tower Review: Hulu Drama Points the Finger at 9/11 Culprits “Celeste wove a beautiful, riveting story that spoke to all of us, and when we heard the vision Reese, Kerry and Liz have for the series, we knew immediately that we had to bring it to Hulu,” said Hulu Chief Content Officer Joel Stillerman. “We’re honored to bring this powerful story to the screen with Hello Sunshine, in their first studio project. This is exactly the type of compelling and culturally relevant content that embodies our Hulu Originals brand.” “At Hello Sunshine, we strive to shine a light on female-driven stories that are rooted in inspiration, emotion and truth -- all of which form the bedrock of Celeste Ng's ingenious work,” says Witherspoon. “Hulu has a rich history of transforming groundbreaking literature into groundbreaking television, and we are confident that their talented team will use this story to spur a long-overdue dialogue around race, class, and what it means to be a mother. "With Kerry Washington, Liz Tigelaar and now Hulu, Hello Sunshine has brought together a dream lineup of creative collaborators, and we are privileged and humbled to have the opportunity to work with them to bring this important project to life.” “As producers, we at Simpson Street are so proud to be part of this team to tell this extraordinary story inspired by Celeste Ng’s phenomenal novel and we are thrilled to be embarking on this journey with Hulu,” stated Washington. “As an actress, I am floored to have the opportunity to work alongside Reese Witherspoon exploring the rich themes of this story playing these dynamic characters.” “We’re thrilled to be in business with these incredible women, each a powerhouse in her own right. This is another example of an exciting partnership for ABC Signature as we continue to build our production slate in the streaming space. "We’re excited to have another project with our friends at Hulu, which is an ideal home for this project,” said Patrick Moran, President, ABC Studios/ABC Signature. Hello Sunshine, in its first venture as a studio, and ABC Signature will serve as studio co-production partners on the project. Hello Sunshine is responsible for leading creative on the project. Related: Hulu Unveils 2018 ..

Nina Dobrev Cast as Lead in CBS Comedy Pilot “Fam”

When Nina Dobrev starred on The Vampire Diaries, it wasn't often enough we got to see her laugh and smile. That's about to change if all goes according to plan. Dobrev has been cast as the lead in a new CBS comedy pilot titled Fam according to Deadline, and she's the lead! Fam is a multi-camera comedy from writer Corinne Kingsbury, Kapital Entertainment and CBS TV Studios. The pilot will be directed by Scott Ellis. Dobrev plays an elder sister named Clem who is living happily with her fiance when her younger half-sister, Shannon (Odessa Adlon) comes to live with them to escape her "train wreck" of a father. Related: Jay Hernandez Lands Lead on Magnum P.I. Reboot Apparently, the sisters share the same mother, and Shannon's arrival brings up all kinds of bad feelings in Clem, who has for years lived as "the best version of herself," one in which her father, Freddy Banks, is dead. While Clem was a mess in her younger years after a lot of hard work getting her life back on track, she grew into a grounded, witty, and outspoken woman who felt after ten years without her embarrassment of a father in her life, she was better off calling him dead. At TV Fanatic, we've loved Dobrev for years, and while we have enjoyed her success on the big screen in such hits as Paramount’s XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Sony’s Flatliners, there is no place we love her more than on the small screen so we can talk about her every week day! Related: Get CBS All Access via Amazon Channels for Hit Shows, Exclusive Originals & Live TV! Will she ever outgrow Katherine Pierce? For some of you, she'll never outgrow that other character she played. Who was it? Elena something? View Slideshow: 17 Fairy Tale TV Romances Can Dobrev take on another television role that we will cherish as much as we loved her in The Vampire Diaries? I'm faithful that while it will certainly be different, with her exuberance and charm, Dobrev can do just about anything. What about you guys? Are you on board for a comedic Nina Dobrev to overtake TV Fanatic? Hit the comments below and share with us what you think of this stellar news! We'll be waiting to hear from you!!

The Raw Word Sneak Peek: Station 19’s Jay Hayden on Auditioning for Shonda Rhimes!

If you haven't found the time to watch The Raw Word yet, you're about to do so! A new talk show featuring Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, with Claudia Jordan and Dr. Dan Ratner are said to have a mental curiosity for all things affecting people today. That works for me!! That's especially true when their curiosity leads them to interview hot new Station 19 firefighter Jay Hayden. Hayden will be starring on the new ABC series, and in the exclusive clip below, he shares his experience auditioning for Shonda Rhimes. Related: Station 19 Trailer: Meredith Grey Helps Save the Day For those of you who thought Rhimes wouldn't be in the room for a series not directly under her management? Well, you were WRONG!! And Hayden really wanted to say she was very sweet. But he didn't! That's because he was very intimidated, as any actor would be who was still working his way up to a superstar status (as we expect he will be after fighting fires on ABC!). Related: Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Bring on Station 19! If Hayden is as adorable on the show as he is in this interview with Dr. Dyson and Claudia Jordan, we know big things are in store for him. Take a look at the exclusive clip and search your local Sinclar Broadcasting stations for the episode which will air TOMORROW so you can see the entire interview and make The Raw Word a more permanent fixture on your DVR!!

Riverdale Promo: The Dangerous Life of a Snitch

Danger is looming for our favorite redheaded boy next door on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 15. When you get too close to the fire, there's a chance you could get burned. And when you're dealing with a powerful criminal family like the Lodges, that fire can lead to death. (Hermione and Hiram don't play around!) Someone has been feeding information about Hiram to the enemy. Unfortunately, a familiar face might be in trouble if he's caught. Will Hiram get his revenge against Archie? Based on the trailer below, Hiram suspects that someone close to them has been feeding information about the inner circle to an enemy. There's no inclination he knows who it is, but he's aware of trouble. Related: Riverdale: Marisol Nichols Talks Hermione's Business Side and Upcoming Twist Archie should be afraid if Hiram ever finds out. We see a few clips of Veronica instilling fear into her boyfriend about what might happen if her father ever discovers he's a snitch. And the shot of the knife being shown is not a good sign! The Lodges love their secrecy and will do anything to keep it. Hiram and Hermione will make sure of that. Chic is making it known he's not the type to share! Also appearing in the trailer is footage of the conflicted Cooper boy cutting off members of his family. He wishes things would go back to the way they were with just himself, Alice and Betty. He doesn't need anyone else around. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! Unfortunately for him, Polly seems to be back, and she's brought the kids and Hal with her. Could they be in danger due to his jealously? We should all be worried about Chic. He has his expressionless stare as he cuts Betty's face out of a photo and while he's holding a baby. This could be trouble for the family. Interspersed in the promo are clips of the Blossom family preparing for the reading of Clifford's will. Who will win out in the fortune dispute? Everyone has turned up for the shocking news. Penelope, Grandma Blossom, extended family members and the Coopers are there to learn the truth. Someone is going to cash out big. Unfortunately, Cheryl looks to be devastated and in tears. Does this mean her family got nothing? Check out the full teaser below and share your thoughts in the comments. Don't forget, you can watch Riverdale online via TV Fanatic. Get caught up on all the past drama now.