January 17, 2019

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Killing Eve Trailer: Sandra Oh Takes On a Serial Killer!

We've loved Sandra Oh ever since she first appeared on Grey's Anatomy as Cristina Yang. While we never thought the medical drama would go on long without much of the original cast members, it has defied expectations. It's the most resilient show on all of television. When news broke that Sandra would appear in BBC America's Killing Eve, it felt like our prayers had been answered. The series follows Oh's Eve, who is hard at work on the trail of a serial killer named Villanelle. Jodie Comer plays the villain. "These two women, equally obsessed with each other, go head to head in an epic game of cat and mouse,” reads the network description. The first teaser alone shows the pair going toe-to-toe with one another and we do not want to be within 1000 miles of Villanelle. She's so evil that she lobs ice cream over a kid in a restaurant. Even an adult would be furious at being forced to wear their sweet treat before getting to eat it. Alas, it looks like BBC America has hit on its hands with this one. It is based on novellas by Luke Jennings. Have a look at the full trailer below and join us in the comments with your thoughts on it! Killing Eve debuts Sunday, April 8 at 8/7c on BBC America.

Ana Ortiz Books ABC Pilot: Get All the Details!

ABC's Whiskey Cavalier pilot may already be our new favorite show ... and it is yet to shoot a single scene. The reason? It has a cast that boasts some of the best actors around, and it's just getting better. Former Ugly Betty and Devious Maids star Ana Ortiz is the latest addition to the cast. She will take on the role of Susan Sampson, an FBI agent who is recognized as the top behavioral scientist. Related: Is Lauren Cohan Leaving The Walking Dead? Ana's most recent series regular role was on Lifetime's Devious Maids which came to a close after four seasons in 2016. Whiskey Cavalier is one of the highest profile pilots in the works at ABC, and that's because The Walking Dead star, Lauren Cohan joined the cast. Cohan was one of the most sought-after cast members this pilot season. Her deal with The Walking Dead was coming to a close, so there was every possibility that she would accept one of the offers. Related: ABC: Cheat Sheet: Which Shows Are Dead? However, Deadline reported soon after that Cohan could still return to the AMC hit on a recurring basis as opposed to a full-fledged series regular. Everything is still very much up in the air at this stage, but given that production on The Walking Dead generally kicks off in May, there are a few months yet to iron out a deal. Whiskey Cavalier will also star Scandal veteran Scott Foley as its leading man. The series will focus on Will Chase aka Whiskey Cavalier, who is assigned to work with a CIA operative named Frankie (Cohan). Dave Hemingson (The Catch, Bones) penned the script for the potential series. What do you think of this casting news? Hit the comments below! View Slideshow: Scandal & How to Get Away with Murder Crossover: All the Pictures!

The Flash: Iris West Suits Up!

Candice Paton has been playing Iris West on The Flash for the last four years, but the character has not been given a cool costume of her own. Until now. The CW today released a poster for The Flash Season 4 Episode 16, which is titled "Run, Iris, Run." The network's official description for the episode is as follows: “IRIS SUITS UP — Team Flash confronts a new bus meta, Matthew AKA Melting Pot (guest star Leonardo Nam), with the ability to swap people’s DNA." "During a battle with Team Flash, Matthew transfers Barry’s (Grant Gustin) super speed to Iris (Candice Patton)." Related: The CW Expands Programming to Six Nights "Now, with a new threat unleashed on Central City, Barry must act as the team leader while Iris takes on the mantle of superhero speedster in order to defeat their new foe. Harry Jierjian directed the episode written by Eric Wallace.” Yes, that means Iris will become the scarlet speedster, and naturally, that means the character gets to suit up with a costume of her own to fight the good fight. That good fight involves taking down the various villains trying to lay waste to Star City. Having Iris suit up will make for an interesting dynamic. If you watch The Flash online, you will know that Iris has come into her own of late. Related: The Flash Review: Prison Break! She's been successful in her attempt to lead the team in the midst of Barry's ongoing battle with DeVoe aka The Thinker. It's been a testing time, but she has helped the team utilize all of the resources they have to keep everyone safe. Okay, The Flash Fanatics! What do you think of the brand new poster? Are you on board to watch Iris in costume? Hit the comments below. The Flash returns Tuesday, February 27 at 8/7c! View Slideshow: 21 Shows to Watch Before Catching Some Zzz's

Scandal & How to Get Away with Murder Crossover: All the Pictures!

Two of Shondaland's guiltiest pleasures will crossover on March 1. Yes, we're talking about Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder here. Annalise will turn to Olivia for help when her class action lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania hits a snag. With the best of both shows joining forces, will they be able to come out on top and get justice for the people wrongly imprisoned? Have a look at the stills below and join us in the comments with your thoughts on them. Remember you can watch How to Get Away with Murder online and Scandal online right here via TV Fanatic. Get caught up before the big night! 1. Three Powerful Women Unite - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12 Michaela gave Annalise the idea to take the case above State level, so it makes sense that she would be invited to meet the one and only Olivia Pope. 2. Welcome! - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12 Annalise will need EVERYONE on her side when it comes to taking on the state of Pennsylvania. 3. The OTHER President - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12 We're sure Michaela will have a lot to put on her resume after meeting Fitzgerald Grant. 4. We're Here! - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12 Olivia and Annalise joining forces to fight for justice will likely result in some of the best scenes ever for Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. 5. It Was All Michaela! - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12 Annalise is not one to refrain from giving credit where credit is due. 6. GIVE ME A JOB! - Scandal Season 7 Episode 12 Michaela has done a lot during her time on How to Get Away with Murder, but we know she's an opportunist. Wouldn't it make sense for her to get a job with Olivia Pope? View Slideshow

ABC Cheat Sheet: Is There Hope for Agents of SHIELD?

With Once Upon a Time canceled, could ABC take out more of the low rated series? Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has lost some steam with the move to Friday nights, but it is very much on the bubble. Designated Survivor is a more difficult case to assess because the show is down a lot, and does not have as many episodes under its belt. Have a look at our predictions for your favorite ABC series! 1. Grey's Anatomy - Certain Renewal Grey's Anatomy Season 14 has been a return to form for the veteran medical drama. It ranks as ABC's highest-rated series in terms of live ratings. Live + Same Day Ratings: 8 million viewers and a 2.1 rating. This is on par with last year's results. The show still adds 80 percent to its demo tally with 7 days of DVR viewing factored in. 2. The Good Doctor - Certain Renewal The Good Doctor has been the first big breakout drama series of the season. When all metrics were added in, the pilot was watched by 33 million viewers. The show was well sampled. It is averaging 10 million viewers and a 1.8 rating. With DVR factored in, it gains an enormous 105 percent. It's no wonder the show has already been granted more episodes. The biggest shocker here is that the network has a show rating higher than Grey's Anatomy. ABC does not own the show, but the ratings will keep it safe. 3. Modern Family - Renewed Modern Family has already been renewed, but that does not mean we can't assess how it's performing. It is averaging 6.1 million viewers and a 1.7 rating. This is down over 15 percent vs. last season. The show still enjoys gains of 90 percent in Live + 7 ratings. 4. The Goldbergs - Renewed The Goldbergs continues to be a solid addition to ABC's comedy slate, and its ratings are still strong. Live + SD Ratings: 5.8 million viewers and a 1.5 rating. This is down just over 10 percent vs. last season. The show benefits from 50 percent gains in live + 7 ratings. ABC has already renewed it for 2018-2019. 5. The Middle - Ending The Middle is down just marginally in its final season. It is averaging 5.8 million viewers and a 1.4 rating among adults 18-49. 6. American Housewife - Certain Renewal American Housewife has moved to a new time slot and is down marginally in the ratings. 4.8 million viewers and a 1.3 rating are still strong figures for ABC. The show also catapults over 60 percent with live + 7 factored in. It is safe. View Slideshow

Love & Hate Crime Review: Passion and Prejudice Leads to Murder

Love & Hate Crime is an upcoming three-part documentary airing on Investigation Discovery. The series looks at hate crime and prejudice in the United States through murders. Part One scrutinizes the case that eventually becomes the first-ever hate crime conviction arising from the murder of a transsexual woman in Mississippi. Part Two will explore another Mississippi murder, this time of a gay black man seemingly for kicks, and the consequences to a white girl who was in the truck that mowed him down. Part Three studies the mind of a man who falls for his victim, discovers she's a married lesbian and sets out to end her life. Each part of the series features film-like quality, and part of that can be attributed to director Ben Steele, known for his Emmy-nominated work on Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia. Nothing about the murders is easy to understand. That's especially true of the first two parts, which might even hit a little close to home depending on where you grew up. What is a hate crime? It's not something I think I'm ready to answer yet, but it's not because I'm an evil person or don't understand the fundamentals of what makes a hate crime. Related: Get True Crime Files by ID via Amazon Channels for Over 1,000 Real-life Mystery & Suspense Shows! There are so many nuances to love and hate and everything in between, and the series does a good job examining what it means to be a human being in this world at this very moment. Steele frames Part One in an unexpected and thought-provoking way. It's the case of Mercedes Williamson, tragically murdered by Joshua Vallum. During the hour-long Justice for Mercedes, Josh had not yet been charged with a hate crime and hadn't revealed his full involvement with Mercedes. It is easy to read the story from the outside, though, even if he uses the much-maligned "trans panic" defense. If you don't know what that is, the short arc is Josh was dating Mercedes, and after two months, he finally talks her into sex, reaches down "there" and finds a penis. In the heat of the moment, he stabs her multiple times and crushes her head with a claw hammer. It's filmed to bring you into Josh's story, specifically, to try to make you feel some sympathy for him. And it works, sort of, if you don't mind murder. I'll try to use myself as a guinea pig. Related: 10 Best Shows of 2017 - Ranked! There are things in my life that I panic over every time they happen; so I can understand trans panic to a degree. Not that degree. Pushing them out of your life in the heat of the moment is one thing, killing them is quite another. That's especially true since Josh seems like a manly man. As a member of the Latin Kings gang, the idea he might be treating his new girlfriend with kid gloves and not having sex seems ridiculous. The episode does a particularly good job of playing on our senses by not revealing Mercedes&#0..

Watch The Amazing Race Online: Season 30 Episode 8

Who towered above the rest at the finish line? That was addressed on The Amazing Race Season 30 Episode 8 as the racers made their way through Hong Kong and San Francisco. Watch The Amazing Race Season 30 Episode 8 Online Along the way, two racers encountered their biggest challenge yet and were forced to think of a contingency plan to continue the race. Meanwhile, Jess and Cody contemplated what they would do following the show. Use the video above to watch The Amazing Race online right here via TV Fanatic. View Slideshow: 13 Best Reality Shows of 2015 Get caught up on all the action right now!

Channel Zero Butcher’s Block Review: All You Ghost Mice

Are you sure you don't want something to eat? Move over, Bryan Fuller, because your protege Nick Antosca has been taking notes on making viewers squirm. Without a doubt, Channel Zero Season 3 Episode 3 was one of the most grizzly of the series so far, but it was also one of the most fascinating as we still know very little about what's happening. The themes of family and mental illness continue to run through Butcher's Block, making it difficult to ascertain if we're watching an outright horror story or a parable about mental illness shrouded in the horrific ravages schizophrenia does on the brain of those who have it. Related: Channel Zero: Butcher's Block Review: Father Time It's not as easy as just rolling with it and having a good time because of the number of characters and places that signify something more to Alice and Zoe. None of this started until they arrived at Butcher's Block, already fighting a crisis because of Alice's disease. Upon her very first meeting with her new boss, Nathan, Alice heard a story frightening enough about the town to where they just moved to trigger her own paranoia and unleashing her schizophrenia. Louise: So what's going on? Luke: My dad, he, he seems to be connected to what you saw in the park yesterday. The Staircases. I saw my dad's men set a murderer free in Medallion Park yesterday night. I saw that man meet another man and the two of them walked up a staircase in a park and they disappeared into a doorway in a park... Louise: Yeah, and those people, the Peaches, are suddenly very interested in Alice and her sister. Luke: Wait, why? Nathan: Peaches? Like Peach's Meats? When I was a kid they told stories about finding human sacrifices in that guy's basement. When kids are like, 'Oh, the Butcher will get you'? That's all based on that guy. Permalink: Peaches? Like Peach's Meats? When I was a kid they told stories about finding human... Added: February 21, 2018 She even told Alice during "All You Ghost Mice" that she thought Joseph Peach unleashed something in her head. If none of this is real, what Nathan told her could have done quite the job on their first meeting. Alice keeps having flashbacks to what her mother did to Zoe, and all of the women in town are mother figures good or evil. Scissor lady literally wants to cut them, while Louise is caring for them, but still is a little off kilter with her taxidermy collection. It's such a fascinating suggestion that this is all happening inside the mind of a girl who has just tumbled into the clutches of schizophrenia that I can't let it go. Related: Enjoy UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. WATCH ANYWHERE. CANCEL ANYTIME! Especially because even while she's fighting to cling to normalcy, she's still questioning the percentages and whether or not she'll get it. It's always on her mi..

The Magicians Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Poached Eggs

The stakes get bigger and the plot lines thicker during The Magicians Season 3 Episode 7. There have been quite a few recent episodes that I have felt exemplified the strength(s) of The Magicians. But this latest installment is perhaps one of the best at showing how far this series has come (and is ahead of others shows) in terms of developing a story. As I’ve said before, juggling a large lead ensemble, multiple worlds and a handful of both tangible and intangible threats is an incredibly hard thing to do. It’s even harder to do cohesively. Still, even harder to do while keeping us all thoroughly entertained. But in case you missed it, “Poached Eggs” has done it. The episode felt, action-wise, like what a midseason climax should be. I don’t think there was a single moment when I felt like a plot wasn’t being addressed, or a character wasn’t getting their due screen time. It wasn’t done in the sort of bulleted checklist manner either. It was organically balanced. The plots were carefully woven in and out of one another, with a balanced give and take for characters that let them have success without removing all the plot barriers. It’s rare that I’m in awe of a show’s technical ability to navigate through its own story so smoothly, but here we are. Related: The Magicians Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Do You Like Teeth? As for the characters, where does one begin? I guess I’ll start with Poppy, who was back in a big way. It was cool to see her join the team (she was a fun addition), but I did not see her sleeping with Quentin coming. To be honest, I’m starting to get the feeling the show wants us to be comfortable with the idea that whatever was romantically between Alice and Quentin is gone. Alice has spent a lot of time in The Magicians Season 3 making it very clear how she no longer feels about Quentin. Furthermore, Quentin seems to be moving on physically and emotionally with other people. If that’s the case, I have no problem with it. Relationships start and end, but I do hope it becomes more evident what’s happening. Minus any more Quentin and Alice trust-issue drama. Beyond the hook-up, Poppy helped Quentin and Penny try to break Kady out. Despite the ID and lockdown mishap, the trio did ultimately succeed. The whole thing going somewhat south, at least initially, was true to canon. It wouldn’t be a Quentin scheme without some kind of issue. That first failed attempt also made room to see Kady and Penny hash out their problems. I was concerned they might soften to each other too soon (as in unrealistically), but I think Kady being off screen for a bit helped make it feel like more time had justifiably passed for her to let go of some of that anger. It was also cute to watch them play with the idea of actually being a couple. I’m not sure how that’s going to work without a body for Penny, but in the meantime, this human and ghost relationship trope is semi-charming. Related: The Magicians Season 3 Episode 5 R..

Queer Eye Season 1 Review: The Reboot We All Needed

Ten years. It's been ten long years since the Fab Five drove off for the last time. And what a time it was. (We're talking about a world where there was only ONE Real Housewives series on TV!) Flashforward to 2018, Queer Eye Season 1 is back to fix lives yet again. But this time, it's an 8-episode series on Netflix that will leave you wanting more. The original series on Bravo followed the concept of five gay men helping to redesign and fix someone's life. Nothing was off the table for this life improvement series. It was a full scope task that connected with the men's talents. From fashion to grooming to knowledge of culture, the men would drive in and impart their expertise to a person in need. The same core design of Queer Eye extended itself to the reboot as well. Nothing had vastly changed, except that the men spent more time with their clients. And based on the impact of Queer Eye Season 1, the extra time made a HUGE difference! As mentioned above, it had been ten years since the successful series ended. The last thing anyone would need is a carbon copy of the original. Luckily learnings were taken and applied to Queer Eye Season 1 that changed things up for the better. One of them being the extra time with the Fab Five and the individual man. The longer week meant more time to impact their lives. Bobby: We are about to pull in. What’s our mission today with Tom? Jonathan: We’re gonna dust off these Christmas ghosts’ pasts of these relationships, we’re gonna sort out his closet, we’re gonna get him cuter, we’re gonna get him looking good, we’re gonna get the house fixed up. We’re ready! We cannot wait. Am I right? All: Yes! Permalink: We’re ready! We cannot wait. Am I right? Added: February 19, 2018 When it came to the reboot, the Fab 5 brought back the same specialties but with a new crop of men. You had design expert Bobby, fashion expert Tan, grooming expert Jonathan, food expert Antoni, and the culture expert Karamo. Some of these faces shouldn't be new to the casual observer. Karamo is a longstanding reality TV veteran, with appearances on The Real World Season 15 (Philadelphia) and Are You The One: Second Chances. Jonathan is also well-known for his online videos, Gay of Thrones. Regardless of their past TV work, the Fab Five knew their stuff. In this genre of reality TV, expertise is somewhat questionable in makeover programs like these. However, the Fab Five team quickly quashed any doubt that they wouldn't be able to help. Starting right with Queer Eye Season 1 Episode 1, the team knew how best to impact Tom's life and his health. Similar to the other men of Queer Eye Season 1, he got a MAJOR redesign of his home space, which looked incredible at the end of the week. He got a new wardrobe, tips on cooking, and information about his grooming techniques that were sorely needed. Jonathan's grooming facts about sun care and lupus were eye-opening to hear. Tom p..